Three Days Grace BB Seether Prank night - Broken Live

Ummmm...its the song broken. With adam gontier singing. And some 3dg/BB members in dresses and wigs. was a funny night.

I wonder if Amy Lee has seen this lol
Tom Davias
1:07 I love how it's all ADAM *"hey bro"* SHAUN *"sup?"* ADAM *"look over there"*
Neil Brad and Barry all dressed as Amy, and Barry takes Shaun's guitar LMAO
Kimberlynn Womack
I miss the old TDG...
Shaun's smile is wonderful.
Starvation AJ
I've been laughing at this too hard. It all starts when Adam goes and pats Shaun on the back. Then Brad and Barry go out there dressed up as Amy Lee. Poor Shaun. He lost it during this show. Adam's trying to sing but failing as he tries to hide his laughter. Must've been a great night for that audience.
Allison Delle
I tried to scroll. I really did. But I watched it and I must say I waS NOT DISAPPOINTED!!! XD This was awesome. Pure genius. Even with all the jokes it sounded epic.
Angel Cry Forever
barry looks like the undertaker XD
I have a feeling that Adam sings softly so that Shaun's voice can be hearded. Cause, guys, please. Just watch Animal I Have Become - Live at the Palace. You can find the audio here.
Hudson M
how come you can't hear Adam's voice?
This is hysterical!!!!!
Angel Javier Franco Cueto
And Breaking Benjamin?
yasmine o'connell
I love Seether and especially 3 Days Grace. This was awesome . . .So Funny. I like when the members of 3 Days Grace came out dress as Amy lee I believe and also Adam's face. lol XD   
all jokes aside it sounded awesome haha
Brady Fachner
adam is the best <3
Hahahaha nice
Jamie Wells
Shaun looks happy
Leonalda Sixkiller
Why I don't mind it at all? I used to like Amy and Ev a lot. But they always go on horribly long breaks and no longer care. So yeah... 3DG I'm sold!
Qué sonrisa tan deliciosa ..... Shaun 😍😍🙂
Diana Reyes
bastante épico y maravilloso jaja ♡
Валерий Жмышенко
transgender with guitar is bary?
Brooke Garber
I could not stop laughing when I watched this...
Johnny Cage
Brad is one hot Amy Lee
Funny. Epic. Amazing... LOVE IT!!
Rose Gold 2509
Oh my God!!!! :O
Ahmed R
This is weird
Shaun cracking up laughing made it funnier xD I wouldn't be able to sing or play after that, I'd be on the ground laughing so hard xD
Jake Thomas
I do too but the song isn't even about her so the joke's on them.
I love three days grace to death but Awww they had to make fun of my Amy lee? But it was still funny
TeeTee Alcatraz
Im crying im laughing so hard xD
Morgan calderoni
i couldent hear barry sing :(
Trisha Fields
2:30 Barry takes over!!!! :D THEY ALL ROCK!!!
Best part is when Barry takes his guitar!
Nicholas Hawkins
haaaaaa XD
sam santos
amei a participação da emy rsrsrs muito bom!!!
Super Susu
It would be epic you mean
Super Susu
Neil's fake boobs ohmigod xDDD
Nico Jormalainen
Gotta say I'm happy seeing Shaun laugh. Guy has been through so much and he doesn't really seem happy for most of the time.
I Love this guys,thanks for this video
I have not seen the lead singer of Seether smile like that in a while. Adam was hot as usual.
jenn ser
jajajajaja me mori de la risa jajajaj barry disfrasado con los otros chicos jajaj genial
Andy L.
Rock bands know how to get fun... Did Amy Lee got angry ?
Holy shit ha wish I was there
Kendall Lillian
1:07 Lmfao! ♥ Adam's like i know what im doing, watch this shiit ;D
Clint Valandra
3:08 is my favorite part. I love TDG BB and Seether!!
Who on breaking benjamin is in a wig?
i liked adams singing ^_^ that was hilarious.
Sabrina Glambert
hahah when Barry comes out Adam's all like -okay just walk away now...- xD love it
Theres a red light on Adam's mic though...
I wonder if their girlfriends let them live this night down? I know I wouldn't! >:D
Jas b
lol i wish i was there!!!! lol it took me acouple secs to figure out that dude was trying to be amy lee! lol classic and awesome!!!
Brian wilson
at lest u know he's not lipin it xD
WTF xD but a shame that Adams and Barrys mics dindn't work :(
Gio Navas
OMG!! That is NOT Barry Stock dressed up like Amy Lee.. Literally laughing my ass of right now. LMAO!!!
@feithidz Ooohh , hahahah ! I would have loved to have seen that ! What was Adam's reaction to the pie in the face ? Thank you sooo much for posting all of these videos !
That. Was. Awesome!!!!
lmao i was there it was great brokeback ben. lmao
This concert was amazing..I was in the front row on the floor, we caught a pie, I got Shauns towel and the reason they were pranking each other is because it was the last night of there long tour. Also Shaun from Seether and Ben from Breaking Benjamin are great friends........
Andreu Fuster
@styleugly16 the one with the hat, he´s Adam Gontier from Three Days Grace
wait which one's adam (the one in the hat or the one with the guitar and long hair)?
Who's the guy on the far left at 2:11? Is it just me or is he the most convincing one in drag?
my 3 fav bands. I really wanna see them!!!
Mosh Pit Report
None of the guys in Seether were even a little bit insulted. They thought it was hilarious. I also didn't get all of the pranks, Shaun stuck pies in Adam's face (3dg) and did random other stuff. He handed me a can of silly string and told me to get Adam with it, he was having fun with it too.
Zachary Showalter
no, amy lee remade it with seether, originally its just seether
HAHA. h god they're making fun of Amy Lee arn't they. XD
Mosh Pit Report
ha they never turned his mic on..i could hear him singing just cause I was right in front of him. But it kinda sucked :/ hilarious though.
Benjamin Aguilera
poor shaun he can't sing because he's laughing
Sean Gearhart
The second one of "girls" is Chad from BB. I can tell by his face. The other is TDG's drummer.
Michelle Medina
True that! Crazy or not, they gotta keep it going!!
Michelle Medina
Lol!! Have you seen Seether's myspace pictures lately??? There's a pic of Shaun in nothing but some see through sequinned gown thing with a bottle of Jack in one hand & an ax in the other!!! Lol. Beautiful, but still, don't think it qualifies him as sane! Lol. But at least he's sane in this vid, right? Lol.
barry is one sexy bitch!
Lucy Pogosian
LMFAO!! gah this one is killer!!
okay i should have watched a little further,now i cant breath XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
i cant stop laughing about barry in the wig XDDDD
omg wtf XDDDDDD
lol this was funny.
look how happy Shaun is
Ya true but still it is Amzing
but i could barely hear his voice.........:(
LOL... :P
it does....
SEETHR rock. gr8 stuff got all albums
Adams Voice Makes me Melt
Yasmin Hannah
at 3.10 adam does a solo ahh =) its effin fantastic!! =P love adam and tdg <3
it was chad from bb i think hehehe
Mosh Pit Report
all i know is barry brad and neil from 3dg, and some guy from bb..i don't know their names
Mosh Pit Report
yeah it was their last night together so they wanted to have a prank night to finish off the tour
02;06 whos's that as a girl?;p is only marc fromm bb dresses as a girl?
no that was the bass player of BB neil was the fourth one
o so ther is such thingas the bearded lady XD
Dylan Biasutto
barry was a bearded woman
brad looks better as a woman than the others XD
Kelsey Holder
haha were the guy dressed up like girls suppose to be amy lee??? o well still very funny
Walls of Dis
third one is mark (the bassist) from breakign benjamin...
Ginger Ullrich
who was the third "girl" i know one was brad and the other was barry, but who was the third one? ben or something?