The Babadook (1/2) Amelia Burns the Book (2014) HD

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CLICK TO SUBSCRIBE: When the sinister Mister Babadook book returns Amelia resorts to burning it in this clip from The Babadook. You can grab the Special Edition Blu-ray at /> Amelia (AFI Award winner Essie Davis, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, The Slap) is a single mother plagued by the violent death of her husband. When a disturbing storybook called Mister Babadook turns up at her house, she is forced to battle with her son's deep-seated fear of a monster. Soon she discovers a sinister presence all around her. A chilling tale of unseen and otherworldly horror in the haunting tradition of The Orphanage, Jennifer Kent's visceral journey into the heart of fear itself is as terrifying as it is believable. Scream Factory™ is a DVD, Blu-ray and Digital brand created to focus on notable (and underrated) horror, sci-fi, thriller films from the past that have massive cult followings. The Scream Factory brand also includes recent contemporary genre films released and distributed in the US and international territories. Follow us on social media: Twitter: Facebook: Website: Brought to you by Shout! Factory.

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I wasn't really scared by the movie too much but this scene in particular definitely had me like =O Great movie. Very atmospheric and dark.
scared the shit out of me considering i was sat right infront of the telly
the not so scared scrub
im the one who falls in the stairs im the one who loudly wakes the neighbors at night i am the babadouche
Scariest scene in the film
The Kajiu Fan
I remeber seeing this with my sister on Netflix and this part stayed with me for how Dark and disturbing it is
Amelia burns the Bababook
Katherine Donovan
I'll make a wager with you, I'll make you a bet. The more you deny, the stronger I get....Oh come, come see what's underneath...Know those by heart now and it freaks me out!
Caroline J
i swear the music is so fucking scary
This was a scary movie
Evan Acree
My favorite scene in the entire film, scared the shit out of me
The book was the coolest/scariest part of the movie. The rest was meh.
What I love about this movie is how it makes you feel one way about the little boy early on and completely different about him by the end.  At first, I fucking hated the kid.  He tormented his mother by being a clingy, violent out of control little piss pot.  But, once you realize there really is a Babadook after him and his mom, you totally get why he is the way he is.  Since the Babadook is his mothers grief and depression made flesh, this thing really has been tormenting him his whole life.  He just didn't have a name for it till the book showed up.  That means an actual monster was after him and he said "Fuck that!" and armed himself to fight it!  The little guy is a badass if you watch the movie twice.
*I'll WAGER with YOU,* *I"LL MAKE you a BET.* *ThE MORE you DENY* *the STRONGER I GET*
Dayton Night
Seriously if they made an actual book I will read it to my kids lol this will b their new boogeyman
Best scene by far
I thought I was a tough bitch watching this by myself since I do watch scary movies all the time unaffected. This scene had me singing, "Hell nahhhh, to the nah, nah, naaaww," all the way upstairs to finish watching it so I wouldn't be alone.
LMFAO, OMG. That book is fucking METAL! lol, even came with tiny micro-chips that play neck'nspine snapping noises for the dog and child. 10/10 on amazon, would buy as a gift! XD LOL
i love this movie, a true horror
Cale Defran
This movie took Awhile to get scary but the scary parts were very very scary
LanderVincent 27
Spoiler: The book was written by the mother because hated herself his son
The babadook in the book looks very similar to the creatures in "Where The Wild Things Are"
Dicky Ree
Me and some friends watched this and we sort of took the piss out of it. But then this scene played and we were fucking silent as fuck for the rest of the film. Would watch again. *Should* watch again.
XxApmauLoverXx xoxo COCO
my friend wanted me to watch this yesterday so I did... and when I saw this scene I shut the tv off and went to bed lol
Elizabeth Lingurar
I'll wager with you... I'll make you a bet...
Sweeb Sweb
Okay. Can someone answer my question please? About 4 minuets into the movie, something happens that I didn't quite understand. The mum wakes up quite suddenly, because she heard a noise outside. Turns out it was the little boy, firing off one of his weapons. A minuet later, the mum is helping the boy get ready for something, a party I reckon, giving that he was dressed in magician attire. He did a magic trick, and he hugged his mum. In the middle of the embrace, his smile got a bit wider. Then, quite suddenly, his mum pushed him away, saying in a stern voice, "Don't do that!" I didn't understand that scene. I think it maybe sexual related, but maybe not. I'm sorry, but that scene bothered me just a tad, and I just want to understand what that was. Please answer my question. Thank you.
In arabic, Baba is Translated to "Father" and Dook is translated to "Knock"
Generic Vox
In terms of being scary this, movie was pretty good, I love seeing the mental breakdowns of characters due to the evil, as apposed to just being straight murdered
Alexa Kelly
Did they really have to kill the dog
The Aether warlord
Im going to get alot of hate but those 3d pictures must have taken forever to make
I found the book I want to read to my kids when I have them.
Sean Last
the thing that makes this scene creepy is the music.
Libby Wood
at first I thought this was going to be another stupid cliche boogyman movie it took a while to get really scary but HOLY SHIT IT WAS WORTH IT!!!
Mama Sugi
Honestly, this is one of the best horror movies I've ever seen. This scene in particular was incredible! So much atmosphere in a short space of time
thejammydog 420
10/10 kid friendly book
House Music Catalog
If this and Insidious are the best we've got for the 2010's, you can forget about anything even remotely interesting for the 2020's
1.15 soundtrack PLS!! i neeeddd it!!!!
Alejandro Herrera Caicedo
I liked this part. Such a shame that the Babadook was a mere asshole with a trench coat.
Bryan Hassenberg
Man they need a soundtrack for this, the music was what kept me so interested in the movie.
Cati Breslin
why does amelia look so much like the original carrie
The Legendary CandyCherry
I love this movie
and then ruined by the reveal where the babadook just looks like some lame Tim Burton character
Paul Patrong
As a graphic designer that ripped up variation of the book brings tears to my eyes with it' s beauty
Andrew Gyllensten
I feel so satisfied when Emilia burns the book
Jeremy Molinari
Oddly enough, the memory of this scene was far, far scarier then the actual scene itself. Kinda disappointed I watched it again out of context, it's so much freakier as part of the overarching story.
Me: this is creepy I shouldn't watch it Also me: I gotta watch this I hate myself sometimes
is it just me or does this lady have the creepiest face? she just looks like she's gonna snap at any moment, even before the babadook introduces its self this lady creeped me out.
Victor Kuhn
The Babadook has some real talent making pop-up books.
As creepy as this scene is, I gotta admit, those are some complex and high quality pop-up effects for a pop-up book
Scariest scene in the movie.
The Red Spider
this movie is garbage but I LOVE this scene. it was terrifying
Angrily Screaming Hot Dog
Bring Me The Boy
I cried and shakes when the dog died :(
Ryukiki Gasai
If I was in this movie: Babadook: *LET ME IN!* Me: Not by the hairs on my chinny chin chin!
Mushy mushrooms
Slim Griffin
The movie was crazy but they don't give enough information at the end
Luiz Henrique
OMG! This movie is very scary! Right?
GalaxyMaster 101
What annoys and disturbs me the most about this movie the most is that there aren't any jump scares
Dearpy Hooves
i am just hear for the growls
Eren Yeager
Holey Moley I'm getting that book
C'mon girl come ahead come see what's underneath
Hugh James-Berry
who should the audio book version be narrated by?
Cosmic Galaxy Fox
The MOMENT I'd see that book in front of me, I'd BURN IT, I'd CHOP IT UP WITH A BUTCHER KNIFE, and move to another country
*I want this book*
piper anthony
why do you have a dog die in the movie
I watch this with my mom
Nobody gets this film. She wrote the book. She is going mad, subconsciously. 'Babadook' is an anagram of 'A Bad Book' and it is mentioned in the film that she used to be a writer before her husband died. This could happen to you. Anybody can lose their mind and mothers murder their own children every single day. Delayed post-natal depression combined with intense grief and subliminal anger. What do you think mad people see and hear? Knocks, shadows, phantom voices in the dark, evil persecutors, filth, your own children turning into monsters.
Really scary films are never scary in the first ten minutes. They take time to build up the dread and suspense. If there's some sort of scary intro with jump-scares and shocks, then it's a bullshit scary movie.
lol i almost fucked to this
XxBonnie TheBunnyxX3
I actually cried When she killed the dog
HisGirlxoxo MSP
I cried when I saw she killed the dog and her son saw it without crying and I was like HOQ COULDNT U CRY
Hair raising scene
Start Sparkle 1
low ryder
Broooo this part is the scariest becuz soundtrack and acting I have my head phones on to guys
Most of this movie wasn't really that scary but both scenes with the book, and the scene in the police station were pretty creepy.
Sonic the Flash
Mmmm! Babadook! My favorite!
Rumpel Rumbles McCentral
I can't believe this is rated M/13+
Mawla Shaikh
I literally I'm scared for life (because the woman killed her baby,her dog and herself)I thought the babadook was real.
Juz4Fun Vid
I rlly hope the dog didn’t die
Anna Sobczyk
U know that my name is Amelia...IM IN A MOVIE....wellness a horror one (-=-)
g od this had to be the scariest scene for me, it doesn't scare me as much now but it did when I first watched it
Vivoo Sweep
ringa jeff
Babadook growing. LOL
This movie scared the heck out of me. More than any modern horror film ever has.
Itz Echo
my fav part
Itz Echo
this and the tv part was my fav
Nati Whatever
Roll credits! LOL
Jam Lym
The scariest scene is the crime scene on TV.
Jam Lym
That music is creepy.
Gabe VQ
can someone please explain the plot/story please? i dont mind if you spoil it
Dalek Supreme
Where do you get this book, little golden books?
Momo Blu
This movie wasn't the scariest. It just really builds your tension. This was probably the freakiest one by far out of the movie, though
Michael Lesarlley
I'm in love with this movie I watch it all the time I even have the move on my phone
kendall frazier
this movie is terrible. i hate scary movies and i couldve made this in my backyard.
amelia doesnt know
tfw your name is amelia
baabaaBLACKbitch can I have your wool?
TheVeryComedicTrashbag TM
The only part of the movie that actually creeped me out.
Ren Suzugamori
Whether it be day or it be night, He's always ready to give you a fright!