How To Log Into Windows 7 If You Forgot Your Password WITHOUT CD OR SOFTWARE!!

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shantanu rauthan
2:25 put on some clothes..Anyway your effort is appreciated
Mark James
Some guy named Cole is watching this sweating because all his data has been found by a dumpster diver LOL
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This does work and so is equally threatening. To prevent this hack, you can go to BIOS and either lock HDD or the Boot menu by creating a password. So next time when you turn on your PC, it will ask for the master password everytime you boot. This means anyone without the password can't do anything. I use BIOS password and stay protected. Another thing I did is encrypted the SSD. My laptop has a 500GB Samsung 850 Evo SSD and I have used the Magician tool for SSD encryption at the firmware level. Meaning, even if I lose my laptop, my data will be safe from the theif. Hope that helps!
I didnt see the second link what now
Note: If you have a space in your user name, then put it in quotes. EG. net user "John Smith" *
Mouldy CPU
To get to a particular file faster while in an open file dialog, you can simply click on any element in the file list, and type the name of the file you're looking for with the keyboard. This works on most operating systems and in almost any desktop environment, including macOS, XFCE, KDE, and whatnot.
John H
Well.. I have the "5 shift" command off.
Justin Z.
Oh well I am going to try to unlock my old window 7 computer password.
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This shit work fr 💯
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Life saver thank you x
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i'll be damned it worked, thanks
Identity theft class 101, NEVER throw away phones, printers, or computers. You keep them for life OR you (or watch somebody) physically destroy them using physical data destruction procedures.
Mine brought up recovery manager after I waited forever for it to load
Shaun Seibles
the shift 5 times did not work so do I have to do all the steps over again
oåooåo ipip
The first step where you start browsing and changing files on the computer is the biggest security flaw. An obvious one. Intresingly enough it's pretty much the same security flaw that people used on Windows NT in the 90's! I can't believe they didn't fix this in all these years. Iguess they don't care because it's considered "a hack". In NT you clicked on print and then "use own printer drivers" and that would let you browse local files and you would get instant access to the computer. Once when I was in a store, they had a computer screen where you could rent movies on DVD, yes this was some years ago. It was supposed to just show the movie rent-interface. I used the same strategy. Clicked around until the script crashed, got some message prompt screen. I got into the help section in windows and then I got to browse the web, and in IE you can broswe files from the broswer. So i could see every file on the computer. I started opening MP3 files, private pictures and movies. I just opened a picture and walked away.
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Xeno Bardock
First few steps were unnecessary and risky. You didn't need to force power down to crash Windows. What you should have done here is simply downloaded Linux Mint Cinnamon ISO, burned it to USB using Rufus or Etcher and simply booted to Linux Mint Cinnamon live environment and then renamed sethc. Linux can read and write to NTFS partitions.
For anyone who's user name is two words like Jack Smith, you have to put double quotations around it. Example Net user "Jack Smith" *
Nico S.
I didn’t have the same screen at 3:20
The Knight
Thanks it worked
Rex Kenny
Tip: 1 Get a old computer. 2 Install a trojan and a call home function. 3 But it in a container. 4 Wait for a dumpster diver to take it. 5 Then wait for the daily updates from the keylogger to see of you get and fun PSW to and neat porno site.
It worked for me. Thanks!
Satish Baranwal
Hey i have a question that will the setting will be same that we changed while unlocking pc
watched to 2 minutes. The big issue I have with doing that, is that with my SSDs, by the time your PC actually went off, mine would already be on the desktop, however, with what you did, after a hard power off, I don't think it would matter. 8 minutes in. Oh, I see, you changed sticky keys to command prompt. I don't think it will work for me then because I disable sticky keys entirely. As a gamer it's insanely annoying when you hold CTRL or tap shift multiple times to play the game, for a menu to pop up and take over asking what you want sticky keys to do.
Andrei Loghin
1)Now every robber can get into a pc without reinstalling windows <3 *sarcasm* 2)THATS A NICE KEYBOARD..... *what is the name of it*? Edit : BOB THE ROBBER *idk why i typed this*
joash yek
thank you
Thx I stole this computer
I did exactly what you did and i couldn't even get to that first step of clicking "Launch startup repair". Am i doing something wrong??
Jake Kinder
Thats wierd. This guy didnt use a crow bar or a ski mask to get in. I guess all the click bait has it all wrong ha!
Adi R6S
why doing all this if you can just login as admin in safe mode and delete or change password
xSavage- 187
Make a wifi hacking video
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attention destroyer 9000
mommy i stole your computer!!!111 check dis vid how i did that
peter simpson
Thanks for this great video explaining so well as you progressed through the procedure. I had no means of burning a disc as other channels show, so your solution was great. I watched on my phone and unlocked my pc. Fab video
Sagar Dubey
Tysm for the trick.... Btw your voice hears like Eminem's.
ברוך תור
once i entered repair mode i got a message: that i need to use a recover disc or contact my there something else to do?
Isabel Gonzalez
I love your tutorial. Very easy to follow. The problem was the last step for the startup repair When it comes to windows cannot repair this computer automatically. It doesn't give me the 3 options you get on yours. Instead I get only two. The first says view diagnostic and repair details. I click on it and just tells me what it checked nothing else. The second option is view advance options for system recovery and support. The problem is that it asks for the password. If I knew it I wouldn't be looking for a tutorial. LOL.😂 And since there is no USB or disk to reset i feel lost. Please help..
Baby Kareem
Thanks for helping me u saved my life
My dumbass will screw this up in a heartbeat. But thanks will try. I will need prayers tho.
Ken fnord
Are you supposed to change back the file names and delete that copied file after or just get your stuff and reinstall Windows 7 later?
Alexander Koskie
Followed steps password says updated correctly , exit and still says password is wrong
White Thunder
It did not work for me but I used Ubuntu to boot up them edited the files as the video instructed. Pretty good. I just created a new admin and deleted all the other user accounts which deleted all their files as well. A +
ceasar don local disk c says system reserved.....and it's empty! help!!
Geek Translation
warning to doing this: Any passwords saved, email/outlook, browser, etc... within the user profile will be gone.
nahida umar
YOU ARE AMAZING!?!? I’ve looked high and low to get help with with (including Acer helpline) and nothing worked! You honestly have saved me a lot of money and stress. Thank you soooo much!
family sochela
How do you know how to do that
I recommend to install win10
It worked out . Thanks u very much . Its awesome . I am glad .
J Taylor
It worked I had to hold down a button to make the error report pop up
Franco AWR
Excellent worked for me, I lent one of my computers to my son-in-law who changed the password and didn't tell me when he left and the computer had all our photos of our grandchildren and our daughter who passed away last year. Thank you so much
Before dumping your old computers at an e-waste or any other means, remove all HDDs first and keep them or destroy them. I always remove HDDs from any computer I get rid of for security reasons. There was an e-waste event in my town this past weekend, and when I was there, some guy was going through the discarded computers salvaging components. He pulled a hard drive from one, but fortunately the guy manning the event would not let him take it. You all need to beware!
Windows 7
Dammit... Bill they figured me out again
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Is it possible to do this a second time? If so, how?
I dont have sethc any alternative for it?
Kelvin The Saucer Taft
When I click Launch Startup repair it just resets and goes back to the option. Help
Um mine didn't work it didn't show that one offline link
Fernando Chavez
thank you so very much! Quick note, if the computer is using a domain you can change the domain back to local and use the username, e.g: DESKTOP005\local
Dean Brown
help... after I hit shift 5 times it came up with DO you want sticky keys yes or no.. I tried yes and tried no and the prompt dissappeared... if I hit shift 5 times again it re appears... what did I do wrong...
Waakye Kanzo
Okay now i know what to do after stealing a computer
Panfilo Gomez
Works like a charm!! However, what to do with the items in System32 that were renamed and created? Should I delete the one created and rename the original? Regards, P
Willem Lambert
Thanks a1.000.000 ! I subscribed now....
Amey 007
Thanks thank you very much
tony l
My startup repair gets interrupted by hp Microsoft start up repair tool . I select use startup repair tool and it says it’s already running
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Can you help me
Sheikh AbdulMajid
I haven’t used my laptop for almost 3 years and I forgot my password so it did worked thank you
Liked! Subscribed! And Favorited! The only problem I encountered was HP Support appeared over the dialog box, all I had to do was press Alt+Tab then I followed the rest of the video. Thank you so much!
Asher Moon
Anurag Kashyap
I get an error message Info: The boot selection failed because a required device is inaccessible.
Simone Saidy
It didn't work!!!! It tells me there are currently no logon servers available to service log on request
Mason Davis
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Does the computer need to be disconnected from the internet?
F U R T 0 U R E
I forget my password and I do this and now i can use my computer
Mihai Negru
This change your password? Or let it same?
Mike Nelson
You forgot one Important point - when using NET USER to change a password, you will lose access to any encrypted files for that user. However, if you use the same method to change back to the original password, you will regain access to those same encrypted files. This method works for several different System32 files - SETHC (Windows NT High Contrast Invocation), UTILMAN (Windows Utility manager ), OSK.EXE (on screen keyboard). There are probably others. Just be sure to reset the file names to the original names when finished.
joseph odafe
hey good men ......i did it and it worked out for me ...thanks
Sean Alan
My only users name won’t show up just guest and a random bunch of letters- I set both passwords to nothing and still no luck! Would like if there was help :) fhanks
Valerie Bridges
It was awsome thanks
Billy Roos
I did it!!!!!
Bobby Roar
Dude, perfect step by step. You've earned a subscriber!! 👍
Chris Hybart
Anyone know how to do this if you don’t have administrative privileges. I found the “setup” file using search function bug it told me I needed administrative privileges to change the name of files. Thank you. With God as my witness, my reason for asking is legit ( no theft here whatsoever. I won’t explain unless you ask). I am many things but a thief isn’t one of them. Thank you again
salsal sangma
On my computer it didn't show lunch startup repair what will i do 😢
Truth Seeker
Thank you,!!!
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wow!!! i love this.....its really worked ...thanks bro
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You really save me money with this tip dude thank you so much :)
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totally brilliant. thanks so much for the help and being so clear.
Windows Whistler Professional
Thank you so much for putting this video on YouTube it was very helpful
Very informative thanks so much.
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Great job thank you so much dude #respect
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Reach Alex in any situation you don’t no he’s into any situation given to him you can connect to him on is gmail..... [email protected] Com an thank me later
Peter T
It does not show user that I want to delete password There is some domain \user when I try to login to windows but in Prompt command I see only guest user
Lawson Herron
Didn't work. After 12 minutes running "Startup Repair", it finished. When I clicked on details, it said everything was great - only option was to click finish or cancel. Clicking "finish" took me to the signon screen, for which I still don't have a password.
Hania Khan
You had save my life😭♥️Dont know how to thankyouuuu enoughhhh
How about doing a recovery boot video. On my Windows 7 I tried to do a recovery and it says it doesn't recognize the recovery Drive even though it's there. When I go into the system and look at the C drive and then the D drive which is my recovery Drive, the D drive shows that it has 25 gigabytes of information in it. When I click on the D drive to explore it it gives me the typical Microsoft warning saying that this information is for backup and recovery and that no tampering should occur otherwise valuable files could be deleted. I've never touched the setup of that drive, so whatever is in there is complete. For whatever reason my computer isn't accessing that information. I know that sometimes they say that it can be from corruption, but I was wondering if there was a way I could actually get the D drive to boot. Is there something I can do in the command options or something else?
Vincent Moo
I got a different startup it's a 'system recovery option' with a password needed.
Hey guys, well i'm back AND if anybody reads the below comment, i still can't get to "Launch startup repair"..I find that truly amazing that i can't even get to that screen. First thing i did was power the desktop up-waited for "starting windows to come up" and i did. I was expecting to see the Windows logo to appear above it like it did in the above video, BUT it didn't and only appeared after "starting windows" disappeared. So, i was like okay? BUT i proceeded to power down the computer as suggested and wait for it to come back on bystelf. It didn't, so i just powered it on myself. Next i tried hitting f8 as that was suggested. It took to to the screen where these were the options. Repair computer, safe mode, safe mode with networking, msafe mode with command prompt, enable boot logging. enable low resolution video, last known good configuration, directory service restore mode, debugging mode, disable automatc restart on system,failure, disable driver signature enforcement and finally start windows normally. I tried the 1st four options listed. None of them brought me to "launch start up windows". I just don't know what to do. ANY FEEDBACK WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED. Good day to you all! :) BTW, i have WINDOWS VISTA if that makes any difference. I'm terrible with c omputers.
Holylxrd -
Ok so here’s the story... I randomly just cleaning parents storage room and I found my very old windows 7 desktop as well so I brought it to my room and turned on... it’s has the password.. and I forgot.. obviously so.. I looked up on here and found this video... and followed what’s he’s doing and then... BOOM. Works perfectly fine.. thanks to this man for the help.. definitely worth it.. and one thing, if you’re on startup repair. Then if you see the restore pop up. Just click cancel (no).. and just wait until it’s finish.. and boom, follow what he’s doing. Trust me.
Jamie Castillo
With your help, I was able to get into my laptop. Your help totally saved me from losing important files which I will save on my portable hard drive RIGHT NOW. Won't be procrastinating on doing that anymore! Thanks a million!
Will this work for a laptop?