Full House Take 2: Full Episode 14 (Official & HD with subtitles)

Watch the latest dramas and movies with subtitles: Watch the most recent K-dramas: />Watch more Dramas: /> ************************************* Join the Viki party, subtitle your favourite show and share with other viewers now: www.viki.com/community ************************************* "Full House 2," a remake of a widely popular South Korean drama from 2004, revisits the concept of an adult longing to regain a childhood home that holds special memories. Lee Tae Ik (No Min Woo) lost his parents at an early age and was driven out of the home that he shared with them. He grows up to achieve success as half of a K-pop duo called TAKE ONE with his singing partner Won Kang Hwi (Park Ki Woong). As he grows in popularity as an idol star, Tae Ik's main goal is to reclaim his childhood home. But things get complicated when he meets Jang Man Ok (Hwang Jung Eum), a former martial arts instructor who is forced to take a job as the duo's stylist to repay a debt. A love triangle ensues between Man Ok and the perfectionists Tae Ik and the free-spirited Kang Hwi. ************************************* Tae Ik and Man Ok have a formal engagement party for the press. When die-hard fans find out about their engagement, they attack her dojo, forcing her to move into Full House. Tae Ik installs a CCTV video surveillance camera in the home, determined to catch the person eating his food and using his cosmetics. Man Ok buys Kang Hwi a kitten to keep him company while he is hiding in the basement. Tae Ik begins to fall for Man Ok, but idol star Jin Se Ryeong, who has a history with Tae Ik, returns. *************************************

oh my god I hate her "friend"... she is soooo annoying!
Kirishima Bakugou
Man Ko had seen Tae Ik naked twice so far.
louisa kingi
Go and watch She was pretty or kill me heal me or Secret. Hwang jung eum.
Hazal Byungyeol
Richadiana Kartakusuma
omg .... disgusting fatty Kim Do Yun (friend of Jang Man Ok) She is too much
patty simson
Ughhh... her hair is so ugly. they could at least make her hair better looking. -_-
atareiria kingi
Love it when he holds her hand, he looks so sincere. xx
احسن حاجة عملها مديرهم الغبي انه خلاهم ينخطبوا❤ 😒
Shin Luna
The guy in the back with a girl is hot kkkkkk
diana gomez gutierrez
realmente muy buena y graciosa
Quoc Nien
Phim hay lai vui nua.cuoi dau bung luon kaka
Maha Alotibi
المسلسل حلووووو مررررر😍😍😍😍
jhe rin Nam
I really hate her hair .. she looks like an old lady....
Maria C Mestres
Que lindos lucen. Perfecta combinacion.Ella es muy bonita.
Danielle Barnayha
Ioio Kopl
Double S means DOUBLE S301 💙💙💙💙💙💙
neko kawaii
diana gomez gutierrez
qe linods los dos guaposssss
so why ... didn't they change her hairstyle for this engagement party? I mean, the men in this drama changed thier hairstailes more than she did!
Georgia Andrea
So you eat just about anything? Ok....I have nothing else to say.
Nicole Fairman
Animals are food.
Nicole Fairman
Someone Special
Ha Tes
Is good
Ha Tes
shining shinee
Her room is so nice!!!!
Ben Kem
ชอบพาร์ทนี้มาก ตลกอ่ะ พอเวลาแทอิกจามนะขำตามตลอด ฮาดีจริงๆ คลายเครียดๆ ขอบคุณสำหรับซับไทยดีๆนะคะ LOVE
Hallyu Pumba
One look at her and I already hate this jin se ryeong..!! I swear this is a totally inspired from you're beautiful.. she is just like youie!!!
Imani Nirvana
I can't with this show! this is the FUNNIEST Korean show I've ever seen!! Hahahahaha! The fat girl was all "no way.. Is it because... Oooooo" had me dieing! Hahahahaha at 4:35 woooh! "Ooo!" Hahaha I will laugh at that forever.
Rusol Altamimi
Her lips are chapped
Amas Andis
that white dress is the same dress as in lie to me, isn't it?
Park Ki Wong!
Zoevin Peh
I noticed Korean drama series main actresses hairstyle often look like a bird nest.They often talk loudly, worse still they dressed and behave like a Ajumma !
Nadia Aidan
Did everyone just ignore her hair??
Its only a drama and he was only acting to match his character on the story which he nailed it :) pls don't judge and make it a biggie with the kitten. Its a funny interesting drama overall :)
Georgia Andrea
Seriously, I really feel the animals are not treated well by Koreans...somehow they think animals are accessories....I dislike this.
i jp
<3 no min woo
Intan Hapsari
KANG HWI Oopa.........Saranghae :* from INDONESIA
Margarita Jalabert
he sings well? ... or is acting? because, if that is your voice ... HOLY GOD! such as someone as famous as a singer and as tune jajajaj .. Anyway, No Min Woo if he can sing jajajaj
입술 좋아 ^3^
Keisha Sam
She's always so mean to Tae Ik and she doesn't even realize how much he looks out for her.
Venice Kwon
Omoo~ tae ik & kang hwi are just so cute . Aww :))
Oxenfree Alex
I like his hair brushed back like that :O he should've kept that
Seoul Sucker
Watching this series again makes me very happy :-)
i love you
Viska Vizuka
I prefer like No Min Woo in Gumiho or Pasta
I like Tae Ik and Kang Hwi!!Tae Ik so attractive and Kang Hwi both attractive and funny
I like the blond one haha
Chantelle Wong
sara tatoom
is there cat like those wow they'r like toys wanna one too *_*
Haleema a
i miss the two boys fighting , i think they more funny than Man Ok fighting with Tae Ik
Josephine Chua
i swear I heard TAXI instead of Tae Ik shii..
Sarah Ann
Erm... Isnt she a little too close to Kwang Hi when she's eventually supposed 2 end up with Tae Ik? I mean, there isn't even any scenes of her n Tae Ik getting closer!
Sherrie Koo
OMG STEF!!!!!!! well hello der >:D
Sì yuè bā
my anger for her best friend keeps on growing. T_______T
15:52 min woo so cute!!
Man that fat girl is soo annoying, I hope she just dies alone of obesity. Even Kang Hwi wouldn't like her is he knew her personality was like that, soo annoying she askes her for money and she gets mad at her for her personal life??? That doesn't make any sense.
Waaah the CCTV part xDD ROFL kisseu waaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh
omg i like your profile picture FAERIE TAEYIRUUU
la cara que tiene bien cerquita de la cámara y el otro que su pone como si quisiera morderla jajajajaj xD
Right? I hate her so much too. I wish Man Ok would just tell her off already. >:(
saʍɨʀa C.
Are you japanese? xD
Muhammad Nasrullah
The cat :D Yeppoyo :D
dure adan
hahaaaaa the way he jumps on the bed at 09:34 !!!!!!
tae ik is sooooooooooo fcking hottttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt
hear ye
I swear that I hate that best friend of her's.
S Parker
Where did her grandfather go? I'm sure he has to have at least one friend that would call him and tell him what's been going on with his granddaughter back home. Stylist Jang's hair combined with thick eyebrows make her seem dowdy. Poor Kang Hwi stuck in the basement.
luna G.h.r
when he held her hand my heart flutter
Argh annoying girl you're not a friend! I feel like pulling out her hair...
BOBO Jaffa
i agree with all the comments on her hair ae...it does not suit her at all it looks like poodle fur lol!!
Abbey Lola
kawaii Kang hwi desu♥♥
he must have perfected the art of sneezing !!!! hehhe
im praying to see hair hair straightened up !! ,sh has a pretty face what a waste !
cutie kang hwi is jealousss :D nae haengbokhae >////<
manok's friend is a bitch.. i fvcking hate her xD
Gulia Rotten
que Gatito tan bonito ♥ Omo..... la vieja fea esa que se cree una Diva
Bella Razak
Permed hair sucks.
real BAMBI
I really don't like her hair, it ruins her whole apparance Y.Y It's a shame really. . .
Yuri G
por que por que esa bieja fea (((((no es que este fea sino por lo que se que le ba hacer pasar a ellos dos)))tiene que aparecer en este momento justo cuando el ya no deja de pensar en man ok aaa que mal
thanks for uploading
Elena Margarita Rivas
la tipa va viendolo desnudo 3 vesces!! realmente ella devio salvar el pais en su vida pasada!!!
tae ik's engagement hairstyle is the nicest of all hairstyles in this drama as of yet.
OMG the cat i so cute!!! OwO
crazy pop
me hace reir mucho este dorama
Zi xuan
That fat fuck isn't a friend.
alexis r
what is the title of the song at 01:27 ?
what is the breed of the puppy appearing in the pet shop window??
i just LOVE the manager xD
Merple Purple
Is Man Ok gonna ever freaking change her hairstyle :/ Her face is so pretty but her bushy hair ruins it ;/
Wei Wang
Somehow I can't help thinking that Tae Ik has the personalty of an old grandma == It's like he doesn't take shock well somehow.... But some old grandma's are cute too! :>
LMAO!!! @ 03:25 The best "hull" expression I've ever seen!!! :'D
Awwwwww!!! Kang Hwi with a kitten is so cute!!!!!^_^ ugh...i can already tell im not going to like that one girl that just came in:(
I could not take my eyes off him.......his character in the drama My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tail Fox is SUPER COOL !!! I like these sense of mystery and sophistication all in one...but sadly he did not get what he wanted....I pity his character...HANDSOME yes SAD person :( After watching that drama I re-watched Full House 2 and was like OH MY GAWD Every time when I watch his scene in My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tail Fox..I kept thinking of "Rude Bastard " and just waiting for him to SCREAM >.<
cleopatra cleo
yeah! no min woo look so much more stunning in my girlfriend is a nine-tail fox.
Samantha Collen
the cat scene is the best!! hahahahaha!!!
Dam Man Ok is SUPER lucky !!!!! She got to see Tae Ik naked TWICE !!!!! damn girl whats ur secret ??
Was he really nude in 14.15 ?? @[email protected] damn I'm becoming a perverted person already :P
They should have played the song Heartbeat from 2PM in the background or Ayo Technology from 50 Cent ft Justin Timberlake ;P