A Windows PC in your Pocket

Back before smartphones were ubiquitous in terms of portable computing, another device was popular. This week, we take a look at the HP iPaq h2215, a Windows Mobile PocketPC from 2003. Stay tuned for next time for a demonstration of some of the hardware peripherals this thing can use. Also check out LGR's video on the iPaq rx1955:

Ha, that intro. The world of YouTube retro tech coverage is amusingly small indeed. Oh well, hooray for more PocketPC coverage! Looking forward to seeing more of that camera in action :)
Xavier Althoff
When I saw bonzi buddy in the thumbnail I knew this was my video
Opera literally runs on everything, it runs on vista, xp, windows phone, Mac, Linux, iOS Android, Blackberry Java ME, Sony Ericsson, Nintendo DS, even on Nokia brick phones... (and that’s just naming a few) well, pretty much as cross platform as it can get If you have a device and it can connect to the internet, chances are, you can probably download opera on it
*expand dong*
Man, this thing back in 2003 must have been amazing
Ipad, ipaq sound similar =D
ShadowDark Pro
Windows Phone 2003.
I had that exact HP! I used it to emulate NES and listen to music and it was so cool. There was an Opera browser for it that gave it better website functionality. Edit: yeah you mentioned it later in the video :)
Erik Nilsen
My grandpa gave me a couple of those to mess around with when I was in middle school ~6 years ago. Great fun. Also helped me type some last-minute school assignments before I had my own laptop.
Tijs Van Alphen
Wow when he shows the video on the ipaq. Me looking on my screen looking at the screen of the ipaq, looking at a screen in the video looking at a screen. Screen inception!
Joey Cubes
Duke of Darkness
5:40 *Expand Dong*
Raposa Dislexa
Impressive Tech for the age =D
Kra Z Kapin
Holy crap I just watched LGR's old video on this thing! Still gonna watch this tho, your style's different
Tatiana Fomina
I expected to see bonzi buddy on a windows PC.
Robin MGP
Aw, man, time to dig out my HP IPAQ HX4700 for Pocket PC Month! I had no clue about the existence of Opera Mini on Pocket PCs, looks so smooth! I didn't know about Nevo, either. I recall looking for a program for my pocket PC years ago that did the same job as Nevo does. Nice video, and no, we don't think you're copying Clint. ;)
Ahmet Long
*Cant be a windows without bonzi*
xD I watched LGR's video on this like 2-3 weeks ago. But still enjoy watching your videos too so :)
Henning Gu
2:54 how can a Bluetooth signal be too strong? 🤔
sometimes i use my palmtop to play older games i used to play in the past xD
But caan it run doom?
5:38, vinesauce reference
Jules N Stuff
ipaq Me:Nah that boring *IRAQ* me: *WOKE*
Liquidised Crystal
My dad found his old Compaq one in our garage. I think it’s the same one as yours
Bonzi Buddy on the thumbnail again!
Emin Nart
the web and app compability is almost the same with touchscreen symbian phones(i have a nokia 5800) edit: also opera mini on that and opera mini for symbian looks exactly same
Haha, I also watch LGR :D
My vlogging channel
"Almost all of the software sharing websites are long since dead" [localhost refused to connect]
If you are OG you will remember yourself playing bubble breaker in public and everyone looked at you.
James J James
Back when I was a teenager and mobile computing was an unobtainable luxury to gawk at, I thought PDAs were the coolest thing ever. Now in the age of ubiquitous smartphones I'm more cynical about the whole thing. Guess I'm getting old now. (Ironically I am writing this on a tablet.)
Felipe B. Pimenta
Captions: iPad, eye pad, eye pack, I pack, iPAQ, etc...
Shanmuga Prabhu
The most underatted youtube channel
Melissa Novak
LGR did his Bonzi Buddy video after you did yours.
EmaSplatter 5
That's a real Windows Phone
Bonzi Buddy? I'll take your entire stock
Galactic Experiment
Why is Bonzi Buddy saying "expand dong" a meme? Is it Joel? VARGSKELETHOR DID YOU DO THIS?!?!
I recently bought a Dell Axim x41v for a presentation about PDAs, I too installed Opera Mini (the way it works is that the page is rendered and the JavaScript executed on the Opera servers and then gets sent to your device, that's probably why most current websites still look fine on it). I still haven't found a universal remote control app like the one you showed, because with that it would at least be partially useful to me.
potato potato potato potato potato potato potato
that tablet pc reminds me of my old computer lmao nostalgia
Tobias Karlsson
@2:53 Signal strength: Too strong?
People now only use PDA's in the Zone. Get out of here stalker
2:53 lmao too strong signal strength
Yandere Chica
Thx for the clickbait
>via pixel 2 xl Good phone choice, my dude.
Adi Abri Ganjar Utama
dang, still remember exactly using the same PDA at the 1st day work at that time...:)
I'm just watching this because of Bonzi Buddy
The Palerider
I was thinking it was Spock's Tricorder. Cool..
Marie Animates
I love your vids! Keep it up!!
Maik Weiß
Now i feel hyped about pocket PCs
Eduardo Avila
I aways wanted those ones, and aways loved them, but never had. Years later i found myself with the same feeling, and wanting to buy gpd win. Its a laptop, yeah, but basically the size of these (or at least fits in the pocket)
Michał Ludwisiak
I remember my PDA - gloofish m800. It runs Windows CE 6.0 and i spent many many hours playing full port of Age of Empires
0:04 [Plop] Oh finally, my iPad [I know he said iPaq] showed up!
2003: OMG Windows phone!! 2019: nah... Windows phones are dead..
Tom Brown
That is such a cool portable PC! I love this vintage tech. I wish Microsoft would make a modern refresh of this portable PC.
Lieutenant BaconWaffles
Ooooh, Bonzie Buddy. ::Vinesauce Joel flashbacks::
say pocket pc fast. *got em*
*lgr video shows upp* I KNEW I RECOGNIZED THAT THING
"Everyday Chemistry". Love that album! *wink wink*
Logical Conservative
The GDP pocket is a true pocket laptop, and you can buy one for about $450
Ahhhh I remember a friend back than having such a device. I loved it :) It even had the WMP Visualizer xD
I see MSN Messenger. Escargot support when?
Niggor Faggit
hahah,nice vinesauce joel reference
4:45 using bing to look up google
Chronical YT
How many times are you going to reference vinesauce Joel. *EXPAND DONG*
Had Fujitsu Siemens Pocket LOOX 740 at the time ;-)
Shrugz 9
Amazing video as usual, worth the wait.
I guess you've heard of Everyday Chemistry too :p.
"Aw, jinkies!" I love you...
The Subtitles seem to always hear you saying „iPad“ and not IPAQ.
Ibrahim Anser
Galaxy Note 9 VS HP Compaq iPaq h22something: No contest.
Xtreme Dash
Hiển Đạt Dương
This is soooooooo early from many minutes ago And now it's next 1month now (kinda)
Space JAGA
Wooden toothpick - best. input. device. ever!
Bradly 105
expand dong! are you a vine sauce fan?
Berat PL
*OUR* Pocket
Luke Molnar
I still have mine. But the screen cracked. I would love to get it fixed.
I'm really sure I had this exact model just because my dad's work didn't need it anymore XD
Inotamira Orani
You tricked me with images of Bonzi Buddy.....I'm not sure if I should applaud you for that or hate you for it, well played
MICHAEL MJD also did it a long time ago Ok not that long ago
Haha! LGR. He’s good techn nerd ASMR though.
Looks at this video in the reccomended *looks down* Oh its another LGR video
Baldi Gave up
I use it to calculate ruler smacks and to deliver shiny quarters
I have a poz X301 A 2004 sliding-pda phone That has a windows mobile premium.
Thomas Zweig
What does the i stand for?? Isn't that an Apple thing??
OMG!!! Windows Phone 0.5. I've never known about this
Great vids!!
Techs Explained
Now I need to find my ipaq edit: it was on my desk
Jacek Jagosz
What about SimCity? LGR showed it working flawlessly on it.
Renato Donadio
Yes, but can it run Windows 10? ;-P
I think The Science Elf should claim the video idea. KSI vs Logan Paul? Hah! I want to see LGR vs The Science Elf.
Radovan Bro
Keep pressing the 0 (zero) key on your keyboard when you play the video on your computer and listen to what you hear.
I had several different models of the ipaq, and the place where I worked sold them (along with palms).
WestHills Games
Great video mate 👍👍👍 Intresting product
T Orrent
All PDAs sucked, and the video's maker would be blissfully unaware of it. Try using that thing with the stylus in your left hand.
Sage Vaughan
who else came for the bonzi buddy
John Mack
Please download Bonzi Buddy on this thing!
I love the iPaq. Used one recently.