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Movie : Singh is King ( 2008) Singers : Labh Jan Jua ,Suzie.Q Music : Pritam Lyricists :Javed Akhtar Picturised : Katrina and Akshay Kumar Lyrics : I'm kinda gal who likes little fun and likes game I wana play LyricS MAsti I think naught as nice n shivers n spices I listen to one hav say Kisi ka na dar Na koi fikar To aajaa baby get down Bas charo aur ho bas yehi shor I'll tell whts dat all abt Ae paaji comeon comeon lets get down get down get do it Yeh paaji have a little fun Its really really nuthing to it Ye paaji why u force to go get move on boy n u see Ye paaji on ur mark be steady r u ready to play with me All my ladies goin crazy With rythm let them Music spining hiting up them tonite Lifes a party to jee lee tu khul ke jee lee kal kya hoga jo hona hai ho jayeeee [Jee Karda bai jee karda Tenu kor baithawa jee karda]4 Ek vari ek vari ek vari ho ek vari Tu seene naal hurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrya Tu seene naal lag soniye o balle balle Tu seene naal lag soniye Oye shawa shawa Tu seene naal lag soniye Everbody wanna join the party wanna hav some fun get down tonite Everbody put ur hands up in the air its time to sail on with the time tonite [Jee karda bai jee karda Tenu jhapiya pawa jee karda]4 Ek vari ek vari ek vari ho ek vari Tu haath mera Tu haath mera padh soniye Tu haath mera padh soniye o balle balle Tu haath mera padh soniye Oye shawa shawa Tu haath mera padh soniye All my ladies goin crazy With rythm let them Music spining hiting up them tonite Lifes a party to jee lee tu khul ke jee lee kal kya hoga jo hona hai ho jayeeee Ek vari menu to kehdi sunlo Ek vari dil mangayasi hun lo Aur kuch bhi na Chahiye nasiba kare Bas itna jo ho sake to rabba karein O rabba tera dil hai bada O rabba tera dil hai bada Ek sunle mere dil ki dua [Jee karda bai jee karda Tere sang tuur java jee karda]2 Tuur jana , Tuur jaana Tuur jana O tuur jaana Koi rassta roke hurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryaaaa Koi rassta roke Lakh soniye O balle balle Koi rassta roke O padh mera haath soniye [Koi rassta roke Lakh soniye O balle balle Koi rassta roke O padh mera haath soniye]2 All my ladies goin crazy With rythm let them Music spining hiting up them tonite Lifes a party to jee lee tu khul ke jee lee kal kya hoga jo hona hai ho jayeeee

Ary Live
i think this type of bollywood has been buried.sad
3:13 dream within a dream? Inception came way before in bollywood LOL
H Dasilva
i miss old katrina face
Z Laila
katrina is best actress and she is so cute i love her alot
Akshay is such a good dancer ,he has style when he dances .My favourite actor
Chris S
akshay kumar looking good with that paag 
I remember this song from 2008 when I visited Pakistan. Ohhh the memories with this song...
David Caminero
This song remind me my time in Delhi...so nice song!! Greatings from Spain!!
Aslam Minhaz
This is very cool song and katrina is very pretty
I don't know who these people are. I've just discovered this. But now I love Bollywood \(•u•)/
Jenan Samannaz
katrina looks so cute in the song
Tuba Siddiqui
akshay kumar is so talented and i like more akshay kumar
So cool
I don't want khalistan now. Respect to Indians cuz they respect Sikhs. I being Ex- Pakistani Sikh. Just luv India. Sorry India... Luv from Canada. Koi Jhappi pa do Yaara...
Sheraz Ali Imam
katrian you are very beautiful
Sadaf Syed
R.I.P. english
sofia yousif
love this song so much Katrina so pretty
Fernando Alvarez
amazing egypty
#Haseeb Ahmad
I love you
irfan Ahmed
super song
Muhammad Rashid
Very Nice song
111 nnn
Akshaay I really cant stop loving u ♥♥
Saddam Hossain
supper sexy song ohohohoh omonomom
Raja khan
My favorite song😘😘😘 Akshay kumar so good 😘😘 ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Arhan nomi
Akshay best actor in Bollywood
Deepanshu Rana mirjapur
Good song akshay and Katrina😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
smrutika more
danchik song
Texx5 T
I don't know what it's saying but I like this song!!!
Melvin Pramode
2008...a great year for bollywood movies and songs especially
AFG افغان
خیلی خیلی خوب
Aashish Kashyap
Wael Khalefa
الأقصر الحضارة ربع آثار العالم انه صعيد مصر
Endah Agussari
Love this song, fuñny movie lol
Shaibaaz Khan
Katrina is so beautiful in my life I do you want kiss
Katrina's ditsy rant in the beginning of the video ruined the song for me.
Nikki dubey
i love this song
Lyrics by Mayur Puri not Javed aktar
Friz Zal
nice song and music :)
Win Theingi Oo
Who’s still looking at 2018
Sheetal Kamble
Ilike song beaufti I love u forever to my hero akshay kumar sir Karin kallf mapp
Aashu vverma
Anyone in 2018?
আই আর হিতা কইতাম গানটা ইতু
Nadeem Aslam
nice song
Laxmi Gusai
I liked this song👌👌
شهزا ده
indian army boy46 ak
10 years complete shing is king today 😘😘😘😘
zubair kashmir rawalakot 0595867247 00923418824853
zubair kashmire Pakistani rawalakot
this1 this1
dear ASHWANI M.--so very pretty woman-i Katya-u have right-dear,-if reall.--in last life-we was sisters-maybe-
iftikhar ali
all song best katreena
تمنيت الاحبهم مايبعدون
rushali mishra
lovely song movie best Singh is king my favorite akshay kumar sir beautiful boy super hero best hero beautiful girl Karina kalf mapp
Sangye Mututsang
I think the paagdi and beard look really suits AK...asli Punjabi munda
allosh al_iraqi
شباب ممكن رابط الفليم
Amit Kumar singh
Akki-kat jabardust pair 💛💛💛💛💛😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
Aftab Ahmed
My cousin and sister love this song they totally love it
নাজিম মন্ডল najim
shane xoan
Great Music
Saj Tor
Amazing film good lessons, amazing music too!
hala metwaly
Amazing Egypt
Ji Karda (HD) - Singhy is King  fabulous .......... Song ........... . nyc.
Reechi Beyong
I think Punjabi Munda's Deserve katrina ....she is so..... Amazing..
Dhruv Bhatnagar
We love you akki sir
Bali Bangh
These 2 actor and actress, they very humours actors, they have fun when making films and that is what they like off camera.
Harshal Pawar
Lavanya Yadav
Love Kat
Vandana Bickramdass
Very Nice Song
Ranaejaz Ranaejaz
good dance
Imran Jutt
Good luck
My mum loves this song and the movie, she always tells me to put this on
Darline Blan
Root Nino syrup
عماد ابو قحطان الحبابي الحبابي
روعه فديتك ياروع ممثل
Asran shahban
og god katrina please dont talk lol
Avinashgoud Bakkolla123
Hi good evening .....I would like to watch this movie "Singh is king". Can you please upload this movie. Thank you.
heart hacker
Nice song
Aheed Atif
Snoop dogg is in it
polit kahan
so super
Azhar Shaikh
RIP Labh Janjhua ji (:
Ajay Kumar
All time movie hit h.........Singh Is Kinng.........Akshay Kumar.........
Myo Thinn Zaw
i meet sikh people in usa ! they always said they are not indians .only sikh !!! i do not understand?? somebody explain me why
anisha akter
nice....i thing video lovely song.....so lol.
M Noshad Arzoo.
Sahil Desai
very nice by actors
anil kushwaha
I love song
anil kushwaha
I love song
Karan Gurjar
super song
#Haseeb Ahmad
eid mubarak
MKHF Al Buraq
This song in Egypt
Chidurala Devendar
Super song 👌
Iqra Umair
nice song
Vik Sembhi- ViKS MB
RIP Labh Janjua
goood 1
#Haseeb Ahmad
I miss you
Karma S Karmacharya
RIP Labh................
idrees janjua
Rip janjua 😐😐
Malaika Z
It's been absolute years!! We listen to this EVERYDAY when me and my brother were younger!!!
muhmmad pervaz
love nice eeeeeeeeeeeeeee
شير خراسان
بسیار زیبا.
Rana Khan 607410
Very Beautiful
rahul dp asati
Rahul asati