The perfect freestyle football skills. | w/ Kotaro Tokuda

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Tokura is a 25-year-old who lunges, flips and makes other acrobatic moves that most freestyle footballers haven’t yet perfected. Because of his nimble footwork and nation of origin, most international media dubbed his technique the ‘ninja style’. Watch his freestyle football skills filmed on his trip to India. One of the most exciting tricks up Tokuda’s sleeve is the backflip catch — a finishing move in which he tosses the ball in the air and catches in between his knees while performing a perfect backflip. Red Bull athlete Kotaro Tokuda, better known as ‘Tokura’, is undoubtedly one of the biggest names in Freestyle Football and has a long list of achievements in the sport. A local celebrity across Japan, Tokura became an international sensation when he became Red Bull Street Style World Champion in 2012, taking home the gold medal at the finals in Italy. Since then, Tokura has become one of the busiest athletes on the Red Bull roster and has travelled the world extensively, performing his signature "ninja" style tricks and jaw-dropping acrobatic moves such as the "backflip catch" at hundreds of high profile events over the past few years. Realized by Frizson _ Experience the world of Red Bull like you have never seen it before. With the best action sports clips on the web and original series, prepare for your "stoke factor" to be at an all time high. Get the FREE Red Bull TV apps for all your devices: /> Watch Red Bull TV: /> See into our world: /> Subscribe to Red Bull on Youtube: /> Red Bull on Facebook: /> Red Bull on Instagram: /> Red Bull on Twitter: /> Subscribe to the Red Bulletin: /> Sign up for our Newsletter here:

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Redbull gives you football skills!😊
Sorry but had to dislike for all the animations and effects. So distracting I couldn't even tell if the tricks were actually amazing or just decent. Next time just let him do his tricks and take my like.
Kakeru Tokyo
Not going to credit the animator?
So many unnecessary animations and translations... Garbage.
Ori The Wolf
Was this video supposed to be showcasing editing skills?
Mllr hr
bring back joga bonito
ぺ ぺ
Briek Almey
Wauwwwww OMG
Tokura is a beast! <3
Y e e t u s D e l e t u s
Henry Parsley - New Jack Swing is the song
Martin Tabanag
he got skills but the editor got more awesome wicked skills! love the whole animation!
Harry Harris
This is acctually epic! Also, good to see football called 'football' for once on you tube!
Y e e t u s D e l e t u s
Who is the editor ?
Ben fs football 26
Music ?
Kotaro in the house!
#golonka better 😉
Bailey de Regt
Well done Tokura!
Vít Šuranský
fast cyclst
Talented person. Too bad this video didn't show his skills to us. Bad film.
is he the same person for the samurai nissin ramen commercial?
samppa Ahonen
Nice 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Weird Awesome
Love the edits!
1k like! I take mine sugar free<3
Fran Fran
the plays kaskarita they are amazing
pakno gomez
Someone at red bull should wingsuit into the atmosphere using a hurricane/tornado
Jose Pedro Lopes
Ivica Vidovic
Kaushal Pandya
He is quite amazing and talented!!!
kamal klk Alaoui
fajar Irwansyah
Baru saja gw lihat aksinya di kokas. Keren banget :)
Tsubasa ozora^^
Cletus Abbot III
Cool boy!!Like it.
Styven Reyes
No cuadra la animación con el tema
Alex Karliychuk
Cool! He has bboy skills also! =)