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Optimus Prime
Bane deserved a better death
Bruce Snow
When people say that this version of Batman is dumb: Batman Begins: - Tricks Ra's Al Ghul during the training making him think that he exposed himself because of his wound while he actually uses his wound to trick him, fast thinking. - Gathers evidence about most of the corrupt officials in a matter of short time, they were committing crime for years without getting caught I tell ya. - Look at how he fights in the docks when he's taking down Falcone and his thugs, he uses scare tactics to get rid of gunmen first, then proceeds to fight like 10-15 guys just to make them live to tell the tale. - Same with taking down Crane - After taking down Crane quickly proceeds to Fox, so that he can make some cure against his toxin after finding out that special technology for dissolving water supplies is taken and that all the water supplies were poisoned. - Which leads him to figure out that Ra's Al Ghul needs train to take the machine to Wayne Enterprise to spread toxin, good old deducting - Turns himself into distraction making Ra's think that he is trying to stop the train, while Bruce's whole plan was to keep Ra's busy while Gordon is destroying the bridge, so Bruce tricks him again, quick thinking once again. - Throughout the movie creates the symbol, a myth, because as a man with flesh and blood he is vulnerable, but as a symbol...well you get the idea. What I'm saying is, he doesn't just go fighting crime, he prepares everything, builds his base of operation, gathers evidence about his enemies and friends, gathers equipment for his battle, chooses specific symbol for the battle and then proceeds to kick some ass. It's not like CW Arrow where he just finds a factory and starts just writing off people from his list, Batman didn't have any list. The Dark Knight: - After a couple of years or so, all of the criminals are so scared that they operate only on the daylight, how about that? Night belongs to Batman - Suspecting that mobs work with Lau, invites him to his company so he can look at his accounts and confirm his suspicions. Knowing exactly that Lau took all their money, develops an ingenious plan to take him down in the China - So, at first he gathers equipment for his mission with his goal being faster and get into the plane without landing. Then creates alibi for Bruce Wayne's dissappearance that he took all the Russian ballet dancers with him on the boat trip, then goes to China discretely. Sets the timer on each of the sticky bombs at specific time, takes down all Lau's men, and bomb explodes and plane flies through exactly when police arrive and exactly when Bruce finished got Lau where he wanted. How can someone call him dumb after that? Are people high? - Uses government resources to change Fox's sonar device and infects every phone in the city in the way that he would be able to see everything. He does that at the middle of movie just in case as plan B without telling anyone, he knew that Joker would do something as huge as that so that he can use it - In the end device is useful, but as he knows exactly how Fox would react specifically builds up self destruction option for Fox. - The entire final battle is him strategically taking down everyone without killing them, my favorite moment is when he ties all cops, makes them think that he lost, but then pushes one and all fall with him, ingenious. The Dark Knight Rises, now to put in a context, Bruce is rusty here, he isn't thinking straight, he is psychologically destroyed, so his mistakes are justified, yet still: - Easily figures out that Selina is there to steal his fingerprints just by looking at the safe and what she took, he psychologically evaluates that she took necklace only because she liked it and she was there because of his prints. - Then he easily finds her...twice. - Just through looking at stories about Bane, figures out that someone who escaped should be Ra's Al Ghul's kid, he of course makes mistake here thinking that Bane is the one, but stories were saying that Bane was the one who escaped so he couldn't really know that. - Gets into freaking occupied city and no one notices him. - Specifically puts on plan that Catwoman would open up the roads in case, while Gordon would be handling a bomb and he himself creates a huge distraction in the form of an army...yes, the whole battle was just distraction. He knew that he wouldn't survive without Catwoman's intervention so that's why this plan was secondary. - Fixes autopilot thing that Fox himself couldn't fix and makes everyone think that he is dead so that Blake would continue his job, by that he practically turns symbol of Batman into something indestructible. Why you say? Batman is considered dead, but when Blake appears as Batman everyone would be twice as scared because criminals are superstitious lot, and they would think that Batman can't be killed. So he managed to both get a normal life and ensure that Gotham is safe by creating incredible myth. -
"I need you on the ground" - Like a cat "I'll be in the air" - Like a bat Love that little touch.
Bob Joe
Anyone else feel like banes death was a bit anti climatic?
Rulio 69
Ohh man catwoman please sit on my face
Loki Is Awesome!!!
I just want to know how Bane breathes in that mask! Must be hard!
TheNew YouTuber
If I'm honest this is my favorite Batman movie.
Dirk Diggler
Anne Hathaway was an excellent Cat Woman
Krishen That Nerd Seethiah
Although Nolan is not a great action director, he does his best and still succeeds in giving an emotionally charged finale.
syah albar
I like the instrument when Talia fall to the underpass. It's similiar instrument when Ra's al-Ghul death scene (Batman Begins) and when the Joker fall from Prewitt building (The Dark Knight)
Miles Prower
A grand finale. And whatever I said before Snyder was all in good spirit. The man knows how to direct action, I'll give you that. That warehouse scene in BvS was top notch. Need more of that out of Batman.
i like tacos
We both know Bane deserved a better death now... You’ll just have to imagine the death!
Daniel Simpson
When DC movies were good...
Pradip Kumar Mahato
if batman is your favourite then please like it
2:50 That bat aircraft sounds like a wet fart
Peace Maker
Although I'm not such a big Batman fan (still in my top 5 best superheores) I gotta say this is the best movie trilogy based on comics!!!! I liked all 3 movies...thank you Nolan for giving us such a masterpiece...hope I can see one from Supes one day like this
Dave L
4:26 Well Batman just legit killed that driver.
Pritam Pandey
*You'll just have to imagine the fire* *BOOOOOMMMM* and the rest is history😂
Kieran Vids
When DC made classic films!
Some days you just can’t get rid of a bomb 😤
The tumblers (batmobiles) are so weak in this movie, unable to even scratch the bat with its main cannon, and explodes in one shot by the batpod
Pandas are cool
Blake should've walked with the kids across the bridge, no way those officers would take action.
Cheesoos Kryst
4:44 Excuse me, I wanna drive
Thomas Organ
I forgot how epic this scene was. This left me breathless. Take note Zack Snyder... PRACTICAL EFFECTS.
4:12 respects to the most badass trucker ever lol
Josh Whitaker
I loved this movie series for one reason, not a damn thing seemed like it came from a comic book. It felt real and not ridiculous, like everyone has to have a stupid costume, scarecrow is just a mask, joker doesn't have a bunch of bombs with his face on them or gag weapons like acid spitting flowers, ect. There were only 3 things that were iffy but it worked magnificently. 1.) Joker wasn't burned with acid with a permanent grin, but just had scars and paint. 2.) Baine isn't on venom like in the comics or shows but is still really strong and can still break batman's back. 3.) Raj Al Goul wasn't an immortal man using the Lazarus pit for regeneration, but instead, much like the dread pirate Robert's from the princess bride, passed the name of raj al goul down to successors so he can be immortal that way. These movies moved away from ridiculous comics and went for as real as possible.
I mean, I don't believe Bane died from that. Not to mention, he's wearing a vest. So, probably terribly injured, locked up with the joker. lmao
2:24 South African mercenary
Captain Barbossa
If the character of Ras al’Ghul’s daughter was better written in this movie, this whole scene wouldn’t have bothered me as much. Bane had an awful death.
Paul Bradley
Was she having an orgasm when she shot Bane? I mean, it's not exactly like she was running to Batman. She rode his motorcycle. This scene is kinda hot now that I think about it.
Rohit Mahlan
Thank you Filmic Box
That was a fantastic climax. Thanks a lot !
Thor Lit af
“bAlE’S bAtMaN dEn kIlL nObOdY” 4:24
The Wolverine
Dr Brand is in action.
Jackson Taylor
Nice how Batman’s stab wound magically healed.
Aryans Bio films!
JUST! #1:39
khan 1
Bane was tom hardy? Am i right
4:04 karma fgts
What do you mean there is nowhere to go? A city like Gotham probably has hundreds of fallout bunkers
Hero escapes after bomb explodes, I have seen that somewhere except this movie, don't remember where.
quirky Chad
Bane deserved better.....
Tri Trinh
THank you! It would be great to see the taking the bomb out to the water scene too!
Spider fan
Bane: you'll just have to imagine the fire. BOOM!
Darth Jaulce
I love this movie but I really wonder why there are no people running around getting into their cars and stuff.
Lord Bailey
Them are the slowest most useless rockets I've ever seen. He's flying at what 300mph and the rockets can exceed that speed? The next scene he's hitting a truck with rockets and it's just like MEH...
Harpreet Singh #
Miranda plays again negative role
where am i
4:11-4:22 never fails to give me chills. Zimmer is a God.
2:47 is it just me or did catwoman disappear off the bike for a second right there 😂
Agent CodyBanx
wtf is she tired for, she was riding the batcycle
Akira Leelarapin
I feel like Catwoman rides Batpod better than Batman himself.
Negasso Kadir
“Alight boys get in a circle bow your heads”
biondi on
Christopher Nolan is the best film director for me, the movie he created is timeless.
Some days you can't get rid of a bomb, and some days you do. This day was the latter.
A Filips
"You'll just have to imagine the fire-" -Dies-
Nahuel Galmarini
Nice !!! In scene 2:30 they pass a GNC store. Lol
Jonathan Collinson
4:28 Batman just killed that dude!
Trevor Vick
Catwoman is so flexible😏 🍆
Pandas are cool
Not sure exactly what killed Talia.
Stanley Fisher
She needs to be eaten daily
BF3 forever Greene
So y did they blow the bridge
Sam Kresil
1:28 Uh, did you hear him? He`s a cop.
Ryan Swaggert
2:44 Tumbler is still driving behind the truck after flipping over a few seconds ago.
Watching this in the theatre I was really hoping the would be about to blow and a blur of red would streak past just getting the entire Gotham to safety a streak of blue would carry the bomb to the air and suddenly the JLA would step in saving everyone
Rohit Jobish
in this chase we can see ... LUCIUS FOX VS LUCIUS FOX ...
The Tumblers don't fire back at Selina at all
Kai Meng Ng
Batman is so good in dodging the bombs!😅👍👏👏
Robert Prescott
Love it. Very underrated movie
You guys notice the soundtrack at 4:44 is the same one that plays when Ras Al Ghul dies and Talia is her daughter they share the same soundtrack wow the more you know
No surviving that crash.
Charles Waleski
Where the heck is everybody??????😂😂😂😂
Joe Marthadinata
2:11 Blyat !
Gerronemo Munchacho
4:28 how tf he died?😂
Bat Girl
I have the same exact mask that Bane has it feels like you can't move your mouth
Ethém Shallabdullem
I feel like Bane used Talia all this time, he stays shut when she's there but when she's not he act as his own will.
Bat Girl
This is a good scene Filmic Box you should do the Amazing Spider-Man 2
sneha wajpai
It is so sad that we would never know how batman escape from that blast😫😫😫
rishabh yadav
Batman se jyada to ye chori tez hai
Bagel Lord
These clip shows u something that villain vehicles r shit easy to blow up and Batman’s indestructible
José Miguel Fierros Ramírez
What kind of Venom is this?
cherukuri sai tharun
Those googles look like cat ears
Batman in the flying potato bug.
Zeljko Kostic
Alles nachgemafht von knight rider damals david gegen goliaht
Geo Boy
Man I loved Batman knight series amn I misss Christian bale and why did he make thsi his last Batman movie whyyyy,I was only 8 when I ssaw this in theaters
Rorschach Daws
I wish i have The Bat so i can fly. Car 🚗 is bored.
Chilli Pepper
Batman in daytime?I thought batman only strikes on nighttime.
Bob Wilson
And Chris wanted to make a "realistic" batman movie.... yeah...
Missiles are just simply not that slow! Try Mach 5, not helicopter speed!
Raj R.
Wow never realized what a bad actor they used to portray Robin. Absolutely no emotion or acting ability at all... With the kids and on the bridge...yikes..
4:07 she’s driving the truck alone. 4:12 someone else is driving the truck. Smh
Kevin bacon why?
Maick Salas
Jjajja 2:13 subtitulado es un insulto bien Argento
Rosemberg Cavalcante
Voce sabiá Você sabia que a Beth aqui é minha mãe
Томас Андерсон
4:40 a nice Terminator 2 reference
Seth diaz
I don't know why the hell did they bother blowing up the bridge when bane was going to kill the city he was going to kill everyone and they decided to take orders by holding the bridge anyone who gets closer to the bridge they will shoot you and one who gets any closer to the bridge they blow it what an idiot people the are in the movie
Armando Sanchez
Girlfriend Cool .8.3.1
Looks like after dexter disappeared, Joey moved to Gotham and become a police offer
Level 99
look at all those glorious non-CGI effects. im glad there's still some sane directors in hollywood nowadays.
Armando Sanchez
Just me Sa8che3