Richard Picks Up a '59 Chev Apache Shortbed | Fast N' Loud

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Richard picks up a '59 Chev Apache Shortbed truck in need of some Gas Monkey love. Subscribe to Quest TV for more great clips:

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Matt AdRev
wow...I would have gladly just taken that perfectly fine running motorcycle my god. I bet he could of signed it, auctioned it and raised money for some sick kid. Instead no lets crush it for a joke..........
naftal massangaie
Why crush the bike...
Craig Domini Luna
My heart was crashed together with the honda 😭 I could turn that onto a café racer
Sam Beatty
Roadkill is better
Micah Beauregard
That was ignorant af crushing that bike. Smh
That truck was completely restored after 1990? And repainted? With what? Whiteout?
Tony Arevalo
i love this troka ese
Joan Garcia
Not even a short-bed lol
Bobby Garrison
Heartbreaking, I've had a few Honda's, I'm sure some of mine have made it to the crusher as well, should,ve kept the motorcycles, oh well C'est la vie.
Soni Keshri
far gdtyu
Danni Kleindienst
I have an uncle how likes car to
Robert Presti Jr
Paul Sr. would beat the living shit out of Richards. I would like to see that fight. Someone need to put that big mouth in his place.
Mahendra singh Mayank Patel
I love fast n loud
I miss Indian Larry's work
Mahendra singh Mayank Patel
My & My dad fevret shoo
I would have taken that bike. Wtf
Dimebag Darrell
I love that truck if it was restored.
ray Figueroa
was anyone else thinking "Man i woulda gladly taken that bike" like me?
Bud Green
Gas Monkey, OCC, and West Coast Customs, that's a horrible idea for TV you can't even put all of them on camera at the same time cause all there big ass heads won't fit in frame together
Bud Green
should of called the motorcycle build off "The Dual Wheel Douche's
what a shame that Honda cafe racer look way Better than its ugly chopper bikes....
eri k wilson
What a arrogant sob
Paul Bond
it all is  sihit//////
rico siahaan
what a waste . i just wanna to spit in his face
Fart Farmer
Once that dude told me 1,000 for driving the truck down I would of told'em to fuck off.... But I know it's all scripted anyway....
kevin bennett
instead of the knocking ,be a pro and and say nothing
Jassi Singh
Ganddu sala...BC
Ricardo Velasco
Heer His México need spanish
Marty Mcminds
Wonder why this show is going down hill.
What is wrong with a classic rebuild
Tabare Bonnevaux
Ugly as I've never seen
mindy burton
so another words your sending it out to be painted sending out for interior send out for motor work so why do you need a shop for??oh ok some body needs to drive it ok i get it
mike saldana
wonder how much for a fast 3rd gen camaro🏁 I think it's pricles
mike saldana
🏁and load the best😎
Robert Grant
what episode was this on? i can't find it on amazon