Hip-Hop : Awesone European House Battle

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Filou & Mogwai (Netherlands) VS. Yugson & Malcom (France) in semi-final of house hip-hop from JUSTE DEBOUT 2010, the most important hip hop contest around the world. />Download the video on /> All rights reserved. For all inquiries on video, please mail to [email protected]

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@Ybaa nothing wrong at all,well. i bet les twins can dance alot of styles,sure they are hip hop dancers but there are many moves that are years front of these guys. I am just a big fun of les twins thats all,everyone is good at what he is doing. Sorry for my poor english,just trying to explain.
nothing front of Les Twins.
Toshiya Tanabe
woooooww dude, fun to watch
Stewy Nambaone
song please??? :))
@chris82gr i can imagine that, since these guys are dancing House and not Hiphop. Let Les Twins battle in house and then we are talking. just saying.