Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker Scene (1080p HD)

Joker's introduction scene from Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker (2000). The Joker and his goons interrupt Bruce Wayne's speech. Subscribe for more . Club fight scene between Terry McGinnis and Joker's goons from Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker (2000). Subscribe for more content and follow us on . ◅ Edited Version -Greatest mystery in the career of the original Batman - The true . A flashback scene from the animated DC movie Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker where an old Barbara Gordon(Batgirl) tells the new Batman, Terry .

Kabir Qirati
"Ears are too long and I miss the cape" ... Me too joker ... Me too 😐😐
Joshua Plotkin
creepy how Harley's grandkids became joker groupies just like her
Zetsumi Ravencroft
1:42 The sheer look of horror in Bruce's eyes...
R/B The Toku Hufflepuff
I like seeing an elderly version of the playboy persona
Filip Zetterlund
The Joker might've never made Batman laugh for even once during their endless battles as he always wanted to do, but he did managed to do something that no other character in the entire DC Animated Universe managed to do; something that neither Bane, Killer Croc, the Man-Bat, Scarface, Clayface, the Lord of the Dead Hades, or the all powerful Darkseid, the omnipotently Amazo or even the master of fears, the Scarecrow himself, managed to do. He managed to scare and terrify the Batman. Batman might've been trying to make himself the terror that criminals would fear and dread through all those years, making himself a living legend that even gods would come to fear and respect, but if it's something that the scene at 1:56-2:00 shows, is that if there's one character in the entire DCAU that was the one true and only beast of nightmares, it was and always had been the Clown Prince of Crime himself.
Empire Forever
4:08 possible Captain America reference?
Bill Shank
Man, Mark Hamill is THE Joker.
DragonGod Aaron
I can't even imagine how shocked Bruce was when he saw the Joker alive again
0:29-0:37 Oh God, that insidious laugh
Saint Akins
Even in the future Gotham can't get a break from the clown Prince of Crime, so much for that no kill code Bruce.
I still feel like Bruce could beat the Joker with the cane xD Well I like to think he could win...
Ben J
1:44 It can’t be...
Bruce still kicks more ass then Batfake, no wonder Joker isn't impressed :P
Black moon wolfgurl
Oh no your old eyes don't deceive you Brucey after all who knows me better than you
3:19 The way the Joker is starring and smiling at Terry, his probably thinking "He he he he he he he, just like the old man."
Christopher V
With the relavent discussions playing out over Artificial Intelligence, having the Joker "return" through the use of stored digital data, this movie was actually quite ahead of it's time.
Sebastian kolroW
Bruce just stood fearless while a humanoid hyena was about to pounce on him only to what it with his cane twice to the KO. Badass
Isaac Smith
Miss this show
For many years Batman was always known as this urban legend who would strike fear into the hearts of Gotham's most superstitous and cowardly criminals but The Joker's shocking return in Batman Beyond without a doubt put the fear of shock into Bruce Wayne's heart as shown by the reaction in his eyes: 'NO! NOT HIM!' 1:42 Very few villains in the entire rogue's gallery can do that to the original dark knight except his greatest enemy, that shows just how much of a big deal The Joker truly is to the Batman legacy.
Gillian Day
I love you Joker! But leave old BRUCE WAYNE ALONE!
Harrissan Shanthinikethan - Jean Augustine SS (2612)
1:41 (Mentally) Joker: How that for an entrance Batcy Bruce: No! That's Impossible!
jay thosonmp
terry: guy is pretty spry for a guy in his 80s mark hamil: nothing can kill me IM MARK HAMIL
shut up and drive
Dillon Kinder
Joker: hello Gotham Joker is back in town Me: Welcome back Joker
Ahsun k
One of my favorite things about the scene where Bruce tells Terry to shut up is that I think it is the first time he ever swore at Terry. Like Terry always had no fear in being sarcastic with Bruce but Bruce would either be grumpy silent or sarcastic back. I think after seeing the Joker, this is the first time he ever swore which is why Terry goes so silent
alfonzo mendoza
Keaton and Nicholson meet again 😏
vicente castillo
Year 15 i'm 20 now Since i saw this show I'm still wanna know what happened to Bruce when Alfred died. He should have turn way darker and less social after that
Alan Uribe
“Shut up and drive.” Freaking love Kevin conroy!
Gian carlos
Wait why is joker younger than Harley Quinn the clowns with joker are Harley’s grandchildren so how did Harley aged but joker not Editing recently: spoilers the joker is Tim drake aka the 3rd robin aka Red Robin
Robin9309: The Fan of Steel
3:47 does anyone else notice that the car that Terry and Bruce are diving looks like the BTAS/original DCAU Batmobile.
marko 2001
They could have easily stop Joker and those girls while they were escaping.
Michael Hewitt-Clarke
One quick question I had for this movie, Where Was MAX!?
Fun fact, Dede and Dede are actually Harley ‘s granddaughters which is just gold
Batman Beyond was one of my favorite story lines and the fact that Tim Drake was the Joker was very cool to me
This film is a Classic Masterpiece! Period.
Danchou Panda
I need a hug.
Silver Dragon
So I really like the scene where the Joker first appears, but I can't shake the feeling this would have made a much better twist and far scarier reveal if he first appeared here. Imagine that instead of seeing him in that first scene, we only see his shadow generelly try to keep people guessing. And then he shows up here and we can be truly terrified...
(joker) Well what's gonna be Bat fake?
Simple Kinoactivites
Then Your Beyond Your League Terry Mcgemmis
Onik J. Torosian Neverhomer
I Fixed It...
pseudo pretentions
Bruce wasnt scared of the hyena man because he is a bootleg version of stitch
I love how Wolf pounces in front of Bruce and Bruce just stares at him like "What? You want a cookie?"
Dustin Sova
The greatest evil that Gotham has ever seen as they recognized him from their nightmares.
i dont know for some but i dont think that is how joker would greet bruce wayne after many many years.. they would have somehow make a much more DARK and yet nostalgic reunion and WAY BEYOND better intro compared to that one on the video. joker should have had or deserved a better re-intro to bruce , like seeing bruce as an old guy, he somewhat loses his interest and decides to STOP menacing gotham but turns out that the new batman is quite promising and fascinates him and the longer he hears about him or observes him, he decides to challenge him if he is a worthy adversary..
Lol at the Captain America reference. I can't be the only one to notice that?
Cong Luo
I miss da jokers fancy hair style from da old days
zac miller
batman beyond is the fav movie iv ever seen in my life and mark hamiil is a crigey person when he deose the voice like i swear his face looks like a rapeist when he does the voice
William John Burnett-Fenton
Tim Drake, Ladies, Gentlemen and others; the only person cool enough to be both The Joker and The Batman. 😂 😂
Bon Sai
Jerrod Schembs
God we need a live action Batman Beyond movie with Michael Keaton as old Bruce.
Cory Soto
Pretty said twins are smart
Nick Lancial
u gotta admit joker is the one villain they'd be able to make a decent batman beyond movie about.....not to mention u have to give props to bruce for the fact that he just stared down Wolf....had none of his old vigor stamina or strength.....and yet still managed to kick his ass lol......another thing u have to wonder is why when they gassed the guards they didn't use the classic joker gas......I will also say that while it was in the future I kinda figured that Joker being as flamboyant and obnoxious as he was would've had a similar costume to his original instead of that plain old bodysuit that he wore
A Deep Fried Rat 🐀
The short hair and weird suit look awesome
Velocity Rapture
Is the one with the witch hat supposed to resemble the Scarecrow?
Eric Bi
Did Joker know Bruce Wayne was Batman? The way he says Bruce knew him better than anyone, sounds like he did. :/
Thomas Leatherbury
Dyllin Ryman
I'm making a superhero universe I have tons of heros I made
James Michael Harding
Pretty messed up knowing the Joker had actually won here - The Bat family had long since broken up and their legacies lost, and Bruce spent decades lonely, bitter and broken after the Joker's cruel final act, while the Joker ends up with THOUSANDS of followers in clown-themed street gangs terrorising the citizens in his honour......And if that isn't enough, the clown prince of crime himself is re-born via Tim's body, allowing him to return in a future Gotham and rule the city!
Harraz Haqim
Shut up and Driver BruceWayne
Antoine Zampaglione
My Favorite Scene of Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker
Out of interest, why were Bruce and Terry not wearing seatbelt in the last bit? I heard they were made to change that bit I think?
One of my all time favorite games for the N64
Gus Gus
5:08 oh my god is is iron man in dc!!!!!