Regular People Try Olympic Figure Skating (With Kristi Yamaguchi)

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Brian Morales
“My mother used to tell me I was a natural athlete, ... she lied” 😂😂
Gabby: How hard can it be ? Figure skaters everywhere: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAH LOL cute.
Johnny Cheese
So kristi doesn’t age after 1996
Alexis Garcia
I think rainbow shirt was pretty good because he wasn't afraid of falling, he embraced his fate and just exerted himself fully
I knew the moment she said "how hard can it be?" that she was doomed from the start 😂
The "fitness instructor" wasn't so fit for the ice, eh?
Rainbow Bones
Ma boi in the rainbow shirt was holding back, I know he would've flamed everyone 😂
Of course the girl that said it wouldn't be difficult ended up struggling. Don't under estimate ice skating 😂
How could you think that because you are an gym nut or fitness junkie means you'll have a natural advantage SKATING ON ICE. The cloest a person can get to that and not be on ice is ballet and I'm sure she doesn't do that. The dude who fell did a little better than her. And he isn't even an athlete or anything.
Avanna Ellormie
I wanna see hockey players try figure skating.
Steffi J
Girl said "it's gonna be easy" doesn't understand how lethal figure skating is.. It's hella difficult to skate... Don't underestimate it cuz it's pretty
I'm a hockey player but I have a lot of respect for figure skaters, it's a tough sport. As soon as that lady said "how hard could it be?" I just burst out laughing and knew she would soon find out how hard it really is.
Jacqueline Cho
Girl: how hard can it be? I've worked out my entire life. Me: FIGURE SKATING IS HARD TO MASTER YOU POMPOUS BUTTFART.
uwu boi
I commend these people because i cant even skate normally, much less do any sort of tricks. Ive tried several times and it just doesnt come naturally
Kristi is ageless.
Kristi is 46 years old... How tho? Also, remember when she was in that old Disney movie called "Go Figure"? She looks exactly the same! And that came out like 20 years ago!
So many 5 year old girls who can already do all these moves and were insanely jealous that they didn't get to train with Kristi
Belle Glaesman
I’m a figure skater and when she said “how hard can it be” I said “oh just you wait”
How can she not have aged at all since 1992
Layla Hernandez
“I like the sparkles...don’t tell anybody” literally is posted on the internet for anyone to see. 😂
I cant even skate on ice normally without holding on to a wall.
Misaki M
**whispers** *ima be the best pork cutlet bowl EVER*
The Try guys need to learn to ice skate!!!
cembra .m
I was lousy at figure skating as a child and stopped going to the rink, but then for some reason at the age of 26, I decided to give it a go one afternoon. About two years later, I got good enough to land a single Axel jump and work on a double Salchow.
Aurora Meiesna
Why shouldn't you tell jokes while ice-skating? Because the ice might crack up!
tea pot
the try guys should have done this
Kung-Fu Kenny Family
that lady *Kristi Yamaguchi* is so gorgeous tho.
praseodymiums Twin
Okay but all of them were at a disadvantage in those rentals. They have the added stability of wet tissue paper
BostonBruin WarriorCat
NO EUGINE?!? What has this world come to?!?
Glitter Ghost
I hate when people are like this lady "how hard can it be" for us, figure skaters, skating is our life and we dedicate it so much. So much bruises, hours, money, passion, pride, effort and we do it just to one day see our family in the audience watching us perform and being proud of us and then we feel like all of this time was really worth it. So don't be like "oh this looks simple I could probably do it too." because it's hard as heck and when I hear something like that I feel really insulted. You need to really love this sport to do it, being able to skate forward doesn't mean you'll do good as a figure skater.
nayeon im
Next time . Yuna kim
K Lu
I hope that lady was kidding when she said how hard can it be. How dismissive.
Mary Winter
PLEASE make them compete against the little Angels of Plushenko, I would pay to see that😂😂😂
i actually met kristi yamaguchi in elementary school and got a signed version of her book she wrote :)
Alissa Gail
Kristi is still amazing talent.
Trash Cans will Rule The World
Being a figure skater im giggling at how they dont know how do figure skate but i remembered i was there too
Mel X
* Ross voice * PIVOT!
Linda Sturm
They are much braver than I for sure. I really don't need a broken hip.
Anissa Wimmer
Never have clicked soo fast
Meghan Ushman
No mention of Kristi winning Dancing With The Stars season 6?
Dawn B
I love Kristi Yamaguchi! She’s so nice.😊
Kristi is such a sweetheart!!!!!!
Linni Binni
When you watch Yuri On Ice and think you can do anything
Palpasha Karki
Maya Chan
we were born to make history!!! nobody? okay...
madison gallacher
"how hard can it be?" chuckles* you where doomed from the start.😂
Meow Meow
“How hard can it be?” *ha...* *shes joking...right...?* (Later in the video) *o crud she wasn’t joking*
Eve Weide
I really liked this video but I would like to see a video where people would try to learn it in a month to see the progress. ;)
Sister Stina
You need to watch the Olympic performance of the german figure skating pair if you want to see some real ice skating skills!!!!!
youngjae's cucumbers
0:17 *haikyuu flashbacks*
Xoxo C
When Gabby said “How hard can it be?” Me: “She’s gonna die” She acts so conceded and bratty. I would like to see her fling herself into the air while rotating, and land on one foot
This was amazing! I've always been interested in Figure skating. :)
I've been skating for years and have only just managed to do this 😂
Emmy Coelho
My mom used to tell me I was a natural athlete She lied. *laugh cries*
Life With Ice
I love that the girl who said how hard can it be did the worse 😂
Me: "Don't worry. I've watched ALL of Yuri on Ice." Also me: (immediately runs into a wall and splits my head open) "I'm okay! ......No I'm not. Someone call an ambulance..."
L O G I C 22
I love all your video's
Asterismz Asterismz
i want to try ice-skating so badly
Cami Dourado
I like how the one who did the best is the one who fell the most. I think that’s good to remember
Charlotte Farley
Figure skater: wow so basic I am on doubles Everyone Else: how can you do a waltz jump
I’m a competitive figure skater, feel free to ask me any questions! 🙂
holly scott
this reminded me when i went skating with my friends (i would be kristi lol
Miss Galactica
I'm a beginner figure skater... Today I did some outside and inside edge 3 turns really well. But on one of them, I fell. *My buttcheeks... My poor, poor, aching buttcheeks.*
raisin bran
Miss Galactica
*Me, a figure skater:* How cute!
Tearsa Bryan
“How hard can it be?” (People who ice skate) “BAHA” 😂
Tza'adaiyah Zimmerman
2 views, 47 likes Youtube's drunk off Logan Paul again!
Pineapple Gamer xx
Girl:how hard can it be? Every figure skater: Lol so cute
Kimberly Lustanas
*YAMAGUCHI, you say?* ;) Haikyuu :P
I struggled with in-line roller skates, so I also struggled with the balance on ice skates as well. Obviously so cold out on the ice as well, thus I've always had respect for those great at it.
Hearth Leaguer
The guy with the beard is so hot 😂😍
Fujoshi Here
I can't even stand on roller skates, now this... ~ *Hello darkness my old friend*
Allie Jones
MORE Dorian Foster, please.
It’s Dublin Iceland!!! I go there all the time!
lala la
Well, starting with spins and hops if you don't even have your balance yet can be difficult
Sorren 0_0.
How hard can it be? *male skater: bruv...dis bish*
Reese Lycan
I love this so much!😂
Luna Lovegod
"how hard can it be?" cuts to her doing the 'pivot' 🤦🏻‍♀️
I went ice skating when I was 10 The pivot was one of the easiest things I learned I'm probably gonna go back tbh
"My mother always said I was a natural athlete. She lied." xDD
Marina Morton
"regular people" lmao ok damn we hear you sis
Paul Bunker
'thats a... that's a good... good start :)'
Sweet & Sour
I do figure skating finally I have some respect! :D
Gaby Da Ghoul
“How hard can it be” Also the most stiff out of three
Jessie Z
Gabby: “ how hard can this be?” Some very ignorant words from a personal trainer
Simply Shy
I don’t know how but I look up to Kristi more than I did before. 😍
jesrael barraca
Kristi Yamaguchi is really ADORABLE! so much class! 👍👌💛
I tried skating once and I couldn't even stand still for 5 seconds without falling. 😂
Kayley Kim
Oi boi I have kristi's autographhhh My mom used to work for her uncle (that's why)
I wish I could have been a part of this. I've always wanted to try out figure skating <3
"I like the sparkles...don´t tell anybody!" hahaha, how cute! XD
I Lovvvvvveee Kristi.
kristi yamaGUCCI
Zninja 1162
Will this work wih hockey skates? Cuz that's what I have and rental skates are never sharp enough...
Kristi's like "don't touch me peasant" 😂❤️
3:25 Umm never say that about a sport you’ve never tried lmaoaoaoao
Binka O
Kristi seems so bubbly and cute :3 Wish I could be taught by her too!
David Holmes
Neo, eyes opening from Rapid Eye Movement: "I know Olympic figure skating." Kristy leans over him: "Show me."