The Worst of Pirated Adult Swim Shows

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biggus sippus
There's no adult swim where I live, only way to watch your shows is by pirating them
Kevin S
*I have the ultimate 3 step plan for you, adult swim:* 1:upload the stuff on youtube yourself 2: actually make money form the yt videos because people no longer watch pirated stuff 3: ignore the fact this would probably lose you more money than what you are do at the moment and make everybody happy : ]
Accept no Substitutions
Please tell us you're going to at least air Samurai Jack here in the UK. I wanna at least be able to support the revival.
The Original Jumbo
Again, so wrong yet so right...
kisscartoon is great
Ivan Lunev
This is awesome.
come on at 2:00 it's just french
When its going to be the season 3 broh? Whe need to feel the Rickness again broh Are you listening broh???
plz upload every thing like this foever
good job on this one.
Its Aquatii
Why is the actual adult swim getting into memes?! I LOVE YOU ADULT SWIIIM
Daniel West
*make videos criticizing pirated videos* *at same time, FOX stops showing on BT TV* *still wonder why people watch pirated videos*
2:17 goanimate
Catty Cattington
Rekt the pirates lol
Chris Dilger
Can anyone identify the song at the beginning of this video? Shazam reckons it's Dr Dre 😐
i love how the real adult swim actually did this
FrankieThunder TheMovieProduction
I watched it was amazing what you lived and what are you gonna have some dinner.
Darius Kahmen Leodros
I dont know which is worser, editing this video or making the contents of this video...
the one with the pink taskbar is pure art
f dawer
good idea to burn these people who steal your stuff
Sir Stefan Lord of Kitty Cats
intro song fam
Any one knows the name of song in the beginning of video
Keith Graham
WoW! They were all way better than that Adult Swim crap. Especially the chicita banana. My psychiatrist makes me watch it all day now he's had my eyelids removed - it's great!
Yeah, guys, just wanted to tell you you're yerks for making old full episodes of Robot Chicken not available in some countries, including Czech, where it used to be available.
Des 24242424
Jason Seah
sorry can anyone tell me whats is that song ?
Jamie Murphy
LOL! This is why I don't pirate tv show, something internet service providers don't like.
Mario Arias
Stop complaining and start uploading your shows on YouTube then
Osek Veliz
I have a (dumb) question. I live in Mexico, is there an OFFICIAL place where I could buy [adult swim] DVD/blurays. Or a particular channel? Because its been a while since Cartoon Network doesn't emit the show. I'd really love to buy the Dethklok cartoon, I've never seen eat... Besides the pirated YouTube videos. Blockbuster/B-Store don't sell'em either.
Daniel Evans
you guys are being hypocryptical a little bit because you used that exact same music in the very beginning of your video