Radiohead - Weird Fishes - by Tobias Stretch

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Weird Fishes by Tobias Stretch One of the winners of the Aniboom Animation Contest For Radiohead's In Rainbows

Alejandra Guillen
I will never find another band like this
I have been absolutely obsessed with this song for the past week
Ethan Worthington
"Never make a stop motion in natural light" Radiohead: hold my LSD
Bardia Harsini
In Rainbows is my favorite album. I know most people will say either OK Computer or Kid A, but this whole album is so soothing and takes me to a beautiful place. So many beautiful songs like this one on that album.
Uriel Contreras
Who needs drugs when you have radiohead to take you to another dimenssion?
Charlie Aydin
this song saved my life. it was with me in my darkest hours. my old friend.
Look how fast the sun is moving at 4:40. imagine how long this took to make... truly a masterpiece.
Julián Alvarez
The video is amazing (the song also, of course), congrats mate.
berkay gungormus
one of the best songs made on this planet
billy fizzel
does this video scare the living shit out of anyone else?
If this song was stuck on the repeat in my ears for the rest of my life I would be ok with it.
I feel so much so much desperation in this song. The feeling of longing that drive one so crazy that it will drive you to chase something or someone, even though you know it will crush you when the bubble bursts in front of you. That is what I feel about this song.
Pierpaolo Cinella
This music video is a masterpiece. It is a perfect melt of technique (a majestic usage of the stop motion) and an extrimely imaginific and poetical abstract storytelling, both wonderfully mashing with the sounds and the subject of the song. It will be on my mind for the rest of my life like a cornerstone for the meaning and purpose of art. Congratuations to the creator!
Stevie GoodGravy
"Your eyes, they turn me..."
Christian Ramirez
This such a master piece, what can i expect? is RADIOHEAD!!!
This is the best album that i have listened in my whole life, just unique
Shane Haney
I have heard better. I haven't. I have a lying problem. Sorry.
Alan attack
best video meets best song....ever
Meanings on my own perception: Guy on an airplane - man who is confused/ the poor Woman with an impaled bird - religion or religious people(priest) Guy on chariot - politicians or rich people Old woman - old parents Head with tentacles - the system/ government Red face - money/greed Blue bird - goals White fishes - workers Stickman - represents innocent humans 1st Story: the guy on an airplane is chasing the red faced guy and the blue bird (money) and (goals) we thought we were piloting our lives but its actually greed and ideals which are controlling/hypnotizing us,were all greedy people infact we just work for money nothing else.(the video shows that the guy is confused) 2nd Story: the woman with an impaled bird represents our religions because religions are one of the factors that destroys our peace(bird),freedom(bird),and unity example : lets hate gays, lets not marry ppl that believes in other religions,excommunicate ppl, lets kill each other for our religion
Isaac Olguin
This is easily one of the weirdest things I´ve ever seen, and I´ve seen some shit. Don´t get me wrong I love it in every way, amazing!
That spaghetti-like creature is the creepiest thing ever
Nicole Mercado
This video is such a masterpiece I want to cry
Antonio Morataya
Radiohead songs can perfectly describe the meaning of my dreams.
Never gets old. This song is in my bookmarks for easy access. :) <3
Andrej H.
Amazing! I can't imagine how many pictures were necesary to create this story..... and how many days to shoot..... and create those "weird" creatures.
Usually I don't like music videos because I feel that they take away from the music but this video adds so much to this song
Emrys Ellis
This video is not how I imagine this song. It's a masterpiece in some respect, but I imagine something more dreamlike and less nightmarish.
after ten years, I'm feeling this is their best album. this song remains incredibly moving to me despite having heard it many times
Micah Buzan
simply amazing
Prophet Motive
One of those rare songs that sounds just as good as the very first time you ever heard it. And I have no idea why.
Clémence Imane Stuart Beare
Poissons étranges/Arpeggi} Dans l'océan le plus profond Le fond de la mer Tes yeux Ils me renversent Pourquoi je devrais rester ici ? Pourquoi je devrais rester ? Je serais fou de ne pas suivre Suivre le chemin où tu mènes Tes yeux Ils me renversent Ils me changent en fantômes Je suis le bord de la Terre Et je tombe Tout le monde part S'ils en ont la chance Et ceci est ma chance Je serai mangé par les vers Et des poissons étranges Picoré par les vers Des poissons étranges Je touche le fond Touche le fond et m'échappe
Tal LeMel
Wow! What kind of wanker thumbs down this? It must be jealousy.
Ancapistan Road Paver
weird dishes
Tobias Stretch created a masterpiece here.
anthony nguyen
surprisingly beautiful, macabre, and inspiring. Good Job Tobias Stretch. I feel artsy from just watching this
Poet Blues
your eyes they turn me
Diego Duran
I just came back from this trip. This video is absolutely brilliant. I got hipnotized by it.
Taylor W.
This actually could be my favorite Radiohead song of all
Azku Shang
images and sound makes a whole, art. Tobias Stretch made a masterpiece.
Patricia Soares
O outro lado do paraiso ❤
ali ridha
Dimaz B.Y.
Just got hypnotized!!!!!
Manuel Marcos
this is my art opinion
03 Cobra
This song...... Melody......... Rhythm...... Tempo..... All seem to come together at the perfect time.
My favourite Radiohead song.
Szymon Konik
Happy 10th birthday In Rainbows! Such a masterpiece!
Just Gio
I'll always treasure the time we had Margaret, may you rest in peace
Who's here because of Smooth McGroove?
Miausitios GZ
H.P. Lovecraft likes this
Koka Kola
Wow...... I ALMOST wish that I still did Psychedelics, so I could watch this video on Psychedelics..... lol, Cannabis is good enough though. Anyway, Great song.
Listen to this song. Add weed and beer. Enjoy.
Bare-backed And wide eyed, I'm exposed. Scales peeling, skin raw, I am out of water. Struggling for breath- To breathe, This clear air; Is killing me
this is the meaning of life
David Gombert
The best band of all time. This tension and this feelings: not like a song, more like an experience. Amazing!
Tobias Stretch: How weird do you want your video? Thom Yorke: Yes
Visitorfrom Pluto
Radiohead is now officially my favorite band
Salmon Brand
I clicked on this song, and got a ad of a cover of this song..
Nicholas Porter
This is a masterpiece. Amazing video for an amazing song. Thanks.
I feel like they based the ending to burn the witch on this video
Miss Winter
I've always loved this song so much. Calming, but melancholy at the same time.
Jamie Ryan Storey
This video is seriously triggering my tribophobia.
Anthony Nichols
When I saw the “your eyes” part I was like “yup someone did a good job on this”
Ruby Tuesday
You ever feel like you're tripping out?
im feeling the chills..
Clémence Imane Stuart Beare
Fantasmagorique, un vrai Conte de Fées Apocalyptique, dans l'Extravagance la plus totale, mais un Plein d'Humour, Délirant, Rocambolesque Absolument, et une Musique Colossale.
Feird Wishes.
FlyingYak ________________
Just got an ad that was a full cover of this song, weird flex but ok
Ok. That was bizarre
Racquell Hunt
Love In Rainbows. This track is awesome 🖤
I know this will be weird and creppy, but this was more wird and creppy of how I belive it will be.
Ty Palmer
Truly a masterpiece, but I suppose I could be saying the same on each of their videos with equal validity.
metatpuloV mumixaM
Love this band for ever and ever
i'd definitely love to see more of tobias stretch's work. this video is oddly brilliant.
This song is so atmospheric that it literally transports me to a completely new place. The first part of the song makes me feel like I am floating in the center of an infinite ocean, surrounded by powerful swirling currents and glowing fishes that swim beautifully. As these events occur, I simultaneously feel a deep inner pain that makes me crawl into a ball to compress a feeling of unimaginable loneliness, but to feel an incredible feeling of freedom. In complete contrast, the second part of the track surrounds me in blurry images of chaos and disorder, filth and violence, that flash and tug on me. What's even stranger is that the song makes me feel completely dissociated from this chaos, it makes me feel unfazed and powerful. When the world around you flows beautifully, you hurt. When the world around you seems to spiral in chaos, you're unaffected. This song is so poetic it hurts.
When Ed Says Eeeeeeeeedd oh my god is amazing!!!
Caleb Montgomery
Smooth McGroove coverin this bop at the end of his new vid :D
Say "art" every downbeat.
i feel like watching 'Spirited Away' :'3
in rainbows 1+2 is by far their best album ..unbelievable
This video was absolutely beautiful. And also it was the most terrifying thing I've seen.
Blackmuse Squadron
3:35 anyone noticed that guy shadow holding a camera
Rose Avalos
I love this, it makes me smile again, when I'm crying... :')
Bobby Godamnesia
amazing! great job tobias!
Fabian Coronado
la escuchó y me derrito
Happy birthday to my soul connect !!
Victor Miguel Estrada Espinoza
Yo también me perdí en su mirada y llegué al fondo del océano con su voz 💕Pero llegó el dia en que abrí los ojos y ella... Siempre me mintió 💔
BaMau Pe
Damn, thinking there are people who play games have more people watching them makes me feel kinda sad. Radiohead is the best band ever...
PLs guys Watch this 420 +beer Thx laTer! :D
Crank Beaver
Wow ..... how have i only just found this ... magnifico !!
Why am i seeing this right now
José Henrique
Já conhecia, apenas passando pra dar um salve pra quem conheceu essa música na novela kkkkkkkkkkkkk
aiman halim
This is my all time fav song,no other songs that can compared to this masterpiece
Eyner Satchmo64
You don't need drugs when you listen this.
Andrey Ramos
wuuuuuuuuuuuuut???!!!! :O!
Amanda Laggan
picked over by the worms...
this video is a bit scary tbh
Amit Pandey
Sometimes I wonder what if I never found Radiohead? I would have committed suicide a long time ago.
Ergin Erdinçler
03:36 still rocking ! mindblown stop motion there
Afiyah Owusu
Federico Sanchez
just met this song high.....what a bad trip....BEAUTIFUL nevertheless