Old Teacher Break Dancing

Download videos:

This was somewhere in 2011 or so ._.


Ronnie Mu
Someone tell me that he wasn't just doing halos... holy shit...
Destino Corea
damn.. they got schooled bad
breakers are very well blended into society. Even the nerdiest of nerds can murder you... On the dance floor.
Phased Spaces
He murdered it!!!!!
Joseph Leigh-monsall
Shit.When did the potato 2000 come out. I can tell they must be filming with the latest model.
Out of all the teacher videos...considering his age...he murdered it.  Those freezes were no joke.  
I resent the word "old"...lol
like a boss
Kentoy Sabando
What school is this?
Aerrianna Hollonquest
Black kid step up your game because white people is learn new dance move that we do not know they are getting to the level were they can dance they learn it from us I guess our the just old school and know how to do it
I love the kid who walks in front of the camera and looks so shocked. 
Ma St
he hit the dancefloors in the 80s..
That is a dope ass teacher
Andrea NunyaBusiness
Do u know how to hack ow accounts