Three Days Grace - Chalk Outline @ Sunken Gardens Theater - San Antonio, TX

Three Day Grace Transit of Venus Tour Live at the Kiss Fall Fest October 7, 2012

Christopher Tamez
wtf in SA? ... I didnt get to see them...
He was into it during this show! I was there! They were amazing! If I remember correctly they opened with this song, thats probably why he doesn't seem like it yet
i was there :D
Dustin Nelson
you can tell that he isn't all that into it in this show.
Holy shit he is dressed just like I dress. Similar jacket, gloves, lots of wicked bracelets and finger-less gloves
countless hours of work...
Sam Rea
Saw TDG live with Shinedown and P.O.D last week. The kid from My Darkest Days wasn't too bad. Not as good as Adam's though.
Lily Lamthong
This video literally just made me cry. I'll miss him so much - SO AMAAAAZING
Corsale Shredz
Pitch correction in the chorus o.o
Ben Bowman
We will miss u Adam
เอกลักษณ์ ศรีจัน
True, compared to Linkin Park. Holy crap, have you seen them live? They act like they have had about 10 cups of coffee before the show.
That Fluffy Dummy
Adam has a new band called Saint Asonia Matt is lot better when he is singing Chalk in live Matts moves on the end are better But we still love Adam