Hurts - Better Than Love + lyrics

Hurts - Better Than Love + lyrics on the screen. Lyrics from the CD bookelt. NO COPYRIGHT INTENDED! Hope you enjoy :)

I think the song's about drugs. "Every minute more brings you closer to God" - double meaning, there...
Ianroy Well
I'm about to kidnap Theo Hutchcraft and Adam Anderson. TOO MUCH AWESOMENESS!!!!!!!
Eve Hurt
gives me chills...
I think it's about sex/one night stands vs love. In the beginning he's singing about it being better, as a fact, but later he starts to question it.
Giorgia Paneaglio
Art is better than love. In my opinion this song is about the power of Art.
Eva Pap
Explanation kills art
Persida Jovanovic
It's about death
This song was in a japanese drama called: Clone Baby. Its the ost for that drama. Its addicted now lol
muzikismy life
discovered Hurts and now I'm hooked. Love them and their unique style. Can't get enuf.
Gwen Korinek
For me, this song is about adrenaline and thrills. Just a theory...
magdalena_ magdalena
Truth has been spoken
Melanie Jensen
Cancer from Uranus
Am I the only one hearing Windows Vista exclamation sounds in the song?
Hewhoshall Notbenamed
this is originaly a Daggers's a band that Theo and Adam were in before Hurts :) they are awesome.
Momčilo Panić
Ma sta isprica zeno Bozja xD
Jenny Chantrakool
I had forgotten how sexy this song sounded :p
Teodora Lalić
I don't think the song is about drugs, but I'm sure this song is like a drug to me. Anyway that wouldn't be their style it's more like adrenaline, passion, excitement and sex probably.
Nathan Vogelzang
don't be ashamed i was borne without any intelligence whatsoever:D
I'm so stupid that I don't understand the meaning of this song but the music and the melody are fantastic!
hamza uriy
if u want get hurt love some one
chamissoful Aves
They want to tell us anything is better than love :) Am i right? Does it feel better than love???
Eley from Nowhere
To me, it's a song about sex.
I think so too, I really doubt it's about drugs
Some people say its drugs but I don't think thats it, at least in my opinion. Not Hurt's style. I think its passion over love... or trying to find the absent love in passion and confusing the two.
Every second is a life time :X !
MimEssj god
Drugs always better than love .
Musica TheMusica
alot of times hun.
What is better than love? suicide?
i don't what do they mean but the song is amazing and the title of the song
Corrianne Vervoorn
so, what do they mean by this?
Red light, green light, 1, 2, 3, do you see only what you want to believe...
Hasil K
Laura Happy
this song is like a drug
Gecko Hippy
like if you LOVE hurts...
Caitlin Little
This needs way more views. One of my favorite songs by 'Hurts'. Just amazing.
nice ,dude!
Veronica Chilla
La mia adolescenza, che periodo!
anjana biswas
I found this song in a Japanese drama named "Clone Baby"....
Veronica Chilla
Have you forgotten what she looks like or do you only see what you wanna believe?
Claudiu Dorin
basil lafferty
This would fit a bit to Far Cry 5 :p
lejos lo mejor de Hurts
cassius 2