3 Jokes That Make People Instantly Like You

Ellen Degeneres' Tips To Making People Instantly Like You Discover The 4 Emotions You Need To Make a Killer First Impression: /> We all want people to like us. And Ellen Degeneres seems to have that down to a science. Ellen Degeneres is one of the most likable hosts on TV. And it’s largely due to the types of jokes that she makes. Almost all hosts are funny, but Ellen’s style of comedy has a way of instantly endearing her guests to her. Today we are going to talk about the most common types of jokes that Ellen makes, how you can use them to get people to immediately like you, and some habits that you can work on to just generally be funnier throughout your day. 1:10 - The kind of jokes that make people sad, ones that Ellen rarely makes 2:08 - Self-deprecating jokes make people feel comfortable around Ellen 3:10 - Poking fun at subjects that people are not insecure about allows Ellen to crack jokes without upsetting people 5:20 - Making ego boosting jokes that make other people feel good, makes Ellen someone that people want to spend more time with 5:59 - Ellen can also joke around and just simply be silly Subscribe to Charisma On Command’s YouTube Account: /> Connect With Us: Website: />Facebook: />Periscope: />Video Editor, Andre: /> Or if you want to see my personal stuff (my regular life + me playing music): Instagram: @CharlieHoupert Periscope: @CharlieHoupert Snapchat: @charliehoupert

The Grammar Police
Nah. The real way to get people to like you is giving them gum
Set Phasers To Stun
Continuous self deprecation encourages others to attack us as well.
Ya Fookin’ Losah
Too many self deprecating jokes are cringe tho
Myke Prior
have white teeth, be tall and have a nice jaw line certainly help.
I feel like this channel was created for aliens to learn how to be more accepted in the human lifestyle.
Me trying to be likeable: "Want some gum?" Them: "How'd you get into my house?"
nela De
I think he has a crush on ellen.
Can you do an analysis on Michael Scott from the office?
I think Ellen is great but I would be careful with using self deprecating humor. It can lead to an increase in low self esteem and potentially make some people look down on you. I do think the world needs more silliness though.
AllThingsFunny XE
Hello, I am a definitely human person who is looking for tips on interactions, as I find earth intriguing and must blend as a human, not that I need to, as I am very, very human. Charismatic elements are a human trait yes no? I, an authentic homo-sapien is in need of advice from my human comrades on this human-human platform. Scincerely, Unit X23dd2 (My mission- I mean human- name is XDD, as humans do not have numeral figures or fidgets in the label their incubators select for them.)
I'm either self deprecating or making people the butt of the joke.
Self deprecating humor? HEYY IM GONNA GET SO MANY LAUGHS
Casually Explained
It's not working Charlie what do I do
I thought I could attract metal by this video. Clickbaited.
I tossed a mint after walking into class, the mint went too high and hit one of the ceiling fans, bounced off and hit a ruler which had flown into my teacher's general "sausage" area. Then I said: wow teacher, you sure had the "balls" to take that and the class burst out laughing. I can't tell what type of joke this is but I certainly did not feel good after detention.
Shenzy Brosee
I like the silly segment to this. I wasn't expecting that.
Amber Lyn Mills
Could you make a video about how to help /introverts/ feel more comfortable around you?
I tried this on 4 girls. All they said was get out of the girls bathroom. Unsubbed, disliked.
Mιss Crαzy
I have a really likable personality. Someone you'd like to kick out, I mean
A New Love Official
I felt a bit uncomfortable when I met someone on a date, that was kinda awkward because we're just communicating through text and chat, it's different when he's in front of you but in order to make the situation light I crack a joke and both of us are laughing and that was the beginning of our closeness.
omg wow this lured a woman into my derelict apartment
Romantic relationships breakdown? I'm thinking interactions good and bad... Unless you've already done something like this :)
Pat The Cat
The 4 emotions to a great impression: 1. Horny 2. Sad 3. Awkward 4. Back to Horny again
Sam Abbott
thank you for this advice, i know dance in to work every morning whilst trying to catch a mint in my mouth
planet rock
i love that this video encouraged a lot of hilarious comments.
Princess Fluffybottom
Or maybe shes just funny?
Uber Virsacii
But i already do self deprecating jokes
John Smith
Her jokes aren’t really that funny
sweet apple pie
you know what, I’m always gonna have a pack of gum on me incase everything goes south but in all serious, this man is teaching me so much xx
Moonlit Imagination
For some reason, I just never found her funny.. >.>
Anon ium
Is she funny though? Personally I cannot stand her.
I'm John Laurens
was ready to apply this to my life but just remembered i was going to a funeral tomorrow..
Noah brandini
0:41 When Rihanna was a nice girl, you know before good girl gone bad.
Chandra Simha
Ellen is really gifted with natural humour..
MaulSJ12 _
Just bumped into a mannequin and said "sorry". Then said "Oh I thought you were a person". Then realised I was still talking to a mannequin
Devon K
Your videos are always always bring insights far beyond what most of these self help gurus are bringing to the conversation. You're always fresh and innovative. Very impressed.
Very smort Person
Information Recived. *person.exe has stopped responding*
Next time choose me as an example of how not be interested in people...
Blu Gabe
Are you related to Henry Cavill?
Nivesh Proag
Charlie: reflect on a recent time you made people laugh Me: ...ಠ╭╮ಠ
Maya Agbata
Watching this made me positive and I've never even watched Ellen's show
Jokes to make in order 1. Silly, 2. Ego boosters 3. Poking fun 4. Self deprecating 5. Someone else is the But of the joke
Time pass Panda
9:24 Charlie-"I know it might sound silly" Me-"It is funny then"
Cristian Mariniani
I sometimes wonder if people i want to impress watch these videos to
instruction wasn't clear made a joke about 9/11 and Hitler.
Toby Davison
Self-depricating humour all the way!
"Almost every host is funny" *J I M M Y K I M M E L*
So you’re telling us to be Ellen? Oh ok I’m happy with that :T
Bla Bla
ellen is THE best!
I needed this... All my dead baby jokes aren't making me any friends :(
Aaryam Dev
I didn't crack a joke. But, I cracked a joker. He made fun of me saying I couldn't crack a joke, so I cracked his face. Well, he's in the hospital. I had to pay the bill. 😢
Yehya Assaf
the title should have been (why is ellen funny)
Jack Mac619
So you want to know the most effective pick up line of all time
Amir Graham
i feel like a loser watching this
John Doe
Magnetic but depreciated. No thanks
Barbara Brennan
Self-absorbed. So that actress Amy was around. All of Hollywood seems to know me. Yes, I am the toy.
Stewart Daniels
The Liza joke was the funniest though
gumay Cabute
Go to the Philippines, everyone is a jk 😂
Lukas T
amazing vid. 10 minutes long, but 0 unnecessary second to it. I subbed.
Nafisa Miah
Why am I even here?!? I have homework 😐😂
The Bohobemeister
As always, wonderful video!
Couldn't understand instructions, made entire black community angry with racist joke. Help...
Dude, you gotta try Conan. He is 200% more funnier than ellen.
Amanda Schmidt
Você falar que morou no Brasil me fez gostar mais de você imediatamente HAHA <3 Seu canal é maravilhoso, parabéns!
Lessons In Life
I love her so much 😘😘
Great video, young man!
Lyncis Alsciaukat
The worst thing about people that rely on jokes at other people's expense is when the situation is turned around on them they get sore-arsed and belligerent.
Ahmad Alarcon
Smiling puppet
Thanks. Jesus bless :)
Lucia Liu
Thank you for making the great video! It is what I’m looking for.
June non-liberal lapine
What about Bill Burr's Philly show?
Woah, I saw this video in my recommended videos tab and the text in the thumbnail caught my attention. "Being instantly magnetic"? I just wanted to let you know that I am the most magnetic guy that ever lived. The repulsive force between girls and me is phenomenal!
Dr. Drake Ramoray
"ellen degeneres is one of the most likeable hosts on television", thats probably the 1st joke that will make people instantly like you. people like good sarcasm, keep it up bro
Great observations. Ricky Gervais please. He's brilliant but flawed in some of his thinking. I'm interested to see if we agree about what it is. Blessings Budah Of Birmingham
ELLEN IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!
Crafty Cat Incorporated
Ouch poor Liza Minnelli 😭😭😭
33,3 Anders
plus most would die to have jlo touch them sick or well
Tim B. Green
I LOVE your content. Made or born, I sincerely think you're a social intelligence genius. Presumptuous though it is, I'd like to offer you my skill ( creativity ) with no strings or obligations of any kind to be used in any way you deem it useful for you channel or personal use. timbgreen
18 yrs old, add a 19 before that and that's when Im born
Pirate Eilish
U see, the problem is that I think my sense of humour is kinda like Ellen’s, but also I sometimes make jokes at someone else’s expense, BUT only because most of my friends do that and it seems like the only way to make them laugh?
Happy Glimore
i like to poke fun ....with a hot 1000 degree glowing kitchen knife
claire bear
i honestly think it would of been better to just call it sarcasm ;)
Ash Trix
I actually find Ellen quite snarky and egotistical. I think she'd be a nightmare in real life.
Madison Pratt
2:16. Is that a laugh or a cry for help?
Sarah Borowik
Love your style of analyzing ❤
Eduardo Pereira
This is more complicated than Quantum Physics
Bruce Wayne
I just got myself into a fist fight... thanks buddy
Jani Akujärvi
Sense of humour is always subjective.
John Goodman
I find it strange to see how you never use a picture of yourself when you display positive emotions. Perhaps I could offer you my confidence course?
where will you raise the boy? ... I didn't get this joke...
Self deprecating jokes can actually harm you socially if you do them too much or with the wrong people.
Thoth EmeraldTablets
JLo's always the BUTT of the joke.
Frank Tony
Dude your video will get claimed for sure 😂😂😂
Jane Wanjiru
i liked the game part so much. Am incorporating that in my presentations ASAP.
JC Denton
I’m completely lost how you think Ellen is charming. She’s a blood sucking energy vampire. Dude seriously come on.
Samuel Trajano
non offensive jokes offend me.
Isaac B
GREAT RADIO VOICE! Your voice is gold!
shooshed Gamer
Everyone in my friend group overdoes self deprecating jokes, now I just don’t make them anymore.
nunya biznez
I use self deprecating jokes at work all the time but nobody there is smart enough to get them.