The Bay Movie CLIP - The Culprit (2012) - Horror Movie HD

Subscribe to TRAILERS: />Subscribe to COMING SOON: />Like us on FACEBOOK: />Follow us on TWITTER: />The Bay Movie CLIP - The Culprit (2012) - Horror Movie HD Chaos breaks out in a small Maryland town after an ecological disaster occurs.

IAN 4000
Cymothoa exigua only eat the tongues of fishes where they then drink blood from the remaining tissue. They don't eat the whole fish from the inside out.
this movie was well done.. considering this can actually happen... scary af
JustANormalGirl 113
Why did i watched this after i ate
Looking Back At
This is why Dr. Serizawa should have considered keeping a back-up of the Oxygen Destroyer blueprints.
Awwww what a cute isopod
I ate fish yesterday
Raz Fiasco
I don't like jump scares...=(
Alvaro Mendoza
Is it isopod hour yet and yes I know this meme is dead
alejandro estrada
Next time im putting lava in the ocean
Hysterical Ryu
Fish have touges?
George Burt
Cymothoa exigua. Sorry to ruin your day, lol
Cymothoa Exigua
Cymothoa exigua
Benjamin Jestel
fuck can that shit realy happen, when i was watching the movie i nearly pucked
Dele Xovich
I'm not 5 though.
If you're 5 years old and have never seen an actual horror movie.
Hunny bacon
That thing does exist its called cymothoa exigua its parasite it eats fishs tongue and repolace itself as fish tongue creepy as hell
Frequently Asked Questions
Most of it is just WTF moments and jump scares.
Dele Xovich
This movie is truely terrifying.
That guy is cute!! heehee
Abel Kim
cymothoa exigua. just looked it up haha
Abel Kim
cymothoa exigua. just looked it up haha
Milbert Matthew
is this true?
sadly, those insects actually do exist, and live inside the fish's tongue and end up eating off the tongue and replacing itself as fish's tongue. . . I forgot the name
this would make for a very interesting sci-fi movie, not a horror movie
Jon Kurdi
this isnt a fucking horror movie this is a come in to the cinema to be fucking disgusted
if this was real i would never go into water
ShowVideo !
Im eating Fish right now.... GOOOD :X
Queen Jazzy
Makes me not want to eat fish anymore 🤢
Chino 44
alguien tiene el link pfr. 👍
Mickah Cobilla
I hope i dont remember this
Someone had his face eaten off :[ image these people pain the fish and people.My dear god how or why these thing were created is beyond everyone this is the single most terrifying thing to ever happen in the fear factor at least.
I wanna use your video. do you permit for me?please thank you
sans the skeleton
Good thing those isopods cant attack humans in the real world
Cactus Jack
i never get scared when i watch horror movies but this was
I learned what that thing is from Matthew sontoro and it's a a tounge parasite that enters through the gills of a fish and feeds on the tounge and blood of a fish.
Maine runner
Why I don't eat fish
zectra desmondo2002 Carmichael
Agnes Ayu Wardhani
This was a documentary about a parasite from chicken poop and when they dummped into the water the small parasites grew from the stararoids in the poop and they grew causing the water to be dangerous and attacks fish and. humans Causing them to get sick and die when the virus broke out the goverment knew what was happening but the scary thing was he tried to cover it up by saying it was a murder and when the people died the us military came to take all proof of what really happened and in one day 300+ people died then people started killing them selves to stop the suffering and after the stage of marilan clarag became 40% lifeless but they stopped the parasites by dummping massive amount s of clorine into the water now people are living there happily but the scary ass thing was it was true
Francesco Cavicchi
cymothoa exigua=the ultimate proof that God doesn't exist