Jane Eyre (1996)_ Conversation about Adele's mother

Jane & Mr. Rochester talk about Adele's mother

T Hester
Still my favorite version, even if now, unfortunately, I can't help but recognize the lead actors' slight American and French accents.  I think this version achieved a sense of un-romanticized realism--these seem like real people in the real world.  My favorite scenes from the movie are those which depict Jane's character.  It's such a beautiful moment when she forgives her adoptive mother for her mistreatment, putting the past behind her, simply trying to be kind to a dying woman.
Mark Vis
Still my favorite version. William Hurt is the best Rochester of all adaptions.
David Sutton
jane tells rochester he should not treat a child thus
Best Jane Eyre movie theme and soundtrack.
Anna Maria Notarangelo
straordinaria esecuzione eccellente in tutto,...l
Annunziata Castro
Lui e lei sono perfetti!
Mon Mothma
Out of all the versions of this scene, I like the script of this one the best, and William Hurt isn't too bad either, though I've heard a lot of bad things of his Rochester. Charlotte Gainsbourg, though - I haven't seen the whole movie, but she seems very wooden, unfortunately. She just reads her lines, she doesn't act, there's no emotion in any of her scenes I've seen. She looks lovely, but I thought she was a better actress than this.
Linda Sturm
My very favorite version!
Lukas Miller
Mr Rochester was cold and blunt to Adele because he didn’t want to accept the possibility that she was his daughter (No DNA tests back then) for then he would be obligated to treat her more affectionately. I like how later on in the movie, when Jane is visiting her aunt, Adele says she misses her and he slowly smiles and puts his arm around her because he remembers what Jane told him in this scene.
Martha Lopez
Love it...it's my favorite version!!!