Steve Aoki feat Kid Cudi and Travis Barker - Cudi the Kid (Official Video)

Buy the single here: />For more songs like "Cudi the Kid", follow our "Dance All Day" Spotify playlist! /> Steve Aoki feat Kid Cudi and Travis Barker - Cudi the Kid (Official Video) from Ultra Music Ultra Music is an American independent electronic music record label based in New York City. Ultra's current roster includes deadmau5, Benny Benassi, Kaskade, Wolfgang Gartner, The Bloody Beetroots, Steve Aoki, Lil Jon, Armin van Buuren, Above & Beyond, Ferry Corsten, Alex Gaudino, Congorock, Adrian Lux, Fedde Le Grand, Axwell, TOKiMonsta, Alexandra Stan and others. Ultra has featured releases from the aforementioned artists and many others including Tiësto, Avicii, Paul van Dyk, Paul Oakenfold, The Crystal Method, Sasha & John Digweed, and others. Ultra Music Online: /> /> /> />

New "It" trailer looks awesome
Intro of the song is the best part. I wish whole song was like that.
Pug Gang
This song makes me think about life and how it's short
Lorenzo Caldwell
1.Beat Drops 2.Has heart attack 3.comes back alive
Just wish Cudi's parts were longer!
Tev B Po-Lite
Cudi's vocals has the ability to install nostalgia in you.
Nathan a Star
This song & video is underrated af
Angus C.
i love that all the kids are younger versions of Steve Aoki, Kid Cudi and Travis Baker
Martin Díaz de Vivar
Bueno el nene chino es steve, hasta tienen la misma remera, el baterista es el nene bajito y el negrito es kid kudi el que canta, que no aparece en el video pero tiene esa apariencia fisica. Yo creo que es una especie de etapa entre sus estados de animo internos, al principio en el micro con el diablo del conductor, puede ser un "viaje" a su parte oscura, ahi es donde ve al payaso triste solitario que es una transformacion de su realidad, el payaso que todos ven feliz por dentro es el que mas triste esta, entonces este personaje se rebela expresando toda la maldad contenida, ganas de fritar, su ira transformada en fuego y la destruccion impulsiva, el reloj y el cuerpo de steve es una imnosis que demuestra que el tiempo pasa y corre rapido en su cuerpo, que va creciendo y va viendo cosas diferentes, la "monja" es una reprecentacion de la sociedad, y su lado relijioso, ese icono de la sociedad que por fuera trata de estar bien, interiormente tiene ganas de castigar y poner hordenes, que son retoricas y priban su libertad creativa, lo esta siguiendo sin dejar que pueda  elegir su camino, la cancion musical mente y visualmente refleja la "explosion" interna, las ganas de gritar, la ira y la furia interna contenida con ganas de salir, el vestuario indigena de seteve se podria referir a un lado espiritual interno vinculado con el alma y el karma interior, los ojos en el cielo mirando constantemente puede ser un relejo de tus ojos cuando miras el video, y sus formas de exprecion a medida que vas viendo cada imagen y identificandote con cada situacion. PD: ESTO ES LO QUE VEZ DESPUES DE FUMARTE UN PORRO JAJAJAJA XD
toilet water
I hope you get better cudi
2018 ?
sj the seagoat
2016 and hearing this just to reflect on my life and I feel a nostalgic feeling i can't shake off. now I have to watch this high now that I'm older lmaoo. this should be fun.
Dat drop tho! :D
Lol did anyone notice the all seeing eyes in the sky at 0:16 , 0:36 , 1:46 , 1:53 , 2:11 , 2:28 , 2:39 , 2:45 , 3:02 , 3:36 , 3:45 , and 3:52 ??? That is creepy as hell XD!!!
Chris PM
Marihuana a tope.
Savy Branom
I'm literally T.B.D right now...This has all of the best Travis Barker AND Kid Cudi AND Steve Aoki!!!!!! I'm trippin
Diana Ivleva
Steve Aoki feat Justin Bieber - Bieber The Justin
El significado del vídeo es que el tiempo pasa y todos seguimos una sola linea de forma de vida como una religión un trabajo y le tenemos miedo a lo que nosotros queremos hacer y no lo que todo mundo dice que es el payaso representado la vida que queremos y todo mundo dice que esta mal que es el diablo en el video que es el que habre la puerta a los niños,etc Y que hay que vivir como nos de la gana,etc no se si me deje entender
Dev IETech
Travis and his drums man! All I care about.
isan maop
Nice This Music :)
Alex Mo
why illuminati why!!!
Editor Wardash
This song has everything in it that I fear, Asian people..........Clowns......Nuns......and a drummer! :O
Ashley Martinez
hope Cudi is doing alright 💕 this song is nostalgia for me, never get sick of it
Sebastian Trujillo
Biggest acid trip ever?
This song is so old and I still love it
Hunter Tornquist
#foundaclown like if your watching 2016/2017
Charlie Francis
This video is so unique i love it
Pipol Andrés
¿Quién más la oye en 2019?
Royal Idk
This track make me feel nostalgic. It's one of the first tracks that introduce me to the EDM life
Muy bizarro el video, pero me encanta, no puedo parar de escucharlo y verlo!
i plan on watching this high af
1:33 nie zda po polsku
Midnight Nineties
Slow this down to 0.75x 😍
Difky Arung
i am dizzy
Sophie Mac
i literally can't stop listening to this song and the music video is so great!
Emi Quiroz
I love the Song ♥u♥
El Teran lml
What the drugs do to your brain bud.
steve's hair is so luxurious in this
Siento que me drogo viendo el video xD 
What is the significance of him wearing a native headdress?
Kendall Diaz
esto ase la droga 0.0 (en buena forma )
Memories ..
Karenna Kataria
Aoki looks so majestic as the sky 😍
abner ramos
pinche payaso me dio miedo
Perfect Music
aineelsita Romero
Estoy obsesionada con esta canción Dios ❤❤❤😎😎😎👍👍👍👍😏😏😏
Ian B
god dammit clown
Jen ame
damn this reminds me of middle school man!!
Albert Candido
Great song, The video is incredible. I'm not 100% sure on the meaning of the video but I'm guessing it's dealing with Kid Cudi's demons and the pressure he feels with having to live up to such high expectations, his depression and drug issues fused with his frustrations on people today listening to the commercialized crap they play for us on the radio. He couldn't wait to get older and always wanted to make it big but now that he has everything he could want it's not as great as he thought it would be. That't just my opinion though. Great trio hopefully they'll give us another track like this in the near future
LOL 3:39 auriculares jaja LOL 3:39 headphones haha
Saeedah Seriki
The kids are younger versions of kid cudi, Steve aoki, and Travis Barker. Also I want that dum mak shirt
2017 y todavía sigue sonando en mi coche
Samantha Paredes
im jealous of Steve's hair
Logan Ehmke
Best. Opening beat. Ever.
Przemek S
Nie zda po polsku XD 1:33
Raquel Salazar
Eres el mejor steve aoki
Mer Feraine
baby travis is so adorable
Angel Ortiz
Watch this while on acid lol
Ruthless Deity
If my parents die I will hunt you down and cut your head off personally
Mert Bükcüoğlu
Tüm Türklere Selamun Aleyküm burası değerlenir rez
kid cudi <3
Luis Nava
Daaaammmmn meeen, travis barker lml
Tomasz Gleba
Hahahaha 1:33 nie zda po polsku xD
André Sales
It looks like that the names Steve Aoki and Kid Cudi are together the song is always good as hell.
Mimi Otome
A in love eça muzica HUE BR ♥
muy buena :D
gala Dubai
ؤؤييييييؤسؤ 2 ورود الي
Marcin kaczorowski
Stevie z kad ty czerpiesz inspiracje ale tak dalej :)
Roberto carlos Mata gutierrez
Travis barker el mejor baterista del mundo
Listen to the entire song on 1.5
Didie Kings
i got high just by watching this
Kaohzom Yeah
simbólicamente es jodidamente extraño pero técnicamente es un gran videoclip
Złoty&KuŻu 13
1:33 "Nie zda po Polsku" <3
Anson Williams
Now batting, the rightfielder, Michael Cuddyer!
Did I just hear him say, "No-scoping?" XD
Katy Wolpoff
just realized the little kid in the hat is travis' son... took 4 years to comprehend
Masked Kripperino
I think this clip is full of interprtation ; each character can symbolize something, and each element is very interesting. Before make an opinion, you should check what does it mean for you.
Miguel Cat
I love you Steve Aoki. Better than skrillex
Briseidy Arely
I like
One of the best trippiest videos EVER!!
When Steve Aoki was an excellent dj :/
joss checa
L S D !!.......
marnie figueroa
Steve looks cool in this video
Skylar Bisnis
RIP Capo😢🙏
I listen to this like every morning <3
Sam Weaver
How much drugs did they hit up before they made this video?
Yani Lagos
Songs of drops
Travis Barker brought me here. GO TRAVI!
Alex Guzman
kid cudis vocals really help this song too! kind of grunge.
The part where cudi sings is dope , but the drop is relly lame 👀
Mi blog Alex Herrera
Cudi called the clown craze
Zé Silva
is there a version from this song, but without Aoki, like just Cudi? hope it does
Uriel Kosovo
Swagfag/bro music
Rodvin Ical
como están una pregunta como se llama el que canta la caciòn=)/&%$