EXO at the Winter Olympics - FULL Performance - PyeongChang 2018 Closing Ceremony | Music Monday

K-Pop boy band EXO was the final act to take center stage at the 2018 Olympic Winter Games closing ceremonies in PyeongChang. See the entire Closing Ceremony: /> Subscribe to the official Olympic channel here: /> Visit the Olympic Channel, where the Games never end:

Sorry for the delay, but without further ado EXO at the Closing Ceremony! You can see the entire Closing Ceremony here: http://bit.ly/2HWsc1Z
luhan's nipples
I'm still so amazed at Kai's solo dance. His every movement just leaves you curious and breathless
ahhh WAE
Yall they really did *THAT*
ahhh WAE
Lauren I Want Your Camila So Bad
Came here after that FIFA poll
mochi mochi
Imagine how proud all their parents must have been. I’m so glad Kai’s father got to see him perform on this global stage.
Kkaepsong Yehet
Nation's secret weapon: EXO Kai👏👏
forever 1993
In 20 years later, EXO will be a legends group that created history in korea as the group that performed in Olympic games. And compare with other achievement that will become an ordinary awards. Because not all artist can performed in this stage. ☺
exo baekhyun
Growl and Power—two of the most powerful songs of EXO 🙌🏻
Had never heard of EXO until I saw this performance at the closing ceremony. Could not take my eyes off XIUMIN. I had to research to find out who he was. Have been an EXO fan and a lover of all things Minseok ever since! XIUMIN slays me every single time!
Annie Grace
For new viewers who are curious about the song power it is the second song they sing here and the first one is growl :)
omg exo power is played in Dubai fountain show and Olympics and soon in Fifa world cup 2018 omg I'm very happy
Khristian James Calderon
Not a K-Pop fan but I'll give this performance a 10/10
baekhee g
Kai really impressed my dad with his dance
wish lay was there but they all did very well!! kai killed his solo!
Dorcas Akubor
Why haven't I watched this yet.The beginning was phenomenal, Kai did a great job. Great performance. They owned the stage. They represented Korea well.👏👏👏
Ayşe Kaya
First when you say kpop i was like ıwwww but It's been a while (not so long) since i met EXO and now i am in fandom OFFICIALLY😊😊
I love the execution of this stage. The boys did amazing. Vocals, dance, performance, visuals and everything else you can think off, they nailed. The lighting was done tastefully, the way they used the cars and backup dancers to emphasize a great performance and the fireworks as the highlight. Just wow. I’m so proud of them for having come so far.
Who's watching this after winning in FIFA vote 😍😍proud to stan legends
ARMY here to congratulate!!! 🔥❤️
BeesLove Jam
Exo was the group that introduced me to kpop 5 years ago and watching them perform at the Olympics and not only representing Korea but kpop as a whole makes me so proud (not to mention being played at the world cup!)
cookiemonster isme
no wonder they’re chosen
*EXO was mentioned almost 2M in relation with Olympics. And here I am enjoying this legendary performance again. Our boys nailed it!*
Freedom Takamore
This is what got me into Kpop omg thank you exo
Homo Sapien
The start was a really beautiful combination of traditional and modern art
0hsehunmom GD
This performance was so lit. It was so awesome. I am sure those unlikes are from those salty antis who can't find to them selves to be happy to other's achievements. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR HAVING OUR BOYS
Kkaepsong Yehet
Actually Power and Growl the song the fit the Olympic ceremony nice choice
Stan talent, stan SM artist
I'm back, exo really deserves to perform at FIFA WORLD CUP
Metiw exol
Coming back to watch this right before their comeback- Man, they went from being called ‘SM’s first failure’ having less than twenty people come to their fan meetings, they’ve went through so much as a group. Now they are officially the nations pick, the faces of SK, they are now one of the biggest acts in Kpop. They have put themselves in the history books forever ❤️ Thank you for everything and thank you for being EXO ❤️
Josie Vang
I’m an ARMY, but I’m falling love with their performance, really amazing
Super Kitteh
OK, so apparently Kai did this entire performance with a injured heel or ankle
Pia Kim
Kai looks so hot especially when he's dancing huhu I cant
I'm back again to say EXO are truly the greatest and Kai is legit one of the most beautiful human beings ever, he did not stop smiling once throughout the performance
Aleksandar Vuksa
EXO did such an amazing such at this performance, espacially for an 2018 World Cup hosted in Russia as well, i love them so much.
Ultimate Bias Of Exo
The Legends of KPOP❤💕💕
Mshauri Mazuri
I'm loving Olympics fully because of their overwhelming support on EXO.
I love the beginning man!
luwis april
✔ Olympics ✔ FIFA World Cup POWER of EXO-Ls ❤
Suho looks like a pineapple
Kai had an inflammation on the sole of his foot, and he still danced like there was no tomorrow. You gotta love EXO, we are one.
Fatah D.o
again and again, i watching this. and you know what, i'm crying. a long of journey and now they become legend. we are one, Exo fighting
I still remember the faces of my parents during Kais solo performance^^ It’s a shame that Lay wasn’t there
Larry BlueGreen
Melinda Natal
Back again after a few weeks after there Comeback to just remember that they are amazing and awesome for this perfect stage they brought to the Olympics!!
Panda lover
The day after I saw the performance I asked my friend what she thought about the closing ceremony. She said it was good but the should have put some GOOD PEOPLE in. I’m pretty sure she wasn’t an EXO stan but she was a BTS stan. At that time since I wasn’t into k-pop yet I didn’t know what to say. But now I am seriously like pissed.
Kakoli Sarkar
Love EXO from India
Exooo-L-stann Nn
OMG😭✨✨ Our boys are on Fire😍❤️❤️🙏🏼💜💜😭🔥 Pyeongchang 2018 was Lit with them😍😍😭😭🔥🔥🎉🎉
Kai Tempo
Here after winning fifa twitter poll...Exo Exol fighting
exo baekhyun
sosie sosana
FIFA World Cup 2018
"Stan Talent..Stan EXO"😘
callme EXOL
Kai is love, Kai is life
i get emotional every time i watch this, our boys really did that
Zothan Puia
OMG Kai dance so beautifully
Anabe Salarda
Exo is the best k pop group for me,especially KAI he's amazing talent for dancing...we love u EXO...
EriLina Baekachu626
i change my opinion from kings to Legendd
oh chevi
i am so proud to my boys...EXO...i love you...thanks so much for your hardwork...i remmber h-1 d day you still in Japan for cencert, but we know EXO is EXO, always profesional...i was cried...it must be difficult to you all since you were so tired, but you all still giving the best performance...i am proud mom...i'll continue support you boys....WE ARE ONE EXO, LETS LOVE !!! ❤❤❤
Christine Park
i started tearing up by the end. How can you not be proud of them? They literally started out as a group that everyone called "S.M's biggest failure" and they only had around twenty people show up to their first fan meet. They had three members leave and they can't even perform with one member because of a political dispute but look at them now. They have the highest number of daesangs, they hold records for selling out tickets in a matter of seconds, they are quadruple million sellers, they are the only kpop group to have their song performed at the Dubai fountain, and theY FREAKING PERFORMED AT THE OLYMPICS They deserve nothing but the best and I will never stop supporting them. We are One <3
pardz lexdrei09
Exo growl over six years and still counting....proud to be exo-l here from philippines....saranghanja.....fighting!!!!!
Azmira Syazwani
EXO ; the nation's pick
Taeyang's forehead
That’s extremely impressive
baexsuzy aesthetic
Can't get over 😍😍😤. Legends only
billy baek cyrus is my exo bias
Kai is mesmerizing
December 2018??????
Athena Maxima-1
no me canso de ver este video!! gracias EXO por existir!!
Asyilla Zhy
Starry B
They never fail to make me so proud of them 💖
The GREATEST Kpop group of our generation. The most awarded group ever, the NATIONS pick, EXO. Proud of them.
nation's pick exo
Angeli St. Matthew
I love that they had the chance to show the world what good music sounds like, eep! So proud of them!
phuong vu
Thanks Olympic
T̶e̶a̶s̶p̶o̶o̶n̶ Mouthful of Suga
First kpop group to have their song played at Dubai fountain First (and maybe only) kpop group to perform at Winter olympics closing cermony Winter album sold more than 600k And now they are getting an official medal from the Korean government for being the top idol group *WOAH*
Dries Mertens
who still wtaches in July 2018??
exokat wife
welll exo is the legend
Nation's pick indeed
We love the nation's pick
Kai is the king of Contemporary dance and ballet. Never underestimate his original training
Jnnh da' Prncss
I watch this over and over again but this was my first time that I literally crying. Oh such a talented and kind hearted boys they are so down to earth. Even 3 members left them but still they stand and amaze us as always. Love you EXO and EXO'l. 😘😘❤❤ We are One!!! We should support our boys on Fifa. Love lotss!!💕💕
whoever said that this performance is bad. Y'all just antis. They're great!! Even non fans, i'll say that they're doing good job, they're slay
EXO Suho Lay
Ahmad Wildan
Kalau liat ini bawaan nya mau nangis anjir, SO PROUD !1!1!11
the wandering spirit of k-pop
Oh yeah thats the beauty we talkin about 💖👌 Exo saranghaja! 💖
Michelle Vania
exo the best
Natashya Umaierah
Exo is the best..among others..
Nia Wati
Ini sangat keren..di tambah kembang api yg meledak dg iringan lagu power
Меня переполняет чувство гордости, потому что я ЕXО-L. WeAreOne! EXO SARANGHAE! My King!!!👑❤🔥😍😻💖💙💚💟🔥💗👑👍
Amalia Besciu
Kai’s solo showed everyone why he’s called kpop’s sharpest dancer
Kim Jim
We Love EXO
do rae mon
Kai dances whenever he hears a sound
dazzling michael
all of dm are great but undeniably Kai dance is superb in kpop along wd chen and baekhyun voice
I remember when I watched the performance on TV and my first thought was OH THAT'S A PRETTY BOY and then I YELLED CAUSE I REALIZED IT WAS KAI
Mallory Park
EXO never disappoints they are definitely nation’s pick for a reason. so proud of my boys
Nonanoni Vipfor
exo exo exo now on world cup 😎👏👏👏👑👑
Asfa Hanny
Love exo