Women's Beam Final - London 2012 Olympics

Full replay of the Artistic Women's Beam Final from the North Greenwich Arena during the London 2012 Olympic Games. Subscribe to the Olympic channel: /> Artistic gymnastics was introduced at the very first Olympic Games in 1896 in Athens, and has been present at every edition of the Games since then. At the beginning, it comprised disciplines that are difficult to qualify as "artistic", such as climbing and acrobatics. The foundations of the Olympic gymnastics programme were laid at the 1924 Games in Paris, when the men's apparatus individual and team competitions appeared. In 1928, women were included in the Amsterdam Games. It was not until 1952 that the women's programme was developed, with seven events, and then stabilised at six events as from the 1960 Games in Rome. Find more about Artistic Gymnastics at www.olympic.org/artistic-gymnastics

Saeedat A
The Chinese girl was crying even though she still got a Silver. That just shows how much work she put in it and wanted a Gold.
W Li
Feel sorry for Sui Lu, her coach told her not to do one of her connections to reduce her pressure as the first one up. That is 0.1 and she missed the gold by 0.1.
Sui Lu is 20?! She looks about 11/12 to me haha
Ayana Fletcher
Just imagine being on your period during the time of the Olympic Game 😳
Windex Bitch
Anyone else here who thinks these women are amazing while I sit here struggling with a cartwheel
Cam N
For me the drama of gymnastics is that a whole life of training can be lost in a fall! : (
Vaughny Kinz
I hate when they play their mistakes over and over again. Okay, we get it, they messed up.
Lilly Vanderlinden
I can't even walk on the bar Jesus Christ
They say black don't crack , Asians don't either . They are always so young looking.
I think this is one of the hardest olympic games I’ve ever seen. Only professional players could balance themselves in a balance beam in order to win a game. Every player is very well-trained.
Alex May
there's no way those asian girls are older than 16 lol
Teddy 97
That last girl was almost perfect. I found her underscored.
Vivienne Christine
That commentator lady should do AMSR she's got a beautiful voice
Yasmin B.
This is my first time watching balancing beam and on the whole video i was like "OMG what if you fall?Please use a helmet!Please be careful you'll need your bones in the future!What about your insurance?What if she lands with her head?"
Emily Cdj
China is the only country who did not fall.So proud of them
whaching makes me feel untalented I am untalented lol
riley ensing
Komova is saltier than the pacific ocean
Alliuv Biley
It was more than 5 years ago but I feel so bad for Catalina Ponor. For someone to take the bronze medal away from you after you thought you won it must be terrible.
Juan Carlos Saavedra
This routine is the hardest of them all and China is way ahead of the rest.
I love how the female commentator on this is naming all of the moves!
'hugs all of them and kisses them gently on the forehead' I can't even imagine the anxiety and pressure they must have felt during this competition
Hope Flynn
Gabby seems like such a good sport - she always claps for the others. Bless her ♥
sarah morgan
can komova compete without throwing a fit and crying after every event? she's not a gracious loser at all.
SkillfulAphmaukal :3
I would break all the bones in my body if I did the balance beam......🍖🍖🔪🔪🔪💉💉
Brook Meredith
i get such anxiety watching these competitions haha
While I do agree with the final decision regarding Aly's D score, I remember being so heartbroken for Catalina. She's such an incredible BB competitor and it was an inspiring comeback from her. The Romanians have had such bad luck with reviews over the years.
Savannah Mills
Watching the balance beam stresses me out!
Kim Williams
Shannon Miller is the best Artistic Gymnastics commentator ever!
Bia -
The gymnasts were becoming more like robots and less like artists athletes. Excuse me, I respect these athletes for the effort they make every day, but seeing them, I remember robots uninspired.
Oanh Nguyen
Why does Siu cry? I don't understand but I really like the way her coach eases her
swarnamonjori sen
chinese were amazing
Chris Martino
Sui Lu is an absolutely stunning looking Chinese girl
Kennedi and Tessa
I wanted to cry when Gabby fell :(
YOONLY In Your Area
Why I'm even watching this? I'm not even a gymnast.
Fetus Jungkook
Just my opinion but I think Gabbie Douglas is kind of overrated
Ariel Barish
deng linlin was flawless
Antonio Thunder hunter
This was one of the best finals ever. Not because of the splatfest, but because of the top 2, Sui Lu and Deng Linlin. I believe that these two women are some of the best beam workers EVER. So rarely do we see elegance and maturity displayed on a piece like Balance Beam, all combined with difficulty and pristine execution. I honestly could see how anyone could make an argument for how either should have won, but I will always remember them for the phenomenal work they presented here. To this day I haven't seen anyone, not Simone Biles, not Shang Chunsong, not Aliya Mustafina reach their level of work.
The Lil' Redhead !
I wanted to smack Sui Lu. Sure she was disappointed but she didn't congratulate Linlin at all. And was crying the entire time
Kuro Shiro
Awwe I wanna hug Sui Lu..
Hayley Anne
lol shadiest look ever at 1:20
Heidi Yin
Definitely think Alexandra deserved the bronze
Emma Pasman
I'm soooo exited for Rio 2016!! Mainly because my cousin Allyson Ponson, is gonna be swimming!! Yayyy!! 😂😂🎉🎉
The female narrator always laughs lol
L Patricia
my hands are sweating
Cherryy Chauhan
Damn they took away Catalina's medal! Should've given to both Cat and Aly!
Vanessa Ricaldi
U know why chineese are so good at theese compotitions? Beacuse thay where trained since thay where born and they will never go to school unless they win or go to a high level in the olympics (i spelled it wrong i think) so thats why chineese are so good js
Angie City
I like how America applauded for it components.
varun k
Sui lu looked sad after Deng linlin's performance.
Viv Sun
To me, it's been a miracle to see Deng, a girl from a small rural town which was in poverty, to one day stand at the top of the world. She can inspire my generation.
G Gaviria
Raisman was OVERSCORED !!
nadia hamzaoui
I cried when the commentator said about komova "my hope is that she gets away from this competition hungry for the next olympics " knowing she won't be competing at Rio, so disappointing for such a talented gymnast to go out like that, no olympic gold medal... She's always had the potential, yet some injuries and misfortune always got in her way.. She'll forever be my favourite gymnast
Chenjie Qiu
ummm, i think fall from the beam may be normal to happen during the competition, everyone else got on the beam as fast as they can, but komova was slow in my eyes and started to look salty already on her face lol
Anna Pavfan
This final was one of the most fiercest. The "Big 4" in gymnastics (aka superpowers) got to compete and show the world who the best are . Edit: When Miller said that she hopes that Vika goes home hungry for the next Olympic games, it hit me hard. Miller knows what it's like to be hungry and being a fighter. That's why she won gold oj beam in 96.
deng linlin wow
Gerda Burkhardt
7:05 I had to look three times to see how she managed to face the other direction by the end of that flip WOW
aly clearly deserved the bronze. that should never have happened...... hope they don't have these 'issues' with the D score in rio........
Carlotta a
What a shame, Ponor did clearly better than Raisman, way more uncertain
Telisa London
This has been one of the best BB final in terms of the artistry and execution, specially Sui Lu, Komova, Catalina, Larisa and Deng. I prefer Sui Lu's gymnastics better then Deng's since she is so fluid with her movements but Deng really gave a great performance here. Can not stop watching this.
RCA Tablet
Good job Aly Raisman and the US team giving hugs (HUGS!) to all the girls on teams from around the world. I love seeing that. To me, this is a huge and important part of what the Olympics are all about. Bringing the countries of the world together.
Høpe Caitlen
Who's ready for the 2016 Summer Olympics?
Iscah Willis
We are Africans So we love Gabby Douglas!!!!!
Lulu Charlene
The Chinese sure are known for a lot of things
Taylor coyne
These people need to learn how to stick landings. I mean, I definitely couldn't do what they can, I'd break my neck in the meantime, but still.
Would anyone would be kind enough to timestamp all the slips/falls please? :)
alpine sherpa
China 👍👍👍
Jehan Ali
wtf! why she crying SHE FREAKING GOT 2ND PLACE some gymnast dream to be able 2 get that far AND SHES CRYING OMG!
Demi Sneideryte
I was so tense watching this
Layne Wilkerson
Rewatching every event bc I'm so pumped for Rio 2016!!!!
Mia Pheobe Smith
im a gymnast like if you are
mahira jandini
their hair looks so tight it hurts just seeing them 😂😭
Kennedi Lewis
Who watching in 2017😂
TØP aNd PegGy at the disco
Oml. These girls are amAzing! If I messed up there, I wouldn’t be able to go on. The pressure would just crush me, but these women got right back up and kept going at 110% I would not be able to do what these girls do. The concentration, the determination, the balance and flexibility.... I can barely walk in a straight line so I mean, this is just incredible
Marcelly Silva
Queria tanto entende o que eles estão falando ? 😕
Aimee G
if Larissa didn't fall in the beginning she totally would've gotten gold.
Haley Powell
I truly, as an American, do not understand the hype over Gabby Douglas. I wish Marta had never picked her for the 2016 Rio team when she performed awfully in her beam and uneven bar finals. I'm not saying by any means she's a bad gymnast, I'm just saying Ragan Smith could have easily replaced her. Her attitude this year was also very, very bad. All around, Gabby Douglas left a sour taste in my mouth.
Hefizba Beula
the second woman the Cataline from Rome looks like a 35 years old woman compare with all those little girls!!! Is unfair.
Silver Mirai
Poor girl cried during the whole event
Someone Else
I will say it I love the balance beam
John Euan
is beautiful Viktoria Komova
Andres Aguirre
soy argentina y mi sueño es competir en Río de Janeiro Brasil me. encanta y sueño cada día gracias por leer esto
Shaha Avatova
Кто меня поймет ставь лайк
novo canal
Sou a unica brasileira assistind?😊
Lela Hammock
still can't get over the fact that Deng Linlin is (was) 24 years old and only weighed 68 pounds... kms
RCA Tablet
Who is the female commentator for the broadcast? I am trying to place the voice. I know it's a former US gymnast. Anyone?
Sui Lin doesn't have a good attitude, she should be happy that her teammate came first for her country and she won a medal too. Don't know why she's crying and putting that face on?
Koralinde Von Höhenburg
Raisman is absolutely underscored!
TØP aNd PegGy at the disco
Wait, did she say the first girl was in her twenties? I thought she was like, 12. No hate, just that a lot of these girls look really young.
Агата Сandy
Только Россия крутая
Emily Cdj
Watching the 2016 and 2012 olympics I now realize that Gabbie Douglas is really not that great compared to her other team members. I feel like she's over hyped. Not only is her beam rickety but her "flying squirrel" tricks on the uneven bars are nothing special.
Tara Hutschenreuter
I think I’m flexible and decent at gymnastics but these kind of talented people put me to shame lol it’s true
ladies and men should shave before they do this, i dont have anything against body hair its just a tad awkward seeing pubes in the slow mo
I was so mad the Allie didn't a medal. I thought she should've won first, so imagine how mad I was when she didn't win one at all
Coco the rabbit
The person saying the names in the beginning has a talent cuz I can't say these names without practicing mostly Russia
equestrianlove 01
Watching Aly and Gabby was so nerve racking omg
Meowdie Talks
GO GABBY!!!!!!!!!!
Nina Tian
traditional big 4 line up, *sips juice and lays back into bed*
Ponor must be so salty.. Lost to raisman twice
Nevaeh_ Plays
I’ve done gymnastics for 3 years and I’m not that good like good as in can’t do a backhand spring 😭😂😂