The Importance of Reaching Out To Old Teachers - People Watching #8

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Nkanyiso Innocent Khwane
What if your old teacher ends up being Walter White
I cried when I saw his book on the table lmao
Norayr Izahnaian
That’s a letter that could stop a teacher from killing themselves
Chesterson Jack
I'm not crying you're crying
Abbey Marie
This made me cry in the best way. I'm a teacher, and having a student tell you that you have positively impacted their life is so incredibly meaningful.
Psycho Round
These videos hit me too much in the feels. I would rather ignore all ideas of me having any sort of emotion and just mindlessly watch funny little skits that occasionaly point out interesting facts and theories. Please stop Cracked because I am not equipped to deal with even the smallest amount of emotional growth. Thank You
Dan Brew
consistent character arc-"I love 2 things. The beach, and pegging".
Jordan Falby
I've been a fan of Cracked for many years and I gotta say, People Watching is probably the best thing y'all have ever produced. I've watched each one at least once, often multiple times, and still every episode makes me cry. I wish that this *could* be a Netflix show if only to guarantee an entire season of episodes!
I find it immensely cool that you guys keep the characters consistent. I remember during the speed dating ep he said he was into two things, beaches and pegging. Guess, what. This guy is in to beaches. haha Stuff like that really fleshes out the characters for me. Keep up the good work.
Nolwazi Waugh
I'm so happy Mr Dolan didn't die. because he was taking so much time to send the letter. and I was like "nnooo what I'd he's already dead!!!!" but he didn't die. which I'm greatly happy for. :) LIKED ❤
My Latin teacher always tells kids that as soon as they turn 21 they should call her and go out for a drink. She was so excited when one of her students finally took her up on her offer.
My first class teacher at high school was the first adult to notice that something was off with my behavior and it made me unhappy. He reached out to my parents because he firmly believed that I wasn't just lazy and a liar who made up hearing problems and inhibitions. Thanks to that, I got a thorough examination by a combined office of a physician and a psychologist. And a proper diagnosis that laid the ground work for early, extensive treatment and a lot of positive small ripple effects like less intense bureaucratic obstacles when applying for help from the government. With his small gesture, he improved my life quality by a small margin but for the rest of my life. Thanks to him, when my ADD combined with environmental factors caused me to spiral into depression, I had already learned how to cope enough to keep going. My Mom and I bake cookies for Christmas every year. And we always bring him a tin can full of them.
Max imilian
Dear Cracked Youtube Channel. I know that you probably get hundreds or thousands of comments emails and notifications everyday so this will probably never see more of your time than the thousands of other posts that are submitted here but I really wanted to say that this series is a true masterpiece of human self-reflection and self-evaluation. All of the problems that you show in these videos are ones that really effect real people and even though you could fall into the standard humor stereotypes that say that only weird people deal with these problems of that they are the minority, you show that anyone, no matter their age, gender, race or level of conventional attractiveness, can suffer from these problems. I really enjoy it because I can connect to at least some of the characters on a personal level and identify and feel empathy over most of their problems. Even the ones that I don't have first hand experience in I can relate to them since you make these characters so three dimensional and personable. Each and every one of them feels like a human being that I could meet, walk up to, strike up and awkward conversation with and end up either leaving awkwardly or laughing hysterically with and forming a friendship with. So thank you. Thank you for providing a few short minutes in my day where I realise that all the problems and insecurities I face on a day to day basis are not exclusive to only me and that others, even others I am likely to never meet beyond this youtube comment page, can come together in acknowledgement and maybe even acceptance of not only each other but also of ourselves. Sincerely, A man with no face, no name and no form, just a voice trying to let you know that I appreciate the work you do.
Gina Murasso
Dear Mrs Blake, You were the tiny bulldog of a chemistry teacher, and I was the weird emo kid who didn't talk. Somehow, you saw something in me and pressured me into working as hard as I could instead of just coasting. Now, this isn't some big "I'm 23 and now I'm making a million dollars a year as a pharmaceutical research scientist" letter. I actually haven't accomplished much because of some personal problems that cropped up after high school. But when I finally manned up and registered for classes again this year, in hopes of eventually becoming a registered dietitian (there's a surprising amount of science involved), I thought of you. I thought of you and how hard you pushed me, and how you were dead sure I could accomplish anything I set my mind to. I really wish I could've sent this to you, but it seems you've retired. So, this youtube comment will just have to do. I hope you're still being a bulldog, Mrs Blake. :)
Ana T.
Perhaps, I'm being too pessimistic, but when I was watching this part of me thought that by the time he actually sends the letter his teacher will be dead.
Lor Deveraux
Crying halfway through the video because as a teacher, I realised why I ended up choosing this profession over all the other potential careers I could've had. I was bullied countless times throughout high school, and in university I didn't really fit in with the people from my department. The poetry-loving teachers and professors saved me every single time. When I learned from them that I can play with words and language, all the nonsense my classmates spouted eventually stopped hurting me. I learned about infinity and limitlessness more than I ever did in Maths, and I was acquainted with the universe and possibilities more than I ever did in Physics. Sometimes I resent my students -- teaching is a tiring and a thankless job, after all -- but then I remember the examples those English teachers had set for me as an adult. While everyone else laughed at emotional readings of poetry, those teachers taught me how to feel -- how to place myself in someone else's shoes. And now that I'm here wearing their shoes, I want to continue passing on that love and compassion to my own students. Thank you, Cracked and the cast and crew of People Watching for this wonderful series.
Zach Q
I'm never prepared for how sincere these end up being. Wish you the best, and I want you, Winston, to know that this is now the most anticipated series from Cracked for me, and one of the things I look forward to updates of in general.
they keep going back to grade 7 in these stories, but grade 7 is the year that a lot of dramatic stuff happened to me socially and personally
Mintaholic Chaos
It seems like this guys likes futas. That makes him a good man.
Leon Pierik
this should be a netflix show it's so good i hope you guys keep making these types of videos they always light up my day
I like to think of myself as an guy who doesn't feel many emotions watching or reading any kind of media mainly because how distant and other worldly they are. However, this story truly tugged on my heartstrings. It really hit home and felt relatable. I had fight back a tear or two watching this and I just want to thank you for this amazing story that makes you sit down and think about who was there during a strange and very impressionable time in your life. Again, thank you.
OhNest OpieNeon
Dear People Watching, uh people... You are doing a fucking Great job, keep up the Good work. P.S. No one ever believed in me and that makes me sad. But I'll always remember my Sexy teachers Mr. Robles from middle school and Miss J from high school, Always ha ha. :) :D ;)
Kyle Magaro
All of my teachers said I was the smartest kid they'd ever had, but I never tried so they hated me and loved me while also telling me that i'd probably become a senator.
sopia arella rose o'neil
my 4th grade teacher told me my art was the most disgusting thing that she'd ever seen, and i completely stopped drawing for 10 years. It turns out I'm a good artist, and if it wasn't for her i could have been an amazing artist...
As a teacher, I can say we remember our students, especially the "weird kids" because you are unique, challenging and fun. We want to see you succeed and blossom into happy and productive adults.
Dear Subnormality, I was watching this video at 5pm on a Sunday afternoon, at a time when I probably should have been studying or working or - let's face it - anything other than watching a youtube video. Every one of your videos has left me feeling vastly connected to, just, life and people and whatever. And I do this thing where I let myself sit in that feeling without doing anything about it because I feel that somehow my feeling it is enough. So I guess I'm trying this new thing, where I actually try to reach back out through that connectedness to the people on the other end. And now that I'm putting that into words, it sounds stupid, and I should probably just delete this comment. Dear Subnormality, I'm not sure how to write these things, but I figure it's worth it to try to express how deeply I've felt everything you've posted so far, and how I want to watch an entire feature film of this and more. How this video made me finally write and send that letter to my first grade teacher, which I've wanted to write for years, ever since I graduated high school and until now I kept thinking -- well, basically everything in this video. I want to tell you how I cried at the end of this video, how I laughed at myself for crying because I wasn't sad but somehow it wasn't a happy-cry, either, just a "you reached the part of me that thought it was invisible to other people." And I wondered how you knew all that about me, but in retrospect I guess it's probably universal and I'm self-centered to assume anything else. I want to say that you're one of those rare gems that is a Creator with a capital C. I want to tell you how I hate the time between posts because the creativity is just so -- so -- creative. But then I write sentences like that and feel like an idiot trying to write something adequate to some of the sharpest writing minds I've seen in ages, and I wonder if it would mean as much for you to read my comment as it means for me to write. Dear Subnormality, You were the first one to tell me I'm not alone in my thoughts with such specificity that it was impossible not to believe you. Yeah, people say it all the time, but then try telling them about how, in order to fly in a dream you have to be concentrating but not concentrating TOO hard because then you'll fall out of the sky and this is stupid, nobody else has dreams like that, why am I even telling you this? Dear Subnormality, You probably don't even read these comments. I mean, I'm sure you read comments. It's just that, statistically speaking, given the number of comments you actually get on your videos, and given the fact that you probably have time to read only a small portion of those videos, and given that this is a longer comment and you likely gravitate toward shorter ones because you can read through more of them at once, the likelihood of you reading this specific comment in the sea of other comments is - well - slim. I guess a part of me just feels like, if I post it, then you'll know somehow. You'll feel me reaching out. Stupid, I guess. But then, you had that video of anxiety confessional booths, and I'm sure there are others out there who feel the exact same way about this as I do. I don't know. I don't even know if I'll hit post or if I'll let this comment disappear. Dear Subnormality, I thought I would write to you and say... something? I'm not even sure actually. Something honest and heartfelt on a website whose comments section is made up mostly of deliberate instigation and professional offense-taking? Maybe this is just weird. You know what? Never mind. Dear Subnormality, Hi. I'm a fan. I guess I can't say I'm your biggest fan. Not because I have criticism or feel you've fallen short in any way; it's just that when I watch your videos I feel like they've been written by someone who knows me more intimately than I know myself... and, well, my guess is lots of other people feel the same way. And probably all of them think they're your biggest fans, too. So who am I to judge? I'm just someone sitting behind a screen, feeling just a bit different than I felt 8 minutes and 52 seconds ago.
Amanda Anderson
As a teacher, this nearly made me cry. I hope one day that I get one of these emails (or holograms, or whatever the heck we're using by then). This video inspires me to BE that teacher. Thank you.
Donald Baird
This has kind of a Bojack Horseman type vibe to it.
Hippi Bashr
I don't know why, but every episode of this series makes me cry.
I was home schooled, talk to my old teachers almost daily.
Lilith Scyther
I want to read that book
Anyone else going to email their old teachers?
Cracked team, I would like to say that these are probably some of the most profound, and important, videos I've ever seen you create, that I've ever seen on the internet. Stay real with us, and we'll stay with you.
Okay, this one really got to me. I'm an English teacher, known for being the weird one who does all the voices when he reads out, and today I handed in my notice because I can't handle the direction that teaching is going in - all drilling for exams and testing and no room for creativity or individuality. I won't be big-headed enough to presume I have old students who feel a similar way as you do to Mr Dolan (hell, I've only been teaching for a handful of years), but watching this after deciding to leave still made me tear up a little.
I gotta say, Kick-Ass Voice Acting here. I mean this whole series has it, but damn.
I did this once a few years ago. Having been the weird kid in class and all, I wrote a sort of thank you mail to a very inspiring teacher who I always appreciated deeply. He responded, he remembered me and seemed very happy to receive my e-mail. So yeah, I'd definitely agree with the sentiment of this video and encourage y'all to do the same.
Rainman Slim
this video is true. often times you dont need anything to accomplish for others to be proud of you. think about your teachers, how many hundreds if not thousands of kids they once taught are now dead? or addicts? or in jail. sometimes all you really need to say is "hey, i'm a functional human being with a realistic sense of right and wrong and i'm crediting you for helping me grow up into a person who while unaccomplished and struggling with my own problems, still has their head above the water. thank you"
A Gamer Journey
You be surprise how long people keep there emails.
DAMMIT, who's cutting onions??
Melody Perez
Fuuuuck the feels. Im in tears
I wrote to my sixth grade English teacher several years ago (almost 10 years after I was in her class).  I was so surprised that she actually remembered me.  I think there are some teachers you do make connections with and they will fondly remember you as much as you remember them.  My father was a teacher as well and his two favorite students visited him when they were adults.  I do hope every teacher gets that chance to hear that they made a difference.
Amy Gilson
Off topic but read the beach rules
Brian Garrow
One of the best things about growing up in a small town was the connection with the teachers. One of my high school English teachers was fresh out of college and she was extremely generous with her time, and praise. I moved back to that town to raise my family and my daughter had this same teacher. That year was her final year of work before retiring. She gave my daughter a present the last day of class. It was a small manila envelope with some of my essays from that first year of her teaching career. A short note was attached and I sat down with my daughter and we read it together. Both my daughter and I were touched by her graciousness and kindness. Out of respect for her privacy, I won't reveal her name. But Ms. 'S', you made writing and fiction a joyous experience for thousands of kids. And two generations of my family want to say thank you. The world is a better place because of you.
I doubt there is anything I can say that others have not already posted, but here goes! Your series has been the only "thing" to evoke a genuine emotional reaction in me since I was a pre-pubescent child. (Yeah, it's gonna be the confessional type of comment this time, folks.) While that sinks in, consider that I know (mostly intuitively, subconsciously, insert synonym here, etc.) that I am supposed to laugh at the jokes in comedies and "ooh, aah" at the amazing adventures of a hero's journey, and most of the time I do. I play along. I can imagine what it would be like to have that reaction and I create a somewhat measured approximation for what I should feel in that particular moment. Most of the time though, I'm guarded. I eke out droplets of myself even when I'm alone, just in case someone has some measure in place to alert the world that I deviated from my expectations, often all while maintaining a false sense of levity with each expression. Kinda like I've already done in this comment. I guess you could even call it paranoia of a sort. What I'm getting at is the stark, naked clarity your work expresses about a person's inner dialogue changed me. I broke down into sobbing convulsions when I watched your video on death, and the one on dating, and that one about dating with depression.... and all of them, really. I am learning new facets of myself with every video you make, and that is something I never expected to have from simply watching a YouTube video. I want you to know that your videos matter to me and that I cherish what they say. Thank you is not even close to what I owe you. But, again, thank you.
God, I love this show. Every single episode gets me thinking in some way. Some episodes, like the confessional, dating with depression, and how humans will beat death effect me in incredible, profound ways that shake me deep to my core, and resonate with me in a way words can't do justice, and I can't help but wanna share with everybody, because, in a way, it's become a piece of me. Then there are ones like the speed dating, friend zone, and loser's anonymous that just help me feel less alone, that I'm not stupid for having a woman in my life I love with all my heart, but have no romantic interest in, that being as honest as you can be IS a good thing, and that it's ok to feel like a loser, that other people who seem to be so much more put together than I am can feel that way too. Then there are episodes like your favorite singer and this that just remind me to think about other people's positions more, to be understanding, and to remind me to do something I really should have done already, but never even thought to do before. I think I'm gonna have to hunt down some email addresses tomorrow. No other web series has ever so profoundly reached and affected me like this, and I don't think one ever will. Hell, I'm not sure any tv series has even affected me this much. The only thing comparable I can think of is how Hamilton affected me, and that's a pretty high bar to reach. So, thank you for creating this.
Yes, it's very important to reach out to your old teachers. BUT, don't forget, that in the present time, you can reach out to your current teachers. Teachers are important connections, and ways to make friends. Don't forget this, it can change your life.
Naomi PR
Crap, I need to write some letters today.
Maryann H
I kept trying to do this with one of my old teachers in 6th grade but every time I would try to get back in touch, it was too late and their digital and phone book traces were gone. :(
Roman Anonymous
This series is fucking amazing. Fleshed out characters, amazing dialogue, love it
Terrible Tallrus
That was frickin' emotional, man. Wtf. Brilliant.
Von Shroom
Am i the only one who thought the ending would go dark, by the guy receiving a reply notifying him about his favourite teachers demise since he kept on postponing his thank you note?
I'm not crying. You are.
I thought the teacher had died. It was nice to see he hadn't. And what Ted did in this was something so many people SHOULD do, everyone has at least one teacher who made a difference in their lives and as thankless a job as teaching can be, it is uplifting to SEE (or read about) the impact they had in our lives.
Capn Genie
This one made me tear up a little bit. Not because I can relate, it was because I never had anything like this growing up. everything about me I had to build myself and it was hard. I was always the new kid. What I'm trying to say is while having role models, parents or otherwise, like these are great, but there is nothing you can't do on your own. I said it was hard but I didn't say it wasn't good, in hindsight and in the long run. Create your own motivation, find others to help enhance it.
Conner Wareing
Full disclosure: did not connect Ted's pegging thing to the chicks with dicks until this moment, hahaha. Great show by the way.
I liked the throwback to how this character enjoys beaches and pegging. Makes the series seem consistent instead of just random episodes about different topics.
Dear Mr Dolan..... The Beach!.... And Pegging!!!!
Damn stealth ninjas and their onions.
Billy Buerk
You better not fucking end this series it's really good
Victoria Matthews
The reality is that teachers are treated like cattle, and female teachers are a dime a dozen. The system is governed by School Board members who are the wealthiest and prestigious in the community and have the unquestionable power to ignore the educational and security needs of students as they ridiculously overpay their administrators who have social connections. They run the system as a business and try to rid the system of senior teachers who have earned higher salaries by pressuring them out of their jobs, so they don’t have to pay their health insurances and life insurances and can hire young teachers, much cheaper through federal funded programs that will pay them a kickback. Most students who enjoy going to school are treated special by teachers and their principal because of their wealthy parents in the community. This unjust trend has yet to be eradicated or addressed through the decades.
Sailor Venus
Zac Davis
this series is actually one of the best things on youtube right now
one time I emailed my teacher telling her how much I appreciate her enthusiasm and such and I never received a reply and I have anxiety to this day about the entire thing.
Kavi Oblitus-anima
I watched cracked because I love the way they inform people through comedy. So I find it strange that, aside from after hours, I now count this series as my favorite. While it is still quite informative it takes less of a comedic approach and more of a slice of life drama approach I guess. Every time I see one of these it gets me to feel a bit which is a strange sensation to me. While this might not seem strange to most I am the type of person who has lost a few people in my life and never batted an eye. I don't cry, unless I am faking it, and I don't feel true connections with other people because I can't understand them. This feels like it helps in a way. It is like you guys are just writing a stream of thought straight out and presenting it without to much modification. No matter how they are made or why I quite enjoy them so thank you.
Brandon ender
Woah that hit feel real with the feel
al might
Maybe im lame but i cried
He thinks it's good enough for publication and calls it "extremely good", yet he didn't even give it an A+. Weird.
Newton Sparetire
Im a 23 yr old black guy. I saw my first grade teacher, mrs. Freeman at the hospital and she remembered my name and called out to me. I teared up and hugged her for like a full minute. We talked a bit and we went our separate ways. Shes probably dead now though. She was an amazing teacher and a genuinely nice person........i was visiting my cousin in the mental ward, i think it was her third time there
Ben Saber
I remember I had a math teacher who's class I attended twice because I was basically an extra teacher. I wrote a perfect score on every test that year and he gave me a C because of poor attendance. I also remember an English teacher who's class I attended thrice in a row. One day she said to me "Ben, while I feel like I haven't really taught you anything new, you've taught me four new words. I feel like you should focus your energy on other classes, and if you write an A on the exam, that's what I'll give you.". What a heroine that English teacher was. Such an awesome, self distance, no pride, positive attitude. Thank you to that awesome teacher. I'll always remember and appreciate that.
You son of a gun! You made me feel...
Shaine Edwards
OK, stop it. Just stop it. Each of these videos is like you capture me perfectly. It's creepy!
Thanks guys, that was one of the best yet and that's not an easy task with such a amazing series. Now I just need to go watch some vile misanthropic European extreme horror movie just to get my curmudgeon groove back, but I will look forward to your next episode.
Josh Cherrett
Wow, my favorite one yet! I'm glad you didnt take the easy way out for an emotional gut punch by having the teacher be dead. Ted L really struggled with it in a way most media doesn't show us. He felt so real. I've been Ted before. Loved it!
Wonderful. Simply amazing
carson chihara
This is the best thing I've seen in a long time. I'm having a hard time sharing this, because I think this is relevant for every person I know. Thank you.
Watching a series like this, especially this episode, is a great reminder to keep an open mind when it comes to new content. this is probably one of the best videos I've seen in a long time. And with the career I'm planning to pursue, it is all the more inspiration to keep pushing. Thank you for making this video
omg what is this new series from Cracked. It's so fucking great.
Kαყ ʅαɾԃ
these thoughtful videos give me a reason to be happy
How AvA woH
My favorite teacher died last night. This made me feel bad that I didn't stay in contact with him.
Adam Ithiel
This series always seems to hit an unexpectedly raw emotional note with me. To whoever at Cracked came up with the idea for this series, thank you for making it be a thing. :-)
Jazmine Cortes
I need a shirt that says "everything sounds like a good idea at 3 pm"
cracked's lineup of series recently has been goddamn phenomenal. keep it up
I like the messages in these videos, but I feel that the character's appearances are completely over the top, and the over complex character models make the animation seem almost lazily done. I suppose the complexity of the character's appearance is supposed to indicate how complex and unique they are and the border line lazily done animation could show how despite the fact that most people move through life easily and struggle free, these characters struggle with real problems we all have, which developed them as characters, but even still, the contrast from overly designed sets, to under done animation always makes me cringe a little.
Nice to see that some content on the internet is honest and deep. Loved the video and in honor of the driven idea, I would like to thank you guys for making such good videos. Everything in life can have an influence on a person's character, for the better or the worse. And while teachers have a bigger role in it, if not just because of the sheer amount of time students spend with them, the occasional brilliant Youtube video also has it's fair share. So thanks for what you do and how you do it, cause the world needs this, even if it often doesn't know it.
Man, that ending hit me like a ton of bricks. I gotta email all my favorite teachers like ASAP.
These are good. Occasionally they feel accusatory, and playing favorites but these are some of the best videos on YouTube. Keep up the good work. It actually makes me want to make a video about "not following your dreams" because those are other people's dreams, the media's dreams our parents dreams and so often we ruin good things by allowing this sticky lane of rhetoric delude us into running ragged towards unrealistic goals. It's insidious to be compared (and make no mistake, the media compares you to illusions every second with ads) and compare our selves to illusions. You may not believe in G*d (Who wouldn't drive us into so much hurried madness, anyway) but you're doing His work. Thank you.
This is too relatable
Metallic Bascinet
Ah, futa, eh? I see he is a man of culture as well.
Brian Hope
It's called "Futanari", for anyone wondering.
Man this makes me want to email my senior english teacher, he was encouraging and helped me with my writing much more than my actual creative writing teacher. I would like to email him but I'm afraid he'll think I'm a failure.
I had a teacher that encouraged me to write more in middle school. I was just as awkward and lost but eventually listened to her advice many years later.
You can never fully understand the impact you can have on another person's life, not matter how short that time might be. Always be yourself, always be truthful, and always try to be a positive impact on people.
Cassi Williams
This made me cry and want to write to my old teachers that inspired me. Especially now that I'm a teacher (ok teaching English in Japan isn't exactly the same), if one of my kids who had graduated wrote to me after, I would be ECSTATIC.
Kito Noel
How Ted tries and fumbles to talk to his old teacher is how I talk to myself every night at 2 am when I'm trying really hard to sleep but can't
Christopher Murrill
This series makes me laugh and cry. It feels like you made it just for me.
yung gus
ngl this one made me tear up
Chad Eichhorn
Wow I just emailed my high school math teacher like 2 nights ago with a really reflective email like this. Just happened across this today. Weird.
Bidi Lahme
This series is the only thing from the internet that makes me feel less alone. Thanks for this.
Mary Beth Robertson
This is the first one of these made me feel more full than empty by the end. Maybe it's because I totally expected the teacher to be dead.
Jose Ovidio Martinez Jasso
Winston Rowntree and Jeof Lapaire, you are really good at this and i encourage you to keep doing these.There is something in the videos that somehow always lets me almost cryying but after that i feel very good,. maybe its that i identify with whats being said but as i said plsease keep going you guys are very good at this have a nice day