How To Log Into Windows 7 If You Forgot Your Password WITHOUT CD OR SOFTWARE!!

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Omar Hajjar
Tanner Smith
Ok so here’s the story... I randomly just cleaning parents storage room and I found my very old windows 7 desktop as well so I brought it to my room and turned on... it’s has the password.. and I forgot.. obviously so.. I looked up on here and found this video... and followed what’s he’s doing and then... BOOM. Works perfectly fine.. thanks to this man for the help.. definitely worth it.. and one thing, if you’re on startup repair. Then if you see the restore pop up. Just click cancel (no).. and just wait until it’s finish.. and boom, follow what he’s doing. Trust me.
Mine brought up recovery manager after I waited forever for it to load
For anyone who's user name is two words like Jack Smith, you have to put double quotations around it. Example Net user "Jack Smith" *
Franco AWR
Excellent worked for me, I lent one of my computers to my son-in-law who changed the password and didn't tell me when he left and the computer had all our photos of our grandchildren and our daughter who passed away last year. Thank you so much
Isabel Gonzalez
I love your tutorial. Very easy to follow. The problem was the last step for the startup repair When it comes to windows cannot repair this computer automatically. It doesn't give me the 3 options you get on yours. Instead I get only two. The first says view diagnostic and repair details. I click on it and just tells me what it checked nothing else. The second option is view advance options for system recovery and support. The problem is that it asks for the password. If I knew it I wouldn't be looking for a tutorial. LOL.😂 And since there is no USB or disk to reset i feel lost. Please help..
nahida umar
YOU ARE AMAZING!?!? I’ve looked high and low to get help with with (including Acer helpline) and nothing worked! You honestly have saved me a lot of money and stress. Thank you soooo much!
Mike Nelson
You forgot one Important point - when using NET USER to change a password, you will lose access to any encrypted files for that user. However, if you use the same method to change back to the original password, you will regain access to those same encrypted files. This method works for several different System32 files - SETHC (Windows NT High Contrast Invocation), UTILMAN (Windows Utility manager ), OSK.EXE (on screen keyboard). There are probably others. Just be sure to reset the file names to the original names when finished.
Thx I stole this computer
Milan Garai
Thank you soo much, my mom put a password on our family computer and when she turned on the computer the password didn't work. So i tried your tutorial, it took me a few tries to get it right, but it worked. Thank you so much, you sir have earned a new subscriber and I'm going to share this video to people with the same problem.
ברוך תור
once i entered repair mode i got a message: that i need to use a recover disc or contact my there something else to do?
2 Shae
This was so bloody easy. I wish I thought of this before. Teach a bloody class will ya. You are so smart.
Michael Coogan
You absolute hero thank you so much found an old laptop and forgot my password was worried i would lose my old files :)
Fortnite Warrior
Bobby Roar
Dude, perfect step by step. You've earned a subscriber!! 👍
Baby Kareem
Thanks for helping me u saved my life
Sem 123
Does this work with an admin password? Because it doesn’t say ‘type password for the user:’ but it says that the syntax isn’t right. Can somebody help?
Stone Morris
After I typed net user the name of the user I was trying to change the password for didn't show up. All it said was Administrator Guest
Jake Kinder
Thats wierd. This guy didnt use a crow bar or a ski mask to get in. I guess all the click bait has it all wrong ha!
Dana Towne
You are the balls dude, GREAT help. Had to pause your video a few times but IT WORKS THANK YOU. Tech savvy is not my middle name but it worked for me.
nikki goldfish
I had no idea what I was doing, but I followed your clear and concise instructions exactly, and woo hoo, I'm in! Thank you so much. You're a genius xxx
Worked beautifully! I had to use the first name, tricked me the first time, tried it on guest account, still no admin, then tried it on the account labeled DELLXX AND GOT RIGHT IT! Now I'm loading Windows 10 on my $15 laptop using the seven activated key!
Sally Valencia
I'm not getting the very last link after clicking: "view problem details" (min: 3:25) What then? Please help!
Wardell Wedlock
This worked 1st time around and I have an encrypted laptop I had to navigate around to get the local admin password reset. Thank you
MyCrazy Life
How do I get into the Adminters account?
Antonio B
The video was great and worked amazingly well.... But now my MS Office won't open... Any idea on how to fix this?
Patrick Bateman
Today August 2018 I tried this method. The messages I got until I forced the shutdown were the same. Then it took windows just a little time to repair itself and I got a message to restart. After this the option to change the password was right in front of me. In other words this method works in a much simpler way! Thanks a lot for uploading this video, my friend!!
Natina Kren
Got it to work after several attempts, had to clear out all passcodes on all accounts to get it to work.  Thank you for your video and thank everyone else for your helpful hints!  :)
RauuuL Panda
Prince Kumar
You should be a professor man.Your explaining ability is stunning.thanks for helping.
Well Wisdom
It work, thanks.
Stanley Soendoro
Thanks it worked like a charm 👌 btw, do we need to change back the original sethc7 to sethc and delete the 'imposter' cmb ?
Johnny Almeida
i'll be damned it worked, thanks
peter simpson
Thanks for this great video explaining so well as you progressed through the procedure. I had no means of burning a disc as other channels show, so your solution was great. I watched on my phone and unlocked my pc. Fab video
My dumbass will screw this up in a heartbeat. But thanks will try. I will need prayers tho.
Faoud Mohd
Nice Vid, but instead of net user use control userpasswords2 like PIZZACOOKIE suggested. It worked 4 me :D
one piece
I have the same monitor omg!!
lun nianggel
Thank you so much
angela mcgowan
This is working for me so far but i got the option when i pressed shift five times asking if i wanted to use sticky keys and i dont know what option to use
marlene meltzer
thank you .. took a couple extra steps for windows 10, but it worked.. :)
Thank you bro
Deirdre Daniels
I keep getting a recovery manager page that pops up so fast, I don't get a chance to hit the view details drop down.
Ericka Garcia
After i press the "Shift key" 5 times it showed me "Sticky keys" instead of "sethc" What do i ?
ceasar don local disk c says system reserved.....and it's empty! help!!
family sochela
How do you know how to do that
You saved my day
Blackbullet 77
The start up repair window does not show up , it showed up once but that was before I saw this video and just pressed don't Send PLEASE HELP ME Ps great video
Ozone Boner
Thx now my computer aint working
Ayman Ezz
Is it work with windows 10 ?
Stephan Friedrich
Completed the whole procedure , but the last step with the 5 depressions of the SHIFT key had no effect and did not bring up the Command screen, so where do I go now ????
Pink Lemonade
Omg... i teared up as i successfully got back into my old laptop from 2005. There have been pictures and other sentimental documents i thought i lost forever THANK YOU SO MUCH this was incredibly easy to follow. NOW if you can make a video on how to do this for windows 10 so i can get into my more recent laptop that i also forgot my password to thatd be REALLY AMAZING LOL
Omar Hajjar
Didnt work, it said that the DNS server is not authoritative for zone. Please respond as fast as possible because i really need my pc
Ultimate Face Painting
this is BS I tried 3 times and nothing worked followed it to a tee.....what a waste of my time..
siraj hakkani
Awsome!!! it really worked, Thanks for help , very very detailed and step by step instructions.... Thanks again
Barack O. Llama
Lol, is this illegal?
Falcon Boy
you are the man. it worked :)
Jk Jko
It say I need password for recovery
Ethan Peasley-Lynch
Thank You
Jevaughn gaming
i subscribed liked and shared simply because i waited 6 months until i finally found a actual video that worked you don't know how much i thank you
I dont have sethc or utilman so whats another name for sticky keys?
James Lee
It did NOT give me a second link!
d g
Dude! I have been through hundred of "help" vids by far the best most clear step by step. THANK YOU
love you
Oddworld Gaming Abemusic
i dontget any links
Oddworld Gaming Abemusic
my computeter dose nit give me the link option
Rebeca & John
I was doing just fine till I got to the point of "view problem details" and there was NO x:\windows\system32\enUS\eroff....txt" Option. there was only the microsoft one... What do I do???
kon-boot better
Sniper Suhas
Thank you very much helped me
cb ohio
Mine didn't work at the end fallowed all steps got it to come up Windows / system32 net user user account for the command completed with one more more errors did all the steps and it's not letting me in
Wasim Shaikh
awessssme dude thnxxx a lot n kep it up
Prof. Nutmeg
My computer got hacked, thanks so much! This was a lifesaver!! Love you!!
Alex Rojas
Very good man you helped me a lot thanks
Launch startup repair option is not showing to me...can anybody help
Oneal Ham
Thanks sooooo much I did it and it works... 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯
Wow thank you so much I love you you saved my ass I've been waiting this for 4 years
Cecilie Salling
Thank you so much! It worked and it was so easy to do
Daniel Rojas
Does this work for Domain-joined computers?
Berr Pragmatic
You are the best! Many thanks. It worked out perfectly!
Sosa. Andrew
What if you you can’t by pass a username that has letters an a number can you help me
I want to play my very early childhood game, TrackMania Sunrise eXtreme. It works on dad's pc, and he has changed his pass and hes not home, so i wanted to play. And this would 100% work, but i dont know the pass, so i couldnt put it back and be like nothing happened unless he would actually believe like windows forgot to remember your password. XD
Naz B
You are such a life saver. Thank you so much. Grab yourself a drink. You've saved my family a lot of heartache losing nearly all of our photos. Thanks again
Black Coffee
sticky keys doesnt work, no matter how many times i press it , the dialogue box never pops up
Scotty Gustafski
I did what you showed us and every time my screen reappears, the language is in Chinese. Now what?
Rikyle Jug
Hi , I got as far as the option where i pressed shift five times asking if i wanted to use sticky keys and when i press shift 5 times nothing happens
Josh Maccallum
Thanks man. I couldn't figure out my password from 5 years ago n didnt wanna lose everything.
say raf
Thanks TipsNNTricks, is there a document to learn this tricks and commands ? share it if you have any...;)
S Rod
Wow this worked great! Thank you so much!
Blag Blah
Didn't work for me :/ even tried using password usercontrol2 Everything said it was successful but it wasn't :(
Hi Mate, cmd is mot popping up after pressing 5 times shift key. please help
Richard Petersén
When Ripsén self can choose. Thank´s Man!
Hemanth Kumar
Awesome.. it works 🤘 Thanks a lot.
Logan Campbell
everytime i try and turn it off to do a hard rest it justs turns off again. i dont get the first screen that pops up. Why is this
I have been stuck on startup repair...its been still loading for about 30 minutes now idk what's going on with it.... One of my neighbors was throwing this laptop away and left without giving me a password.
Does it work on Windows 10?
Jaime Garcia
Luis Trevino
Very helpful thank you!
Sosa. Andrew
By example Ccargouser4
Edward John Padilla
Thanks A Bunch!!! opened my PC!!
You lost me at alienmware.