Tony Hawk Answers Skateboarding Questions From Twitter | Tech Support | WIRED

Tony Hawk uses the power of Twitter to answer some common questions about skateboarding. Will there ever be another Tony Hawk's Pro Skater? What skateboarding trick was the hardest to learn? Are you ever too old to start skating? Tony also demonstrates how to set up a new skateboard, how to apply griptape, how to do an ollie, how to boardslide, how to do a 540° McTwist and more. Tony's Skate Support Twitter Account /> Still haven’t subscribed to WIRED on YouTube? ►► Also, check out the free WIRED channel on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Android TV. Here you can find your favorite WIRED shows and new episodes of our latest hit series Masterminds. ABOUT WIRED WIRED is where tomorrow is realized. Through thought-provoking stories and videos, WIRED explores the future of business, innovation, and culture. Tony Hawk Answers Skateboarding Questions From Twitter | Tech Support | WIRED

I played all of the tony hawk pro skater games, i'm considered a *professional* skater.
Tony Hawk is the only skater to make protection look cool
Mike Hunt
Again, I'm not a skater at all but here I am watching Tony Hawk videos purely because of his charisma
He's 50 now, I feel so old.. I remember admiring his tricks as a kid, he was my idol at the time, and he still is..
Brady Slimepoop
Tony Hawk may be mostly out of his prime, but he's still a really chill dude and will forever be a legend.
How many people love TONY HAWK?
Jennifer Warf
The 540 mctwist Sponsored by McDonald's
Parker Dodson
I’ll never forget waking up on Saturday mornings and running downstairs to play TH Pro Skater 4 all day long.
1:20 that fall was so smooth tho 😎🔥
DBO Irish
Tony Hawk and Eminem never age
Chris Taylor
Idk why a Kickflip McTwist is so hard it’s just Right-Right-Circle
Tommy Callahan
Tony Hawks: Underground 3
Mojo Player
Kickflip= Left + Square
Adi Kusdarwanto
Question : Why can't you skateboard when you're 40? Tony Hawk : Dude, I'm 49.
Bruno Zago
I don't even skateboard, but this guy seems nice
Aareey Dii Cii
Skateboards should be named now and then TonyHawk.
pablo Hill
I would Love to see Tony hawk pose as a security guard at a skate park and just mess with people
Tony Hawk with pads and helmets answering internet questions is peak coolness bc he’s Tony Hawk
I've never skateboarded in my life but I really enjoyed this video. He makes the sport seem so accessible.
Webkinz Show
Tf 80% of these people are non skaters in to comments
ahh someone who wears a helmet and knee pads~~ ty tony
Patrick Notstar
what an awesome dude, a lot of celebs who answer twitters questions are condescending with their answers a lot of the time, but you can tell Tony Hawk really wants to just help people and give his best advice
That Guy In Green
Ollieing and all skateboard tricks on flat looks like it just defies all laws of gravity Skating is insane
Agung Hery Wibawa
I know this guy is very famous, especially in the game because skateboarding is not so famous in my country. But only this time I saw him speak directly. and he is so down to earth.
Elijah Allen
Baker board: “Riley’s dad” I love it
You guys should watch the bones brigade movie. It's pretty cool
Tony Hawk’s Underground 3 would be so 🔥🔥🔥
David Gil de Gómez Pérez
"enspierd", you have to be an absolute unit to write that instead of inspire.
I forgot how cool this guy was.
Kenneth K
Tony Hawk is such a LEGEND!! Grew up playing pro skater! Great childhood memories
Even the way he bails looks good
Nice tips, lets try it out On my Playstation
y e e t
Tony hawk pro skater remastered coming 2020 boys.
Ieuan Hunt
Is he the same species as Keanu Reeves. They are immortal.
Cery 024
if any of human being could live forever i would point on Tony
Sam L.
Anyone noticed his skateboard said “Riley’s Dad”? Even Tony Hawks can’t escape dad jokes.🥴
Quách Hêng Tôny
The only pro skateboarder i know
Fly Agaric
Is there a trick called a 'faceplant'. Me - yes, I did one into the pavement just the other day. (Smiles with no teeth!)
10,000 Subs Under 10 Videos
Damn he starting to look like an English teacher. Still a legend
NoBrainer Languages
It's so inspiring to see such a legend still being so down to Earth. Kudos to this man!
Jhazeel Ortiz
I really cant ollie i need some help i try to do it but its too hard.please any help🙏
Legend, I had all his books and gear don’t know where it went though lmao
Tony answering the kickflip question >< priceless <3
Knockout Artist
Still shredding at 49. You're the man Tony.
Steven Mente
Man! He really knows how to take a fall! Did you see how smooth that was?
Man U gotta watch out for these skate support scammer, these Indians ruin it
Man, you're just awesome, you just keep it real!
Sum 1 Who Exists
Tony hawk pro skater 6???? *CONFIRMED*
biggles the gamer
man i wanna learn how to skate now....
Rylan Mathison
Hearing him swear makes me uncomfortable
Mr. Hawk is a LEGEND MAN !!! I had never do any skateboarding in my life (too difficult) but I am so impressed his skill till today! :)
Praes Dynamite
The sarcasm in some of the questions kills me because of how tony hawk answer them.
He's like the Dirk Nowitzki of skating I think
Mark Sneddon
Just a really awesome dude :)
yeh yeh bla bla nah nah
Best wired Very good teacher
That Guy In Green
Brings me back to the good old days of GOOD pro skater games
Squirrel ASMR
Tony Hawk Undergrounds were the best ones.
I just realised that Tony Hawk barely has eyebrows
This is a video I never asked for, but a video I never knew I wanted so much
Ithiboss Gaming
Gotta love skateboarding 👍
Awkward Seal Jr.
GOAT 🐐 of skateboarding 🛹
Pluck Horris
I can't believe he's 49. That's just completely amazing.
Logan Winters
Man the sad thing to think is about when this guy the legend will be gone he's revolved alot around me growing up
Antonio Cordeiro
I like how his rocking his son Riley’s pro board for baker ❤️✌🏽
This guy looks exactly like Tony Hawk!
when are you gonna sponsor THUG Pro? THANKS
Goddamnit. That guy is going to celebrate his 50th birthday and I can't even lift an eggplant in a grocery store
Chase Lyons
The Riley's Dad graphic is genius.
Freaked out seeing Tony hawk doing railslide on Park 😂😂 #psyched
David Ferlian L Tobing
Tony Hawk pro skater 2 😁
Alex Huong Tran
The board said Riley’s dad, cuz he is
evan gamers
I literally bought a birdhouse board just because of how badass tony hawk is
Tony. What an absolute legend. Even with all the fame. He still seems to chill.
Steven the Cheetah
Gotta be honest he was so lucky with the last name Hawk for a skater
i could barely do an ollie on a tech deck when i was in high school few years back, much less do one on a skateboard yike
George Doty-Williams
Tony Hawk is indeed such a cool guy and I respect him, but every time I see him I can't help but thinking of Steve Buscemi and his "How do you do, fellow kids" XD
Vince Playz
I Love how t-hawk is down for another thps game. ACTIVISION! LISTEN TO HIM! LET'S MAKE THPS6 ( Without Robomodo This Time )
Meizar Farizky
This guy's a real legend
TH: I do know how to set up a skateboard. 😲😲 😮 lol this made me laugh for some reason
Tony Hawk Modern Pro Skater Warfare and Activision will be all over it.
@ 5:57 OMG the accent 🤣🤣
Penny Hoogerhyde
Nobody's gonna believe me but my friends dad used to be friends with Tony hawk & built the first type of some ramp. Idk the whole story but his last name is Kennedy so go do the research
Big Jack Gameplays
Tony Hawk rocks! It's so awesome to see him doing tricks so easily.
Isaiah Teerink
Tony Hawk has a very enjoyable voice.
There is like some Feaster video of Hawk doing a switch McTwist. Maybe not the hardest trick for him, but I was very impressed watching it.
Magdalen Morgan
why didnt they show him that tweet about killing tony hawk in the race war and being sad about it
dorian diddles
Tony, "I do know how to set up a skateboard." Me, "Oh really Tony, I never would've guessed."
xX Anime Xx
I don’t skate anymore (i was never good anyway smh) but this dude is my hero. I have watched him since i was young with the hope of being a proficient skateboarder. That never happened but i still watch Tony lol
Lun Hing
Lol I thought his shirt said boner for a sec
? A
Shorty’s independent spitting 🔥
I know nothing about skateboard, have never rode one, haven’t said tony hawks name more than 20 times in my life and I found this so interesting
Tony Hawk: Use the force 1:25
This is dope. I’ve never seen Tony Hawk do an informative video. Really cool 🙌
Activision needs to get their shit together. People are dying for another good skating game, Pro Skater 5 was an unfinished and uninspired embarrassment. Give the license to a studio that is passionate about the originals and can actually make a good game.
Ave, True To Caesar!
Love this man. He's almost 50 and still skating better than most pro skaters in their early 20s.
Maria Pia
Coolest guy ever
Amanda Nicole
This man even knows how to set a skateboard omg LEGEND SINCE EVEN BEFORE BIRTH
Tony Hawk is my hero. I love his dedication to his craft. I'm 44.
Rainbow Bones
Tony Hawk will always be my inspiration 😭