Women's Beam Final - London 2012 Olympics

Full replay of the Artistic Women's Beam Final from the North Greenwich Arena during the London 2012 Olympic Games. Subscribe to the Olympic channel: /> Artistic gymnastics was introduced at the very first Olympic Games in 1896 in Athens, and has been present at every edition of the Games since then. At the beginning, it comprised disciplines that are difficult to qualify as "artistic", such as climbing and acrobatics. The foundations of the Olympic gymnastics programme were laid at the 1924 Games in Paris, when the men's apparatus individual and team competitions appeared. In 1928, women were included in the Amsterdam Games. It was not until 1952 that the women's programme was developed, with seven events, and then stabilised at six events as from the 1960 Games in Rome. Find more about Artistic Gymnastics at www.olympic.org/artistic-gymnastics

Brynn Chapman
I don’t think people realize how hard beam is. You only have four inches of space to work with and spilling the beam will give you a mental block. But these people make it look so easy.
Joy Walker
Gymnastics is a brutal sport and anyone who says otherwise is lying. Did it as a kid and a single fall destroyed years of work.
They say black don't crack , Asians don't either . They are always so young looking.
Thomas Thiger
WoW.. me just getting UP on that beam would be a huge problem.
I think this is one of the hardest olympic games I’ve ever seen. Only professional players could balance themselves in a balance beam in order to win a game. Every player is very well-trained.
Acis Biléyam
It was more than 5 years ago but I feel so bad for Catalina Ponor. For someone to take the bronze medal away from you after you thought you won it must be terrible.
Viv Sun
To me, it's been a miracle to see Deng, a girl from a small rural town which was in poverty, to one day stand at the top of the world. She can inspire my generation.
Juan Carlos Saavedra
This routine is the hardest of them all and China is way ahead of the rest.
Hope Flynn
Gabby seems like such a good sport - she always claps for the others. Bless her ♥
SkillfulAphmaukal :3
I would break all the bones in my body if I did the balance beam......🍖🍖🔪🔪🔪💉💉
felecitè tomlinson
Anyone else watching in bed?!???😂
Milana Abyyy
whaching makes me feel untalented I am untalented lol
Ariel Barish
deng linlin was flawless
Alex Tre
I had never watched an Olympics Balance Beam game...What an unforgiving sport, wow... One small error and that's it for you. No second chances.
Taylor ?
7:03 now what type of sorcery
Gerda Burkhardt
7:05 I had to look three times to see how she managed to face the other direction by the end of that flip WOW
Saeedat A
The Chinese girl was crying even though she still got a Silver. That just shows how much work she put in it and wanted a Gold.
interesting how only the teams form usa waved with one hand when the rest did both....
Rewa Joshi
The arena is so quiet you can literally hear the whoosh of her legs
Anna Pavfan
This final was one of the most fiercest. The "Big 4" in gymnastics (aka superpowers) got to compete and show the world who the best are . Edit: When Miller said that she hopes that Vika goes home hungry for the next Olympic games, it hit me hard. Miller knows what it's like to be hungry and being a fighter. That's why she won gold on beam in 96.
Marichuy Ganda
I really salute and proud for the coaches from china very supportive for thier atlets
emily chang
China is the only country who did not fall.So proud of them
emily chang
Sui lu and deng linlin were awesome💓❤️
asia s
This is so stressful to watch lmao
Miss Mistique
I lost count of how many times I said “aww, sweetie” through out this.
T3KK sTasY
This Moderator should try asmr :) Cute, calm voice
R L Hearn
These girls are Wonderful to watch. I'm amazed !
US girls so chill during intros while the other country girls were so serious 😂
Thanga Raj
Both aly and ponor have the same score.. In such cases how the medals will be given 😐
Shivi Negi
china was really good
W Li
Feel sorry for Sui Lu, her coach told her not to do one of her connections to reduce her pressure as the first one up. That is 0.1 and she missed the gold by 0.1.
Moonie_ Mon
9 year old flashbacks of me crotch banging the beam
Gacha Chips
My parents would be proud at the fact that I was even at the Olympics. They’d be happy by the fact that I was able to reschedule it that far.
varun k
Sui lu looked sad after Deng linlin's performance.
i m
i cant even walk backwards on the beam
Sui Lu is 20?! She looks about 11/12 to me haha
I cant even walk on a beam let alone stand on a beam without twisting an ankle and fracturing my skull😅
Meme L
they're doing tricks and flips on that and the there's me who can barely stand on it XD they're really good though
Emily V
Oml. These girls are amAzing! If I messed up there, I wouldn’t be able to go on. The pressure would just crush me, but these women got right back up and kept going at 110% I would not be able to do what these girls do. The concentration, the determination, the balance and flexibility.... I can barely walk in a straight line so I mean, this is just incredible
ayesha lauren
21: 49.That chinese guy is so nice. Sinc start,im observing him, he is greeting and congratulating everyone.I'm sad atleast give him a chair
Cam N
For me the drama of gymnastics is that a whole life of training can be lost in a fall! : (
betza torres
Gabrielle Douglas estuvo bien soy su fans
anaiah smith cohen
Gabby did awesome on here dismount but she did have a big fall which will give her a diduction and China is WAH AHEAD of everyone else
I wouldn't be able to "take away" the Romanian's medal. I know she (Raisman) earned it, but it would haunt me. Ugh. Maybe I'm not champion material.
Someone Else
I will say it I love the balance beam
G Viss
I've never watched this sport before, but I always assumed they'd have music to do the routine to? I guess it would probably be a distraction.
uni corn21
i get stressed doing anything harder than standing in the beam like how tf do these people do it
watching this makes my think i need a therapist because I'm having so much anxiety
Rhean Valiente
i feel really bad for russia but nice flips❤
peach bunny
Why I'm even watching this? I'm not even a gymnast.
Aly Raisman is so pretty
Alex should have taken bronze.
John Euan
is beautiful Viktoria Komova
Firefly :3
I get SO MUCH anxiety watching this but that music got me up and dancing! Lol
Lilly Vanderlinden
I can't even walk on the bar Jesus Christ
Vanessa Ricaldi
U know why chineese are so good at theese compotitions? Beacuse thay where trained since thay where born and they will never go to school unless they win or go to a high level in the olympics (i spelled it wrong i think) so thats why chineese are so good js
Nandini Thirwani
All of those women look soooooo young!!!🤭😮 I’m shocked!!!
Pers Godiva
Woah, that is so freaking impressive!!!
Oanh Nguyen
Why does Siu cry? I don't understand but I really like the way her coach eases her
Meriki Jiya
Elegant performances all around.
Lev Klimytchev
Fantastic girls! No matter who's the winner, you all so brave and beautiful!
Manolo Montiel
I love Gaby douglas or Gabrielle douglas i love you so much
Linlin was so humble and kind, not exulting overtly because her friend Sui Lu was upset.
Clark Nebres
Jeez I'm amazed at their balance and concentration. I would be nervous the entire time
Muhammad Izwan
china go go go...i love you china
Kennedi Lewis
Who watching in 2017😂
This video makes me cant breathe
Jerry Boyer
Performances on "the beam" have always been the most scary for me. When I watch, I pray...that when done they have not injured themselves!! God Bless them all!!
Andres Aguirre
soy argentina y mi sueño es competir en Río de Janeiro Brasil me. encanta y sueño cada día gracias por leer esto
R. McDuffie
"you got a lot but you just waste all yourself" cmon, komova
Andreia Cerizolli
Sou a unica brasileira assistind?😊
Mimi Meemers
Ally raisman use to be my idol back then, but good job China
That second girl was amazing I love her
Lulu Charlene
The Chinese sure are known for a lot of things
O my God🤤🤤🤤 It's very dangerous
Shannon, you are such a classy commentator! 
Chenjie Qiu
ummm, i think fall from the beam may be normal to happen during the competition, everyone else got on the beam as fast as they can, but komova was slow in my eyes and started to look salty already on her face lol
T London
This has been one of the best BB final in terms of the artistry and execution, specially Sui Lu, Komova, Catalina, Larisa and Deng. I prefer Sui Lu's gymnastics better then Deng's since she is so fluid with her movements but Deng really gave a great performance here. Can not stop watching this.
Emma-Grace Stamper
My goal is to go to the 2028 Olympics in Los Angeles!!! I would be 20!!!!
Vivian Nguyen
They are flying birdie birds!
deng linlin wow
Catherine Richter
How do they not fall off?? If that was me I would've fallen off after the first trick😁
Victoria Komova
Why D Score Komova 6,2 >.<
Magic Girl
Oh my gosh one tiny misstep or not perfectly straight skill and that could go wrong quite quickly
Brook Meredith
i get such anxiety watching these competitions haha
leessliiee :3
Woww si ago eso nos vemos en El hospital jajajajajajaja :)
Nina Tian
traditional big 4 line up, *sips juice and lays back into bed*
Patmia PereZ
I did not find the usa was a winner for the bronze... she did not do so well and there was no difficulty at all .. a consolation medal for that chick
Naila Kanwal
Olympic is my favorite game
Alyn _04
I watch Olympic gymnasts before my competitions and think, “If they can do that I can do my level 6 rountine.”
Daniella Kingstone
And I can't even walk across a beam wow 😂
Savannah Mills
Watching the balance beam stresses me out!
Ololade Osifodunrin
Oh my I need to start learning this is beautiful
Gaius Caligula
All of the girls that were competing in the 2012 Olympics were all so amazing!!!!XD.
Moncef BenAyed
thanks, this helped me with my gym report.
miki cortez
jeez I feel like I'm up there with them!! when catalina ponor over rotated her twist my leg twitched! exiting stuff.
Angie City
I like how America applauded for it components.
Quran with Rayann
deng linin she flied