System Of A Down - Hurricane Festival 2005 (not full) [HQ]

* - присутствуют Setlist: Soldier Side - Intro B.Y.O.B. * Revenga * Science * Hey Hey, My My (Into the Black) (Neil Young cover) (First Time Live) * Kill Rock 'n Roll * Suggestions Psycho Chop Suey! * Cigaro Mr. Jack * (Hezze solo)* Needles Deer Dance Aerials * Holy Mountains * Spiders Bounce ATWA Forest * Lost in Hollywood Question! * War? * Prison Song Roulette Toxicity Suite-Pee Sugar

Andrei Tudose
serj ill 2005 > serj healthy 2011
Alice Andersson
I was lucky enough to see system in sweden last year =) they are awesome =)
william botelho
holy mountains toxicity forest foda
viewer sist
i was there in first lane, proud ;D
Ramon Calvario Martell
Kill Rock N Roll !!!
Maybe this is the last party before parting
(MiniYob) Ningan
I can see why they broke up, they seem kinda board especially serj
julian ramsay
in byob serj dosent sound so into it he's more like a one toned robot :/