The Babadook - Reading Mister Babadook (2014 HD)

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Watch it and BUY it on DVD and BLU-RAY On DEMAND: /> BUY it on DVD and BLU-RAY: /> SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE: /> THE BABADOOK: Where there is imagination, there is darkness and from within that darkness lurks a being of unfathomable terror …close to home. Amelia (AFI Award winner Essie Davis, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, The Slap) is a single mother plagued by the violent death of her husband. When a disturbing storybook called ‘The Babadook’ turns up at her house she is forced to battle with her son’s deep seated fear of a monster. Soon she discovers a sinister presence all around her… A chilling tale of the unseen and otherworldly in the haunting tradition of The Conjuring and The Orphanage, Jennifer Kent’s visceral journey into the heart of fear itself is as terrifying as it is believable.

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I can just picture her review on "Read book to son. He cried in terror. 0/5 stars."
JustUnderscore DanDotJayPeg
That book is genuinely terrifying
Tania Reyna
Samuel is both cute and annoying asf
Hipster in a top hat.
Benaiah Sampson Benker
I thought this was a very effective horror movie. I was jumping at every shadow after the first time I saw it.
Wild Freeze
I loved all the editing that went into the scene in particular. but probably not the best thing to watch at 1 in the morning
Jeremy Murray
This movie scared the shit out of me. This is stuff of true nightmares.
James Purcell
My favourite scene.
Jaelon Sanders
I would be so pissed if my mom read this book to me before I went to sleep
Dim Diolch
When i was about that kids age i remember having a book and it was basically full of REALLY creepy shit for a young child, literally each page had a different story or whatever but i had no idea why i found it funny in a menacing way? Looking back that was scary, one of them i remember said something like 'when you die you get put into a box and you must lay underground for ever and ever, until after a week, the coffin begins to leak, worms come in and go inside your eyes and around you toes' and a creepy drawing was with it (the drawing style was rather similar to the Babadook) and that was literally it for one page. No idea why i had that book or where it came from.
Gina Lopez
I really loved this movie! People found Sam really annoying, but i thought he was cute. Plus the way he acted wasn't entirely his fault, his mom despised him pretty much so what do you expect. It wasn't till the end of the movie were both Sam and Amelia work together and care for one another. As for the ending, people dont understand it. Well first things off the Babadook isn't a demon, it represents Amelia's grief. "The more you deny me the stronger I get" When something happens to us and we are in grief we tend to hold onto it which is what Amelia is doing. However, it isn't till the end of the movie when Amelia finally accepts everything...That;'s why it ends the way it does. You can never get rid of grief, you can only accept it.
Servile Sarah
Openly gay with an affinity for hats and drama, The Babadook was the first time I ever saw a representation of myself in film.
ossama trif
the film love it
"Reads happy book to child afterwards to forget the mentally scarring pop up pages of nightmares " same girl same
Gabriel Mascitti
I love her voice <3
Julian Ramos
This story gets me baba-SHOOK
Emilly Wheaton
The scariest children book I've ever seen :). Where can I buy it? Just kidding, I don't want Mister Babadook to be growing under my skin. Awesome horror film, I had to see it twice, to catch all of the consequences. Really scary and terrifying daemon and his book is fucking brilliant. It's in the word it's in the look.. You can't get rid of Babadook...
Rollin Loud
Still a better love story than Twilight
I think I would like this movie more if the protagonists weren't so irritating.
Bethany Hunt
I love this movie so much but this is the best scene :)
Chill, it'a only Johnny Depp in a top hat.
Willman H.
This got morbid really fast
I want this book!!!!Where can I get one?
Zara Sahrum
Unapologetic Nationalist
I Aku, the shape-shifting master of darkness, unleashed an unspeakable evil... Wait
The Green Path
That kid was an authentic Babadick!
Day Trip
i'm baba sh00k sh00k sHOOkk
Mikki Robinson
the Lord got us he is good
Winged Hussar
Yeah the mom was mister babadook, saw that one coming a mile away. Shit most kids think they are in GTA after playing that game. Just avoid!, terrible movie.
Alexandria Agopian
While seeing this movie my entire reaction to that scene was just "Wow, That things really ugly."
dude my spine always chills and twist at these amazing scenes
If I was a monster I’d want to kill this kid too!
I did it for the cat girls
is it just me or is the most brilliantly creepy thing about this the numerous blank pages
The thing that gave me chills was when she opened up the book after tearing it up and there was written "I'll wager with you I'll make you a bet the more you deny the stronger I get"
Judith Rosales
do not read it
That movie scared me so much i thought the babadook was a real thing.
Wishbear 4444
Babadook? More like Babashook
Sara Marie
I always thought it was pronounced 'Babadoooook'. Kind of like 'moooooo', not 'book'.
DeathPixelGamin -Nerf
Why was that even a book for kids
wet milk
I really do not like this kid.
wet milk
my question is where did Samuel even find that hellish book
Abhishek Tarafdar
The most genuinely scary movie in the last 20 years. Could barely sleep for three weeks after watching it for the first time.
JellyLemonCx MSP
FIRST Why the HELL do they have that book?!!!!
Ugandan Knuckles Commander
baba ba dookdookdook
Ugandan Knuckles Commander
it is the video of the dog in the plane thats like bababa
Park Ranger
Wtf!! mom wth!!!!???😟😟
The 「BABADOOK」is my Stand! Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-DOOK!!!
Настя Тарасенкова
carolann sartorius
Who even wants to have that book definitely not me
Joyce Johnson
............NOOOOOOOOO I have seen that movie before and I don't want to see the part where she reads the book and I'm just going to leave goodbye 🚴
Joyce Johnson
. . . . .😧
Moop Boop
you could watch it on
Kenia Ibarra
Love it
Tiny Elephant
SPOLIER: Clearly the author of The Babadook was about how he wanted it was how the little boy and the sister and how they both read it and how the boy killed his sister.
Joyce Johnson
..........NOOOOOOOOO I've already seen that movie before and it gave me nightmares and I'm not kidding a give me nightmares for an entire week and I don't want to see it again 😫
Bill Smith
Needs a better budget and a remake watched it kinda sucks would be a goood movie if it had more thought
That owl night light is the creepiest
Die Saskiaflasche
to be honest you would just take the book to the police...
Dove wing
NOPE!! that's all I have to say...
I'm baba *shook*
Isaac Boaz
I think I'll stick to Dr. Seuss books.
عرار. قطر رمزان
Nargis Moradi
The sound of her sliding the book across the top at the very end of the clip made me jump, and I thought her arm coming into view was something rising up behind her. You know a scene is tense as all hell when a quiet sound and an ordinary motion in full view of the camera manages to be a jump scare.
ice bear
I'll read it to my kids
This movie wasn't great but I gotta say it was better than I expected. I had low hopes for it but it wasn't actually all that bad. This scene in particular was pretty creepy.
barbara austin
it was a very good movie, except I didn't understand the ending inside the basement
scott t
Awwwww the book doesn't have the ending I like the ending
scott t
Awwwww the kid is so DEAD
Henry kermond
the scariest thing about this movie is how annoying the kid is
Drake P.
Fucking masterful camerawork and sound design... It almost sounded like they used cicada sounds for the "Babadook" theme. Its "theme" that starts and builds slowly everytime the book is opened, sounds like a warm spring night here in Maryland with insects chirping. But they incorporated it into the sound design to the point where it almost becomes part of the atmosphere, and you don't even realize its a sound effect anymore till an onscreen character closes the book and it cuts off. And then the sound designers have you because for the rest of the film, they can blend in that chirping/cicada sound, and you automatically associate it with the Babadook to the point where they don't even need to build atmosphere because their sound is so strong!
Brynn Thompson
That kid is annoying Ah
brian self
I was more annoyed on how they had the book in the first time and are now just reading it
After the last page there is actually more pages, I know this because "The Babadook" is a real book you can buy, the rest of the pages are just scarier than the ones we see here. :)
Gener Macalinao
Evil Hutdug
Idk What
I wish she read the book some more. I find her voice and accent relaxing.
Jackie Thach
She wrote it.
Paul Trey
*OKAAAAY* * laganja intensies *
Babadook= me dook
OnlyMichaelJackson (Angel)
I had to watch this over and over. The book escalates so quickly, it's almost hard to make sense of.
Surge Juice
Dumbest movie.
babadook is a gay man who loved other men