Her Last Words - Courtney Parker

*** I HAVE A NEW CHANNEL! *** /> Instagram: courtneymayparker Snapchat: courtneymay96 A while ago I wrote my own lyrics to the song "Perfect Couple" by Fozzy and Van C, I spent a really long time on perfecting them and didn't want them to go to waste so I recorded this, I originally spoke it but then realised singing it sounded slightly better. I know I'm not a good singer at all and the point of uploading this was not to show off my voice or anything like that, I might get made fun of for making this, I just didn't want to waste something I spent so long writing. So, I hope at least a few people enjoy this as it's taken me a lot of courage to upload. Music: Atmosphere - The Last To Say (Instrumental) ***LYRICS*** Just an average girl She always wore a smile She was cheerful and happy for a short while Now she's older, things are getting colder Life's not what she though, she wishes someone had told her She told you she was down, you let it slip by So from then on she kept it on the inside She told herself she was alright But she was telling white lies Can't you tell? Look at her dull eyes Tried to stop herself from crying almost every night But she knew there was no chance of feeling alright Summer came by, all she wore was long sleeves 'Cause those cuts on her wrists were bleeding through you see She knew she was depressed, didn't want to admit it Didn't think she fit it, everyone seemed to miss it She carried on like a soldier with a battle wound Bleeding out from every cut her body consumed She had no friends at school, all alone she sat And if someone were to notice she would blame the cat But those cuts on her wrist, they were no mistake But no one cared enough to save her from this self hate Things were going down, never really up And here she is now stuck in this stupid rut She knew exactly what she had to do next Just stand on that chair and tie the rope around her neck She wrote a letter with her hands shaking wild "Look at me now, are you proud of your precious child?" But she knew that her parents weren't the ones to blame It was the world that should bow down it's head in shame She stood up on the chair and looked out at the moon Just don't think, it'll all be over soon The chair fell down as she took her final breath It's all over, all gone, now she's greeting death Her Mum walks in, she falls down to the floor And now nothing can take back what she just saw The little girl that she raised is just hanging there Her body's pale and her face is violently bare She sees the note and unfolds it with care All she does is stare, "How can this be fair?" She starts reading as the tears roll down her face "I'm sorry Mum but this world is just not my place I've tried for so long to fix this and fit in I've come to realise this world's full of sin There's nothing for me here, I'm just a waste of space I've got no reason to stay here with this awful race It's a disgrace, I was misplaced Born in the wrong time, and in the wrong place It's okay though, 'cause you'll see me soon You'll know when your time has come, just look at the moon As it shines bright, throughout the night And remember everyone's facing their own fight But I can't deal with the pain, I'm not a fighter You'll make it through the night, just hug your pillow tighter So let the world know, that I died in vein Because the world around me, is the one to blame And I know in a year, you'll forget I'm gone 'Cause I'm not really something to be dwelled on That's what they use to tell me, all those kids at school So I'm going by the law majority rules My presence on this earth is not needed any longer And if anything, I hope this makes you stronger You're the best friend, that I ever had Such a shame I had to make you so very sad But just remember that you meant everything to me And to my heart, you're the only one that held the key Now it's time to go, I'm running out of space to write And yes I lost my fight, but please just hold on tight I'm watching over you, from the clouds above And sending down the purest and whitest dove To watch over you, and be my helpful eye So this is it world, goodbye."

Courtney Parker
Wow.. one million views? You guys are amazing! Thank you so much for all the kind words :)
grandmas peasant
At this point we’re all having a therapy session in the comment section.
I don’t want to live...but I’m too scared to die.
Kysondra Winchell
We are just suicidal kids telling other suicidal kids that suicide is not the answer.
When you are dead, why does everyone start listening...
Casey Adam
If your alive your normal If your sad your annoying If you laugh you can stay If your dying....... You are recognised
Alex Cardoza
*_Nobody cares unless your pretty or dying.._*
If I was able to die without hurting my family I would
Aubrey Brooks
Age 5: I wanted to be a vet Age 8: chef Age 11: doctor Age 14: dead
Tøxic Røsê
Dads getting drunk Moms getting high Losing all my friends Guess life is a lie...
Kimmy Will Oof
Doctor: what makes you *happy?* Me: sad songs Doctor: what makes you *sad?* Me: happy songs. :/
Moony Chan
*We’re all fighting battles nobody knows about.* - Xxxtentacion
mazul ka
who cried? like i did if you cried too like
Roses r red Violets r blue Sugar is sweet And so r u But the roses have wiltled The violets dead The sugar bowl empty And my wrists stained red Not my poem but i just luv it too much!
Claire Cole
Me the first 20 times I heard this song: **cries** Me now: sings along happily
Black Phoenix
No one will probably read this but I'll give it a shot, my sister found out I cut my wrists and told my mom I had been doing it for 6 months and my mom never noticed. My sister has critical depression and started yelling at me about how I don't have depression and I didn't even cut deep and how I would never kill myself at that point I ran away to the park and started crying HARD my sister came and started talking to me about how I can't just leave without warning I yelled at her about how I told my mom I was going out. When I said that she got on messenger and started texting while telling me things I really didn't want to hear. I told her I wanted to be alone but she wouldn't leave. I tried to call both my best friends to ask them for help and niether of them answered, I felt anole and scared. I was scared of what my dad would do considering he works so much and gets angery when he comes home so a messy house or something that he has to deal with. My sister threw away all my blades and I'm mad as hell about it. Like I said earlier no one will read this and even tho I act happy my insides are broken and can never be fixed I hid myself from everyone and if someone asks for something I have to do it because if I don't I will get yelled at and bullied by my own family. The thing that is supposed to love and protect you has been hurting more than anything. my family is slowly killing me and they don't realize or care. if you did read this Thank you and I will try to be strong but no promises
*_nobody notices you're obviously in pain until you end it all_*
*they only care about you when ur:* *•preety* *•rich* *•dead*
Natalia Logan
Age 8: police officer Age 10: nurse Age12 : sport star Age 14 : happy
Noel Scano
I'll draw you a picture I'll draw it with a twist I'll draw it with a razor I'll draw it on my wrist If I draw it correctly A red fountain will appear To take away the pain And wash away the fear
Me: Starts crying* Ad: appears Me: >:(
LunaMaki Harukawaii
2015 : The most cool and sadness song... 2016 : The most cool and sadness song... 2017 : The most cool and sadness song... 2018 : The most cool and sadness song... 2019 : The most cool and sadness song...
Keira Beck
When your best friend just doesn’t understand how you really feel and ignores everything and your heartbroken....💔
1,2... Cry cause of u... 3,4... Cut some more... 5,6... Punch a wall of bricks... 7,8... Gained more weight... 9,10... Numb again...
Cat- sune
*_serveral people are typing_* *some of their sad stories*
Gracelynn Brandewie
me* listens to first 30 seconds of song Me* breaks down in tears and starts crying...
Melanie Schulze
Well, my friend hung herself the other day an I got Broken up with today so😭🤙🏼 I’m here.
Just Another Annoying Kid
-and I know in a year you'll forgot I'm gone..- *because I'm not really something to be dwelled on..* This song always gets me in The feels :/ There is nothing more sadder then hearing you, or someone you love on the verge of tears.
Bianca's Life
Goodbye is really the most painful word we ever heard right?
Doggo Coon
"Take care of yourself kid some really cares about you"-sans 2015 Me: remembers words and cries* Edit1: holy sheet my comments are getting more likes!!! Frist ot was da 829 likes on im something else Thanks 45 peeps cause da 46 was me ÒwÓ
1st: Doesnt cry 2nd: A lil bit 3rd, Singing along: cries like a baby
Idk Cool
“I’ve come to realize this world is just full of sin” Facts
namjooniie's old yt
Who else feels hurt?
-Julius Dahl-
If anyone ever wants to talk just add my snapchat: jdahl681 Im always down to help.
My bestfriend wanted to hear a sad song, and asked me if i knew any and I said Yes i played this song and she started crying.. then she yelled at me.. "DONT YOU EVER!! DO THAT!!" that right there gave me a reason to not kill myself the next night like I was planning.
- RealityxAva -
Me: world would be some much more peaceful for me to just be dead Mom: *is sad* Me: I mean maybe not?
Cameron Smith
Everyone just keep ur head up and stay postive Ik it’s hard but just try u have family or friends that love u and r there for u 🙏💯🧢
Pheebes 2000
2015- me: I want to die Best friend- no don’t say that people need you 2018/19- me: I want to die Best friend- same here we can die together! Who relates to this?
Kimmy Will Oof
*-* how are you sad? You're always in a giggly mood. *-* I laugh because it distracts me from the pain *-* what pain? *-* The pain im afraid to let out. *-* how are you in pain? *-* sometimes advil isn't strong enough to heal.
Katelynn Lund
They say they like us then they stab us in the back They say u can trust them then they tell everyone.... I'm done with this shit....btw it's her bff that's saying this
Peneløpe Sørrell
Age 5: I want to be a navy seal! Age 7: I want to be a vet! Age 9: I want to be the President! Age 11: I want to be dead. (Also navy seal because my dad is a navy seal)
Gummy Grace
Sometimes I just want a hug or someone to comfort me, someone to never leave my side but the world hates me so it can't happen to me.
Noel Scano
Roses are red... Violet's are dead... I thought you loved me... But it was in my head...
Mindnight Serenity
Roses are red Violets are blue Sugar is sweet just like you But the roses have withered The violets are dead The sugar Bowl is empty And my wrists are stained red (I don't own this poem)
Xx_The_Real_Gacha _Nerd_xX
Roses are read, violets are blue, I was breaking down inside, But nobody knew,😭
"Who else can relate to this?" *Nobody......* Me: *raises hand*
Sierra Garcia
Did anyone notice how young her voice is..
March Baby
Who else broke down in tears listening to this😢
Hanta Sero
Her eyes were such a beautiful blue, it was sad to watch them go so dull...
K2Plasma 1
At this point life is in a unconvinced and cutting helps pass
razzle dazzle dorrito
only one keeps from ending it all, my friends, my family obviously don't care
Noel Scano
The teardrops run down and fall off her nose. She cries in dark corners where nobody goes. You can follow the tracks from her eyes to her chin, years apon years of letting them win. The scars of her past are hidden under her clothes. A roadmap to places nobody knows. Her smile is now painted, she's a master of disguise, and you can see it all. Just look into her eyes.
Clem & Me
6 years old : Mom I wanna be a Dancer 8 years old : Mom I wanna be a Doctor 10 years old : Mom I wanna be a Artist 13 years old : Nothing.... Truely our girls life is messy after 12 😂
niamh x
No song can make me cry like this one. No matter how many times I listen to it. I don't know what it is.
Lucy Playz
Your skin isent paper Dont cut it You aren't a hanger Dont hang yourself You are not a story Dont end it You are not a mistake Mistakes are what you make not who you are It will be alright
Girl Pretty
Me: Can I die now? Mom: stop being dramatic Me: But mom, you don't understand Mom: Just shut up! Me: Oh ok *goes to my room and chokes myself* (This actually happens)
Nova Darknight
I wanna die so bad but I always thinks of my family...can someone kill me?
chung chiu
I'm just burying my face in the comments, trying not to listen to this song (Don't ask why I don't just click out)
Me Sa
My life’s gonna leave me in flashes because I can’t pull my self out of the toxicity I’m trapped in
isa hi
" i know im depressed but why cant I cut myself? Because i dont want my mom to be sad and see the child that they raise is just wasting her life." FACTS
a k a m a t s u
Age 5: I want to be a doctor. Age 9: I want to be a lawyer. Age 10: I want to be an artist. Age 11: I want to be dead.
Norway Bacon
I'm sick of lying, I'm tired of crying, I know I'm smiling, but inside *I'M DYING*
ʏ ᴀ ᴏ ᴏ ᴍ ɪ ɴ
This helps me not feel lonely. Thank you so much
Madz blood
Is anyone so numb they can listen and relate but not cry and be sensitive
MiA hArR
"You don't look depressed though." "Oh yeah, I forgot to bring my literal dark cloud with me."
violentine loverr
me first few times listening: *cries* that's so sad! :(( me now: falls asleep to it.
Ajani Winchester
Roses Are Red Violets Are Blue Suger Is Sweet And Perhaps So Are You But The Roses Have Wilted The Violets Are Dead, The Sugar Bowls Empty Your Wrist Are Stained Red, The Sun Isn't Shining The Sky Isn't Clear, There's No Silver Lining Cause Your No Longer Here, Rain Keeps On Pouring There's No End In Sight, Your Laying There, Frozen, So Far From The Light, Your Beauty's Unteal, Your Smile, The Sun, But Time Can't Be Turned Nor Your Action's UnDone, Your Words That You Wrote That Only I Read, " I Love You So Much, Please Don't Cry When Im Dead, " A Bond That We Formed, A Love That Ran Deep, A Pain That We Shared, A Friend I Could Keep, I Wanted To Hold You, Wipe The Tear's From Your Eye's, Been There The Moment You Said Your " Goodbye's " I Want To Forget But Most Times I Don't, I Want To Let Go But I Know That I Won't, Tears On My Face, Memories Burned In My Head, The Roses Have Wilted The Violets....Are Dead
Sister Jude
everyone who likes this cuts, too. 👇🏼
Babyy' Niquee
I Feel This On Such A Deep Level 😭 Who's Still Listening In 2019?! ❤
Ava Faye
My language I’m ok: I’m not ok Go away: stay with me and hug me Allergies: Depression/SH/anxiety Cat scratches: Cutting My face is red because I’m allergic to my makeup: my face is red because I cried for 2 hours straight. I don’t need you: I need you more than anyone Edit: got a few more ideas that have recently been me I’m not hungry: I’m sorry but I’m starving I just don’t want to eat I had a big breakfast/lunch: no I didn’t I ate nothing I’m starving but I can’t I just can’t eat Edit: thank you guys for all the likes and supporting each other in the replies :)
Alexis kunツ
*Drama spead you feeling hurt, You cut you wrist its isn't helping.* *But...* *when you die they start a drama with crying and Asking to apologize but do you realised? When you are alive they blamming you even that's it not you fault?*
Captain Shadowfox
This made me cry, like, really cry. I wish i can like this a million times
Meisa Chan
*TO ALL WHO HAS DEPRESSION:* Stay strong! Don't give up! Don't leave the world, please. Think about people who care for you.
Depressed Oof
‘I’ve tried for so long to fix this and fix in’ I’ve always tried and always failed..
Com’n guys! You can get through this. Suicide creates the butterfly effect, it’ll negatively impact your family, friends, workmates, classmates. You can pull through this. You can do it. Life is tough, but I promise you it’ll get better.
just hearing this now, June 2019... wow.
Noel Scano
Hushabye baby, your almost dead, you don't have a pulse and tour pillow it red. Your family hates you and your friends let you bleed. Sleep tight with a knife cause that's all you need.
My friend showed this to me because i felt empty. *I'm now currently crying.. kinda.*
Jet Packinski
"The little girl that she raised was just hanging there"....i broke....
a v a v i b e z!
Age 5: didn’t know what I wanted to be Age 7: a doctor Age 9: dead
My langue: I’m totally fine: someone help, I’m suffering. Just cat marks: I slit my wrists everyday. I’m not hungry: I don’t want to eat because I’ll get more fat. Leave me alone: please stay here and comfort me. My eyes are just sweating: I’ve been crying all night.
Avocado Toast
If anyone needs to talk I have twitter, Cookie_Nova_707 discord, Avocado-Chan
TruRed Gacha
*_You know that you TRULY love somebody even though they broke your heart_* I miss Alexis
Jenny Animations
Friend: "Why are you so sad lately?" Me: "I just don't have the energy to hide it anymore."
Da_Cookie _Cat101
I wanted my brother to listen to this and he ignored it and all I told was.... *what did the girl go through?* And he said “ SOMEONE DYING “ I couldn’t stand the words he said! So out of no where I started tearing up...
Haley Hampsmire
1-4 happy and loved 5-9 hated everyone and depressed 10-12 loved but still depressed..........
Jensen & Bianca
my sister: What are those? *points to wrists* me: "Well.. there battle scars, and your so brave, I never want to see battle scars on you," my sister: Okay. *skips out of room*
Poké Sarah
4: I wanna be a scientist! 7: Singer. 10: Animator... 11: d e a d . . .
"your at the bottom, this is it. Just get through you will be fix. Little things all the stereotypes that going to help you get through this one night, and there will be days. That you can say you're okay and Mean it."
Dunno why but this reminds me to Ellie from The Last of Us
deutschland is epic
Roses are red, Violets are blue, Nobody cares about me, What about you?
When I got back from the mental hospital my mom said I don't even care about you keep cutting yourself... Ignore this I'm a waste of space anyways...
:3 Livvy
No one loves you. No one says your beautiful No one greets you if you greet them. No one cares about you.. But, Guess what? My name is No one.. ❤️
Emma Spade
Omg I'm crying I relate too much 😭 but this song is amazing
Wolfie power
I couldn't stop replaying not after when this YouTuber described me
Tessa C.
I always cry whenever I listen to this song😔💔
I cut sometimes but i’m just scared one time i’ll cut to deep
yo i listened 2 this when i was younger and now it has almost become a reality for me.
“She told herself she was alright but she was telling white lies, can’t you tell? Look at her dull eyes.” That Is actually me in real life.
Galaxy Dragons
I used to listen to this all the time when I was younger and edgy.