Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Pink Floyd - David Gilmour

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From David Gilmour in Concert at Royal Festival Hall Concert 2002 David Gilmour is THE guitarist of Pink Floyd. He made the History of Psychedelic Rock music. "Shine On Your Crazy Diamond" was published in their album "Wish You Were Here" and here it is a tribute I wanted gave to him and to Pink Floyd, with much admiration and respect

shine on you crazy diamond david gilmour pink floyd

Oni das Alagoas
3:56 See that drummer's face? It is me right now.
John H
Jeez i,m 64 year old and still get goose bumps listening to Floyd. Am proud to say i first saw them in 1966 when syd was with them and that was me hooked. The last time earls court 1994.
0:20 when you have a concert, but still have to do your laundry by 8:00pm
Some people play the guitar, some people are the guitar  : )
Hank Hardigan
Wish You Were Here. Best album ever made
Vol deMort
Those ladies checking out the Bass Player!! Its inspiring for us Bass Players!!
Galaxia Planchez
How I wish I was there! ❤️ I wish one day I can see David Gilmour in concert ❤️
eve mcron
Rest in Peace syd, we will always remember you <3
rob brown
The upright bass player knows he's cool. Maybe a little bit more than we know he's cool.
Lady BlackstarDust
Excitement.  And Deep Calm.  Simultaneously.  Brilliant!
That first note he hits...... fucking awesome!
John Call
If I could only listen to one performer for the rest of my life. Hands down, David Gilmore!
Ryoji Kitomi
Master's making music. goosebumps..... damn. pay attention kiddies... this is music
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Pianoman 70s style
I could listen to Dave Gilmour and Dick Parry all day.
Kevin Moore
I get l laughed at for wearing the same stuff as him. They say I look like a plumber.
marc pouech
sur la fin , on vois les fleurs pousser sur un moment infini!!!! c'est du floyd!!!!! j'ai 63 ans et j'ai les yeux mouiller juste apres l'infini, et pour toujours!!! Om chanti!!!
José Javier Ríos Martínez
Es una de mis versiones preferidas. Tengo quereconocer, que la prsencia de un múdico Colombiano, Chucho Merchán, me llena de orgulo y emoción
mano a mano
Masterful. My only complaint is that it should have been longer. It's wonderful to see an artist like Gilmour, forty years past Floyd's 'golden era', still innovating, adding beauty and brilliance. How many people of that epoch, if they're performing at all, are just grinding out their 'hits' at revue gigs, hoping to pull in a bit of extra cash, backed by some generic young back-up musicians?
Marcos Elosegui
God is playing the guitar, listen.
Pedro Lundergard
the more i listen.....30years loving them!
Am I the only one whose heart sank a little, hearing that Gretsch come in, instead of his trademark Srat? Don't get me wrong, still great, but not THAT Gilmour Sound...
To think that old respectable people today were crazy young pot smoking fools listening to this lying down in the grassy fields...
Bass Wanderer
why is the drummer spinning the bingo ball tumbler....
Spectacular version! There are no words to describe the musicality of Gilmour and the beauty of this music!
Bart Bretton
Jonatan Olsén Fat old sun, live in Gdansk, a damn masterpiece!
* Tzamstein
What is that instrument drummer playing? not drum.
Matthew Hugg
The guitar riff that starts at 3:37 is so nice dude. Gilmours a god
carolyne shapiro
Beautiful tribute to Syd Barrett...indeed.
The best rock voice ever... very underrated as a vocalist
Dave Duncan
God damn this is AWESOME!!!!!
Velma Martin
Saw these guys in Cleveland OH at the Cleveland Stadium.....1975 or 6......then again in Philly at Three Rivers. Amazing band. They are iconic.
Saqlain Mohd
This must be what God listens to
Muhammad Arslan Bhatti
All natural. No contemporary bullshit
Guilherme Schüch
Meu Deus, Ele humilha os cantadores de bosta do Brasil
Giuseppe Piccirillo
Dave the best of Guitar!!.
Roger Minguez
Anish Cityzen Aguero
What is the name of instrument that girl is playing ??
Murat KUL
Best version!
Inmaculada concepcion de pink floyd
how can you not like that ?
M.J. F.C.
Siempre David Gilmour a disfrutar de uno de los mejores Guitarras
ken barr
Anyone that has ever wondered what perfection is, well if you've listened to this video, that is perfection.
Dima Denisov
Cathy McCoy
Love the steel!!!
Mick Thornley
He can still sing 👍
Lori Raf
Best version ever, IMHO; the steel gives me shivers of the brain! Forever my favorite guitar player. ..some are faster, top shredders, more fans, etc. Yet Gilmour moved me since 1st (1970's) concert in Hollywood. Always will!
Keenan Glover
What would you call that guitar? I wanna buy one, I can play guitar with a slide already but Ive never used a guitar like that
Dan Harris
For some reason, what you hear isn't what you see. Obviously Gilmour wasn't happy with the performance shown and re-dubbed it, probably in the studio. Sounds awesome though.
have a cigar
Valmir Cherubim
Obrigado David obrigado Pink Floyd
Albert Wesker
David Gilmour Forever!
Jose Luis Mondragon Luna
This is the best music I ever heard love that
Jasper Connelly
Anyone have any idea what brand his lap steel his?
lee senger
A true Mistro re mastering a Masterpiece masterfully! . . . and Shiiine!
Indranil Rana
gave me goose bumps
You Shine on you, David ♥
Rick Jasper
Jesus Christ
I am the way the truth and the life.
Стран Ник
под канабисом- вообще шикарно)))))
Lady BlackstarDust
This calms my grieving heart. Leonard and Leon gone in one week. Enjoy the cosmos great pioneers.
Giuseppe Piccirillo
Dave the best of Guitar!!.
nandhu karthik
Mimi Speike
This full-flowering and (probably, got to check that out) tail end of Psychedelic Rock packs a punch for me at sixty-eight. The music is tremendous, but give the lyrics a good listen. If they don't make you shake in your heart, you're only pretending to be alive.
Wow This is amazing!
Mikhail Kobzar
Its fucking awesome magick!!!!!!
Ken Skeen
Love the age comments. I am 76, and was in the SF Bay Area scene from '62 - '83. I never saw Pink Floyd in person, but saw most all the greats of the greats during that time. David Gilmore's talent and arrangements are legend. Total timeless beauty!
Meredith Arbon
LOVE LOVE LOVE Dave Gilmour!
vincenzo pendino
senza nulla togliere a bob Dylan ma il nobel x aver creato questi capolavori non doveva andare alo zio gilmour x me chi assegna i premi e lui sbagliato ma forse vero che non vince mai il migliore comunque i complimenti vanno a tutti qua ogni silenzio e prezioso Picasso di sicuro si sarebbe alzato in piedi x a plaudire grandi tutti
vincenzo pendino
la storia mentre Napoleone scopriva l america David Gilmour scopri il suono e fece il giro del mondo in poche ore
William Brown
this!!!! a true icon...
Mariano Fattore
Peccato i soliti fischi di "approvazione"... sono snervanti!
Brilliant performance! Wonderful post!
Marco DL
Absolutely fantastic perfomance.
Mooktadir A
Shine on you crazy diamonds!
Wspaniały kawałek, aranżacja, występ. Prawdziwi muzycy grają prawdziwą muzykę.
Fernando Migliazza
Gilmore best guitarist
Dr. Mtz
That's good music not j beaver shit. The music is passing trough a bad stage. Patience people.
Kev Maverick
485 people are just morons, or they have no concept of music! How could anyone dislike this epic performance?
Gilmour, you are a genious, no words...
Pure genius.
Mark Jennings
I got arrested for marijuana possession while listening to this album. I was so peaced out sitting in the back of the cop car with handcuffs, only wishing I could have finished listening to the rest of the album. Then I was in the police station stoned and looking at the wall behind the officer thinking about the album "The Wall" and how it was so symbolic. I am now a successfull individual in charge of drug development leading a team of 19 employees in a third world country. It doesnt mean anything, only that I need to find a different job in line with spirit and sacrifice $. This current job is spiritless. Just a warning, the computer is horrible, simple jobs are wonderful.
Yes. Happy Birthday to the REAL #GuitarHero!! ♥♠‼ This vid gives me chills from head to toe.
Paulo Figueiredo - Gaming
Simply beautiful.
Михайло Гаврилюк
Це сила!!!
David Leblanc
!EPIC ! voila ! phoque le reste
Carlos Rocco
Yosef ben-shoshan
love it
Debora Rubbino
rest in peace Syd
Семен Боцько
Что за хуиту крутит барабанщик?
Fritz Grantlmeier
great luck that i have seen them in Munic 1977, it was an unforgettable deep impression
Chris Clarke
wow. makes my hair stand up on end.
Clint Hosch
Where can I see more of this show? Is it on DVD? This is so [email protected]#kin' good!!
Robert McClain
The way that HOT Viola player tosses her hair just kills me !
what is that thing that the drummer pkays at the beginning?