Hurdler Liu Xiang's Historic Gold Display in Athens 2004 | Olympics on the Record

Chinese hurdler Liu Xiang has an Olympic past full of heartache but also has a historic gold medal to his name from the Athens 2004 games. Find more about the story behind Record-breaking moments in "The Olympics on the Record" series: /> Subscribe to the official Olympic channel here: /> Visit the Olympic Channel, where the Games never end:

Anybody else really like the commentator’s voice!?
Michael McEvoy
So much consideration and humanity displayed in this story. Olympic Channel is unlike any other on this platform with such rich history and footage archive to draw upon. Epic
Curious Cat
It´s athletes like him that break barriers for their countries and inspire others to follow their steps. I´m sure more chinese athletes will want to follow his footsteps now.
A Li
mans cried in 2008 when he was injured he is a national hero no forgiving needed
I am Chinese and I am grateful for What LIU Xiang brought to Chinese sports, especially in track and fields.
Billy Koswara
all athlete that represents their country deserves thanks
The Secret History
People tend to forget he was young, 21, when he won gold, but 4 years later your bodies will take a toll on you. Bodies aren't built the same 4 years after, especially you will pull a muscle when running super fast and jumping very high. Another reason Olympic althetes usually retired within the next two Olympics. He should be proud for what he did for his country and will forever be in the sport history books. Applause are needed. 👏👏👏
so glad to watch something in a neutral side. Because usually US reporters say Liu Xiang imitated other US athletes movement and that cause his success. Which is untrue, so glad @Olympics you guys say everything in neutral way, and not being arrogant.
Fang Kun Han
Liu Xiang inspired me to do hurdles in high school, and within the four years I have fallen many times, once during a race, and many times in practices. And my both knees have scars from the edge of the hurdles. I couldn't imagine how much more effort Liu has put in to become an Olympic champion.
Malang Sufi
No one understand the pressure, those who doubt I recommend to put on his shoes and carry his legacy just for one week and see how you do.
Ine Max
In China, we are so pround of having him as always! Never need to forgive him, cause he done nothing wrong. Tbh, when that happened, too sudden to know how to react, shocked and heartbroken. But later, as long as he appeared in the ground, ppl were cheering for him there and behind the TV, why these images aren't in this video? He is our hero, no doubt and never changed.
Am holding back my tears. You are a hero. 你是英雄,你很棒。❤️
Eric Lee Piano
that's the first time i saw an asian guy beat a bunch of black guys 😱
APBC Technique and UK Osteopathy
Olympic champion once is great ! World champion and world record holder amazing career
Abraham Almendarez
6 foot 2 is short?!
hoang the thang
He deserve thanks many thanks for whole Asian.
ngawang lungtok
I am a Tibetan dude who aspired to be a hurdler because of Liu. I happen to see his picture in one of the sports magazine when I was a kid( he won gold at athens), read article on him even though I couldn't understand everything that was written but still he caught my attention and admiration. I took hurdle in my tracks but wasn't able to make it through because it is the most demanding track in track and field. Your legs get overstretched and your career is finished.
Vicky Chahool
Liu xiang you are the greatest athlete of 110 hurdle. You are always in my heart
Roy B2st
Not only china is sad with liu xiang..all over the world..i was 12 years old watching beijing olympics and i am a fan of all CHINA..tx to him..china in track&field is alive..not human is perfect,so be understand to him..
moRo Mogu
中国・日本共に素晴らしい人がいて 素晴らしい技術があるのに何故 尊重し合えないのか そして、どーして互いに心の目を向けることが出来ないのか…
Jimmy Qoo
I remember watching him on TV with my family that night in China. When he bailed out twice that night... everything fell quiet... I could feel the disappointment lurking in the room.
doli99 sjyiao
vaibhav uchil
Saw that live. It was a great moment as an Asian to see one of us win the Olympic Track Gold medal. Liu gave us hope!
Viktor Kjær
I can only said thanks to Liu Xiang which gave so much victory in track & fields. As an Asian myself, Liu Xiang made us believe that Asian can also be champion in track & fields. Thank you so much Legend !
Avicii Dreamer
ILove110Hurdles Since99
Liu Xiang is the best hurdler in my opinion. Filthy Robles hit him but he still got gold in my view.
Keshav Academy
He deserve A BIG THANKS🏅👍
Yaw Ansong Snr
The commentator is most likely Ghanaian.
Rami Samout
He Will Always be an inspiration . As an athlète, he was my childhood champ , the Idol that i look tout be like. Now ,he is a hero , a legend that i will never forget and a success story that i will tell my children about . Respect Liu 👍👏
Thanks, Liu Xiang for all you have done us proud.
Hr H
usa crash was fun to watch, hope they all crash
Google Me
Thank you Liu Xiang.
Yize Dong
Really well made video, taking the creative decision to not follow chronological order but rather making a logical way to focus on his achievements.
ALL TIME GREATEST Chinese Athlete on track and field, period. 毋庸置疑
He only won because his name closely resembles lui Kang, people was scared of a fatality lol
Ant Wong
Ngl athletics is one of my least fav things to watch during the Olympics, but I will watch if nothing is on
Josh Jennings
Sounds like the guy from pacific rim 2
Not many can claim they were the world's fastest. He can!
hiddenuareand willremain
Just because of the way you told his story, I Was like GO LU GOOOOO.... And I'm from the USA...I love your Olympic channel
Xiang no longer has a world record. Two players ran faster. But none of them has ever matched his achievements. Merrit and Robels were Olympic champions, just like Liu. But the whole of your career is important. Apart from the Olympic gold, none of them achieved anything great. Xiang has 4 medals of the world championships. Merrit, only one. Robles, not one. XIANG, YOU ARE GREAT! Athletics fans will never forget you.
0:35 well yeah i mean he had like 1.3 billion people depending on him
That was a very strangely edited piece. All the way along I was expecting some sort of climactic event and all of a sudden it ends with a whimper. Badly put together presentation. It's accurate, but just weirdly produced. Am I the only one that got that feeling?
Iron man
It was 2004 Olympics I remember watching him perform live
Charles Cai
Michael Lam
So much respect .. 😍🔥💪
Ballad Soul
man if u had achiless injury.. even running fast is hard plus jump? well man..
No Name
I've always wondered...has any Asian athlete besides Liu Xiang won an Olympic gold in a sprint event?
ervin zhou
Love you Liu!!!
Carter Currie
4:06 wheres my super suit!
Joseph Savinell
was this narrated by FN-2187?
Julio Ezequiel
True champion, no doubts !
At least he got his gold medal in the Olympic prior
thank you liuxiang
4:49 Sorry! You must stop here now..
Random kid
He should be called liu kang
No Name
He needs a sports psychologist. He crumbled under pressure instead of rising to the occasion.
Saanvi Sharma
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Thank you sir liu!! Hats off
The guy in lane 1 in the last race hit every hurdle lmao
unholy seeker
my fav athlete ever.. respect!
4:38 this guy just went straight up BEAST on that last stretch
He got injured. At times the video acts like he was healthy and underperformed.
Technically he is the best, always so clean through all the hudles
Jerome Samuels-Clarke
Watch on x2 speed...
trueorfalse nottrueandfalse
So glad to have watched this
Gimme the Loot
An Olympic champion, a world champion, a world record holder, i say he did more than enough.
Garry Sekelli
again amazing that a black man isn't the best.
Tony Shaw
isnt the voice over the guy from the new pacific rim movie
Joni daman
I don't know how hurdle is the most technical event but okay!
tams c
why y'all uploading these things in 2018
C M Punk
Liu xia was my good childhood friend, I told him to try on hurdles instead of highjumb,,, now see he is a legend in China 🤘🤘🤘
I still remember the moment When he quiet all the national down
Heavens Garden
尊敬するわ 👍
Thank you Liu Xiang!!!
We won gold for China no matter what happened
L Martinez
Seems too much pressure and expectations on one guy
Henry Cheng
I still remember seeing him walk off in tears in 2008 :’(
Jack is not in the box
Wei Wang
absolutely he is a hero to us.
Blaine Klein
well yea he’s a warrior from mortal kombat
They say Robles hooked his arm in a race. Xiang may have gone even faster.
Moto Dude
Roses are red Violets are blue What ever you do There is an Asian better than you
Jia Cherng Lee
As if 2008 was not enough, the last chance for him to compete in the Olympics in 2012 was the same as well..
Vivi paris
and they did robbed a gold for an amateur boxer in the philippines
judah miles
Your voice sounds like Usain bolt.And i like it😊
dawa sherpa
it's ok lui xang ...u r the champion...and a believer....the master of ur sea
Git Gud
When he was at his prime I was too young to bother knowing, then after that all I heard was oh dude broke his ankle , oh he broke his ankle again
Kat V.C
Such a sad moment!
Alec Tucker
I began running hurdles in 6th grade (2006-2007 school year). I remember being so excited to watch him run in Beijing 2008. And his not being able to run in the final was heartbreaking to watch.
that final line hit me hard tho
Alex Lesski
Dragon Energy
Why does China allow injuried athletes to compete instead of having 2nd best or in some cases previous WR and defending champs have their 2nd/3rd defense?
NightHawk animates
roses are red violets are blue whatever you do there's an asian better than you.
Tush agustD
There is always an Asian better than you
songlin miao
I used to be a hurdler like you, but then I took an injury to the knee.
Oh yeah Yeah
Made in China 🇨🇳
刘翔是一位值得尊重的中国运动员,刘翔参加了48次国内外大赛,36次冠军,6次亚军,3次季军,然而有些人却只记得他退赛2次! Liu Xiang is a Chinese athlete worthy of respect. Liu Xiang participated in 48 competitions in and out of China, 36 championships, 6 runner-ups and 3 third runners. However, some people only remember that he retired twice!
I remember directly when this happened, so sad😢and London 2012 as well. Regardless, Liu Xiang is a living legend and should be remembered by all people that appreciate track and field.