Best Kiss Cam Vines Compilation 2015

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Michaela Wolfhard
Someone tell me that 0:19 was goals 😍😍😍 OMG
0:19 I will do that to my crush if this gets 50 likes.
xXHarley QuinnXx
I'd be that kid with the blue sweater 00:19
Raphaël De Jesus Vieira
why tf everyone is talking about 00:19 ?
HarisMar Gaming
00:19 I will do this to my girlfriend without her know if this gets 100 likes❤
Flasty Jam
My favorite one is this one 0:18 what is your favorite one guys?😄
Omq__. Itsme Rose
Okay I can't be the only girl who wants a guy to do that to you...... Just me..... Oki.. @[email protected] (0:19)
Anahi Gutierrez
If this goes to 10 likes I will do the same as 0:19 thing to my crush
If this gets 10 likes I will do the same this as 0:19 to my crush at school and try not to get in trouble 😂
Luke Is Da Best
Anyone else single 😘😎
who else is here is single and heart broken?
BlakeJasper Gaming
0:19 *Im gonna do this with my crush if this will have 1 like* Edit: Thx For The Likes, Bc She Is My Gf Now.😃
faus rivanera
0:19 i love the guys on the back😂
Im Abraham
Selena Bancrede
If this comment gets over 10 likes, I will do the same thing to my crush as 0:19
MysteryMenZ99 PlayStation
Everyone is talking about 0:19, my favorite part is 4:35
Fritz Cockin
So, ur single too huh? Yeah ik that uh what's up? U looking for a special someone in ur life? Yeah me too, it's hard right? Like if I'm even lucky for a girl to Coe within 10 feet of me then that's great for me, ha! Hmm, so uh, u ever notice that the longer ur single the lower ur standerds get? It's not fun, well uh, since I'm lonely I'll just be looking at some other videos of Lucy people. If u see a pretty girl give me a holler alright?
btsarmy 89
What if you saw your celebrity crush and you just yell "kiss cam"
Just Be Kid's
All these boys going home sayin " OMG MOMMMM I GOT MY FIRST KISS!!!"
Georgia Sims
0:19 I want this
dollet Johnson
0:21 got me drooling
Fairy Smits
4:23 he beat the system xd
HappyGirl 13
0:19-0:24 my fav!!!
Comet 1910
5:49 he didn’t even kiss her he just shoved her face in his mouth 😂😂😂
Jordan Sartor
Rygamer Br
What name vídeo 0:19
Siarra Young
2:30 was a success 👌🔥😂
If this gets 10 likes I'll do that to my crush Btw guys random question: if you would want to kiss a game, for example Minecraft💖, how would you do it?
Brandy Chase
If this gets to, lets say 10 likes I'll do it to my crush when he's in his group of friends 😜
n i g h t m a r e s
4:18 😍😍💙🤣🤣🤣
Artist_with_no_life And still here
I wish 0:19 was me
Brody Evans
I kissed my crush like 0:19. Best time of my life😍😍😍. I will do it again if I get 15 likes
Olivia colomar
4:58 damn he really went in for the kill
Miu` suga
0:32 made me laugh
x SuusTijger
That one on 00:19 was goooaaalssssss, except the boy in the blue hoodie was screaming, but Yeah so daaaaaaamn cute!!!!😍😍❤️❤️wish my first kiss will be like that🤭😂❤️
Bhad Queen Bray
My fav is 0: 19 it was soo cute but someone do that the gonna get slapped not lie
i will kiss my crush like 0:19 if this gets 1 like
Aesthetic Wølf
3:11 when i try to hug my dog ;-;
Ky_ Babbyy
0:20 awwee❤️😊
4:56 Yes
I wish my first kiss was like 0:18 instead I pecked the girl with my lips
Kaisy &Hiccup
Farah Mustafa
0:19 the cutest kiss ever
Naomi Linda Torres
imaginense si les pasará con su mejor migo q el este enamorado de de su mejor miga y en ese momento la tendrá q besar y luego seguir normal sin q l mejor miga se de cuenta q le gusta jajaja hojala les pase por q ese es el momento más especial de la vida no dejarán de esseñrte asta q beses a alguien o a tu pareja jajaja😘
the melody
give a like if ur watching this wen ur single
Raul Esquivel
Is no one really gonna mention what happened on 4:45 🤨😐😂
Marco Garcia
all i hear is: keys scam
marni gray
I like yhe boy with the I ne that ran up to the girl
kamyla Martinez
00:19 I will do that to my crush if this gets 10 likes
Elva Pei
0.19 is like goals.... The guy was holding on to her jacket 🙌
Baylie Ginger
What is somebody had the flu or sum😣😣😂
Fufu Grtrost
0:19 single until spongebob gets his license
Maja Lind
My fav is the girl and the cat its even more goals than 0:19 oh just realized there were more of them whoops
went over my cringe level
Nice Cream
Roses are red Violets are blue I am lonely And so are you
Agentchops Jr
Me: WHO LIKES THIS STUFF looks at likes which at the time it’s 102K Me: ...
SaraUnicorn_Playz lol
omg 0:19 id love to do that anyway i never have my first kiss :)
Achilles The God
Lea Connerly
👍 if your single ,and you wish this happened to you
Arctic Polar
0:19 I will do that with mah crush if this gets 70 likes... (lol pls don’t like dis comment it will be embarrassing)
0:33 that's literally me lol 😂
kamyla Martinez
00:19 I will do that to my crush if this gets 1 like
itz Luis
ᴮᴿᵁˢᴴ ᵀᴴᴱ ˢᴼᴺᴳ 3:29 ᴬᴺᴰ ᴼᴺ 3:33 ᴳᴼᵀ ᴹᴱ ᴰᴵᴱᴱᴵᴺᴳ
At 5:03 look at the guy in the cap! His face be like 😶
badass johnny
i do this to my crush when that gets 1 like 0:19
Yasmin mano
Kiss cam
mike gaming YT
5:48 hahaha😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
diewelt216 fun
4:58 the guy in red cap is a savage
White ninja
When girls do kiss cams its nice But When boys do kiss cams its rape
Santiago el criticador
0:19 best time ever
L.O.L. L.O.L.
Ай ам раша
this needs to come back in 2018 plz
0:19 I’ll do that if I hit 600 subs
ElementalGuardian YT
After 4:57, look at the bearded guys face lol
Rich White Kid
5:40 I cant believe he would do something like that
The Notoriusima
Now i want to kiss someone for example my crush😂😂
Alyssa Moore
Ow das my eye 😂🤣😂🤣
SeanTheGamer14 Limo
19 u lucky men u lucky I wish that was me and i'm kyrie
Mollie Hatch
0:19 #GOALS! He held on to her jacket! I wish that would happen to me!
Savannah_and _champ
Omg I totally wish my crush would do the same thing that 0:19 did!!!!
0:19 I'm right kid in the blue
Shadow Cats
0:19 is the most prettiest thing I've ever seen
Fortnite Supahotfire3030
All the cats tortured in this video xD
people who kiss random people like the girls are savage
Aaronnathan Does this count for 4-5 graders to Gab
That girl was HOT 🔥 🔥 🔥
meme kid
Ill kiss my crush if i get 1like😚
Darrian Jessop
One thouse two boys kissed that guy in the red hats face 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Yissela Menjivar
When you are to shy to kiss and you have no one to kiss is 4:16...your pet 😂
Jovannie Rodriguez
1:30 her can I just kiss u right know. Me hell yeah
ShelShoker1056 !
Go to 0:19 that kid is awesome 😁
2005 gladiator
bruh everyone hates me ive told 3 girls i love them and they reject me :(
puppy lover
That second last one had me dying
Rita Zhu
I shall cover my moth now 😷
Skylar Godess
2:12 0:19
Jesse Barron
I love the one at 0:20
0:19 was so cute I ship
anica Gonzalez
Like one hat he how
Laura Diaz
Wow four 4:20 is so so funny that one is so my favorite