Loganair Full Flight | Aberdeen to Shetland-Sumburgh | Saab 340 (with Live Map)

A full length, full flight video with Loganair onboard Saab 340 G-LGNI operating flight LM74 from Aberdeen to Sumburgh (Shetland Islands) on 16 September 2017. **Every moment of the flight included from terminal to terminal. Flight map for entire flight** BECOME AN INFLIGHT VIDEO VIP AT /> PLEASE SUBSCRIBE FOR REGULAR FULL FLIGHTSMY CAMERA GEAR: />Airline: Loganair Flight: LM74 Aircraft: Saab 340 G-LGNI From: Aberdeen (ABZ) To: Sumburgh (LSI) Departure: 12:25 Arrival: 13:13 Flight Time: 0:48 Seat: 11A Flight Path: /> Our flight today begins outside the terminal at Aberdeen International Airport. We enter the terminal building and walk to security, and walk through the departure lounge to our gate where the pilots are conducting the preflight walkaround of the aircraft. We are soon called for boarding and make our way out across the ramp to the aircraft, boarding our Loganair aircraft which still wears the livery from the Flybe days. Inside however the aircraft is all tartan, and we take our seat at the rear in seat 11A. It starts raining while we wait to push back, but soon we are on our way taxying out to runway 34 at Aberdeen. We make a very bumpy takeoff to the northeast, soon entering clear weather as we make our way north towards Fraserburgh and Peterhead. We are served complimentary snacks - coffee and a Tunnocks Wafer. The weather clears nicely as we cross the coast giving us a great view of the sea and oil rigs in this part of the world. We fly past Fair Isle before commencing our descent into a rainy and windy Sumburgh, on the southern tip of the Shetland Islands. These are the most northerly part of the UK, and the weather is typically Scottish being very grey and rainy! We make a bumpy approach over the sea landing firmly at Sumburgh before making our way to the terminal. We disembark to horizontal rain and walk into the much warmer terminal, heading out to the kerbside outside the airport. 0:00:06 Outside Aberdeen Airport, walking into terminal 0:01:18 Walking to security 0:01:42 After security, walking to departure lounge 0:02:33 Walking to gate 0:05:35 Pilot doing pre flight check of aircraft 0:06:31 Boarding the aircraft and taking our seat in 11A 0:10:39 Cabin view 0:16:26 Doors closed 0:18:50 Safety demonstration, engine start 0:21:15 Pushback 0:25:20 Taxi to runway 34 0:29:45 Line up runway 34 0:34:03 Cabin view 0:35:27 Rear cabin view 0:42:59 Crossing Scottish coast at Peterhead/Fraserburgh 0:45:16 Inflight snack: Tunnocks wafer and coffee 0:51:20 Cabin view 0:52:33 "Captain Alpha" Oil Rig Platform 0:59:38 Cabin view 1:08:54 Fair Isle, commencing descent to Sumburgh 1:12:42 Turning final approach for runway 09 at Sumburgh 1:18:05 Landing at Sumburgh 1:21:20 Pulling on stand at Sumburgh 1:24:11 Disembarking, walking into terminal 1:26:23 Walking out of terminal to kerb #inflightVideo #FullFlight #FullFlightVideo

German Aviation
Watched this on my flight, I’m in the air right now
Shane May
Amazing video I just love the Saab 340
Eric Lozen
Beautiful Livery. Normally I don't care for the flashy paint jobs (like Braniff Airlines did) on aircraft but this one looks nice.
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The most beautiful scene of the flight seems to me that the pilot of the plane has the experience a lot of things to lead this small aircraft with this professional and in this rainy weather and this weather wonderful video thank the owner very much
Margaret Roselle
The SAAB is one of my favourite planes......lovely shape!
very good video. Love the saab :)
jeff acko
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zulg adams
you don't miss anything, very well done, i subscribed to you, your full flights are awesome, thanks for all the effort and time in this!
Airplane Mad
Go to 11:02 and skip forward slowly every 10 seconds and you can see the aircraft dropping because the luggage is being loaded hahah
Wonil Chung
wow, an unusual aircraft! SAAB :) I want to try it!
ANOTHER purple livery! Awesome! This was on my suggestion list too. Destination suggestions: Can make a video to the Caribbean Islands, Central America, and South America? Like maybe in your 24 hour layover for your Primera Air flight from Newark? 🏖️🏝️ Fly the SHORTEST flight in the world, from Westray to Papa Westray. 50 seconds! Can't wait for the future flights! :D
Choppy as usual round the Shetlands coast Inflight.
Enes Demirkol
thanks for video
Matthew Gibson
0:15 sounds like an ATR in the background
Josh Huffines
Great video, I really enjoyed it.
Bob Herron
The longest walk , 340 looks great
Global Flier
Love the moving map! How'd you get it?
Angel Prez Carametro
From 10:25 on, quite rough handling of baggage :)
Tom Rayner
I flew on a Saab 2000 from Glasgow to Manchester last week, really good aircraft
Your descent into Sumburgh was a lot smoother than mine. Like a pea in refs whistle!!
Cool 😎 flight i ❤️ I love ❤️ flight
Wow..stamp on that rudder at 1:17:46! Great video.. I would hate flying in to the Shetlands in bad weather!
C&S Aviation
Wow, the interior is much more modern and spacious than I was expecting!
ewa scibor
I flew for flybe in 2009 to 2014 now I work at eastern airways as pliot
Kjetil Omestad Botn
Great video 😀👌 What kind of equipment is used to record this?
Always raining Aberdeen Ockney and the Shetlands take a rainmac.
Ricardo sam
Nice viewing but I won’t fly with them
Hussain Sumra
It’s Flybe not loganair
Vince Johns
Color coordinated shirt. 6:46. Nice plane.
Charlie ND
That landing looked rough!
Aviation . com
30:54 takeoff
Aviation . com
Nice job! Keep it up some day you will probably get the 100,000 sub play button! And if you get a bit to lucky 1 million gold play button:)
Beautiful livery!
Yet another fantastic full-flight video, quite enjoyable. Looks like ABZ's definitely turboprop land. :)
DI Beach
@ Ricardo Sam Loganair couldn’t give two hoots take the ferry. Ps great little airline.
Dank Nation
Nice video! I have a question :) If I take a long flight(3~12hours) should I change memory cards?? Also Is the camera still shooting when I change the memory card?? Last! Which memory card would you recommend?? I'm ready for my trip to Singapore this December! But I don't have enough information about shooting!! Thank you so much!
Rob's Public Transport Videos
Awesome Video :) Enjoyed every second :)
Bret Hammett
+InFlight hello hi I better was good trip great. That will have your schedule flight with Boeing 737-800 United Airlines from Houston IAH TX to Orlando Fla. can you try want to GoPro Hero video Record Normal ALL ok. Your new seat 30F window to wing yes. And want to new hours 3 Hours 55 Minutes or 4 Hours 45 Minutes Done yourself go to sidewalk gate from Houston IAH TX to Orlando Fla. early morning ok. Thank you:). Smile.
Ricardo sam
How much is there to see on Shetland?
Watty Hutton
Hi, nice clear picture, what camera are you using?
Ricardo sam
If they use jet I would
Greg Caesar
You’re awesome. 👏
Really awesome video mate! Liked!
As a frequent flyer do you find booking flights in the US between US cities is more expensive then booking flight within the UK?
Maulin Agrawal
5:33 looks like a hospital corridor...
Fantastic views.
Aviation . com
isnt very noisy? I remember when I flew on Silver not to long ago I think it perced my ears
Great flight Inflight
No nickname
I hope you never quit your channel!
aberdeen is my home sorry about the rain but we are pissed off with it as well. lol just out of interest who would you say is your favorate airline to fly with?
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Smart to go from Aberdeen, so that when the plane is flying over Sumburgh (and can't land, because of fog), the plane goes back to Aberdeen.... Where you can catch the ferry.
Preston Snowbird
I like Saab 340, Inflight Video, but I like your Q400 Full Flight videos because the Q400 was my favorite turboprop plane. Some airlines in Canada were still use their Saab 340s like Transwest Air, and Pacific Coastal Airlines. Calm Air has operating their Saab 340s for 18 years before they retired and being replaced by Dornier 328 Jet and ATR 42-300 in 2012.
Sergey Ryltsov
Wow! We're good , thank!!!!
Northern Aviation
Can’t get enough of watching videos to and from Sumburgh even though I fly out of there so much never gets old
Looks better in the new livery
Aberdeen Aviation
Great video!
Fatty Tuna
I'll never understand why the put windscreen wipers on a plane. ✈🛬💺