EXO at the Winter Olympics - FULL Performance - PyeongChang 2018 Closing Ceremony | Music Monday

K-Pop boy band EXO was the final act to take center stage at the 2018 Olympic Winter Games closing ceremonies in PyeongChang. See the entire Closing Ceremony: /> Subscribe to the official Olympic channel here: /> Visit the Olympic Channel, where the Games never end:

Sorry for the delay, but without further ado EXO at the Closing Ceremony! You can see the entire Closing Ceremony here: http://bit.ly/2HWsc1Z
Khristian James Calderon
Not a K-Pop fan but I'll give this performance a 10/10
Teera Sawatronapak
It's obvious that EXO is the group that makes Korea stand out
*EXO was mentioned almost 2M in relation with Olympics. And here I am enjoying this legendary performance again. Our boys nailed it!*
Alcala Catherine
2019 whose with me? Can't get over to this llegendary performance❤
chura chuchu
Exo growl over six years and still counting....proud to be exo-l here from philippines....saranghanja.....fighting!!!!!
baekhee g
Kai really impressed my dad with his dance
baby girl
EXO's power is now the Kpop national anthem thanks to this,Dubai fountain,Fifa worldcup, and burj khalifa.
Amalia Besciu
Kai’s solo showed everyone why he’s called kpop’s sharpest dancer
tirx nr
This aint exo anymore this is high class èxó
gucci tae
yes i may be an army, but i will say i’m proud of exo for this amazing performance. i don’t have time to go around putting out hate towards other groups. good job exo!!!
Coming back to watch this right before their comeback- Man, they went from being called ‘SM’s first failure’ having less than twenty people come to their fan meetings, they’ve went through so much as a group. Now they are officially the nations pick, the faces of SK, they are now one of the biggest acts in Kpop. They have put themselves in the history books forever ❤️ Thank you for everything and thank you for being EXO ❤️
Jay n Justin Park's Sis and King Ateez Mum
Kai is a dancing beast. I really wanted him to get that gig with Fenty so he could see that he is the definition of beauty inside and out.
carol sicheng
i get emotional every time i watch this, our boys really did that
xlkslbccdtk_ SEHUN
Growl Korea’s national anthem Power Korea’s national song
Lina Baekachu626
i change my opinion from kings to Legendd
I Stan *PURE TALENT* and exo is that
T̶e̶a̶s̶p̶o̶o̶n̶ Mouthful of Suga
First kpop group to have their song played at Dubai fountain First (and maybe only) kpop group to perform at Winter olympics closing cermony Winter album sold more than 600k And now they are getting an official medal from the Korean government for being the top idol group *WOAH*
Carla Arievilo
Mark my words: in Beijing 2022 Mr. Zhang Yixing will be there!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Azmira Syazwani
EXO ; the nation's pick
Kyera Toalmobo
Is it just me or is it really cool how they chose Exo to preform instead of bts? I don’t know why, but I’m am soo proud of Exo!
better than MAMA
Farah Abiwardhani
Many groups come and go, but EXO will always be THAT group.
Amelie Poulain
kai is amazing!!! He is art EXO is BEST
Pastel Aeri
1 year anniversary of this iconic perfomance!! by EXO 😍❤ Where are my fellow EXO-L at??? 😘💓💓
Joyous Fantasee
Had to come back, after watching Kai on Under Nineteen, mentoring a group. I’ve always loved watching performances but I seriously cannot stop watching him, Lay, and Sehun. It’s the perfect formula mix of vocals and visuals! Wish SM had promoted them better, when they came to America. Just another event to add to my after-age 50 list of I got to’s.
exo is a grand group. very legendary❤️❤️
nell sea
Kai is truly kpop's best dancer he was outstanding
Yoda 2444
2019,and I am back here again....💖🤗 ,let's make this year more great exol's💖💖
Nothing compares to EXO
Aleksandar Vuksa
EXO did such an amazing such at this performance, espacially for an 2018 World Cup hosted in Russia as well, i love them so much.
Stephanie Mora
Can't believe it's been 1 year! It was so amazing to see my boys so that!! I'm so proud!!
The GREATEST Kpop group of our generation. The most awarded group ever, the NATIONS pick, EXO. Proud of them.
Panda lover
The day after I saw the performance I asked my friend what she thought about the closing ceremony. She said it was good but the should have put some GOOD PEOPLE in. I’m pretty sure she wasn’t an EXO stan but she was a BTS stan. At that time since I wasn’t into k-pop yet I didn’t know what to say. But now I am seriously like pissed.
*Thank you, EXO, for stay strong despite the hard times, thank you for always working so hard to make us happy. Thank you, EXO-L, for never letting our boys and for letting them know how proud we are of them. Let's stay together forever to keep making history* 💖
Syrel Kim Pame
The start of my EXO journey! Saranghaja! We are one... I love you EXo.... 😍😍😍😍
Kenneth 32
Only EXO can make a entrance like that
Mallory Park
EXO never disappoints they are definitely nation’s pick for a reason. so proud of my boys
exokat wife PH
welll exo is the legend
Melinda Natal Inspirit/Exo-L
Back again after a few weeks after there Comeback to just remember that they are amazing and awesome for this perfect stage they brought to the Olympics!!
Sally 91
Closing Olympic Pyongchang : EXO Closing Asian Game Jakarta Palembang : SUPER JUNIOR that’s PERFECT
EXO Suho Lay
Christine Park
i started tearing up by the end. How can you not be proud of them? They literally started out as a group that everyone called "S.M's biggest failure" and they only had around twenty people show up to their first fan meet. They had three members leave and they can't even perform with one member because of a political dispute but look at them now. They have the highest number of daesangs, they hold records for selling out tickets in a matter of seconds, they are quadruple million sellers, they are the only kpop group to have their song performed at the Dubai fountain, and theY FREAKING PERFORMED AT THE OLYMPICS They deserve nothing but the best and I will never stop supporting them. We are One <3
Fall for EXO - king of humble
here to count down 1st anniversary EXO live performance on Winter Olympic Pyeongchang 2018
Exol and an otaku For Life
Just saying can other fandoms stop degrading exo at their own video EXOL don't degrade other Kpop groups at their videos so pls be silent and enjoy my king's performance
ccp cy
ExO aLwaYs hAVe mY HeaRtEu!!
this is history now.. happy 2019.. WE ARE ONE
Asmita Dutta
Nation's Pick Korea's Pride Quadruple Million Sellers Daesang Harvesters Kings of Kpop
Loey Park
EXO is amazing, the best boy band in the worlddd omg❤
I wasn’t a huge exo stan back when the olympics were happening. Also, whenever kpop is on tv, I tend to get embarrassed. My whole family knows my love for kpop but I just- get awkward. I remember telling them I knew who exo were but only a few of the member since there were “so many”. Now I’m a huge fan of exo and I’m very proud of them ☺️💕
This performance is the best No Word just its sick
Eto Yoshimura
Right after Tempo's 100M came here to celebrate 1 year of this Event
Erica Claman
I didn’t know about them until this performance! Saw it when it was on tv and thought they were so good!
Raq Garr
I just recently watched their el dorado live performance and it was incredible and and after watching this i was mind blown..they really never fail to amuse me with their overflowing talent..new fan here..😊
Exo Star
I still get goosbumbs everytime i watch this!! EXO ARE THE BEST!!!
Prajna Dash
alexandria gonzales
who's watching the legendary performance again?
josie o
It doesn't get much more legendary than EXO doing the Growl circle at the Olympics
Survein Liew
Truly an honor for Exo group performing in the closing ceremony of the winter Olympics. Truly a fabulous performance by exo
do rae mon
Kai dances whenever he hears a sound
luhan's nipples
I'm still so amazed at Kai's solo dance. His every movement just leaves you curious and breathless
Kpop love
A proud EXO L here
exo's blume
Olymics or Exo Concert, i see no difference
bhaw na
Happy 1st anniversary. So sad that we a large family unable to make a trend on twitter. Whatever, enjoyed whole performance. Nation's pick indeed. I'm still spellbounded by Kai's solo. He is definition of perfection. And growl will forever be the nation's anthem. Power has created it's own legacy. First here then at dubai fountain show. King of hype songs. Proud of exo and exo-Ls. Happy first anniversary
Legends Always Die
At first I didn't like Power because I'm not used to these type of songs from EXO. But It quickly became one of my favorites
THEY'RE LEGENDS! Great performance. And ahhh I love Kai's stage presence ♥ always on point
Nation's pick indeed
Dung Bùi
Who still watch this everyday??
8 months later and I can't believe EXO did that
Seashells Of The Sea
Here in 2019 and i'm crying watching this guys, My jongin was hurt and he didnt even show it while dancing i'm so proud of my boys T_T truly the Nation's Pick <3
They made the right choice. Power is the most suitable song for this kind of event.
dazzling michael
all of dm are great but undeniably Kai dance is superb in kpop along wd chen and baekhyun voice
Legends Always Die
Shoutout to all the background dancers! They did amazing
no exo no life
Im still amazed at how they entered in cars like They are special ik am i right exo ls 🙄🙄😏😏👑👑😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘❤❤❤❤💘💘💘💘💘💘
Alzahraa Sharaf aldeen
1 year and that's still and always be leagend 😭
Lomi Rawite
Will never forget this legendary performance! Btw Kim Jongin is a LEGEND
Bella Gordillo
Im so glad EXO performed instead of BTS
Majd Kharoof
👑 Exo=Top😏
dyo is bae
I stan this LEGEND about 8 years now. wow, so amazing seeing this boys represent their own country, KOREA! proud of you , my boys🌈🎉
فان بوي
الفين شخص مضغوط 😊
Kai is the king of Contemporary dance and ballet. Never underestimate his original training
Sehun Oh
I'm always proud of EXO 💗💗💗 25.02.2018 - 25.02.2019 ✌
Cat C
Almost a year later and I still think this performance is AMAZING!! LEGENDARY. EXO truly are KINGS! No doubt they make their country proud!
EXO on Youtube
Thank you Olympics for making this possible! This is the best day of my 2018 seeing the boys perform in front of our own TV, LIVE, same time as my timezone for the first time ever! This is so beautiful. The moment we will treasure.
Kim Kai
HAPPY 1st YEAR for this GORGEOUS performance
Aisha Ali
My reason for watching the closing ceremony❤️❤️❤️
I'm still not over this iconic performance
Idaro Hyuogo
Kai's solo dance is unrelly wonderful
In 2019 I'm still shock by this performance.. So proud ㅠㅠㅠ
thao phương
i love EXO. WE ARE ONE
*Awesome 👏👏👏Amazing 👏👏* *This is incredible ❤* *A perfect and fabulous* *performance* *I am very proud of EXO* *I love you EXO ❤* *We are one❤*
Noor Ismil
ملوك 😍😍😍😍🤴🤴🤴🤴🤴🤴🤴🤴🤴❤❤❤❤👑👑👑👑💫💫💫
Yes,i'm still here. Proud of my babes. they are truly legends.Also,they are really humble boys I stan the correct group.
chanyeol's puppy
Today marks one year since EXO performed at the Olympic Winter Games and I'm still amazed♥
dyo 6
😍EXO is the best👍👍👍👍
1 year on and I am back watching this amazing performance! So proud of them!!
NATION'S PICK did that
3m 👏👏👏 Congratulations 🎊 EXO snd EXO_L 😍😍😍💗💗💗