Flo rida ft. Timberland-Elevator [Lyrics]

Flo Rida & Timberland-Elevator with lyrics

Miss Laura
Reminds me of summers before middle school.
Βάλια Κ.
****TIMBALAND, not Timberland..lol
Hunter Hutton
I haven't heard this song in ages
Cameron Kujas
This song brings me back to the days of B96. Those were good times.
Brandon Thornton
Who's still stuck on the elevator in 2017?
TeOnna Moore
I love this song.
JJ's cinematic & More
Best song
Jorge Alberto
Kirri Broughton
Awesome song good beat
Stephanie Daly
The older i get the more i understand the lyrics... He wasn't talking about an elevator all these years..
Patrícia Helena
Karina Kc
👍👍 Best Song ever🙌🙌🙌
2019 must bring it in.
Juggalette Conant
I've been stuck on the elevator sinces it came out I was 22 2009
Rogue Tvarkov
Like if you Three Words, Eight Letters, If I Say It Will I Be Yours? brought you here.
i havent heard this song since i wad like 4 or 6
Noon Smith
this two beats switchin up , just perfect
Jean Gomes alemão
Cara quem sabe o nome dessa musica do final
amu chan
absolutely like :) 
Marjorie Mallari
This was my jam back then 😂
Mariah Smith
Me: 1st Floor, STUCK ON THE TROLLS Me: 2ND FLOOR, STUCK ON THE HATERZ Me: 3rd FLOOR, STUCK ON THE Um.... Cause i duno cause ..... This Bitch she stuck on my moffo elevator!
wooow the bass <3
Shawty Imma Party Till The Sundown
Timberland....seriously??? xDDD
Sina Kaufmann
best song
Mark Walker
hell yea specially with 2 kicker l7's with 2000 watts pumping them I know I could have a bigger amp on them lol but im working on it
what is the name off the end song ?
Holy shit, never realised the bass at the beginning was hitting that hard :O
That Dude!
It's called a joke
Dark Forrest
Früher habe ich beim Anfang immer Camembert verstanden XD
Hal M
the beginning is the best.. very nice bass :D
Elmau Mauer
Cooles Lied kannte ich gar nicht. Schaut mal auf meine Seite.(Nur wenn ihr Lust habt)
Ice As
oooo my elevatoor :3
Hao Wong
holyy shitt.. i swear timbo drops the sickest beatss..
Rico Holden
It still is for me. =D
Tina Kunić
pantera at the end, fu** yeah!
Dann sag das auch auf Deutsch. :D
Mohammed Alonaizan
why all of flo-rida's songs talk about girls :/
WHat the hell happened to Flo Rida he went to a cool rapper to dance to now he a pop star who if anyone did a collabo with would be considered a disgrace
lol so you think this is "good" music? yes its good but dude omg i dont know what to say..... just listen to tupac
Cheese_ Cake
im from germany ;)
blank avalos ramirez
son os muy diferentes c:
lol economy is in the shit but your first announcement is to change elevator music.
why should I?
Only flo rida song i like.
Anna Morales
I can take buffering videos but buffering ads? Oh shit just got real.
Ana cx
whats the song at the end called?
Deja Porter
i love Flo rida <3
kick buttowski
high re awsome
shauna sweeney
thumbs up if you like flo rida-whistle
Florida on Elevator: Sexy People Me of Elevator: Every Other People My chances are very slim to get on an elevator with sexy people.
Katalin Sütő
Timberland??? I suppose you mean Timbaland
what's the song in the end?
Anirvin Sharma
should play it in an elevator
Haaarrrrrdiiiiii ♥
Lulex Fiolie
2016? who else?
Wer ist wegen Hardi hier? :D
kthompson 1758
haha agreed :)
Davor Drljan
hell yeah
Falling To Earth
Why does this beat sound so similar to Justin Timberlake- 4 minutes? Just curious.
That Dude!
If i was President, this song and eminem's elevator would actually be elevator music...
@khxkjps yeah if only other people knew this video its my type of music! Hey you can use this to get this in mp3 > bit.ly/MknyaF?=zwarq
how the hell do you fuck up at the beginning you're comin with me (which u did right) then next line u said "your comin with me" (which is wrong), but that repeated about 4 or 5 times back and forth which is weird, not only was there lack of consistency but you also seem confused which to use, your or you're or you just hit them both or....i dont know fuck it gonna blast this and piss my neighbors off
Tom Kilpatrick
What do you mean?
Amanda Nihill
Best twerking song ever
Polska słucha??!!
Rico Holden
Well, maybe so, =D
Tell it, honey!!!!
StepUp AllLife
This song remember me Adam Sevani..he choose this song for his AC/DC battles vs M&M crew! <3
floorless dude
Am i the only one who still don't know the meaning of this song?
Kotori Fukuda
Its her fiance, I imagine if she wants 'some' he needs to take some initiative, like showing interest. This might be how she sees that he has interest in her. .
Rico Holden
Hell naw, man it ain't no damn good thing. That's disrespect to women. Men today are as dumb as ever. A lot of these immature losers don't know how to treat a woman. All they care about is "hittin' it" Man....SHUT THE HELL UP!!!
why isn't that a good thing o-O
Hey girl, you commicome, you commicome :D
Ta mi
start at 0:30
Darci Jane
Best song :P Could listen to this all day
Rico Holden
pfft. I wish a motha WOULD!!! LOVE this song though!!!
I don't like it............
absent islands
says the person named justin bieber 4 ever
Roshni Garg
which song is used at last?
Vanessa J.
Richard Rodriguez
....kinda sounds like 4 minutes left by madona....
First verse is about Kim Kardashian, clearly.
Nate gerber
??? strange music but i like it
So is this a hybrid of Timberlake and Timbaland?Oh wait..maybe it's shoes?Lol
oh ... i always thought this song was about an elevator ... D:
Apparently 79 ppl and I don't think so.... :P
79 now :P
Agastya Sharma Sen
:O :O :O 78 likes
Jenna SayzRawrr
I love the bass *.*
Jaylin All
WE are doing a dance to thiis in cheer annd out of all the vidoe i went to i liike this one the best to practice on ! Thaanks
Cuz they keep repeating the same line again and again
joed acilo
what the first part is the best
I love the beginning..seriously
Tammy Tee
its so cool.