Paul George Full Highlights 2018.02.22 OKC Thunder at Sacramento Kings - 26-8-7! | FreeDawkins

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GodMelo Anthony
Hes a good passer should do it more
RusseLL Westbrick
Carried me like always. This is his team now
Carried westbrick
melo Jimenez D.
wheres my melo highlights 23pts 7threees!
riqo steel
Only way thunder beat warriors in the playoffs is if they play their starters all 48 mins
Green Runs Deep
Carried Westbrick as usual. Best player on the Thunder
bruce lau
Carried westbrick always .. he needs to fricking stay in OKC .. hell nah he won’t go to LA
Nelson Mercado
When he's hot on 2k he's a God but when he's not, brick city
1:22 so smooth
Chain Breaka
Best player on the team. He will be purple and gold soon. #lakergang
Kaliel Helton
Pg13 doin wht he does best
divertido live rock
Brace Brooks
I'm surprised it was that close of a game seeing how easily OKC was blowing the Kings out in the 1st half. Great game by Paul George and awesome clutch shot by Westbrook.
K_k Man
Melo was the one holding them back
2:04-2:06 look at how high he dribbles
C Class Hero
My boy was playing fortnite now he balling
Prince K
Okc vs Boston Nba Finals
Chris Paul point god
I feel like if russ average another tripple double and hits more game winners like that he will win MVP again