George Michael - A Different Corner (Official Video)

George Michael - A Different Corner (Official Video) Listen on Spotify - />Listen on Apple Music - />Amazon - /> ‘Listen without Prejudice/MTV Unplugged’ – OUT NOW. Listen on Spotify here get the album here /> Follow George Michael Music updates - />Official website - />Facebook - />Twitter - />Instagram - /> Lyrics I'd say love was a magical thing I'd say love would keep us from pain Had I been there Had I been there I I would promise you all of my life Hut to lose you would cut like a knife So I don't dare No I don't dare 'Cause I've never come close In all of these years You are the only one to stop my rears And I'm so scared I'm so scared Take me back in time Maybe I can forget Turn a different corner And we never would have met Would you care? I don't understand it For you it's a breeze Little by little You've brought me to my knees Don't you care? No I've never come close In all of these years You are the only one to stop my tears I'm so scared of this love And if all that there is Is this fear of being used I should go back to being lonely and confused If I could, I would, I swear.

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George is the definition of Perfection. The voice, the talent, the look and the huge golden heart. Still grieving. Forever
Rachel G
The man that looks like a Greek God and has a voice like an angel. Brilliant , strong and beautiful.
Jennifer Taylor
Sometimes you don't know how moving a song is until you reach a certain age and go through life
SpiritualLight 4
SO BEAUTIFUL!!! And beautiful man! Miss you, George! <3
Reading all the comments while listening to this just makes me cry... and I’m a 49yr old bloke !
Patrick Cole
I'm not gay nor a great lover of pop but this guy is special and this track is magic and haunting
Stephen cuddles
Turn a different corner and we never would have met. How many of us can empathize with that feeling....😢
Julie M
I could listen to this forever
Debbie Dattilo
I’m 56 and this song makes me cry even now. George was part of the map of my life for a very long time. He is deeply missed.
Wow, this song is so dreamlike and beautiful. Very angelic, and he wrote, sang, played, arranged, and produced it all himself.
M. 2018
One of the most beautiful songs ever written.
im 6"4" 250ilbs ,  built like a damn truck , yet knowing George Michael is gone has me in tears still now.  this song is one of my all time favs ever....... RIP brother. thank you for your music,  you were an Angel here on Earth , sent to make this cruel world a better place, i am sorry it tried to engulf you brother.  you wil be missed,  Heaven is a brighter place with you Back in it, i would have given anything to have met you but your music will always be an inspiration ....... i love you ......
buKkiDbOy bG
I'd say love was a magical thing I'd say love would keep us from pain Had I been there Had I been there I would promise you all of my life But to lose you would cut like a knife So I don't dare No, I don't dare 'Cause I've never come close in all of these years You are the only one to stop my tears And I'm so scared I'm so scared Take me back in time, maybe I can forget Turn a different corner and we never would have met Would you care? Oh, I don't understand it for you it's a breeze Little by little, you've brought me to my knees Don't you care? No, I've never come close in all of these years You are the only one to stop my tears I'm so scared of this love And if all that there is Is this fear of being used I should go back to being lonely and confused If I could, I would, I swear
Angel Incognit
You were and you always will be the soundtrack of my days ...
Nagendra Nachiketa
One of the best voices to have graced planet earth. Now he is back with the angels where he belongs.
God please bring him back, if I could, I would, I swear
Kieran Masterson
What a Song.. what a Voice.. what a Man.
Runnen Hyde
as a man i can certainly say that when i see people like prince, michael jackson, chris cornell, robin williams, freddy mercury and george michael (there are several others) i still remain choked up and shed tears because of the good and great times associated with them. we will never see anything like them ever again. george was an angel of a human being and he certainly left a void when he died as did others mentioned. i can only raise a fist in your honor when i hear you or see you. thank you George #SUCHISLIFE #FUNERALSONG #APPRECIATEANDRECIPROCATE
Dorothy Parker
This is a bloody masterpiece....that piano is gold
Paperchain 123
IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE A MASTERPIECE - makes me sob. Love you George 💗💗💝💝💗💗
Leandro Rocha
Thank you for everything. I hope you're resting in peace. Thank you very much!
June P Woo
"to lose you would cut like a knife, so I don't dare..." RIP dearest George,. Love Always
abhi. verma
Music now a days is shit and we are loosing all the great ones :((((
Saul Gaines
I can't get through this song without tearing up😪
As a lyricist, he was never afraid to be raw and honest. Yet he was a god damn poet. I wish he was still with us.
Diana Foster
When I saw this done by Chris Martin of Coldplay and at one point he did a duet with George as George was on the screen singing in back of him I lost it. It was such a touching tribute and so sad to see pictures of George in the background. You could tell it was really hard on Chris at the end as he turned to the screen when it showed George Michael 1964-2016 😢😢😢
Zofia Stefanski
my God I sill can't believe he is gone
one of my favorite songs,he had such a beautiful voice he will missed by so many.
Sorin Szabo
It is rare to see a man so vulnerable
A Rambler
I still can't believe he's gone
Steve H
What a beautiful song. George wrote some amazing songs, but this is right up there. RIP George.
Sandra Yagci
There are a few lines that touched me so hard i felt that pain and i know some of you too
Sharon Powell
A beautiful tormented soul.
What a song........RIP George xxxx
Clarke Mareta
One of my favorite song to listen to, with my eyes closed wow so awesome mm wow. I love you George R.I.P miss you so much 😍😍😓😓😓😓
Migdalia Rosado
Never met you George Michael, and never had the opportunity to see you in concert. You have left us. But you are not ever forgotten .. I too am scared😢
Hauntingly beautiful song makes me cry
Rossana Niebla
What an incredible of my favourites...among many..there wasn't a song i didn't was and always will be the best song writer and humble and kind..he will not be forgotten..he is the most intelligent and beautiful person i have ever seen or will see in my life...he finished what he had to do here and is singing with the yog you are forever loved and not forgotten in my eyes..💝💝💝💝💝you are the king!!!💝💝💝of the world...💝
Iceman naz
What a great talent , will be missed
Elvis:The Ultimate Fan Channel
"Take me back in time,maybe I can forget,turn a different corner and we never would've met.Would you care?" Goes to show how are lives are mapped out doesn't it? One of the best songs EVER RIP George
michael roche
Amazing song but I wish I had turned a different corner as I walked in a nightmare
Marmor Syr
What a pleasure when you listen to this heavenly song and reading the comments from people who share the same feelings . George you will live always in our hearts .
gemgirl1995 gemgirl1995
George was born the same year as me, and I really remember going through a torturous breakup with my first boyfriend, and this song was being played on radio. It meant so much that George could read my heart ❤️ He's a beautiful man! 🎼💙🎼
Fantasy one tv
One of his very best songs. Not so many was unique like this one. His voice is really an instrument perfectly fitted with the sound of the music. Don't know why, but this song makes me feel a certain peace, the peace of a world where everything was nicer. George Michael's voice is pure, delicate, powerful, educated, and angelicate
George sings about his life it makes me think he found it easy to write about life ........... I hope this man with a true gift is at peace !! God bless a man with a talent
Diane Brennan
Thank you for your Music......Miss you.
I wish we had Music like this again RIP George so beautiful ...
Jacek Podeszwa
George Michael was the best singer and at the same time the writer and producer was the best of the best beautiful voice and a wonderful man, at the same time very modest and generous ! I love this song! I'll be missing him very much!
Wow...what a concert there must be in heaven...David Bowie, Maurice White (Earth Wind and Fire), Prince, and now George Michael. Tragic losses.
Gianna Rivera
This song means more to me than any other. The lyrics are so touching and solemn. His heat felt performance transfers you to another world in time long ago but never forgotten. I love
Truly timeless music, such a talented man. They don't make music like this anymore... More's the pity. Rest in peace
Clarke Mareta
I miss his voice so much 😢😢😢😍😍
M Mouse
😔....I’m a straight guy but I loved this guy; such a talent...still listening and always will ....forever
One of the most amazing and powerful songs I have ever heard, oh, this just breaks my heart
Anibal Martins
If I could, I would, I swear.... The heart beat pounding behind the melody.. breathless.. the legacy of a singular Man.. GM.. RIP
Mohammad Sadiq
What a mood and temperament. Simply the best. Sadiq from Karachi, Pakistan.
Yog's Soulmate
My angel, my darling singer... 😍🙏
Music For The People
Very introspective and moving. This song always got to my emotions. Now that he's gone it is even more emotional and hard to listen to.
Minas Tirith
i never was a fan of george michael but i absolutely LOVE this song....thanks for having it and being a witness of his career...
Such a beautiful meaningful song. You just know Michael wrote this song from the heart. R.I.P beautiful man ❤️
freedom from
masterful! i didnt elaborate my wife of 18 yrs walked out on me though im over it.the song reaches my heart like no other for pain an rejection. you were great mr michaels
paperchain 123
Why do you make it so hard for us George, every song is brilliant!!!
John Brett
They won’t ever be a voice like that again
Tom Barry
This and" Praying for time" my favorite GM songs
Vince Fisher
Damn,this is so good..
akis papas
Just love this song and his amazing voice
rebell arts
Freedom Michael, I love you, RIP
Judy Beach
Absolutely beautiful..... gone too soon
Beth Cause
and a tear drops from my eye
This was my mum and dads first dance, my mum was pregnant with me at the time, clearly been George girl from the start... 16 years on and still in love with him and this song ❤️
Twórczość George,a jest dla nadwrażliwców, takich, jakim był On sam. Jego nietypowa seksualność nieustannie prowadziła go do szukanie prawdziwej miłości, błądził, upadał i powstawał , walczył , ale z uzależnieniami nie udało mu się wygrać. Nie obchodzi mnie , jak żył choć niesamowicie żal, że uciekał w narkotyki) . Był pięknym człowiekiem o pięknym wnętrzu. Dał mi,( nam) to , co najwartościowsze w życiu , przezywanie piękna, fantastycznych emocji, dobrych emocji. Zawsze, gdy Go słucham, odnoszę wrażenie, że nagle staję się lepszym człowiekiem. I tak właśnie jest. Kocham Cię George.
Shar Pei
This song made me cry everytime i listen to it. Tomorrow, 25.12.17 it's going to be a year since u left us. I still can't believe that u're gone. YOU, & Ur music will always be in my heart. I grew up with u & ur songs since my teenage years. I still cry for u since ur death. No pop singers have touched my heart like u ... Ur lyrics reflect my feelings. R.I.P George & plse protect everyone of us. May u be my angel.
Masterpiece ♥️X
Julia Kehrli
I swear it's like he came straight from Heaven in this video. All dressed in white like that, he looks like an angel, but he's missing one thing: the wings. He has since gained those, but the world has lost a man whose talent, beauty, and heart can never be matched or replaced. I'll freely admit that I have a certain level of guilt for not knowing what an incredible artist, and man, George was in life (I've only really "discovered" his music in these past few weeks); a guilt that makes me wonder if I have the right to call myself a fan of his now that he's gone. Somewhere in Heaven, I'd like to imagine that there's a place where our dearly departed stars can see the tributes that we post on social media and those that we erect at their homes or other places of significance in their lives, so that they may know how much they were loved, something that I feel George never truly knew until the (6) years immediately preceding his death. George, I hope you're resting easy. Your memory and music will surely remain in the hearts of your fans, both lifelong and newborn (like me), for the rest of time. ☺💜💔
Amazing VOCALS!!!
Jodhi Boyd
How can 1k dislike this..smfh!! He made some of the best music!!! RIP.... FOREVER MISSED!!!😢
locked in the eighties
Feel sorry for George, listen to the lyrics of his songs, he (like all of us) just wanted to love and be loved... RIP George.
Karen Catizone
My favorite George Michael song. I always felt that George Michael had an amazing voice, & this song is a fantastic example of that. I can't believe he's gone. Rest in Peace George. Thank you for all the amazing music.
I'm still mourning. He was the only singer who I wrote fan letter to, because I thought and still think he was the best singer/songwriter. I miss him so much...
Ben Pardoe
I'm 21 and I love this song, have done since I first heard it. Wish there were more compelling tunes like this being made for my generation, sad to think I'll never see an era like this...
a masterpiece. must he die so early?irreplaceable!
Daniel Maya
So beautiful! I think this is one of his best songs and quite underrated in his career!
lost for words I salute you goodbye sir.
Tim Kimbrough
All of us that we're George Michael fans are very fortunate that he left all those lyrics& music for us! GOD needed him, so he called him home! I miss him every day! But I've always played his music just about every day! I miss u GM, RIP my friend! Tim Kimbrough
This is my brother's song I'm sorry to say he died of cancer everytime I hear this song I break out in tears I miss you brother rest in peace
francis joe
oh George.. needn't have to go.. shades of greek influences in this song
Andrea Craske
All comments so good. Thank you. R.I.P George Xxx
Music is a great part of our lives. Taking us back in an instant as soon as you hear the first notes. Bitter sweet memories of our youth some of us wishing we could go back. Some of us wondering how time just went by so fast. And ever so grateful for George Michael that we close our eyes listening to his music and we can be swept right back there. George Michael I hope you're with your first love and Mum.
Zarabeth Deer
Crying listening to this song , watching him in this video , he was an artistic genius, with the looks and he was tall ,always loved him ,the British press media hurt his soul he was too sensitive for this life ,may he be at peace .
Mausumi Das
Exact look of a Greek God and voice of an angel.George is so humble and beautiful.
I really like George Michaels Music it is really cool I wish I could have met him you seem like a nice person
this song make me feel in another dimonsion 😓 R.I.P my idol i never gona forget your good music and your beautiful smile.
Kathy Storer
our dad choose this for his final song at his funeral tomorrow. what a compliment. he was 83 yrs old .thank you George for telling the truth so others could x
kelli blood
If i could i would i swear!!!! Says it all your missed George what a beautiful heart you had
Love Liberty
Remembering you today 💐💐😞😞 when you left were and are always Amazing...
frank stark
George is phenomenal, but this song isn't as good as i thought it was as a kid.
Stephen Cooper
This song says it all. What more can one say ? God bless him.
Annies Place
❤ this song. The more I hear about him the more I realise what a decent man he was. A gentle soul who left far too soon.