The #1 DIY 240sx Interior Mod

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With so much focus being on the power plant of the S13, we tackle some visual modifications to the car. Yes they may be small, but it's the little things that count! Even got my sister to help out with the flocking process! Make sure to drop a like on the video if you like pizza! My Sister's IG: /> The DIY I used: /> Follow me: IG: />Twitter: />Facebook: /> Song:

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AMBush Drift
Make sure to stay tuned for Thursday’s video for the final product :) had to let the glue dry overnight. See you tomorrow!
Garage Sideways
I need to do my dash as well!
T Mac
Neo Chrome the brake cadavers to match the lug nuts
Brian Ambriz
I agree with the gray or maybe black
“Flock” haters
Neon green calipers
Ooooooh he said Waka Floka! Your lucky drift dad is out and about.
why not yellow ? they look good on the blue
your videos are so entertaining to watch! theyre just so great! definitely the most underrated car channels on youtube
Do black calipers
Stam GR
You forgot to say PEACE
Logan Palfrey
What's your sisters number haha
Nathan W. Dunson
Paint them white to match the cage!
Tyler Green
Go grey. Think the opposite of a Focus RS. (The grey with blue calipers.) That'll look nice.
Blanco Escondido
Don't lie that is cocaine! I know cocaine when I see it!! Haha it must be nice to still live with your parents, when are you moving out the nest lol
Andreas osfp
Jamie Knight
blue with white letters or grey with white letters would look sick
12 Year Old Key Board Mechanic
That looks flocking awesome
FrankA media
King Whispa
Here's the proof that you want someone to keep you company and help you out haha!!Your sister is awesome for helping you Haha 😘!!
Shaolin Cruz
Paint the calipers blue to match the car
Good work, mate, looking forward to seeing you compete! Also.... cash me ousside, how bout dat... lol
DLN Official
Yeppppp late again Alan sorry!! Liked before watching❤️❤️
Hotrod 22
you should paint them the color of the car
Declan James
Ryan Smith
waka flocker flame
Logan Gvids
Where's the vids man hope your good bro love you man
drifting dream
What about gold
codrin stefan
Not the F word
BLUE brake calipers!
Splixsky Gaming
Can we get a huyaaaaaa?!
Hunter Cash
dude that clip from billy madison was perfect
Your dash had stretch-marks 😂😂😂😂
"Pretty nuts" :D
Ralph Burrows
Paint the calipers yellow. Your car is blue and yellow is the best color to stand out on blue. White works also, but white brakes are a bad thing as they get dirty too quickly.
Nicholas Rodrigues
Aluminum paint looks good on brakes. Just makes them look new. I have black calipers on my car and they look good too, they just kind of disappear.
Silver Subie
Drift dad goes away for a couple episodes and we have the F word, 'Cocaine' and discussions about pretty nuts. We need you back Drift dad! Flocking good job on the dash though!
Clutch KickerZ
Acetone is eating throught plastics in general (damaging it)(so does brake fluid, but it's less agressive), making it having a "white" kind of tint, but since you did flocked it it's not really a problem
Garage Say
Flocking dashboards came about to eliminate the Glare/Reflections on the Windshield from the Sun in Race Cars, not so much as a restoration thing. Though it's getting two birds with one stone.
North Chief
Did the provided tool for applying the fabric worked? Cause I know that throwing it by hand works great. And I think that’s how Caleb Quanbeck did it on his dash
Rachel Laylee
Blue definitely blue everyone and their mother has red or black or grey but blue with a similar color as the paint job would look really nice and cohesive
Roger P
Gun metal gray? I definitely was going to flock my dash! Good tip on the filler. I was going to use regular bondo.👍🏻
DuZ03 KilLz
I say u paint em maybe white or yellow white so they match ur cage and yellow just cuhs it’s a good color that will pop n go good with the blue
Danny B
Gold/bronze calipers! They will pop so good with that blue! Shout out to Drift Sibling Reagan working in the garage!!
Duncan De hulst
Alright, for the next time, using music from the start, don't cut it off before it really start and drops, just do it halfway the music when using it for such a short time, if its a longer timelapse type of cut, you do music from the begining
Curtis Yamanaka
Should probably be wearing a respirator when messing with Bondo. That came out good though. Really digging the daily upload. Thanks for all the hard work.
Nico_ 1337
I would paint them yellow like on my blue Golf GTI and the red E36 :)
black color with the nismo stickers like kalvins garage do
Johnathan Escobar
What’s the black ring called that goes over the hub centric spacer?
Ayrton Bondzanga
Didn't even know flocking was a thing. Dash actually looks neat
Logan Hicks
Do gray calipers like you said and either do red striping in the lettering or do a blue that matches the 240!
J Menth
Kinda woulda been sweet to engrave ambush in the dash before flocking. But that's just my inner rice.
Gold Calipers. if you want to go as detailed as adam do gold calipers and find a matching blue paint for the lettering
You could have gotten some spray glue and suede fabric. Would have been much easier and less time consuming
999 gamerdude
I don't know if they might get dirty but maybe white calipers to match the interior?
i thought people flocked dashboards to minimize sun glare off it. not exclusive to restore it
Landon Pritchett
To the one person who disliked... GET OUT, BYE, THE DOOR
Roby pugliese
i would have done gold for the calipers
Chase Ratliff
Ceramic coating is something to think about. It’s good for high temp areas. I got mine sand blasted and ceramic coated in silver and I like it a lot. I forget how much it was, but it didn’t hurt the bank
Why not match the colour of the car with the calipers? I reckon that'd look dope
Blue , neon green or GOLD! They will look awesome on that blue color!
That moment when you realize why the channels name is amBush drift. 🤭
Either paint match to the cars color or just paint them black
Craze 17
You got a blue car go with yellow calipers. That way you can see them looking good
Tadej Polak
cool sis :D its noot cocaine XD .......sometimes drugs are cheeper then car tuning XD
Wasnt south east pro-am canceled this year? Saw it in Calebs vid
hamada nova
gold ... paint the calibers gold
The car is blue so I think gold with white letters would look good.
diffbuster 14
Paint the calipers blue if you can get something similar to the colour of the car it'll be 🔥🔥
Relon Lehtla
Do white calibers so it maches The interior
Maison Riley
EWWW who shot that drone clip at the end....
du gold caliperz
Mike DeFusco
What's the name of the intro song? I neeed it lol
zack bruner
Anyone know the name of the song?
4:05 That Lil Uzi instrumental 😌🤘
Richard Seadon
Metallic purple for calipers
Baltalzar Dena
Paint the calipers yellow
ALL Kaps
“Pretty nuts”. 🤣👍 This video was flocking hilarious.
Ty Glassey
Paint your brakes gold would look dope
color match the calippers or just black em out
Duncan De hulst
Green calipers xD
Jag Media
This video had me cracking up! Love you Alan!
Nathan Smith
blue calipers
Kaizen Auto
You should paint the calipers gold!
Paint them gold
what up guy
Who else left mid video to hear the song 🤚
Paint calipers gold!
Bryce Miller
A graphite kind of color on the calipers would be rad
Michael Pierce
It would look sick with a Livery!!!!!
8:20 That high five was so good it did a mini burnout.
Mr. Mopar
Yellow calipers,, hell yeah brother!
aandrei 59
Jonas Claesson
yep read is screaming brembo
Cash me ousside how bow dat?!
Gary on the break would look good
Padraig O Driscoll
purple calipers