Walking in Kolkata ( Calcutta)

Kolkata known historically in English as Calcutta is the capital of the Indian state of West Bengal. Located on the east bank of the Hooghly river, it is the principal commercial, cultural, and educational centre of East India, while the Port of Kolkata is India's oldest operating port as well as its sole major riverine port. As of 2011, the city had 4.5 million residents; the urban agglomeration, which comprises the city and its suburbs, was home to approximately 14.1 million, making it the third-most populous metropolitan area in India. />

My Doctor told me to take a 1 to 2 hour walk everyday, these videos of yours sure make it a lot easier.
Speeding Pontiac SLE
I think India should fix their public infrastructures first before venturing into space programs.
Jim Ausili
I watched your video from beginning to end. Thank you for your work. I feel as if I were walking with you. Great job, Kees!
Jeez, what a dump
Tony Harvell
Ohhhh, this life, this is just real, real life, mannnn.  You, the cameraman gave the vision to the viewer.  You made the viewer of the video think he's the one walking along and being there.  The noises, sights are awesome.  I'm walking right in the street, the roadway.  People overtaking the cameraman make this film so dynamic and attractive and interesting to watch.  Everyone is going about their business, and what things we see them doing.  Everything is here, mannn.  Like a feature film.
Forget everything else, this honking would drive me insane if I lived in this crazy place.
Guillermo Durán
This is better than a travel guide book... Thanks Kees!
florian topala
i wonder, where is human civilization?
I'm out of breath and exhausted from watching this exciting video. And I thought United States shopping malls were crowded. Wow!
If Indian cities didn't have the car horns, they'd be far more amazing. I like the chaos, but the horns really detract from everything. Plus, noise pollution is proven to have disastrous effects on mental health.
total chaos
India is one of few places in the world, where you have human traffic jams.
Kay Nandlall
I want to sell noise makers in India!
Diego Desiderio
car horns multiple by a thousand
D'Hadam Jedit
What happen to all the women ? Thousands of men but hardly no women.
Alvin Koh
Messy and dirty city. Unique but nothing spectacular.
Ken Fritz
I have never seen a place with so much life !    The noise,  the chaos..... wow!!    I like this video the best , of all the places you have shot footage.   I would give anything to travel the world, and experience the different cities.   You are very lucky to be able to do this.    Please keep the most excellent life footage available for the rest of the world to see, that are not able to !!
Patrick Storey
nobody appears to smoke cigarettes in any of the indian videos...interesting
Charming Farming
absolute hell on earth !
lex farco
Alfonso Portugal
Two concepts are definitely not known in this country: Hygene and maintenance. How can they live among so much filth??
chaos ... :)
Richard Boudville
So crowded the streets are. What's it going to be in say the next 50 years. Gridlock?
Hats of to these laborers I hope they get good rewards EOD from rich Seth's
nasip kismet
01:18:33 Get this man to the top office in India.
1:18:33 Amazing moment.
Takes a lot of determination and spirit of adventure to do this one, salute! The human scale can be intimidating, but there seems to be some kind of order amid the chaos and overcrowding, and people are mostly patient and peaceful.
Julius Vinh
OMG , hectic , inexplicable , like a dream , but really fascinating , and the people seemed very nice , I have seen scenes like this , but never this nonstop of all things mixed ..., would love to go there to experience it once in a life time !
Hey friend you are very brave to pass in those dangerous streets, do not you afraid?
Well done videography. Moving though this kind of crowd is so difficult but you did it. Thank you for the tour.
all the places I'll never visit .......... God I wish I could travel the world
Nedina Maria
Se desse para mim pegar o trem aqui na central e fazer uma viagem até aí eu iria com muito orgulho muito prazer
Robert Lamb
Obviously, no tourists around. You gotta be brave for this type of adventure.
Crystal Fusion
Yeeees suuuper films Kees! This is real life. Great channel!
Univers Mundi
Nossa 😓😓 esse povo sofre muito, meu pai amado. 😫
Taleshia McCray
l've love this video in lndia walk.
Kolkata street and other place is very dirty.so Kolkata People should street and other place clean. Love from Turkey🇮🇳❤🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷
Jim Jones
I notice 90% Men? Do they still kill girl babies at birth over there?
Amazing... Of all the streets you could've started your walk on, it passes the hotel I stayed at (Ho(s)tel Diplomat) 1:12 , a bargain for about $5/night. Great video and much easier to sit and watch here in comfort; what a crazy city - In just 2 days I managed to get lost more times then I have anywhere else, oppressive heat, noise and giardia everywhere. But it's a city that stays in your memory that's for sure.
wow !!! what a trip ! thank you :)
Love you intelligent Kolkata. Jungle growing from your buildings. You will always be a great part of my heart.
Huiyang Ong
I honestly think Little India in Malaysia (KL and Penang) are much more organised and cleaner.
Shirley Mason
Is that what one always must ho through in order to buy food? YEESH!
Nicky Modi
hats off to you dear walker. you made me walk along. thanks, regards.
Always good to see another city, thanks for the walking tour !
stan crouch
they really like the vehicle horns don't they?
Lisa Edson
This is fantastic. It would be great on an IMAX screen.
Srijit Mukherjee
I spent the first 16 years of my life in Kolkata. Right now I am sittng in Deutschland and missing everybit of this walk. No matter how improvished or dirty this city might be, no matter how much people from other upcoming cities of India quote it to be backward and poor, this city will always welcome me with open arms and I will always go on to call it my mystical home. I was born in Kolkata and yes the streets, the alleys, the humid weather, the ever jolly people and the lovely cuisine will always keep Kolkata on the top spot. I wish, I can go back to Kolkata, make a difference there and celebrating its charm manage to bring a change in the city. A city which is pricelessly floating in time but being insidously chewed up by political goons. Thanks kees for the video. I was in Holland last week. My experience at Amsterdam and Rotterdam was more than enjoyable. I loved the free spirit and the attitude that people carry there !! Kudos :) I will definitely subscribe to your channel :)
Amanda Schmidt
You would think the city could hire some of these people to keep the streets clean !
Celismar Silva
1:18:31 that old man was saved by that guy.
Javed Akhtar Arain
............. I Love To t Travel with you Keez.....:)
Rogelio Munoz
kudos to the Videographer........so real , so natural, so active and so natural, so vibrant , so lively with similiraties in some parts of Manila...esp with traffik chaos? people and cars, all sorts...plss more on these type of video live footages in diff sectors of the city..
Giga Gerard
I love the casual way a passerby prevents an accident with a cyclist and an old man crossing the street, he embraces him and then lets go in one flowing movement, at t=1h18m30s (ik blijf lekker thuis voor je videos Kees! ik vind het knap gedaan dat je zo weinig opgemerkt wordt, mooi naturel zo)
I enjoyed the walk, thank you. The street names would have been helpful.
1:18:34 Nice save guy!!
Jack Chen
Nice anti-shake
Lil, Charmander
Lol that sign! ST🚫P honking 😂 21:50
mark jervis
Amazing footage of Calcutta, my birthplace. It's the next best thing to actually being there. This video means so much to me as I left Cal over 40 years ago. However, the fond memories still linger in my heart and mind. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. On another note, I was quite impressed by the clarity and excellent image stabilization of your camera. If you don't mind, would you please name the make and model of the video equipment used. Thanks again for doing such a fine job.
Nedina Maria
Filho quem sabe trabalha não se aperta tem que ter visto do lugar não é mesmo a seu conheces e alguém aí
Al ver éste video, me senti realmente caminando en Calcuta. Felicitaciones por el video, por fin conoci Calcuta. Tanks.
Sith'ari Azithoth
1:18:28 Random Pink Shirt Hero saves elder from bicycle.
Julia Limpin
wow!..long walk..MUCH to discover--interesting people..crowded streets and market places--i love most the flower market!!..wat a video--thanks for this sir keez! GODBLESS
Herman Karsowidjojo
अच्छे सुबह / अच्छे शाम , मा नव अधि का रों की सा र्वभौ म घो षणा ( हिस्से को बढावा देना ) https://youtu.be/6rH3ZO1_TvY ईमानदारी से
Wayward Analysis
I look forward to bad weather so I can watch your videos while working out...your videos are like human battery, I can go on and on with my workout...with endless energy. Visions like yours are what makes YouTube so special for people like me.
thank u 4 a very good vid, the sad thing is it is so far from what i lrearn about kalkota from my locel tv and newspapper
Man watching this after watching Walking in Tokyo was not a good idea. The madness. The constant noise of drivers honking the horns. What kind of ambient is that? Why on Earth are they honking the horns so much. I can see that traffic is shit but how is that freaking sound helping? YOU ARE HONKING AT THE VOID MORONS! STOP IT! There should be a limit to 3 honks a month. You really don't need to honk THAT often.
ado fonconi
Damn, there are only men in the streets! I don't think I'll ever go there...LOL BTW guys making hash joints at 26:08 LOL
Karl W God
Beep Beep. 
Tim B
While watching this I keep checking to see if my wallet is still in my pocket
Mohit Dawar
A super virtual tour, had this feeling as I was right there.
I just discovered these "walking in" videos, they are fantastic.  
Pierre Joseph
This is Crazy.......I wouldn't make it .....
Rokhim Muhammad
first time i looks your videos is very boring becauce your are walking for one hour but know your videos is very interest for me . We can see really condition and activity people in a country/city with your videos... well done
Skywatcher 44
Thanks Kees, great work again. Not much room to breath near the end and no loose cows spotted in Calcutta.. Take care.
This is THE ENEMY. Thanks, Empress Victoria!
Usman Amir
Same city similar karachi
famous country !!!
kyle clarke
there is sidewalks by why does nobody use them
stan crouch
I'm stunned at the density of people.  Really enjoying the walk. thanks
2w1 462
I am fascinated by this place.
Suryanarayanan Ramachandran
Jean-pierre Matteï
Thank you !
mundl kalli
insane the stench must be overwhelming !!!
Blade Trinity
I guess they don't care what side of the road they drive on!.
What a wonderful video. I'm a big fan. I hope you can walk the whole world.
Yoshiki Tezkha
I want to be drowned into noise of streets...I really miss that feeling good job!
Naïla Benibal
a noisy nightmare
Susan Abraham
So much bustling vibrance and colour to a highly professional video. Fantastic! I'm thinking you'd love the stylish, winding streets of Georgetown in old Penang with its distinctive character. Do go sometime if you can! Malaysian currency is just a quarter of the euro!
HOÀNG Hoa Thám
This is a thrilling city yet . Colijn is a very brave man !!!
Brain Fucker
Kolkata though a metropolis, is one of the cheapest city in the world. Thanks to long existed communist government here.
Lil, Charmander
Lol that was a sweet smile 😄 13:55
Ronnie Pickering
thats mad crazy fancy having a 2 week holiday there lol, good vid tho well done.
Dwaipayan Dutta
The city is dirty , lots of poverty and malnourished people, highly populated . But at the end of the day it's my city. My Kolkata. My home
Theban Ned Greenman
I like the video. Observations: There are less Indians than in Ruwi High Street on a saturday night (in Muscat). Not much evidence of sanitary roadsweeping in Calcutta.
Hunain Shamsi
HI! Nice Video! Can I use this clip for my production, a short film ? I would mention you ofcourse. Thanks
George 2929
Wonderful video! Great walk ! And this is how many people like to discover some new places! They step out of their hotel and just walk around with no big plans and not knowing what they will see and discover! Of course it is easier to get a local guide who will show you the touristic places! But i prefer more the way like in this video.
Алексей Пономаренко
Лучшее представление материала. Хочу вместе с Вами ходить по Индии. Киев.
Gairat Matkarimov
and they say there is god
Nedina Maria
Fãs vídeo do povo fazendo comida na rua Índia e um lugar exuberante aí tem festas