Tony Hawk’s Project 8 on SICK! - Suburbia (PS3 Gameplay)

SUBSCRIBE! :) Instagram: />Twitter: /> NOTE: this is not the order in which I am playing this game, the levels are not linear, but I will organize them according to the List of Goals. Walkthrough 00:30 Property Values 03:29 Colonel's Grind 04:17 Plywood High 04:34 Mailbox Spin 04:53 Nail the Rotation 05:45 Picket Fence Photo 06:31 Pool to Pool Photo 07:05 Demo in the Pool 08:53 Shag Dad's Balls 10:28 Wallplant the Gate 10:57 Out of Suburbia! 11:55 Local Turf War 12:14 Goals List #THP8

Caveman Spongebub
7:20 is that... is that coach frank?!
When i was a kid i could never get pass the first mission lol i just used to skate around
this game was hard as hell
YouTube blessing it with the recommended section 🙏🏻
Big Buddha
The nostalgia this game brings to me , miss my childhood days man 😢
Jared Morse
American Wasteland was the best in my opinion
Allan Pizza
this was one of the few games i had on psp when i was a kid... i remember how upset i was over the graphical downgrade
Amazing Sports Clips
Anyone else jam this on XB360?
Dylan Vializ
I remember when I was so amazed by the graphics!
Gabriel Calil
Remaster for PS4 PLEASE !!!
Dave Stafford
Man this my favorite one the colors were so vibrant !
Ross McFarland
This game was the last Tony Hawk game that was good. Then once SKATE came out this game was put on the back burner
Bruh I uses to play this 24/7
I remember being young asf praying for Santa to get me this game I was like 8
"Project 8" and "Pro skater 5" was the hardest Tony Hawk games in my opinion to complete in 100%
2:20 That's a pretty sweet gap name. I've never noticed that one before
Ghost of Akina
I got this game in 2006 originally than got it in 2008 I was so surprised I've never seen graphics like this before
its the current year
I remember playing the dumb down version on psp. Still had fun tho
Jaden Rees
I remember when my dad brought this home I pissed my pants that I was so excited
thps used to be so good and entertaining, shame on 5 but still.
I forgot how unrealistic it was 😂 but the thps games were my life
"Oh the memories"
I look forward to seeing more of these videos. I'm looking forward to finally beating all of the challenges on the Sick level and thus completing the game 100% I remember how much I was looking forward to this game back in 2006. :)
I played this game to hell back in 3rd grade.
Bruh I was just thinking bout this game earlier. I remember playing this game every single day man.
thanks for making this! i've been playin the ps2 version
Blaze P
I remember not really liking this game. It’s not a bad game (in fact, it’s my favorite new-gen TH games), it’s just that I played it first on PSP...not the best portable game in the series. That said, great job! I really appreciate you going for each mission rank separately!
i wish this had a remaster it was a fun split screen game
spike james
I want a new THPS
lil juju ENT
They need to make a bmx game be something like skate
I loved playing this game as a kid man, thanks for this upload
kolbie 420
Tony Hawk underground is one of my favorite games next to this one
The Gent
I used to this this and GTA4 were the most realistic shit ever
Buhle Mkhonta
never made it to first in this game, only got to 6th place.
I was never able to make it to rank 1 skater, always got stuck on rank 2.
GX 9000 Cooke
and after this game,tony hawk games weren't on game cube,why god why!?
Meg Harris
Nice bit of nostalgia, cheers my dude.
Yo. Tony’s voice acting is actually pretty great
Good old memories wit me and my big bro playin this sht all night
I never actually got round to playing this, but I’m thinking of getting it :) graphics are pretty good!
Played this on original Xbox. This definitely looks better alright.
PTMB Media Family
5:57 animations like Mindy from THAW
Arsomoru Maitoyame
jet set radio future was awesome ;(<3
Bobby Schmurda
Thug 1&2 and American wasteland are timeless This one kinda wasn't the same. Love the alien at the intro never forgot that
Kriz O
All the undergrounds to wasteland and project 8 was the best games of all times
I used to play the game all the time when I was 5 to 10 yo on my 360 lmao
I got the 360 version of that game, I guess this must be a sick run to be number one of project 8
Best Gamingboy
Good video and I’ve watched your videos the first one I’ve ever saw was the first American Wasteland video (please comment)
ned block
I want this on backward compatibility
Memories ❤️
Travis Davis
I beat that game in 4 hours once and got rank 3
why I remember it so much differently
Rodrigo Romero
Your gameplay is SUPERB, man! I'm actually playing this one on the PSP and it's pretty good.
It's Alan
I had this game.
Philip Lam
Graphics look pretty good to me
Demon YZ
boiii Haven't seen a thp8 video in 7 years
This dude is amazing. So many memories.
Peter Pfukwa
matt dud
It's coach frank before skate 3
Pipe smoking JR. Gaming
Barbecue just came out on PS3. My favorite part was carnival place
Cole Peterson
The Sun Of Mann
I won’t upgrade to next gen until somebody comes out with a decent skating for it. #bigfacts
Loved this game; so many challenges.
YouTube really wanted me to watch this, 1) Don't have a ps3 2) I love skateboarding so clicked it, you made that level look easy.
Hawwian punch show
Ty for 100% percent man and I thought I never see ty man so much for the memories and childhood
After Benedict left American Wasteland, It's time for him to show what he's made of and getting himself in the Project 8.
This series is gonna be sick, no pun intended
Krawberry Strush
I always remembered the shag dad’s balls mission, but never could figure out what game it was
Good job
Pp Hawk's
The best Th game ever made, physics so style for play
man sucked i got this on the PS2 haha... damn still was fun doe
I was like 20_21 when the first hawk came out. The first 3 we're the shit. Good times. Matt Hoffman was pretty good too.
Rob W
I think I was like 14 or 15 when this came out and remembered just grinding (no pun intended) the hell out of this game. Playing this on Xbox 360 and having incubus blasting in the background was so fun.
Ring Generalship
Best skater game EVER
This was a good game. Wish they would expand upon this.
Gavin Blain
I remember I could never finish the first level and wanted the more open area. There was a glitch where if you got a certain spot at the wall you could fly over it into the new area.
Michael Allred
I loved this game if you could master it you felt like a GOD on four wheels.
Good memories!! I it’s so sad that this game isn’t backwards compatible. Or make this game for the new consoles
Man, you're really good at it!
Gregg ooo
I never could get past the high school 😔 now I’ll never get a chance to
Stephen Fairbanks
Aaahhh dominos cheesy bread and Project 8 , oh the nostalgia ☺️
Genjuro Hiro
GRAB DAD'S BALLS! Me: Hell, no!
Anthony Skrilla
The last good tony hawk skating game. I remember being 12 years old in 6th grade playing this game like no tomorrow
Mr.Oorah _
This game brings so many memories. I remember when my neighbor would tell us a couple of cool glitches like getting into other places that my brother and I hadn’t unlocked. Me and my brother always argued who’s person was better when we had the option to create them. This game is always and forever will be my most favorite skating game
Who else miss the golden THUG days?
never did the challenges in this game. i just wanted to skate. there were actually certain areas i would avoid because i didn’t want a challenge to start.
Brantson W
The intro sequence is engrained into my brain. I watched the whole thing through almost every time
The only challenges I could never beat at sick were the classic ones. Its the only TH game I didn't 100%. My soul will forever be incomplete
dope no im not
So much nostalgia
yung josh
I think I played this on the ps2
Andrey Plays
i still preffer the Ps2 version its much more nostalgic
Sang Aji Wirojati
Just hearing the sound effect gets me motion sickness
Last time I play a tony hawk game not sure was 3 or 4 but the main guys name was Eric.. yooo Eric my man that snake of a homie lol
Sexy Beast
Oh man does this video give me memories.. back when my ps2 still worked, I bought American Wasteland and Project 8. First day I was so stoked saved the game (or so I thought) then turned it off. Came back to my save file to find nothing had saved in either games. My memory card was fried and i couldn't afford a new one. So me being a stubborn lil sh*t spent 12+ hours trying to pass the game to see what happened at the end. Did it with both games. I loved them so much that i did it many times. The rush I felt watching this video was the same I felt as I tried nailing each trick and passing the game. Really Love this game. Thanks for the amazing video!
Yung JJ
i remember tryna buy american wasteland and accidentally being given a copy of this game instead. i never returned project 8 after that lmao
Dany King
I used to play tony hawk on ps1 but after this I’m just happy Skate came into my life
Spencer Hoback
You’re my hero
Keon Luigy Magno
Wow benedict Sick i think your the creator of the tony hawk games cool😁
Darrius Beal
I had this on psp 😂 good times
Absolute Tank
Young coach frank!?!?