Prince - When Doves Cry (Official Music Video)

Purple Rain Deluxe is out now! Buy or Stream Purple Rain The Movie here - /> />Get Purple Rain Deluxe Expanded here: />Get Purple Rain Deluxe here: /> Follow on Facebook: /> Purple Rain remains one of history’s most important, indisputable, and influential albums, but you’ve never heard it like this before. Purple Rain Deluxe boasts the official 2015 Paisley Park Remaster of the original tapes overseen by Prince himself in addition to a new “From The Vault & Previously Unreleased” disc with 11 unheard gems from the storied vault. This is Prince’s final word on his definitive masterpiece.

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Ruben Delgadillo
Who else wishes Prince was still alive!
Kaitlyn L
He is the only man that could steal your girl while wearing her shoes
The Spherical Earth
Say your prayers metal band Don’t forget my son, to include everyone Played your songs free of pain Praised your skills within Until the Wahmmet he comes
El Cuate
I dreamed of Prince after he died.He was chillin on a chair and he asked me what I wanted like I really wanted something from him. I just wanted to tell him and I told him that I liked his music
who else is here after being subjected to that heinous "cover" by Metallica?!?
Bryson Byroo
Stevie T brought you here... right?
Lamby Corn
Fun fact: all instruments heard in this song were played by Prince himself! That just goes to show how talented this man was <3
Jai Bothra
Who else is here after hearing Metallica butcher this song and needed to be reminded what the original actually sounds like
Dmitriy Russian
Who after Metallica?
Marksman Dan
Is it wrong that I think this is better than purple rain?
Umbreon Girl
That moment when my mom told me that my dad did the bathtub crawling scene to her. 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😅😅😅
Theundra Livingston
The 4.6k people who dislike this song smoke crack for breakfast. These people are crazy.
Colin Cahill
Cleansing my ears after the Metallica cover :/
geust toown
Lil pump will never get to this statues of legandary
Caitlin Frawley
My favourite Prince song ever! 😍😍😍
Sean Houston
Rest In Peace Prince I hope your paradise is ever so beautiful. Thank you for your great music. :)
Sandra Borg
When I was a teenager in the 80's I use to sing . " Maybe I'm just like my mother , she never sat inside " . I know now it's ," she is never satisfied " . lol
Lashawn Barber Barber
Absolutely amazing song by a musical genius
Jaiden Isbister
5.9K dislikes, they must be smoking crack this is a master piece
Still one of the best songs ever written. Nothing like it then, and nothing like it all these years later.
R.I.P. the greatest artist that ever graced us with his magical voice
LeQueen Enchantresse
Happy Birthday Purple One 💜
Jonathan Duran
This should have like 250 million views. underrated artist.
Melvin Malva2
Fuck despacito
George Yemen
Love birds crying well this song makes me cry I guess I'm a dove I'm never happy awesome song God rest his soul
Sirus Blenke
I never really gave Prince a listen since I could never find any of his music. And holy shit this song is amazing.
Joyce Howard
Happy Birthday Prince;You are truly missed
Faith wright
Why isn’t music still this good I was born in the wrong generation
Marcelo Pires
The musics of Prince are magic and surreal.
Matheus Araujo
If only a very popular metal band butchered this song in front of a huge audience...
Angela Smith
only man that can wear high heels and no one said nothing
Miss Reezy
Okay after seeing some comments here I only can say: STOP that Michael Jackson X Prince bullshit! Goddamn y'all can't only appreciate music? Both Michael and Prince had talents that were out of this world, in their own ways and style. BOTH are genius and they can't be surpassed. That rivalry people love to point out wasn't all that. Prince himself said there was no rivalry to him, and everything they did was throw a little shade at each other and that's all. And talking about that, remember what happened when Lil Mo came at Prince and when Eminem came at Michael? Both of them had a good clapback, but when that happened between Prince and Michael everything was fine. Mayba that rivalry was something in the 80's but it got in the past! Actually they had a immense love for each other as artists, Michael had Prince's 1999 album and already went to his concerts, and Prince already said Michael was a genius, and when MJ died, Prince's long date friend said he cancelled everything and locked himself in his room and wouldn't come out for nothing. The audios that the media said had Michael talking bad things about Prince was never shown and they can't prove shit! Just because you love Michael or Prince doesn't mean you have to disrespect the other, bc not even Michael and Prince themselves did that. Both of them were revolutionary, both of them are the greatest inspirations for any artist, both of them changed the game. I love and defend both of them do death, they spread magic all over the world, they made people happy and they came and slayed the whole world. Now, they didn't do all of that and fought against the music industry and the sistem, to people be talking shit about them like that.
Stanislav Chumachenko
When I first heard this song, ‘83 or ‘84... I can’t remember, I thought it was so groundbreaking. Totally different from anything that had previously existed. It’s 2018 and I still feel the same way. RIP Prince!
Olivia 8
I remember his two Doves : Majesty and Divinity in their cage peint in gold when he was interviewed by the journalist Mel B in his paradise : Paisley Park.
The song that made me listen!!!!!!!! Thank you Prince!!!
Frank Peers
little prince with big heart
Elise Neeltje
who else 17 years old and watching in 2018
J Rehm
Beautiful metaphor...birds of love and peace are brokenhearted. Melancholy Prince was equally as impressive as his more familiar good feeling works. It's hard to understand why he himself didn't release Nothing Compares 2 U, but it makes sense when you factor his entire body of work.
Reagan Gundersen
Thanks Stevie T, needed to hear this after that Illegal sound to my ears from Metallica
BB Love
Who's still bumping this in 2018?🎶🤘🏾 RIP Prince🕊️💜💜💜😇
Kyle Senko
Best guitar intro in the history of guitar intro's
Linda Cassidy
Most of Prince music was copyright after he died Its great that we get to celebrate him and his music Awesome guitar player RIP L🎸
Murkamo Millennium
This song drops the panties REALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL QUICK
Softheart of Wildclan
Did you know that prince made his first song when he was 10
Jporres Porres
Pancakes anyone?
Shahin Tajeri
If Stevie T brought you here because of Metallica's "cover" of this song, thumbs up
Savannah Mendez
Been listening since the 80's still listening in 2018!
Lisa Brown
" so cold.. 😢
Quiet Storm Curtis
I remember back in the day when l was a teenager. I stayed up until 1 o'clock in the morning waiting to watch this video on Hot Tracks
Benjamin Jantzen
His best song. What a talent. Beautiful heart.
Mikey D'Angelo
This is literally the first song of his that i have gave a chance. And its definetly a bad ass jam
Vance Sanchez
It says LOVE GOD on the wall 😊
Efy Fauzi
Tyreek Murillo
prince stares at you the way you stare at your mom when you want money but are too shy to ask
lynn beauty
I love this song sm❤
Yurii Taborovskyi
Let's be honest. This song is efing hard to perform on it's own, let alone play it without drums and backing vocals. Not justifying Metallica's godawful cover, just want to say that you could see it coming based on the song choice and their instrumental arrangement:D Weird decision.
1k dislikes from those who haven't purified themselves in Lake Minnetonka
when I went to jail as a kid I heard all prince songs this wack gaurd loved it n played it when he showed up on his shift.. I still dig it don't listen to music for 6 days n play prince you will be loving it eee lol
the missing link
Here before Metallica fans are 😂
slugga 504
still jam
Kellie Sharpe
He s all I asked for for my 13th-20th birthdays 💜
Eric The wolf
Long live prince and Michael
The 5.9 K people that disliked this LOVED Metallica’s ‘cover’ of this song.
Angie Me
I need to start going out again love prince🎹🎼
Pedro Galiano
When he gets out bathtub dammmmm. He was a fine black brother!!!
God bless you brother, your music was amazing, I have so many fond memories of your music videos growing up, your soul was just as pure as your intent.. Thank you for making the 80's, 90's, 2000's price like!
Pizza parker
I like the lyrics but i dont like the way it sounds
Kiri Bogach
Jaime Altozano ♥️
*G.O.A.T.* 💕👑💯 Edit: R.I.P. Prince 👑🕊 1958-2016
Medijuana 420
who else has their own little dance to this 😂
Juju G
Always loved this song. ❤
Needed to cleanse myself from the shitty Metallica version.
Magic Jackson
Yeah I'm Finna Go Watch Trump Sings Billie Jean
AjEvans FollowYourHeart
The sweat of your body covers me Can u picture this The Heat between me and u xoxoxo
Zeref Dragneel
Michael Jackson vs Prince
The days of going on obscure, second class video websites for Prince is over. But I still rather have Prince alive. :(
Freela 3001
Alex Push Bird
Prince as minimalist. Dig if you will a song constructed from the barest of elements, almost demo-like in its sparseness. Feel, if you will, how it still sinks so deep within your person as you get lost in its swirl of surrealist imagery, family psychodrama, and Prince’s cutting vocals. Touch, if you will, your skin as you realize how sweaty and tired a pop song just made you.
Blue Fox
Old music videos are something else... I love it 😸
Stephanie Bate
Prince wrote this 'cos his label said no-one could write a hit song without a bass line.. then days later he dropped this tape on their desk
Prince's anti-YouTube stance made absolutely no sense to me. Welcome back, your highness.
Stevan Medojevic
Jebo mater ovo je Dino Merlin :D
Clif Muller
Talent coming out of his pores...his fingertips, his eyelashes...the Mozart of rock....
Ollie Huxford
I went here after hearing Rob and Kirks cover. Shocking cover didn't even sound like it. Thanks Stevie T
Two Tails Videos
I wish he was! I love his songs! 👌
You Big Trippin
Michael and prince were the only ones who can rock clothes like this
Rest in peace Prince of pop 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
That hard filthy beat... Prince's songs are great sex music, in a nice way
Came here after watching Sam Perry audition video. Love it.
Meow Life
The song has a good beat and good music and Prince
Adam DeVree
From seductively crawling out of a tub to domestic abuse. We miss you, you strange little purple man. R.I.P. Prince.
Valentin Iglesias
A underrated guitarist
Britney Matulj
Don’t u thing some boys in the 80s looked gay?
💎⚪💎⚪💜⚪💎⚪💎 🎵🎶💜PRINCE💜🎶🎵 💎⚪💎⚪💜⚪💎⚪💎
༺꧁ Yσuиg ꧂༻ HYPE
Cade o gritinho?
*R.I.P.* *We love you*
Evania Rodrigues
The Pub Destroyer
All due respect to James, but the rest of Metallica after that cover just makes me wanna give up guitar lol