Beyoncé USA National Anthem Live @ Super Bowl 2004 [HQ]

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Beyoncé performing The Star-Spangled Banner live at Super Bowl (XXXVIII 2004) Beyoncé Singing USA's National Anthem The Star-Spangled Banner on 2004 Super Bowl (It's happened few hours before the Janet Jackson incident. It is such an amazing performance, please do not compare Queen B. OD HERSELF with any other artists (especially, our beloved and late miss Whitney Huston. Everyone can co-exsist in Beyoncé's world. THANK YOU. EVERYTHING IS LIVE.

Beyoncé USA National Anthem Live Super Bowl 2004 beyonce usa star 4\nblue ivy

Beyonka killed it
Twerk legendz
Whitney Houston sang the Best
Tim Jr.
If she sung it just like this today, it would break records cuz her voice is sooooo much more developed
Aedan Alvena
i love her ending. just so.... really, great. one of the best anthem endings she did here.
Rafael Oliveira Music
Now my Top #5 National Anthem is #1 Whitney #2 Beyoncé #3 Gaga #4 Destiny's Child #5 Mariah
Celestia Martinez
Came here to cleanse my ears after hearing gaga's tragic performance
Edinso Quintero
better than gaga and Im not a fan of Beyonce
Ca Ka
Had to run here after Gaga for some redemption. Gaga's performance is so overrated, it's so basic. Beyonce slays so bad here!
RyderC Daniels
Beyoncé is so underrated vocally
Jasmin C.
Every comment I see is comparing her to Whitney and there is absolutely no need for that. This was amazing and Beyoncé is a great vocalist. Hats off to her for this spectacular performance.
Josh shane
i cried when i first saw this
Captain Levi.
he has came here from watching Christina Aguilera singing this and thought oh my god why is Christina wasting her time?!
Just can't back from gagas national anthem and it sure doesn't compare to Beyoncé's.
Not even top 5
Mika Boss
It's not a contest. We're not comparing who's the best. Whitney, Beyonce, and Lady Gaga all slayed.
Pedro Carrazana
can't decide who did it better: jhud or bey but Whitney is NO1
Tasha titanic
u know she work so hard to get this right
Raquel C. Gary
No goosebumps like whitney gave me but she still did good with her extra self Lol
I think Gaga just knocked the Queens crown off, for National Athems
Juan Vela
back when she actually sang
Ant B
That ending tho.. Had me in tears! Powerful!🙌🏾
Christopher Clark
that ad-lib at 1:38 is every thing (Bombs bursting in air)
Angee Casiano
meh. i dunno... she didnt mesh well with the orchestra and vice versa in my opinion.
themezzy mahon
Let's be honest. Gaga's rendition was not better than Beyonce's. The best National Anthem's IMO: 1) Whitney Houston 2) Beyonce 3) Mariah Carey/JHud
This National Anthem performance sustains me 😵😍
Lyncoln Matthew
Beyoncé, great performance but Lady Gaga was so much better
Eyong Tambe
Gaga was better.
Okan Özkara
!NEWEST! 1- Whitney Houston 2-Lady Gaga 3-Beyonce Knowles
NIC Beyhive
for me...she is the best<3
This was a beautiful rendition. ^^ Now, I'm not American, but, wow is this anthem great!
Renato Santos
WTF man, these american events are so fucking huge! I would like be there someday
Best after Whitney!!! Gaga did great but please!!! Gags didn't slay like Whitney and Beyonce!
Shanda Renee
The control on that 4 octave scale on "the Brave" at 2:22 got me in tears over here.
Beyonce voice is not this high anymore but I really miss it.
Just think about this. What if Beyonce, Mariah, Jennifer, and Whitney all sung the national anthem together with an outstanding band and orchestra backing them. I don't think the world would know how to handle that.
I love her but I think this is pre-rec 100%
love this performance, but Beyonce remains second place. I don't even need to mention who First place in the best National Anthem is.
Gagas performance brough me here.... The is the best after Whitney... People are stupid...
Jadakiss Sipai
I honestly think her performance was the best. Some people just don't want to except the truth.
Ok so, does anyone know who arranged this version of the anthem? That is one of the reasons why I prefer this one. It is spectacular.
Set-it-off Tasian
That was so sweet but I need a nasty Sanger to sanggggg the hell out this...*Cough* Fantasia lol
amazing melisma gave me the chill..
kate Cameroon
Who came here to compare after watching Gaga
Gaga sounds like shit compared to this.
Brooke Appleton
This is cool.....but I mean after Whitney what else is there? Most other versions are just that....'cool'. This is coming from a Beyoncé fan, but real is real.
ThatBoy Anthony
Why can't we have more guys singing I mean girls can't always sing the anthem why not a soldier or even one of the players or coaches
azizi azouza
best national anthem WHAT A VOCAL TECHNIQUE !!!
Jackie Brown
The best to do it was Jennifer Hudson, then GAGA, then Whitney, then Bey. Sorry Bey but that's the truth.
Tan Yukang
Here's my rank for national anthem: 1.Whitney 2.Mariah 3.Either Beyonce or Gaga I can't decide
Bong dity
I like how she copies Whitney Houston style... well thats good, because Whitney is still and always the best.
Karen smith
Beyoncé is underrated:(
Jeannette Rook
She did a very Nice Job.  However, Whitney still number 1
Beyonce. slay
Basically Tionne
I love how she got on the stage so innocently then when she started singing she became a beast. Her vocals are so raw. It's amazing.
мдляc гилидляc
Smash!!! So much better than gaga
This is the National Anthem girl, not one of your cheesy singles. Sing it properly, with not so much ornamentation.
Mike T
good but gaga was better
Jordan Phillps
I don't see what people see in Beyonce performance. Her most recent performance was better. 1. Whitney 2. Mariah 3. Jennifer Hudson 4. Beyonce (2013) 5. Ariana Grande
donna iamiceli
there will never be a a woman like whitney new jersey girls have can do everything
Molly Pop
i kinda glad they don't put the 3rd verse because it would make the song extra long and it is kinda creepy...
Hugh Mongis
Lady Gaga did it better
I like Gaga's better, way more powerful. Screw the people saying Lady Gaga's wasn't the best.
Still gives me chills when I hear this... One of the best renditions ever! 1.Whitney Houston 2.Beyonce Knowles 3.Mariah Carey 4.Jennifer Hudson 5.Faith Hill
Edi D
1. Whitney Houston 2. Lady Gaga 3. Beyonce 4. Jennifer Hudson 5. Mariah Carey
Seba Echeverría
Damn, she is so good at playback
Whitney Houston is still my number one pick
This was a good performance but no one and I mean NO ONE will ever match Whitney Houston's National Anthem! And anybody who disagrees must not be that strong in the brain!
Irene Petronio
You just have to know that Bey was a little girl when she sang this. Her voice now's so changed, she has a more mature tone now. So it's stupid to compare her and Whitney because they're both amazing in different ways.
Gaga set the new standard. Whitney was great but it was pre-recorded.
FUCKK!! that was flawless!!! : S : O and I'm not even her fan but she gave me chills!!! perfect !! on point!!! sharp!!! she's amazing damn!… Screamxtina should learn from these…
K. Aaryn
This was the best one! Seriously
Peter Pan
Simply amazing!
David Bento
Lady Gaga did it better!
Jonathan Doyle
Gaga and Whitney were so much better.
Robert wiggins
Her upward scale on "brave" gives me chills every time!
Mikal Black
thumbs DOWN for the fact she TRIIIIIIIIIED to replicate Whitney Houston's live version. but still lacks the vocal power on the same level as Whitney not to mention NO1 started clapping or cheering lol...girl BYE 👋 and have several
Sgt MonkeyBreath
I love Bey, she's a class act. Unfair to compare her to Whitney. Whitney was a star all unto herself that nobody will ever be able to compare.
So tired'a this broad, it's not even funny.
deontae porter
she made me cry
kris gav
the best version of the American national anthem I have ever heard! !!! well done Beyoncé
1. Whitney Houston 2. Jennifer Hudson 3. Beyoncé Knowles 4. Mariah Carey
Patrick Squire
gaga was good but she strain a bit here and there opinion
Bryce Badura
Literally impossible to not get chills at 2:22
Nick Tubbs
Super Case
cristian ochoa
Well. whitney's is the best and if there was a second place it definitely would go to gaga. beyonces was hard to sit through because she tried to drag out and riff every note. And Gaga's had so much strength and emotion where this one fell flat
she is better than LadyGaga
Who else gets chills around 2:34???👀👀
Sonya Thomas
don't get me wrong I love Beyonce butt Whitney Houston had more power in her voice
Ruby Krizman
i know you're probably gonna judge me for saying this but i think that beyonce's version is muh better than gagas, gaga sounds average comparing to beyonce. i like the 2013 beyonce's version and of course Whitney's I just like beyonce's vocal better than gaga's thats all.
us black folks be singing tf out the national anthem 😂 the most extra runs and riffs ...I love us
tom thompson
too much wobbly singing which gets annoying as fuck after a while. Much prefer gaga's version as, even though she has a bit of wobbly singing, she sings it how it's meant to be sung and only uses wobbly singing to show off her wider range of vocal skills.
The American Flag is useful as toilet paper!
Javí QeleQele
I know I'll probably get a lot of slack for saying this but I honestly think this was the best National Anthem performance of all time!
jb back
Beyoncé is something else ... much talent ...original
Ester Santos
*Beyoncé Is The Queen Of Pop.*
Does anybody notice she looks like Queen Latifah in this video?
Is this for a dinsey film or something?