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Back before smartphones were ubiquitous in terms of portable computing, another device was popular. This week, we take a look at the HP iPaq h2215, a Windows Mobile PocketPC from 2003. Stay tuned for next time for a demonstration of some of the hardware peripherals this thing can use. Also check out LGR's video on the iPaq rx1955:

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Ha, that intro. The world of YouTube retro tech coverage is amusingly small indeed. Oh well, hooray for more PocketPC coverage! Looking forward to seeing more of that camera in action :)
When I saw bonzi buddy in the thumbnail I knew this was my video
Man, this thing back in 2003 must have been amazing
Lord Cekrom
Ipad, ipaq sound similar =D
Opera literally runs on everything, it runs on vista, xp, windows phone, Mac, Linux, iOS Android, Blackberry Java ME, Sony Ericsson, Nintendo DS, even on Nokia brick phones... (and that’s just naming a few) well, pretty much as cross platform as it can get If you have a device and it can connect to the internet, chances are, you can probably download opera on it
*expand dong*
I had that exact HP! I used it to emulate NES and listen to music and it was so cool. There was an Opera browser for it that gave it better website functionality. Edit: yeah you mentioned it later in the video :)
ShadowDark Pro
Windows Phone 2003.
xD I watched LGR's video on this like 2-3 weeks ago. But still enjoy watching your videos too so :)
Raposa Dislexa
Erik Nilsen
My grandpa gave me a couple of those to mess around with when I was in middle school ~6 years ago. Great fun. Also helped me type some last-minute school assignments before I had my own laptop.
Tijs Van Alphen
Wow when he shows the video on the ipaq. Me looking on my screen looking at the screen of the ipaq, looking at a screen in the video looking at a screen. Screen inception!
Joey Cubes
But caan it run doom?
Duke of Darkness
5:40 *Expand Dong*
Robin MGP
Aw, man, time to dig out my HP IPAQ HX4700 for Pocket PC Month! I had no clue about the existence of Opera Mini on Pocket PCs, looks so smooth! I didn't know about Nevo, either. I recall looking for a program for my pocket PC years ago that did the same job as Nevo does. Nice video, and no, we don't think you're copying Clint. ;)
Lord Cekrom
Impressive Tech for the age =D
I recently bought a Dell Axim x41v for a presentation about PDAs, I too installed Opera Mini (the way it works is that the page is rendered and the JavaScript executed on the Opera servers and then gets sent to your device, that's probably why most current websites still look fine on it). I still haven't found a universal remote control app like the one you showed, because with that it would at least be partially useful to me.
ipaq does what iCant phone , such as copy paste lol
Kra Z Kapin
Holy crap I just watched LGR's old video on this thing! Still gonna watch this tho, your style's different
Tatiana Fomina
I expected to see bonzi buddy on a windows PC.
Bonzi Buddy on the thumbnail again!
Spoopy Woomies
My dad found his old Compaq one in our garage. I think it’s the same one as yours
James J James
Back when I was a teenager and mobile computing was an unobtainable luxury to gawk at, I thought PDAs were the coolest thing ever. Now in the age of ubiquitous smartphones I'm more cynical about the whole thing. Guess I'm getting old now. (Ironically I am writing this on a tablet.)
5:38, vinesauce reference
EmaSplatter 5
That's a real Windows Phone
Lord Cekrom
8:45 Nice beard =D
2:53 lmao too strong signal strength
potato potato potato potato potato potato potato
that tablet pc reminds me of my old computer lmao nostalgia
Haha, I also watch LGR :D
The date is set to exactly 15 years ago today
STHOM Productions
sometimes i use my palmtop to play older games i used to play in the past xD
MC Chase
Clint did it a video before you, but the other videos, he did after you
facespkz vlogs
"Almost all of the software sharing websites are long since dead" [localhost refused to connect]
David V
I want Monteria be in all VeggieTales movies.
Emin Nart
the web and app compability is almost the same with touchscreen symbian phones(i have a nokia 5800) edit: also opera mini on that and opera mini for symbian looks exactly same
Eduardo Avila
I aways wanted those ones, and aways loved them, but never had. Years later i found myself with the same feeling, and wanting to buy gpd win. Its a laptop, yeah, but basically the size of these (or at least fits in the pocket)
Nigger Faggot
hahah,nice vinesauce joel reference
6:08 - minecraft XD
4:45 using bing to look up google
Great vids!!
Henry - Gaming and Random Things!
5:34 e x p a n d d o n g
i block ads on YouTube [CFAMediaV7]
I like your channel more than LGR. In fact, I actually have that channel hidden on my account, so I will never see his videos pop up again. It's like he never existed.
Melissa novak
LGR did his Bonzi Buddy video after you did yours.
Mr.Cringe Kid
LOL I have 1...
Marie Animates
I love your vids! Keep it up!!
Alpha32 _-Channel-_
Touch Screen Existed Since 2005!?
Ahegao Intensifies
Very interesting
Glerk TheFlurp
Kevin Bhasi
2:40 At least on the rx3700 series (I had a rx3715 back in the day), the same left indicator that lights up for Bluetooth, also flashes green when programs told Windows Mobile to "vibrate" the device. 3:34 I remembered that ActiveSync would automatically open and sync when I docked my rx3715 to the NEC PC I had at the time. 3:45 I just remembered, there was a program called "MyMobiler" which allowed the PDA display to be viewed and interacted with on the PC. That came in pretty handy as I didn't need to take my hands off of the keyboard and mouse. 3:49 There was a program called "eXPerience" that was a custom launcher for WM2003SE that provided a WinXP style screen, though it didn't replace the Today screen like with the HP launcher on the rx series, but instead provided a Today item to access it from there. 6:45 I *very much* remember using that on mine. 7:44 I remember having a cracked copy of Opera Mobile (I think it was version 8, and Opera wasn't selling any more licences for that version at the time) installed.
Joe Manning
You should do one on the Palm TX. Palm's last (or close to it) and most powerful PDA. Wifi, Bluetooth, Optional Tom Tom GPS Navigation, great little device. Also did full screen video, web, mp3 ect... The best thing about it was the strong third party and home brew software. Media players for more exotic file formats (back then exotic anyway), total UI overhauls, game emulators and more. The calendar and scheduling (especially with 3rd party apps but even without) offered fantastic customization.
Joyce Birrey
Joel would be happy to do a destruction on this
Spanish Dumbass
LGR is stalking your ideas
Zły Wilk
2:53 Signal strength: too strong lmaooo, how could it be possibly to strong?
Debangsu Sarkar
This thing in 2003. Wow am impressed!
Bill A
Ahhh the D.P.A. (Digital Porn Assistant;) can't forget my first one in 2003, the mouthful HP Rx3715 Mobile Media Companion was quite a flashy device for that era, a true multimedia powerhouse, till the real Smarty Phones came out around 2007-2010. Brings me back memories when porn has harder to find, and was crammed onto expensive full sized SD cards. xD
Compaq also had a desktop line of Windows PCs called 'iPaqs.' I was a PC tech a long time ago (2000-2001) and I unboxed about 200 of them (and heavy 19" Samsung CRTs), and put Windows 98 images on them via Ghost one summer. Good times. You're lucky that iPaq has USB. Most of our PDAs back then were DB9 serial, including my Palm IIIc. :-)
thnx bro-ham. I've been trying to move it for 3 days.
@The Science Elf hello, fellow ppc fan here (i really wished iphone didn't break the trend of ppc rising to power :/). I have gigabytes (and for sure you've checked how much space they take, so imagine how much it actually is ...) of ppc programs, games etc. with "no pay walls" let's say, for any version of windows mobile (2003, 5, 6, 6.5). contact me if interested: bunak[at]mail[fullstop]bg (my old love is ipaq 1930 .. oh i miss those times so much ... mortscript!)
Luis Armando Herrera
Saludos. Puedo convertir mi Android Huawei P8 lite en "PC"?
I've been waiting for a new video
Found the build quality of the iPaq H3600 series a bit questionable... when I got my H3630 back in around 2000, I had to return it three times in the end and each replacement developed the 'flipped screen' fault which was caused by a poor solder joint on the screen edge connector.
Kris B
This brings me back to my Dell Axim. I pimped that thing out so it was all touchbased and I had a bluetooth GPS receiver for turn-by-turn directions and even VOIP calling. Then the iPhone was released which killed off PDAs but I had as close to a modern smartphone as you could get a couple year before that.
But can it run crysis?
Ah, those (fond) memories... Never read as many (e)books as back when I had a little PocketPC from Asus, with that Microsoft Reader. Which eventually led me to buy a couple of e-readers later on. Quite a capable little machine , that was indeed. Cheers to more videos on that subject!
I hate myselfm! why im a born 2007? i wanted to be able to use this kinda stuff and to be so happy with it . Todays devices suck ! Im in love with old stuff like windows xp ,imac g3 and those kind of things. Im screwd!!! And ithink im the only kid of my age that hates stuff after 2011 , most of us would die for an iphone X or samsung galaxy S9
TheFake VIP
makes you wonder why there aren't more open source / free software ports of programs to devices like this, like wireshark or even something like audacity. Heck, what about a modern ish browser.
Anonymous Idea
I remember using my pocket PC with a SNES emulator. It was funky to control, and I think I tried connecting something over bluetooth like a keyboard or controller but it wouldn't work. So I played SNES games with the funky controls of the dell axim and got over it. Also i'm not sure how many people did this but I remember buying games that came with windows mobile versions.
Loved the intro to this video, and if anyone complains about you doing similar content to LGR don't pay them any attention, as I think more good content on this kind of stuff is awesome, and I can't wait to see that camera module in action, as one of my first digital cameras was a stand alone 1MP HP with a 64MB Compact Flash card. :-)
5:32 expand dong
Shawn Burton
I remember when I bought the original Compaq iPaq Pocket PC 3650 from Sears back in August or September of 2000. In my last year of highschool, I remember using it to take notes and had a couple other programs through 2001 and up till early 2002 I remember that I had it.
I had one of these when I was a kid. Odd thing about it, it had Bluetooth but not Wi-Fi. Some of the other models had Wi-Fi but at the time we got it we didn't have a Wi-Fi network and didn't think it was something that would be useful. (I didn't even know it was wireless back then.) Wished I had it later on, of course.
I had this when i was a kid! I had asus p525 running windows 5 and i upgraded it to 6.5, I remember running FPSECE in here, a psx emulator and it literally runs 40% of the original speed and like 15fps and it didnt stopped me from playing tekken 3 and crash team racing. Also I remember I was playing zelda minish cap in gba emulator as well and at some point I got pissed cause I was stuck in the volcano thing and I hit the screen with a pencil and it left a dent but no crack nor touchscreen issues lmao. Also I played machines at war and land air sea warfare in it and it was a blast.
I'll have to buy one of these one day, they look so fun to mess around with. I'm glad you made a video on Pocket PCs, there don't seem to be too many of decent quality on YouTube. Small portable devices fascinate me for some reason, it's interesting to see little computers with not much memory run cool programs that do tasks that normally require a regular PC.
The Science Elf - just a note, those PDAs started becoming smartphones when microsoft added "phone edition" to the PDAs. like "Pocket PC 2002 Phone Edition" - I had one in 2006, called audiovox 6600, it was one year before the first iphone was launched -- and it was a lot better "on average" than the iphone (and to its(iphone) credit, it was the first one to popularize a "touch UI")
saurabh dasgupta
I used to have a PocketPC. It was good for its time. However, Microsoft failed to capitalize on the lead. With the benefit of hindsight - it was still too cumbersome.
I have two pocket pcs I did have multiple videos on one of them. and you simply cannot beat that super nostalgic jawbreaker game
Xom Graphics
I still remember Bubble Pop from my Samsung Pocket PC and the updates from windows mobile 6.2 up to 6.8 I love the nostalgic of this video
saurabh dasgupta
I remember how Microsoft was bent on making the Pocket PC look like and behave like Windows XP. I think this is where they went wrong.
I have a HP iPAQ H5550 (which is this one 0:20 :D), HX2110 and Fujitsu Pocket LOOX 420. And I also have a HTC TyTN and the legendary HTC HD2
Oh a I paq Windows CE 5.0
Lieutenant BaconWaffles
Ooooh, Bonzie Buddy. ::Vinesauce Joel flashbacks::
Sam Winter
Does anyone know if you can emulate windows mobile on virtualbox or any other programs like it?
Radovan Bro
My dad had a similar PDA looking device that probably ran the same operating system at the time. He also had the iGPS-CF adaptor for aviation applications. I remember connecting it to the internet from the docking connector.
Dhani Fathi
Yeah.iPad, iPaQ. Similer name. But not similar when you look it. Hahahaha 😅😅😅😅
Tech & Ukelele Guy
I wanted that sooo bad..,I was like 10 though lol
Lola Lalonde
This cellphone make my old pc look like a gamer pc
Had one too(after my Casio BE-300 died(future Topic?!?) , even had HP service it(for a bent battery door) and even got free side inserts(they peel off after awhile and did on both) under warranty. Yeah software was few and far between.
Myself I am looking archive of Pocket PC/Windows Mobile 2003 programs too for my Dell Axim X5. So far I have found aximpda.com
T Orrent
All PDAs sucked, and the video's maker would be blissfully unaware of it. Try using that thing with the stylus in your left hand.
Wow you took me back some years... Both me and my father used to own a HP pocket pc and they were the best at the time... I can really remember my father playing jawbreaker all the time and he had actually almost destroyed the screen at the bottom left corner where the bubble would gather at the end of the game... Ahh memories...
Kuba videos cz
That LGR thing at the start made me leave this and go watch that instead. Too bad.
YouTube Andre
I want to buy the iPaq how much is it
Nathan David
Found out why that WinXP Tablet didn't boot Android with a GUI. The onboard graphics isn't supported by Android. Either A: Android couldn't detect the onboard graphics or B: There hasn't been any driver support for it.
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Melted Cheese
I would not have a use for this but i want one. How did you go about getting it?
A whole month dedicated to pocket pcs ? Great idea since there's not a lot of videos of these things, you should get a PPC 2000 / 2002 as well !