Placebo - Meds

Subscribe: /> />The official promo video for the single 'Meds' taken from the album 'Meds' released 09/10/2006 Directed by David Mould #PLACEBO20 ————————— /> /> /> /> /> />——————————— This is the official YouTube channel of Placebo, on this channel you will find all of the official video content from the band including music videos, full album playlist, live show footage and more. PLACEBO was formed in London in 1994 by singer-guitarist Brian Molko and guitarist-bassist Stefan Olsdal. The band has released 7 studio albums to date, including: Placebo - 1996 Without You I’m Nothing - 1998 Black Market Music - 2000 Sleeping with Ghosts - 2003 Meds - 2006 Battle For The Sun - 2009 Loud Like Love - 2013 Placebo have released over 30 singles, including tracks Nancy Boy, Pure Morning, Every You Every Me, Taste In Men, Without You I’m Nothing ft David Bowie, Slave To The Wage, Special K, The Bitter End, Meds, For What It’s Worth, The Never-Ending Why, Too Many Friends, Loud Like Love and many more. In 2016, Placebo will celebrate their 20th Anniversary of the release of their debut album. #PLACEBO20

HiTek 142857
234 people forgot to take their meds.
Took my meds, but it's Placebo
Chris Hale
I thought this was Brittney Spears laying on the bed!!
nancy boy
i always listen to this when i forget to take my meds. actually, i haven’t taken mine in weeks. i’m a mess, i don’t know how i’m still functioning.
Tommy Cowan
I never forget to smoke my meds.
Christina K
He is God😍😚
Placebo - staying true to their sound. It's not my fav band, but I have nothing but respect for Brian Molko and guys.
this reminds me of ketamine
Thanks, i forgot to charge my bats.
Jhoncito Arango
Yasmim Burguês
I think he took the meds ;)
Lorena Villarreal Chávez
Tsss había olvidado que esa canción era mi himno a principios de mis 20's jejeje buena rola
Articulate Design ASMR
What an amazing song, it feels so much longer than 2:51 though I have no idea why
Oz Mashine
drugs drugs drugs
paul spight
great start for a sunday
Janis Ibarra
¿Por qué solo dura 2:53?😢
Lilith Ramirez
This is my Song
tina thorne
Wow. Brilliant Video. Love the bits when the Sprite Can, the Settee and the Microphone start talking to Brian :) That's really Cool. Not keen on Bri's Hairstyle though :(
Rıza Kayan
This song is wicked. Every time i listen, i turn up the volume. Best placebo song. And maybe my best song ever.
Verónica Castro
L s d
this video reminds me of the one for black hole sun
Mark Sansom Music
Ya ya yeet
I love you placebo.Thankyou for Blessing us with your beautiful music!!!!
Tayla Allen
I think he's bi x
irek sz
2:38 the best
Chacha Gh
Favorite Placebo song!
Akagami Shanks
Placebo - LSD effects
Peacock Affect
Amazing song
just did.. They kick ass!
Alison Mosshart brought me here
he didn't forget to take his viagra though.. lol !!
Peacock Affect
LOOK UP "Molly The Odd"
samet göker
placebo rulezzz
Frente Renovador Miguel Saredi
Jodeme que se depila las piernas :B
Adam Challis
this songs so good i thought i forgot to take my meds and was just imagining it.
gamo ti logokrisia
Ohhh yes, that is exactly what is happening to him
drug psychosis.
can someone tell me what is this song about?? :)
tayfurtarkan gürses
More people should listen to this song!
burn in hell motherfuckers!!!!!
Dead Enslaver
Once I saw this video on TV. After that I cannot imagine my life without Placebo.
why not?
Joaquín Contreras
funny how they show the drummer with an extra pair of arms
tayfurtarkan gürses
Why 1.054.061 wiews?
oute o idios den 3ereis ti einai :P
Love Love looooveeeeeeeee itt <3
Nadia Z.
ρε φιλος στο ενα μας λες γκει στο αλλο στρειτ. αυτος λεει μπαι. τεινω να μην σε πιστεψω.
Tuğçe Terzioğlu
lsd trip :)
Sebastian Schultz
Lupita J.A BTS c:
i want him in the middle "Brian Molko"
Ania Jastrząb
So fucking amazing
the powers that be demands you to be in the industry and not be erased or forgotten, because you are part of the industry of false hopes and dreams. thanks for the false hope, i'll keep my dreams in my life while i never saw truth in life besides confusion and idiotic responses, sarcasm, ironym of ppl that doesn't have what it takes to understand the dramatic horror of taking meds that don't cure you, just make you sleep and don't dream, because anger is free, and youtube ads are egoistic.
Delayed K
Hi everyone, if You have a moment, please check out our cover of this song. It's a little bit different version recorded live with weak sound system, but for us feelings are more important than playing with expensive, hi-end equipment. And soon we're gonna relase our own songs. :D Love and greetings from Poland!
and the sex and the drugs and the complications
no, just doesnt act on old feeings cos hes not lookin
Sexuality is fluid, just cos you dont act on old impulses becuase you have a partner of the opposite doesnt mean that your past expereinces and desires have gone away, your just not looking. From personal exp, but then again i just thouight i was greedy
mariusz Dujka
did he really stopped being bi?
He dealt with is perhaps more accurate.. nothing wrong with it.. Just assessed his inner feelings.
raj sumii
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Amanda Kippen
My fav!! Love it!
Well I don't have anything against gay people, but technically it is a disease. If everyone in the world was homosexual, with our current technology humanity would eventually cease to exist. In fact, there is probably a reason why there is such a spike in homosexuality this generation. It is nature's way of population control. Odd things like that happen in nature, and have been observed by scientists.
retorica t
i guess this is what boysband groupies grow up to be fans of ... placebo is a bit special since theyre somewhat convincing, i wouldnt get close to them because of my ass being one direction and all that OUT OUT OUT OUT OUT but, if we can grant a bit of personal circle theres no one i cant get around with the music is great though
retorica t
dont just push stuff, in that case i take a song i can relate to, i usually do, how could i care about strangers after all of this ... xept homeless .. but not to the point where im gonna save them someone gave you some serious disinformation bitch
Countess Boochie Flagrante
his meds were placebos. zing!
she was referring to his androgynous appearance... and I was being sarcastic....nothing to do with this song or getting high or druggies
equalibrioception jack pitman
pretty sure thats not how things work, of anything he acts high in this to get druggies as his fans, because they are the people who are really confused...
he was manipulating confused teenagers with his "bisexuality" sell his albums...
This is a really powerful song.
i am hoping to do some Yoga to this track with video of course...large! Who wants to join me
Ruth Martínez
Alex Turner ran out of creativity and resorts to make your own version of this video.
Chrysa Souli
first of all he doesn't have a wife.he has a kid but he is not married second of all he is bisexual.he never said he wasn't.just get your facts straight before you publish them. and third of all please don't talk like being bisexual is just a "phase'that you get over because it's not like that
zamanında 142ydi
Gordana Barb
an overdose Placebo ;))
All of them!
Babel Carranza
whats the drug theyre using?
I guess he tried both and chose to be with a woman and to have a family, there is nothing else to say about it.
He's still a bisexual.... he just made a life with a woman...
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
James Nesbitt
Meth. Not even once.
Nope he's no longer with Helena, and he's still bisexual and free!
he is still bisexual, your sexuality is independent of who you're with
Leana Seguin
Doru Anton
Celestica Demonix
Sometimes I experience the same shit as he in the video. Am I the only one?
yiğit karataş
42 lan ne 142si
Doğuş amk senin 142 olmuş -.-
That's were the horse mask started from
orla bop
Love it :)
Евгений Сигида
ебать его прет
2:18 eyes a little bit frightnening uh
Clau Augusto
The last video with Steve Hewitt :(
Graziano Murru
I think the lyrics of this song talk about psychotic medicines. I hear the lyrcis and I feel the same.
Terry Visley
It's all very reminiscent of the effects of LSD.
You cant argue with ignorant people in there head they're already right.
Danilo Moreira
welcome to my life!