Top 10 Most Gnarly Snowboarding Games

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King Khaleed
We need an SSX 3 Remastered on the PS4
They should really bring SSX3 on Steam.
Enrique Comas
SSX3 was my bae. I adore that flipped game.
SSX 3 is the greatest game to ever grace this planet. I mean literally just listen too the soundtrack. Thrice, Autopilot off, Yellowcard, Jerk it out, etc
Pretty sure all People who disliked are pissed because Tricky isn't No.1
Number 1 was one of my favorit games of all time.
German Cesaro
SSX 3 was the definition of awsomeness.
Jonathan S.
SSX 3 rightfully deserves the title of number 1 snowboarding game. Hell, any game in the entire series boasts more content than any triple A title out in today's market. A wide variety of characters, tons of unlockables, and amazing soundtracks, nothing can compare to the content in these games. Game developers of today should really look into what made games from the early and mid 2000s successful because i spend more time going back to my PS2 than any other console out there. SSX will forever be one of the greatest video game series in history.
daniel jackson
how is ssx on tour not on here, that was the greatest one of all time
SSX!! Best Snowboarding Games of all time!!
Fool's Requiem
SSX3 is the only one on this list deserving of #1. I wish they'd do a remaster of the game already...
Riccardo Abdine
Ssx 3 is my favourite :)
Kristopher Shanrock
anyone else thinks at least the ps2 version of ssx3 needs to be on the ps4 psn store?
Stalin Valdez
Ssx3 was the shit back then, best snowboarding game
where's steep
SSX tricky was my life when I was little so I say that as number 1 lol
Thegaming Terminator544
Who else thinks SSX Tricky is the Best Snowboarding Game Ever Made?
I spent thousands of hours on SSX3 as a kid and would definitely play it over again now.
heyhey lolzerrgf
SSX 3 on Xbox is honestly one of my favorite games of all time with its musics <3
Pc Gameplay
SSX on tour was a epic game ! But it is not on this list :(
Duncan Campbell
wtf? no SSX on tour?? greatest sound track ever
anthuan xverier
Man, snowboard kids 2 was THE shit back in my days
Tricky's better
Xander Crease
I knew it was either SSX 3 or SSX (2012) They're the $**t!
No shoutout to SSX 2012? I know this video is about snowboarding, but THAT is just cold.
Dylan Costello
Used to play SSX 3 a lot at McDonald's. (Yes my McDonald's has GameCube stands.) Now I'm gonna buy it.
Ssx tricky was my childhood!
Noble Alfred
If SSX3 isn't No.1 I am throwing a tantrum. Edit: Alright!
SSX3 is still hands down the best ever to ever come out.
D Rabb Beats
SnowBoard Kids!!!!!!
Travis Atwell
the SSX series is one of my all time favorites. so many hours spent playing SSX3. A perfect snowboarding game. Fun, stupid, gorgeous & had great sound.
Avalanche is amazing. I loved the personality of each character, the music, and the racing aspect. Best game as a kid imo
Steep Slope Sliders for the Sega Saturn should've at least been mentioned. I would have also preferred SSX On Tour to be #1 instead of SSX 3. The soundtrack was better, and like Tricky, On Tour made the tricks look even cooler with the MONSTER! tricks.
SSX3 brought joy to my shitty childhood ☺️
Blyde Abrahams
i remember SSX on tour that was soooo awesome on my PS2
#5 cool boarders 2 is my favorite game, still have it, though don't think it plays anymore.
The Boy
SSX 3 will forever be the best snowboarding game.
SSX on PlayStation 2 is the greatest snowboarding series of all time! SSX on PlayStation 3 sucked balls, though.
Brendon Dellinger
I prefer Snowboard Kids 2, that and SSX3 made me wish I was good at snowboarding :)
The Hunter
Saw gnarly, immediate cringe !
Looooved SSX On Tour's soundtrack and art style. so goooooood. Loved that.
Cool Boarders 2 and SSX Tricky were the shit in my day.
I love 1080° Avalanche!
SemajIsKing 9601
ok ssx 3 was number 1 im happy
Casey Rauchwarter
Did anybody else play Downhill Domination on PS2?
NativeTank44 Xbox
SSX3 i had that on my game cube but with 2017 graphics and my favorite character was Zoey
Nikhil Anand
SSX 3 will always be the best snowboarding game ever!
"French toast and SYRUUUUUUUUP!!!"
You Guys never play SSX on Tour? This is the best Snowboard Game of all time ;-) Thanks for the Content
Terrible Tallrus
SSX 3. U chose wisely. 😎
PariSitic Pictures
Pretty bold putting number 1 in the thumbnail. Or maybe it's not since every other top 10 channel does that.. It kinda bothers me though..
Patrick Phounsavanh
cool boarders 2 is the original classic snowboard game
Yo Mama
Shout out to the most underrated snowboarding game of all, ESPN X Games Pro Boarder Snowboarding PS1. That shit was gorgeous for its time, played smoothly, had a variety of modes, and had a killer soundtrack.
Micah Caraballo
I thought for sure that SSX (2012) was gonna be #1 on this list, cause that game is like SUPER AWESOME!!! 🤘🏻
BluesEyee YT
The normal SSX the full version in 2012 I like that
red eye jedi
ssx trickey should be 1 easy
SSX3 still to this day is one of my faves. I played that game for hours and never got bored.
Still play SSX 3 on the cube.
Shaun palmer is still the best snowboarding game, most that disagree and say SSX probebly never played it. SSX was more mainstream though
AC Jester
do top 10 credits in video games or top 10 main menu in video games that would me AHHH-MEEE -ZING
I love Cool Borders 2. I spend hours playing it and grinding on that Trick Master mode
played so much SSX3 when I was a kid, it really is the best snowboarding game out there
caleb hunger
1080° Avalanche for the game cube would be my #1 or 2.
Mikel Moon
I am disappointed. No mention of Twisted Edge (N64).
Heavymetal Futaweeb
More accurate list here gents. #10. SSX Tricky #9. SSX 3 #8. SSX 3 #7. SSX 3 #6. SSX 3 #5. SSX 3 #4. SSX 3 #3. SSX 3 #2. SSX 3 #1. Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
CJ Rocky
played all these ...coolboarders 1+2 is my faves
Adam Damkjer
SSX Tricky will always be my favorite snowboard game! 👌🏼
i used to play cool boarders and loved it :p
Molly Areano
Ssx 3 is most fun game on the ps2 <3 I LOVE IT! <3
Carl Brown
not gonna lie, but we probably should all know that SSX should be number 1
Massimo Famulare
I'm still waiting for Skate 4
SSX Tricky with Mac was my plan for all my free time back then... How I loved that game damn it! Never played SSX3 though looks fun
SSX TRICKY!!!! :3 best snow boading game ever
Beast of The Blade [BOTB]
Steep should be no. 1 but i understand why it isn't
MY LIST 10 – Mario & Sonic at Olympic winter games 9 – Amped 2 (Xbox classic) 8 – Coolboarders 2 7 – Snowboard kids II (N64) 6 – Shawn Palmer pro Snowboarder (PS2) 5 – SSX tricky (PS2) 4 – Stoked (Xbox 360) 3 – SSX (Xbox 360) 2 – 1080 snowboarding (N64) 1 – SSX 3 (PS2)
hell yeah SSX 3 is #1 best snowboarding game ever. I still wish they'd do an HD remaster of it for X1 & PS4
Chris Irvin
Shaun Palmer the Tony Hawk of snowboarding at the time?😂
SSX 3 was the best when I was younger OMG I can remember all the fun I had with it absolutely love that game
Olaf Benjamin
8:56 *Pause* "YAS!" *Resume*
Tricky was great. I still plug in the original XBOX occasionally to play it.
Ruben Martinez
kinda sad that SSX Tricky wasn't top 3 but they got SSX 3 right
Old Bay Season
People on here hating on SSX 2012 are crazy. That game is amazing. I agree with SSX 3 being number one though.
1080 SNOWBOARDING better be on this list :) That was 1 of my favorite games on the N64
Ssx on tour didn't make it? Smh
All these cucks saying SSX is the best but where are my 1080 avalanche homies at?
Ssx 3 is actually up there as one of my favorite games, alongside Tony Hawk's Underground. The nostalgia!
im glad 1080 avalanche was at least mentioned
SSX TRICKY should've been #1
Garrett Pedde
The SSX series as a whole has been pretty great. On Tour should have had an honourable mention at least.
SSX 3 IS AN AMAZING GAME i still play it to this day sometimes
Benjamin Irons
Avalanche 1080, I still play it to this day
Andrei Dragomir
Am I the only one that knows about Project Powder and loved it?
SSX Tricky is much better than SSX 3 imo. The character designs/outfits looked much better in tricky, plus Eddie/Jp were my favourites to ride as.
Daniel Thomas MacInnes
Where is Steep Slope Sliders on Sega Saturn? Many of these are very good snowboarding videogames, and I really do wish we'd see this genre return.
Brittany Scrivner
As. 3 is the best game ever! I love this game when I was growing up!
SSX On Tour and Amped 3 are my 2 favorite. Nd maybe cool boarders 2
Daniel Ripple
see if watchmojo can do top 10 car combat games