Vocal Coach REACTS to TOOL- SOBER- live

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Stan D.
The worst part about listening to Tool for the first time ever is you can you can never listen to Tool for the first time ever again.
Clown Shoes MMA
The entire band is special. They’re all incredibly talented.
"I'm finding this reallly exciting, and I'm slightly in fear at the same time." Welcome to Tool in a nutshell.
Bobby Rhyne
When you instantly become a fangirl and forget you are supposed to be commenting from the perspective of a vocal coach
D Mazz
Better 26 years late than never...
You showed all the signs and symptoms of a Toolgasm. You'll never be the same now
She’s in disbelief at how he’s singing so well with such poor posture.
Matt Rosenberger
So very glad I stumbled upon this vocal coach reaction. I've watched that tool video hundreds of times and its cool to see someone who is an expert acknowledge the talent, the range, the masterpiece that is Tool and Maynard
This wonderful lady, Rebecca has just figured out what all Tool fans have known since the beginning. You don't just listen to Tool, you experience Tool! There's a reason why they cannot be categorized in any one genre of music because they pretty much embody music itself. Undertow is one of my favorite albums, and one of their best works in a library of near-perfection from start to end.
kaiser sozay
2:51 thats how an English woman climaxs. Welcome to the magical, mystical, and wonderful world of TOOL, Rebecca. Never too late to the game
It's always a joy seeing someone get their Maynard cherry popped.
Rattlebrain Ed
I love this video- you can almost pinpoint the exact moment Maynard impregnates you with the power of his voice. Don't worry- it happens to all of us. I'm a 45 year old man and expecting our 19th child.
Daniel Sheppard
You have to watch Maynard sing 'Pushit' while hip tossing a drunk fan
That reminds me that I need to listen to some Tool and APC today. I mean, I was going to do that anyway, but this reminded me.
Hunter B
"Its like artwork, if you know what I mean" Pretty sure anyone that listens to tool knows exactly what you mean.
Eric B
umm.. "Mother Mary" ..ahem. Watch Danny's drum solos.. each band member has impeccable talents.
Tool was pretty deep stuff for you it's clear to see. She's "loving that riff" but Adam Jones made her suddenly realize that it was time to buckle up :58 Maynardgasam #1 2:53 lol
P digi317
I don’t usually watch reaction videos, but your reaction to Maynard was priceless lol plus omg I adore British accents !
Not born. I burst from a chest.
This is great. "Sober" was my gateway to Tool also, but in '93.
Wind & Wild Adventures
Maynard is an absolute genius. There really is no doubt or debate.
Jay Chulung
I've been a big Tool fan for ages but watching this video for your reactions is awesome, welcome to the club
I love how a professional vocalist calls this, and I quote, "A masterpiece."
he's possessed by the music, and a powerful demon.
Gunnjerd McDonald
Welcome to the maynard rabbit hole ;)
Ninja Squirrel
Ok, nevermind, the end of your video was artistic
Galloping Tortoise
"its part of the performance isn't it" .. no ma'am ,, that's just Maynard ,, God Bless him
Wait till you listen to Tool on shrooms... upload that video
Andrew Ferguson
You seem to really get Maynard, Tool are one of my favourite bands of all time.
I feel like this lady should of had a cigarette after watching this
oogie Azeem
It's like her life changed in 10 minutes.... Bet she added a dash of absinthe to that coconut cappuccino at the end of it.
Mark James Hammond
One of my favourite live performances ever. And I see you've looked at Mr Patton. Hot dog, you're covering some of my favourites. I really like the pop ups, by the way. I sing - but I demure; 'I don't know what I'm doing...' cue endless discounting - because I'm a self-taught songwriter. Having all the theory pop up is really useful and digestible. Theory tends to bore me to tears. I like the cut of your jib, darling. For another interesting vocalist or three that I'd like to see you analyse may I propose Chino Moreno (I like him especially because I don't know how or why he does what he does), Jimmy Scott and FKA Twigs. MACH LAHV
Brilliant song & performance. My God, this is the first video I have seen by you Rebecca & I must say I am entranced by the combination of your absolute beauty & ability to dig deep to the root & passion of these artists.
Joe Potter
Maynard is the one of the best vocalist ever!!! His mike control is amazing
Blue Dhalia
I'm happy to say that I have very similar reaction to every TOOL song I hear.. Everytime I hear them. The best part about being a fan of Maynard James Keenan... You can never get bored!!
Jim Pickett
Maynard James Keenan.......enough said.  :)
Well shoot, now I guess you'll have to watch ALL of the Tool...and Perfect Circle...and Puscifer... Can't wait :D
Rebecca react to "A Perfect Circle - The Outsider" the same vocalist Maynard different band
Honestly, this is the right reaction to tool.
michael vasey
I think Maynard owes this fine lady a new pair of knickers.
Noah Leo Andrea Spreyermann
React to sabaton Bismarck pls 👍👍
Andrey Prado
You should react to the song "weak and powerless" by A Perfect Circle
Chante Moody
I love this vocal coach, she is so open-minded and so eager to compliment everything she finds done well. She's lovely!
Scott Archondous
For a vocal coach, it’s fresh to see such an understanding for other genres appreciation for non-traditional vocals.
You REALLY should make a reaction video of his live duet with Tori Amos
Jason Samons
I am just a worthless liar I am just an imbecile I will only complicate you Trust in me and fall as well I will find a center in you I will chew it up and leave I will work to elevate you Just enough to bring you down....
Skyler Muyskens
You feel the music the same way I do!
infinite faeries
I think she has about 19 Tool-gasms during this video. Just look at that "O" face!!!
James Arvoy
I just have to say, your reaction is absolutely PRICELESS. All hail MJK
Christan Hartley
Holy shit, I don’t typically listen to this type of music but this song grabbed me, and her reaction was spot on. Thankyou for this
Pretty great seeing someone get a tiny glimpse at what Tool is all about. Thanks for sharing.
Luiz Carneiro
Yeahhhh!!! Do Alice in Chains "Love, Hate, Love" from Live Facelift or Soundgarden - "Beyond The Wheel from Paramount '92".
Matthew Rees
Never heard of this lady before, but been in love with Tool since 2001!!! So good to watch her physically react to this music, I was shivering along with her at every note. Seriously you need to check out ‘the Grudge’ my man screams for 23 seconds straight, would love to hear your pro breakdown of that 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤
Anthony Mirkovich
Love you rva .. your the best
Scott Calloway
Please react to 46&2 by Tool. I keep watching this one because it's like hearing Sober for the first time. I'd like to have that experience with 46&2 also. If only you could find it in your heart.
Seconding what someone else said, please react to 46&2!!!
You can see the moment she gets cold chills, exactly my experience the first time I heard Maynard.
Bryce McQueen
There's that freaking MOHAWKLET again. I think he draws all his vocal powers and showmanship from his hair.
noise factor
Your so 😎 I love your input and your reactions you look and sound amazing 😉
You know who's amazing? That fella holding the guitar, Adam Jones.
I loved your reaction to this.
Em Klebold
Your reaction to Maynard infusing himself to the music on stage is everything lol
Oneispi Spike
Hi Rebecca :) If You enjoyed Maynard's singing in Sober and with TOOL, might i suggest listening to his work with A Perfect Circle It has actually ruined me for listening to TOOL... know many would disagree with me and that's ok, give a listen to some Perfect Circle material and decide for Yourself....
Daniel Galusha
Analysis overall is quite good but i Most Appreciate your recognition of his Range 💯🙌♥️
Brock Vincent
Tool one of the greatest bands ever
Maynard is probably the best live vocalist in rock and metal. Mike Patton is a close second.
Steven Hager
Besides you being a beautiful lady, loved your reaction to tool. You being a voice coach and watching other artists do they're thing and talking about how they do it is interesting. I subscribed. Keep the videos coming. Now to watch your videos I haven't seen yet.
"It is I, RVA, Rebecca, welcome to my Chanel..."
HOLY HELL!! TOOL!?!? You HAVE TO listen to Wings for Marie and 10000 Days! Its a 2 part song. About his mother! Incredible in every single way. Tool is an ENTIRE 'NOTHER LEVEL!
uluvhere !
2:51 damn near every persons experience hearing tool for the first time. Doesn't get much more accurate than that.
Rick Kropp
Really deep stuff.... From the the soul..... Thanks for the cutup🖤🤙🤘💀💀💀
Н. Д.
I am so glad to find this video just amongst the others, not specifically searching for Tool, but for vocal coach reactions in general. And here it is, my two favorite things together. Thank you! I am going to watch your channel further, and I hope to find more reactions on female vocals, too.
When Hearts Wither
great reaction! you should definitely listen to The Plot In You- Feel Nothing Live. great vocalsit
David Wyatt
Congrats! You've just been *T00L'ed.* There's no going back now.
Your videos reacting to metal are the best! Would love to see the live version of Lie Lie Lie by Serj Tankian, such a fun and dark song. I think you'd really like his cover of Ari Im Sokhag too 😊
brent mckenzie
Love watching your facial expressions..your voice is delicious❤❤
Wow. This was so strong. I loved it.
Teddy Costianes
Awesome critiques and work. I’m a guitar player and have taken lessons and studied theory on my own for a while now. I’ve been playing guitar for 12 years,but I’m always interested to know more about how the mechanics of instruments work. Although I’m a guitarist, having proper vocal technique is a pretty important aspect to have so that the vocal chords don’t get damaged. I’m not really a fan of conversing through comments,but I’ll be on the lookout for more of your work! Keep it up!
William Lobach
That reaction: Welcome to Tool. There's no going back.
Mike Oxbig
You madam are a YouTube treasure. Honestly, I love your sincere reactions and listening to you describe how the vocal is reached.
Benjamin Lees
jesus christ cheer up. im only 20 seconds into the vid
Joseph Ensley
Please do a reaction to Nine Inch Nails "Hurt (Live 1995)"
Jonathan Aiello
@4:17 is the BEST part of anyone's first time-reaction to Sober.
Scott Stewart
Omg! Hes standing weird, it must be art. Lol
Cpt. X
Great memories of seeing them back in the "good old days" 😉
Brice McCaleb
The absolute best live performances I have attended. These guys occupy the top 10. Hands down.
Jordan _B107
Just watched them live in Louisville a week ago. the clarity and emotion of that mans voice and sound of the band was amazing. It has ruined me listening to them on the radio almost. It's been a week and I still can't quit talking about the concert. I've been a fan since I was damn near in diapers. 🤘🤘🤘🤘
You haven’t even scratched the surface when it comes to what Maynard is capable of......he is a master....
My first interaction with Tool was at OzzFest 98... I have only been better since that moment.
The Grumpy Nerd
omg..I literally LOVE this channel! I Love Music so much, love your real reactions, love tool...dammit! this is great!!!
Free Zer
Amazing to see someone react to the greatest musicians of our time. Great video. I like your opinions.
Konrad Feuer
LOL, while reacting to a tool video she mentions pink PINK!
Rowan Carreira
I think you'd enjoy chris isaak singing lie to me on mtv unplugged
J Hill
Rock on, honey. Masterpiece was a proper terminology. Maynard os masterful
God you really pick some great songs!
Maynard is a legend. You should look into some stuff from Mike Lessard of The Contortionist. In my opinion he has a lot in common with Maynard but without being a copy in anyway. Very similar in style and range but quite different in actual sound.
Britton Thompson
It amazes me how 25+ years later, giants like Maynard James Keenan & Layne Staley still aren't universally recognized by music lovers everywhere-- regardless of genre --for their transcendent singing voices
6:53 Who nodded their head with her at that moment? We trust you Maynard! Lol. I've been a fan of TOOL ever since high school '01, and it all started with a German classroom potluck and a friend's dish--affectionately named after the song--"Die Eier Von Satan". Enjoyable review Miss RVA. :)
Phalanges on Bass
You pretty much captured why Tool is my favorite band when you said the music is dripping with emotion and it just flows into you. Tool brings out an emotional reaction that no other music does. It's so primordial and visceral in a way that only they can convey. It's hauntingly beautiful.
Michelle Volkfire🔥
Welcome to the family, Rebecca.