Teen Who Ran Off With 50-Year-Old Teacher Wrote: Every Beauty Needs Her Beast

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More from Inside Edition: />On Instagram, right before Elizabeth Thomas, 15, allegedly disappeared with high school teacher Tad Cummins, 50, a week ago, she shared a meme from "Beauty and the Beast" which read, "Every Beauty Needs Her Beast to Protect Her From Everything But Him." Now the search is intensifying for the Tennessee teacher who is still on the run with his 15-year-old student. Cummins, the suspected kidnapper, also posted two memes on Instagram the same day. One said: "It's a beautiful day to start."

Daniel Carter
This is not 'every beauty needs a beast' , This is 'every dumbass being used by a perv'
Jasmine101 Roblox
This is nasty 😷 this guy should go to jail to be honest
lmao its not a kidnapping if she went willingly
Blurryface at the disco
what has this world turnt to :^(
No every beauty doesn't need their beast .........: every crazy needs their medication 💊
Rachel Martin
Mandingo Warrior
I can't believe this young girl coerced this teacher. God protect him
Joi Akhom
Praying with candlelight? Seriously? And the old dude has two handguns? She'll have a hard time escaping him
Sophia Marie
I just stalked both of their Instagrams for the last hour because I have no life and I gotta say, it's really creepy. You can see their recent posts leading up to it clearly shows something was about to happen. Very weird.
Musical Raven
it's kinda scary she's comparing herself to beauty and the beast
Gabriella Martinez
Yup. Sounds about white.
Wide Awake
I'm so confused as to why she's being treated like the victim. I'm sure she's knows what she's doing and she could leave when she wants. 🙄
Blue Horse
what if there looking for the fountain of youth :0
Michael VR
I blame Emma Watson. Arrest her
So this guy is dead, he can't work, or be seen in public any more. he goes to prison, she and him together means a fling for her and death to him. She can move on get married, start a family in 10 years she will have husband kids and a easy life. He will be abused in jail, living on the street or dead. and he will never be forgiven, a flirty women in her prime is very attractive to a old guy thats life.
I knew the first time I saw this story that this girl orchestrated this whole thing.
The family really wants this "pappy" back?
Just let her do her thing and leave this alone
It's the teens fault for seducing him
Probably calls him Daddy. Only in the south, Dun Dun Dunnnnnnn! lol well that's my two cents.
Jessica S, NAPLES FL
Why is this 50 year old adult male automatically guilty of statutory rape because a 15 year old girl fell in love with him and conned him into running away with her? Who is to judge that the love of a 15 year old for a 50 year old is not real? Everybody is different and the capacity to love differs with each individual. Can anyone say with certainty that this young lady's love for her 50 year old "hero" is less valid than her love for him if he was 16 years old? What about comparing her love for this 50 year old adult male to the "love" she might feel for him at age 25 when he is 60 years old? Or what about a 35-year-old female who "falls in love" with a 70 year old millionaire? Who gave others the right to judge a person's feelings and prosecute people according to generalized laws that impose restrictions on their feelings that cannot be measured by any known means?\ I'm no "pervert" and I don''t advocate relationships between teachers and their students, but I object to the implication that this man has committed a crime when such crime depends upon a supposed "victim" who qualifies as a victim only because she has lived 3 years less than the "age of consent" as arbitrarily required by law. What I see as "wrong" here is that the man is still married to a woman who had no idea of his plans to run off with another person. Her statement that "this is not who he is", indicates the marriage was not a good one. It is she, the wife, who didn't know who her husband was, and he apparently "found himself" through the love of his student. Relationships with great age differences don't have the best statistical chances of success but that doesn't excuse condemning every one solely based on the age differences of the participants.
Tee Carr
She thinks she's akin to Belle... the fictional character?? Prime target for a pedophile such as this guy...
Elisa Castillo
I see a lot of comments saying that she's old enough to know what she's doing and if she wanted to leave she could and that's probably true but obviously something is not right in her head for her to post the things she posted on her page and to view him the way she does no 15-year-old girl in her right mind would pick a man of his age as her choice. Maybe she didn't have a father in her life maybe she's looking for a father figure but in a sick way and it's sad that he's taking advantage of that. A girl her age can be easily manipulated and a man his age should know better. He's the one with the responsibility to do the right thing here.
She is completely clueless
Du_ hast mich
|cummins| tehehe hehehe..... lmao and she couldn't have run off with someone her own age?....papi is too anyways.
Gar Laa
WaitWhat?? The real Beast was a Billionaire with a castle, this Beast is a old married dude, with $4,500 bucks,he got on a loan !! Cheers 🍻
1st again
Nate Brown
kids these days
R- Cali
SMH another lost sheep playing with wolves . #blinded
i hate them saying let her go. but it clearly states she ran off with him
Groovy Disco
He bought black hair dye at a local Walmart. It's on surveillance cameras; look it up. He prepared for this because he was watching "survival" TV shows. Police believe the pair is heading to the FL panhandle because he posted pictures recently of beaches on his Instagram page.
Jakob Braz
I thought the flag behind the woman in the beginning was a confederate flag for a minute
He has a wife.....
luke james
why she had to have aaliyahs nickname and death date as her instagram name. desacrating her legacy
The Masked Messenger
I hate seeing an older man with a younger woman. Or a younger man with a younger woman. Or couples Or people
Jeff Wingham
The wife is the Beast.
Tayia Redd
let her come home ? she left on her own will smh
John Jeffry
She should have just waited just 3 years
Alexander Carlson Lee
how desperate can people be
Ari Amore
she prob DOESNT want to..wth is wrong with them...she left she wasnt kidnapped...
She likes the grandpas.
Eh typical teenager
Kayies M
Why does he remind me of, the indiana murderer? (17
Eww... he's not even cute.
miguel contreras
4 thousand dollars how far can that take you your money is going to run out. someone somewhere at sometime is going to recognize you. why do it in the first place how far can it go and for what? spend your life in prison.
Sarah Richardson
he must be laying the pipe real good
Earthangel 143
you're an adult and should do the right thing. bring her home.
Tigre Lily
I hope that girl isnt standing anywhere near him when the cops find them so they can shoot his ass on site!
They have been giving amber alerts in our area for this girl.. still not found
I'm confused did she run away with him or did he kidnap her?
Glittery Scorpion
I feel like I need a shower after watching this video 😖😵😬
Will Carr
this girl goes or .. went to my school , my friends were best friends with her , and we'll I don't know her personally I hope she comes home
Thank goodness they were able to exhume Nancy Graces body for this interview. Clearly what this guy is doing is wrong, but then you see his wife and you start to understand.
More dead Than yesterday
I think she should go to jail too, you go to jail for running away you'll surely go to jail for this
shes getting an education leave her alone !!!
lol nice, call your boyfriend a beast 😂
cнrιѕ хх
if this was a female teacher with a male student, they'd be off scotch free
arnold oliver
Perry Li
Tad Cummins? More like Tad Cum Ins😂
Yowza, that's a spicey meatball
Happy Person
what kind of teacher listens to a student say she is running away & doesn't report it to the school and the parents?! all he does is continue to lie. I do think that Elizabeth's family is being gracious and kind in regards to his family, his daughters love their dad.. has to be hard for them. in this world we live in today, is difficult to tell your children who to trust. Keep them close and show them how much you love them everyday.
SomeHumanOnThe Internet
Which one's the beauty?
fatou diamond paris
where's the beauty
Heather Long
15 isn't a child.
Queen Of Memes
Marie Morgan
These two can't be serious 🙄
Jimena Jimenez
it is on tv
sup sauce
she's insane
suicidal deer
so if they catch them, will thry both be charged or will the teacher be charged only?
She ran off with him you mean he took her
If they're posting on social media, just track their phones and stuff.
Jemma Bradley
Only in Tennessee
she has her phone y does the police not just track the phone
Michi Guadalupe
this is literally so stupid beth could've ran tf off at Walmart, she had the chance to
Mekako gio
Wide awake because she is s child in relatonship tricked by idiot 50 year old
Haley Sanchez
She said every beauty needs her beast so where’s her beauty?
First of all they both dumb you have to be that naive to do something like that
Meme 123
the football collection
the teacher looks like a beast 👹👹👹👹👹👹
Tigre Lily
I hope the girl isnt standing anywhere near him when the cops find them so they can shoot his ass on site
Jasmine Ramirez
That is so disgusting! What does she see in that old raggedy man!
Guadalupe Jimenez
I bet her esophagus is stretched out wide right about now
Fresco L
which one's the beast?
J.Anderson The2nd
why didn't he pick a beautiful girl?
Ira Pacheco
I should blame Disney.
If the school knew why didn't they turn him into police for being a pedophile????
Matt Michael
I love Inside edition thank you guys for posting
Karina Rivera
What can you do with 4,500... They make it sound like its slot of cash, but that is not enough. He will need to start working asap.
Pensacola, here we come!
DNZ 1014
who's the beast??
Good for him 👍
Really ted cummins its chad
Stefano Gomez
His wife only wants him so she can give him the slap of his life and then divorce him.
Math Prob: If a 50 yr old guy with 4500$ drives a guzzling SUV south at ave 65 MPH.His only passenger is a horny 16 yr old girl that likes him but doesnt drive. How many miles before he has to stop? and is the first stop for A. Gas, B, Food, C. to take a Nap D. Whoop E All above Extra points for explaining your awn.
Alexys Deets
Well what did you expect, his last name is Cummins for gods sake 😂
Aniya marie Scott
WOW! What a serious idiot the girl is, and the old guy is just weird. and wrong lol
papi, aka, beast
Wonder if he's gonna kill her. I don't think so. Regardless, he* should be killed when he's found.
I think he married her