British Soap Awards: Kym and Jack Ryder talk

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hd720 medium spoke to Kym and Jack Ryder, with ex-EastEnder Jack saying how weird it was going to be sitting with the Corrie cast.

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wetzin alvarado
fiona hamilton
noooooooooooo he cut his hair
no problemo :) the series starts in September but I'm not sure if he is in that one or a later one (since the show's series are split into 2 halfs ie. 6.1 and 6.2)
Jack is apparently gonna be in ITV's The Royal.
yeah he reminds me of Leo <3
bless dem. dey r so cute 2gether. jack was in Eastenders n kym is now in corrie.
I think that kym is a good atcor and that I thnk that cro st should win because it is the best of best british soap every but the one atcor I like is Tina O' Brien. Vicki.
i think her tattoo says her childrens names
He Is so Camp in the only way is Essex , Maybe it is what he is like in real life and thats why Kim Dumped him.
Adam Hayden
Haha! I bet this was a comment from a woman. Men's hair does tend to thin out - It's unlikely we can keep the same long locks we had in our 20s into our 30s and then 40s. Your boobs sag like old sacks. We loose our hair. It's the way of life.
Hey Zael :)