Atrocity - Shout (ft. Liv Kristine)

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Tears For Fears cover

music video gothic metal

i was goinng to see porn,seriously the porn tab still open,but i started to watch this ,fuck the porn this is sooooo much better
the live version, just because david draiman does a sexy little dance
Cristian Lu
este tema no puede estar tan bueno!!!
Jonas M Costa
fiko tri mazzaaa I liked his video
Descending Ros
Temazo espectacular impresionante totallllllllllll
@Eoxz vete a escuchar regueton
I was wondering about that. I didn't think that looked or sounded like Raymond. Still a good performance, though.
There aren't too many shout covers out there but this one takes the cake, brilliant!!
Igor Martin
Any day the same one treads on the hair
Alejandro Sanchez
I hate this version hahaha but i love to see how they smash the fucking svastica! fuck nazism!
i love liv kristine!!
Martin Bischoff
Ronald Calderon
demasiado buena esta version!
que hermosa la rubia q baila en el show!!alguien tendrá los recitales completos de los q extraen fragmentos para este video?
Tiger Lily
Alexander Krull has the most beautiful
Adriano Pedro
love this cover... better than original
Almost a good cover, the girl kinda ruined it..
i don´t know, but i like the original and the version from disturbed best!
Volker Topf
this is not theatre of tragedy!this is the band of livs husband alex krull and his band-ATROCITY,where liv had any guest performances. now the band plays with liv as LEAVES EYES.
Rossy constanzo
Panda Cheatham
I love it. I want it.
Brandon Tryhard
Im looking to find a band who has better covers than disturbed, but nothing yet after over hour of searching heheh