How To Log Into Windows 7 If You Forgot Your Password WITHOUT CD OR SOFTWARE!!

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shantanu rauthan
2:25 put on some clothes..Anyway your effort is appreciated
Mark James
Some guy named Cole is watching this sweating because all his data has been found by a dumpster diver LOL
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This does work and so is equally threatening. To prevent this hack, you can go to BIOS and either lock HDD or the Boot menu by creating a password. So next time when you turn on your PC, it will ask for the master password everytime you boot. This means anyone without the password can't do anything. I use BIOS password and stay protected. Another thing I did is encrypted the SSD. My laptop has a 500GB Samsung 850 Evo SSD and I have used the Magician tool for SSD encryption at the firmware level. Meaning, even if I lose my laptop, my data will be safe from the theif. Hope that helps!
Note: If you have a space in your user name, then put it in quotes. EG. net user "John Smith" *
Ron Ramsey
Had old laptop from Mother in law who passed away she had many photographs and we had no password, thank you for this we have now retrieved them you are blessed chen
log in win7 in safe mode, open command prompt and type "net user YourUserName YourNewPassword" so easy.
Ichimaru Gin
I see boot x. I see that you've tried also to locate the file using to reformat another system image to another disc. Until you've figured is out where to access the account pass word, without entering the SAFE MODE because the WIN7 ur using can't enter the SAFE MODE, Am I right? xD btw love anime.
mr EP
8:16 and 11:08 NICE CLIP go with the speed 0,25. (THE VIDEO IS FAKE)
Rex Kenny
Tip: 1 Get a old computer. 2 Install a trojan and a call home function. 3 Put it in a container. 4 Wait for a dumpster diver to take it. 5 Then wait for the daily updates from the keylogger to see if you get any fun PSW to fun and neat porno sites.
Omar Hajjar
Dude you're a life saver, I just got this new PC from my GFs best friend, she had it from pharmacy school and doesn't use it. The password she gave to login windows did not work, your video did. Thank you!
Liam L
Hello TipsNNTricks. I have followed all your instructions and they have all worked until the part where I login. I set the password to nothing and when I log in it tells me my password is incorrect, so I tried again but instead I set the password to my name just as something easy to remember. It still doesn't work and it still says it's incorrect. My computer is a laptop with the Italian version of windows 7 ultimate on it (my profile is set to English but it only shows English when I am logged in) here's a video I made of the problem in action Help is much appreciated, thanks
Identity theft class 101, NEVER throw away phones, printers, or computers. You keep them for life OR you (or watch somebody) physically destroy them using physical data destruction procedures.
Kerry Robertson
Life saver thank you x
Allan Aagaard
Start in safe mode. Remove password. Done
shiva vinayak
bro thank you so much really works .
mohamed osman
thanks man this actully works. my computer has been unacceseble for nearly 5 years now but it has finally opened
Bryan Cruz
Tried a few times, and it finally worked when I typed everything in small cap, the User I mean, it has to be all lower case, then I was IN!!!!!!!! THANKS A MILLION
For anyone who's user name is two words like Jack Smith, you have to put double quotations around it. Example Net user "Jack Smith" *
Faze_ anas
Now the password is enter
CES Graphics and Web Design
When I entered net user name * I received a different command and not the command to change password?
Man thank you sooo much i dont what would it be without your help
John H
Well.. I have the "5 shift" command off.
saisu sayen
2:30 man ur naked and we saw ur face lol
curly_head _sab
Hi,can you please help me? After I pressed 'launch starup repair' its not giving me the same thing as yours.Its fiving me'windows failed to start.A recent hardware or software might be the cause.To fix the problem: 1.insert your windows installation disc and restart your computer. 2.etc... can you please help me?
Edward Garcia
Thanks for the video. It worked for my computer. 👍
Maria YVLuokka
and if you have ever updated your win7 this would not work..
Justin Z.
Oh well I am going to try to unlock my old window 7 computer password.
James E
Amazing, thank you
Nur Afiqah
It really works.... Thanks
It worked for me. Thanks!
Thx I stole this computer
Shaun Seibles
the shift 5 times did not work so do I have to do all the steps over again
The Knight
Thanks it worked
SaturNDay Zorak
Ali Hacker
Thanks man
nahida umar
YOU ARE AMAZING!?!? I’ve looked high and low to get help with with (including Acer helpline) and nothing worked! You honestly have saved me a lot of money and stress. Thank you soooo much!
That is only in Safe Mode. How to get into the windows regular mode?
Gray Guerzon312
nozomi nozomi
u r the best man
Bogan Bazza
I know this video was done a while ago, however i was wondering whether you had to reenter and change the file names back to its original names after you rename and change them (e.g. sethc to sethc 7, back to sethc after you change the name).
Franco AWR
Excellent worked for me, I lent one of my computers to my son-in-law who changed the password and didn't tell me when he left and the computer had all our photos of our grandchildren and our daughter who passed away last year. Thank you so much
Dasi Reddy Rohit Reddy
It really works
I didnt see the second link what now
Sozercanie Kosmosa
Old bug))
vidhi bhanushali
Much needed! Thanks :)
Mayson Mcneal
After typing net user and name of owner to change password i get NET USER username password add options domain on one line, then much more stuff i do not understand
James Brown
Anyone else notice 'riot games' folder? LoL
Satish Baranwal
Hey i have a question that will the setting will be same that we changed while unlocking pc
Rory McDonough
So i get to command prompt but when i entered new password it tells me it does not meet requirements?
I’m typing this comment while the actual thing is loading.. Hope it works :) I found a computer in an abandoned office.. Edit: It Worked!!
Nico S.
I didn’t have the same screen at 3:20
Before dumping your old computers at an e-waste or any other means, remove all HDDs first and keep them or destroy them. I always remove HDDs from any computer I get rid of for security reasons. There was an e-waste event in my town this past weekend, and when I was there, some guy was going through the discarded computers salvaging components. He pulled a hard drive from one, but fortunately the guy manning the event would not let him take it. You all need to beware!
April Morone
Thank you for this tip. They didn't even teach this in any of my IT classes of my IT AAS degree.
Bobby Roar
Dude, perfect step by step. You've earned a subscriber!! 👍
xSavage- 187
Make a wifi hacking video
Gamer Jamez
Your the fing best bro i love you you actually unlocked my uncles pc.he gave it to me and he forgot the password
farhat sultana
Awesome man your trick helped me alot😃
bhooshan vijay
man you are the greatest person in the world It worked so I was like jumping all over the house
If you buy a computer from eBay and the seller dosent tell you the password or tells you they don't know what it is it's likely stolen.
Dasi Reddy Rohit Reddy
Seriously what a logic. It's a nice one
Yazir Tellez
This video was so easy to follow and very helpful 👍
Holylxrd -
Ok so here’s the story... I randomly just cleaning parents storage room and I found my very old windows 7 desktop as well so I brought it to my room and turned on... it’s has the password.. and I forgot.. obviously so.. I looked up on here and found this video... and followed what’s he’s doing and then... BOOM. Works perfectly fine.. thanks to this man for the help.. definitely worth it.. and one thing, if you’re on startup repair. Then if you see the restore pop up. Just click cancel (no).. and just wait until it’s finish.. and boom, follow what he’s doing. Trust me.
James Simmons
Good video. I have learned from it. Here is a suggestion for you though regarding language. Watch the video yourself and count the number of times you say "go ahead". This phrase is a very commonly used bit of idiom which is quite unnecessary. Try leaving it out. Does the meaning of the sentence change? No. OK I can't help it. I was an English major in college but that was nearly 62 years ago. Thanks for reading.
Can this be done on later windows versions or has it been patched?
bahani zawatin
Thank you very much , I opened my labtob 😍😍
Will this also work on windows vista?
Mike Nelson
You forgot one Important point - when using NET USER to change a password, you will lose access to any encrypted files for that user. However, if you use the same method to change back to the original password, you will regain access to those same encrypted files. This method works for several different System32 files - SETHC (Windows NT High Contrast Invocation), UTILMAN (Windows Utility manager ), OSK.EXE (on screen keyboard). There are probably others. Just be sure to reset the file names to the original names when finished.
I've known this for years haha
this worked, thank you
Emily Bryyson
This is bad ass!!!!
Feegoo Root
Excellent 👍 that is a widows system backdoor . They should fix it . Well done 👍👌.
Mine brought up recovery manager after I waited forever for it to load
I did exactly what you did and i couldn't even get to that first step of clicking "Launch startup repair". Am i doing something wrong??
Alexander Koskie
Followed steps password says updated correctly , exit and still says password is wrong
Calvin Mix
This shit work fr 💯
White Thunder
نشوان الحاشدي
Johnathan Anderson
Does it work on laptops
Dawood Ali
You are the best thanks for helping
Mugesh ML
It works thank you...
Geek Translation
warning to doing this: Any passwords saved, email/outlook, browser, etc... within the user profile will be gone.
Charles Mcgehee
Very nice. I started repairing and building PC's in 1986. I always appreciate a good shortcut to a problem. The nice thing about this little fix of yours is that a customer could be walked through the steps over the phone. Liked. Subscribed. And Bell Rungggggg. Nice dumpster find btw When I first discovered what the IBM 5150 could do, I quit my job the next day and loaded up on books about DOS, writing Batch files, etc. It was worse than drug addiction. Here we are now, in 2018 and look how small and fast the component's are becoming.
sarah sera
But what about domain pc? I was stuck at "net user" because it does not display the user. I've tried using command "net user user" then yes I can change a new password. But still can't log in. Please help ASAP.
Loralei Jessick
Do it to an account with Admin privileges and I'll be impressed.
Isabel Gonzalez
I love your tutorial. Very easy to follow. The problem was the last step for the startup repair When it comes to windows cannot repair this computer automatically. It doesn't give me the 3 options you get on yours. Instead I get only two. The first says view diagnostic and repair details. I click on it and just tells me what it checked nothing else. The second option is view advance options for system recovery and support. The problem is that it asks for the password. If I knew it I wouldn't be looking for a tutorial. LOL.😂 And since there is no USB or disk to reset i feel lost. Please help..
Boot from a floppy, delete the password file, reboot.
Melbourne Smith
*REALLY IMPORTANT* If your username has more than one word place it in quotations
Leo Onesixthscale
Thanks so much. This totally worked. I thank you so much for this very informative video.
Kambiz Nozary
Thank you so much your video is very useful
Stone Morris
After I typed net user the name of the user I was trying to change the password for didn't show up. All it said was Administrator Guest
Diana King
doesn't work pc restarted to start normally or safe mode
it doesnt show the "launch startup repair" menu
Red Star
My father just recently passed away and left behind a windows 7 puter.. This video gives me hope now I can recover 100% of all his files. Thank you so much for sharing this
Ray Dillman
Yeah went through the steps, everything worked until I had a different set of options that popped up??
oåooåo ipip
The first step where you start browsing and changing files on the computer is the biggest security flaw. An obvious one. Intresingly enough it's pretty much the same security flaw that people used on Windows NT in the 90's! I can't believe they didn't fix this in all these years. Iguess they don't care because it's considered "a hack". In NT you clicked on print and then "use own printer drivers" and that would let you browse local files and you would get instant access to the computer. Once when I was in a store, they had a computer screen where you could rent movies on DVD, yes this was some years ago. It was supposed to just show the movie rent-interface. I used the same strategy. Clicked around until the script crashed, got some message prompt screen. I got into the help section in windows and then I got to browse the web, and in IE you can broswe files from the broswer. So i could see every file on the computer. I started opening MP3 files, private pictures and movies. I just opened a picture and walked away.
What if I have two local disks? Local Disk (D:) and Local Disk (E:)? D has 40 GB and is almost full and E has 177 GB and is barely full
FaizUllah Faiz
It's nice. It's really work.
Raymond Jhonson-Andre
Hello dear techie. I want you to know that i cannot perfom the task twice on the same computer. First time worked fine. Second time, done all the steps but when hit shift 5 times for cmd to prompt it jus ask me if i want to turn on sticky keys. Please help
Skulpted Beast Lady D & Papa P
That was amazing thank you!!!