Biting Elbows - 'Bad Motherfucker' Official Music Video

Download @iTunes: /> Email: contact(at)bitingelbows(dot)com LYRICS: I am the son of rock'n'roll I got the masses under my control I like to drink, I love the dope I want your money and I want your hope Your money and your hope Your money and your hope Your money and your hope Vaguely epic are my lyrics Jealous folks are the only critics Top of the world and I know why The world is a pigsty Son of Rock'n'Roll Son of Rock'n'Roll Son of Rock'n'Roll Son of Rock'n'Roll I am a bad motherfucker Live long and well thanks to suckers Live long and well thanks to suckers I am a bad motherfucker Gotta say thanks to rock'n'roll It got me into a whole lotta holes They hear my voice I touch their soul Too bad my heart is a heart of coal And it don't matter none If you make the juices run the bank account will stun I'm only here for myself I've got a big fuck you for everybody else Not only empty but empty and loud I wonder if my father is proud I am a bad motherfucker Live long and well thanks to suckers Live long and well thanks to suckers I am a bad motherfucker Get what you can, while you can and get out Son of Rock'n'Roll I am a bad motherfucker Live long and well thanks to suckers Live long and well thanks to suckers I am a bad motherfucker

Gustavo Gonçalves
It's just another normal day in russia...
NenadGames FTW
1:08 my friends when I open Doritos in front of them
Irish McHealey
I like to think this is Henry before he got turned into a cyborg
2:38 what you might came for( Victoria Lopyreva)
Как по словам моего деда, он добирался до школы.
It is hardcore henry before it became a movie
1:07 when the one person u give gum to betrays u and tells everyone who they got gum from
0:25 Me when I find out that the kid is mine.
Peer Nel
Keanu Reeves : *Breathes* Everyone: 1:08
Lord Eisengath
Probably John wick during his training in Russia.
James Flegal
Im sweating...legit intense. I need to stop drinking and watching YouTube
Егор Маршалкин
Павлик 3 года как не использует этот стиль съёмки.
Windy Green
Just John Wick before his retirement
Robert Hardwell
damn i didn't realize that i watched this when i was 9 years old
Это пиздец какая ахуенная музыка, кто из России лайк))
1:27 dude, this guy is cheating
Sam Costin
Came for the titts, stayed for the action
Rafael Tavares
0:37 same drink used in Hardcore Henry by Jimmy
Source Official
1:08 *_when the boys find out u have diamonds_*
Would you believe me if I told you, that I clicked on this video for the music?
aMin CHy
2019 Love from India
Lucas Perez
When someone says you that you are a noob in Mirror’s Edge.
baddawi baddawi
anyone 2019 ???
The Max Knight
I just clicked on it for thumbnail... 2:40 !!! 😎😄😄👙 OK: it's GTA Mission in Russia 🇷🇺
this gta looks really realistic
Official Stalin
Like if bitingelbows is better than lil pump🖒🖒🖒🖒
Is this like a Music Video for Hardcore Henry?
Tacti-cool Tuba
Me:says I don't like anime Weebs: 1:08
1:08 when u got gum
found this video after years
Ali Az
OMG this is way better than many famous action movies !!!
Bilal Khan
Can you tell me what is the name of game 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣😂😂😂 I never ever played this type of game
Dalir Farzan
The graphics on the next Call of Duty look super real!
RAHMAI Фотограф
Шел 2К19 а я все тащусь от этого бита😁
1:08 when you chew gum in class
Felix The Stalker
One of the best videos I've ever seen!!! 😍👍
Ryan Kelly 22 (STUDENT)
Is this hardcore Henry?
i just watched Hardcore Henry and loved it! Great work Ilya! :D
Core Master
we all know why you clicked. because of the on the thumbnail. you should still watch the whole video but just incase the tiddies are at 2:38 Not all heros wear capes
Panyut Boonjaroen
0:25 John Wick : Hold my P30L
i don't deserve subs
Cant believe this is what started hardcore henry
Chris Lee Aries
Reminds me of a transporter version of hardcore henry
that would make a good movie.
Evan Smith
Too be honest, I wouldn't be suprised if this was the next VR Generation
darn it
You can't shoot while driving... That's a cheat! #PUBGM
Uriel Garcia
Friend: Do you like First Person Shooters? Me:.......
stoned smoker
Thank you for making hardcore henry i have watchted that movie like 6 times and it still entertains me
zmi zaytsev
хм... лучше чем львиная доля российского кинематографа
Richie Lizarraga
go positively boggers mate
NickLick Official
Gta 6 first person mode
The Prowler
*D E M O N E T I Z E D*
for the Russians this is just a bad day at the office
Shadowslip 71
3:28 The Russian air-force has improved! Some of them have still got wings!
Lejba Wazelsztajn
Slavic crystal method
Isaiah Vaughn Orillana
I just search this in spotify
Sanjay Tewari
Another clickbait victim. PS- that's definitely John wick
the man who changes the trash
man i love hardcore henry
Sprite Cranberry
Parody of the crime my dad did so ima have so take this down
Gus Cleitus
i could probably command your dog to attack you.
Pit Zagufull
Here's The motherfuckin TEA
Andrew K***
Looks like John Wick is working for MI6
dwayne ferguson
The original John Wick.
Mark Malco
Hardcore Henry strikes again hahahah EZ
Jo The Legend Gaming
The most creative video I've EVER SEEN!
big boi dan
No dogs were harmed in the making of this video
Luthfi Ts2003
Like al zombie vs one person
Billy Zheng
This is so hardcore henry
New Yakuza game looking great
The world is indeed a pigsty.
0:20 that dog is literally biting elbow
you know its russia when they have 30+ shots in a pistol magazine
Enderson Samuel
When you tried to get 5 stars in gta, but you just got 4 after all ... 😂
NickLick Official
Just another day in the office
See Gotcha
Literally gtao jon wick edition
Amine Qarraey
We all came for two big  reasons 2:37
Jackson Daughty
When I'm late for school but also revenge mah sis
Adytzu 4 life
Very nice editing:-* :-*
Mr. D
What a good t h u m b n a i l
toki chan
Cuadno tú mamá te manda aoa tienda xD
dat calculation tho
No wonder its Russian...
Jeffrey Richardson
jodi and jimmy yes she married her timmy 5
Isaac De Paula
You picked the wrong fool fool
Who's here because of Hardcore Henry?
Aleš Hafnar
Them 7K dislikes come from agents that were humiliated in this video :D
andrew lozande
Extremely rare footage of a normal day in russia
Holo Heart
Sorry, wouldve picked up gun from after pool ball throw.
Kakashi Hatake
roses are red violets are blue... i got clickbaited and so did you
Brain 404
Professional work ! Amazing!
Chicho Diaz
Hardcore Henry needs a sequel
Renz Aldrianne Enguito
Imagining "virtual reality" game at its finesr
Shraavan Rai
Rip dog,Rap in heaven with jesus
Gregory Holmes
That's so irresponsible to leave a dog alone with a trained fighter. Now everyone suffers. Someone should be fired.
Greg Sieracki
Who would have thought they would make a movie from this video!
Act Of Vengeance
I expect more women in this
Bobo Rex
It's a son between crunk and john wick
Harithulasidalam Appo
Plot twist.. The teleported kid was later known as John wick
Evan Smith
1:08 when I swear in a Video youtube be like with demonization Note The Guy who shot the scenes with the camera was the actor of Henry in the movie yall probably got this band from Hardcore Henry
Norwall Music
Awesome video. Can't wait to see more.