Freestyle Football | The Journey to victory

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Hope every freestyler enjoys this Motivational video.. Share it to every freestyler XD .... ... Contact: E-MAIL: [email protected] FACEBOOK: YOUTUBE: />... ... ... ... SONGS : - hans zimeer- time (instrumental core) - journey through victory (instrumental core)

Roland Karászi
' for Palle's sake ' !!! I thought Klikla's Airmoves compil would remian my favourite compil for quite a long time but i think this one is probably even better. I had non-stop goosedumps from 3:00 to end. I was glad to see 'other' FSers as well such as Metoditos or Martin. Brilliant work !
amazing compilation man!
Lvis Trev Fs
WOW.... Thanks a lot to everyone, every comment means too much to me... and am very happy every freestyler enjoys and motivates with this video .. keep it up.. XD
SEBB Freestyle
Lvis...this is the best freestyle compeliation ever made, fucking awesome job! this deserves a lot more than my compilations! great job and keep at it bro!
Roger Huitt
This video inspired me so much and finally I got to my goal. thank you   
amazing video, motivation
Samuel Casanova
Ohhh god, what a feeling! Please somebody tell me who's the guy at 1:16 Thank u so much
Almat Kyrgyzbay
incredible video!goes to my fav! and i would like to add that this video is the best inspirational freestyle video! btw,what is the name of the 2nd song?shazam cant find it:(
Maximilian Meyer
Holy Hell, such a brilliant compilation!
Morten Lund
What a video :O Amazing choice of clips and songs..! edit is awesome as well,
Javier P
Wow, amazing video bro! Everything in this video is perfect! Well done;)
Can't remember when I saw last time that good compilation. Great edit, great actions and good music.
Adam Megrisi
Amazing compilation!
Maël Kevin
yes, this compilation is going to be legendary!
Wow, amazing!)
Grzegorz Baran
Unbelievable !!!! I can't believe that i wanted to end my journey with this sport last week ;/ Now i've got great motivation to keep going !!! Thanks a lot for this video :D
Lvis Trev Fs
Am thinking on doing another Motivational Compilation video, what do you think????  COMMENT IF YOU WANNA SEE IT!!! :) 
You like it
Maurizio Cappone
The Video is truly amazing. Great great job! I just think that skora is missing in such a Video and now you can all tell me he didnt do such great combos this year blabla, in my opinon he is the one who cannot be left out in such a great video! Still very good job!
Luis Reyes
edition very very very very very very very nice♥
Amazing! I've started freestyling a half year ago, since that day I finnally have something to do with my life! Love this inspirational video!
MS Freestyle
One of the best compilations I've seen so far! Edit, music, and choice and variety of freestylers are brilliant!
Adelin Tirado
Hey man that's a great video you did here and I have to say that I really enjoyed it, I also loved the way it was edited and the end was really cool. But I think you could have done an even better job in my opinion ! I think that freestyle football is not only this "hardcore" style, there's also japanese style, kamalio style, el nino style or some bboy style like at 03:10. I don't know if it was intended like that but to me this video is great but doesn't show every aspect of freestyle. Other than that, great video and great music choices, I hope that you'll keep doing videos like that for our community ! Peace :)
Jonathan Gonzalez
Soo inspiring!! Amazing!!! Thanks for the pump bro:) I'm sharing this with the us crew!
Ocoee Wilson
Love this so much
This is the best compilation and great motivation !!!
this video will boost me for entire year ! very motivational !
Franklin Gustavo Rendon Hernandez
Simply perfect I love your video
mathieu carrier
Nicholas Barros
Very nice!Add to favourite!
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Vape Music - Daily Radio
Sick Man !
Ficachi Freestyle
This is the best video i see in my life♡.
Grzesiek Moniak
Jazz Verati
great video..
gr8 job :)
Its my dream to become so good as you are, yesterday I did a around the world and after that I catched it in my neck :) You have to begin small, isn't it?
Sindre Tørfoss
I am usually not that big a fan of compvids, but this one definately was an exception. Great work with the editing, songchoice and variation of clips!
Bayzed Bin Md Ullah
whats the name of the music?
dejvid mitev
Who is the guy 1:44
Jeff Mathew
This video should have got more than 50M views cuz its the best video i have seen in my life .
Vázquez Guillén César
Name song.?
now I'm discouraged because i know I'm not good if I'm not the best.
Antriksh Kethwas
After watching this video I realized football freestyle is aint about following the regular tricks
TFL - The Freestyle Logic
very motivative gr8 job it really inspired me..thankyou
I try not to cry when I watch that movie, but I can't <3
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Ankeet Gala
The video is a true motivation not just for footballers but as humans on how to rise after a fall with built character and motivation within to fight all is mesmerising..
Atahan Diamond
Football Freestyle The Journey and the Track is awesome...This is the best goal ever... True...Free...Style.... Big Like.... Cheers, Ati :-)
antonio lopez calzado
siempre quise aprender desde los 8 años pero no se donde lo enseñan :(
Dude, this is a realy good video, one of the best i've seen but, to make it more motivational, I would start the video with a guy who is trying to learn ATW and the further the video goes on the more complicted the tricks in the video will be, Me my self is an amatuer, i can do the basic stuff, but i think it would be more motivational if you saw someone do the tricks you have struggled to learn but eventually learned it, for me it would trigger me more to learn new tricks, in this video they were all insane, But as I said, Great video! 
My Favourite video on Youtube!! <3<3<3 Always when I'm freestyling I check out this video!!
Famili Hontoria
love your video love football frestyle
Marcus Poe
Oops this the wrong football. Lemme find the straight football where they're not pussies.
Yassine El Ouafy
Deposition Phong
what shoe ?
Ayron DF
2:52 is an epic part!!!!
luis venancio fs
perfecttt ;) ;)
Oscar Medina
who's the guy at 4:48
watf you are amazing
Ravenwest Trackmania
Rene Schlötzer
Can anyone give tips as I for freestyle football motivation getting?
ronaldo soccerr
im glad im doing this for fun... cause beating these guys is not worth the effort.
Anderson Malespin
una motivación no es buena
ayoub haouzi
Emilio Arias Martinez
Владимир И-Е-Ун
Yyyeeeaaaa! Amazing
James Henderson
this Is a fantastic vid im only 12 but because of this video im improving and the other day  I did 2 round the worlds in a row thank you
Cory Otto
Just got the chills ... again
Xavii Evil
Almost 20k
monika mrkic
wow pure magic,do you use a regular ball?and how long did it take you to come to this level?if its not a secret..tnx
José Cosmo
Muito bom! Nice!
Riphain Hynniewta
the best skill.:)
Green Omni
name of the first song please... i like that music
F.M. Alonso
awesome!! congratulations!!
Marek Moraczyński
amazing :D
Spiderman dies in Infinity War
makes me cry everytime T^T
Rohit Barhe
freestyle inspiran..awesome
Lvis Trev Fs
I wasn´t here since a long time ago... sorry for responding late... many answers are in description!!!!!... XD
love it ! <3 <3 <3
javi <3 one of the first freestyle videos ive seen :3 
Nemison Klnasdv
who is the guy in 3:11 ?
Raul rodriguez cerna
Might spend the narrative from the beginning, I loved it
Suleiman Al-Rashdi
well done (Y)
very inspirtional this video! WONDERFUL! :DD
DavidBltrFilms ́
This is more than amazing. <3 
Football Films - Football Compilations
Hey what editing software are you using? The quality of this video was amazing! (^o^)
And can you please give names of songs used?
Robby Aleksandrov
Epic video :) !!
elizabeth ortega
<3 :'(
Gabri Casas
This is fucking awesome!!
Luis Martinez
I can do 250 keep ups but I can't do around the world
Lipton Fox
Where i can buy fullcap like this in 6:31?
mc donald
Who's the freestyler at 46 seconds
Daniel Monterola
*-* Wow I Love Futbol. <3
Beast Mode
Who is the angry guy at 1:05
Nicolás González
Song ?
Cristian Foster
who is the guy in 3:10?