Top 10 BEST MODS for a Subaru WRX! Warranty mods!

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I appreciate all the comments everyone! But again! I build my cars which make me happy and I build them in the image I envision. I enjoy my cars and builds. Not everyone is supposed to like your car. I’m just giving advice on some mods like these because I get asked a lot about them. I hope everyone has 1 mod in video that you may like and decide to do. Again everyone has different preferences and I hope you all build the cars you all envision as well. Build something different too many cars the same these days. But importantly, do what you love guys! Always send positivity and love in the car community
Daniel Arevalo
That rap in the beginning cringey af
Kerry Bradley
I appreciate the video and the content... ...but if you say "highly recommend" one more time....
marc dotcom
Can you list the mods and costs for each, and the shop you used?
Bold of you to assume I’m a man Jk jk But for real this shit is sick. I was thinking about getting a wrx and I’m pretty sure I’ve decided I should.
I don’t know if you mentioned this in the video somewhere and I missed it but do you mind putting down where you went to get these modifications? Was it through a particular company or did you get the parts and did it yourself ? Thanks!
Francisco Silva
in my opinion your car without stickers will looks 10 times better.
Jeffrey Aviles
Bro ignore the haters! Your wrx is a neck breaker! Super beast! I can’t wait to get one of my own!
Armando Osorio
Hey man quick questions, what front lip is that. And where did you buy the wing and or get it installed
Josh Dela Cruz
What are the wheel specs? currently running cr kai's 18x9.5 +35 on 235/40 tires... Video is great as well keep doing it
Daniel Martinez
Great video bro. could you recommend me a good shop to do the modifications I live in Los Angeles and I have a Subaru too.
Nice bro!!!! Im subscribing!!!! I also have a 2018 wrx and a c7 stingray!!!
Victor Herrero
Man awesome car, love the color and nice mods!!!!my grade is 9 out of 10.
Rence Fabian
I thought your subscriber count was 496K. Damn man. Well I subscribed. Keep up the content my man
Zach Guptill
Your cars a beast bro, probably one of the meanest I’ve ever seen. And I may have just missed it in the video but about how much did the parts for upgrading you car (roughly) cost in total? If you don’t feel comfortable sharing i completely understand.
Arizona Citizen
Best mod by far is a universal Subaru flex fuel kit from eBay saving 200-250$ from buying same thing branded by Cobb and then getting a flex fuel tune by Bren or phatbotti. Hands down best money spent. And if you bundle the ap purchase with their e tune then you save 100-200$ on that as well. Just went e50 with universal flex kit and power gains are insane. 360/360.
Moises Radilla
Are the seats heated? I live in Illinois and it gets below zero, heated seats is a MUST
Its Volti
Sick build brother but I have a quick question, where can I get your seats from??? 😍😍
I have a dgm rex too and fam yours looks good. I just installed that same lip. that grill...omg Wish you were over on the east coast for a collab lol good luck with the build
Links to mods? I like the front and rear carbon fiber Subaru emblems.
Did you consult the dealer first about whether or not these voided the warranty? I'm just curious, how does the suspension not void the warranty? You basically overhauled the whole suspension which seems like something that is voidable. For the spoiler, I know in the past you had to purchase a whole new trunk. Is that the case for these newer Subarus or can you easily just drill and mount it onto a stock WRX trunk?
Johnny Valdez
Wrx and sti diffarent markets for the love of the car. Wrx sexy car but comfy daily driver. Sti sexy car and performance. Love the subi man good work.
Moises Radilla
Idk, that's too much exterior mods. I have a 07 Impreza and got pulled over cause I change lane without using the turn signals. And the cop says "you're driving rough and you have a Subaru".🙄😂 Your Subaru will he a police magnet where I live.
Joel Carlson
I love my wrx, I've been worried about doing absolutely anything because of the warranty. Love this video, looking forward to doing my own changes!
Red Hoonigan, you caught any flack for trying to gain fame by bouncin' off the Hoonigan name.? I see you even rock some Hoonigan stickers. I see possible legal action in your future.
What's the song playing in the background during the intro.Before the rap song?
abdallah suleman
That wrx looks cleeeeean my dude, it would be great if you put a link in the description of where you got these parts from! Again super clean
Michael Torres
Great video and awesome looking WRX! You've given me a few ideas for mine, I'm also keeping mine in compliance with the extended warranty I purchased for mine. Drop your IG so I can follow you there as well 💪🏽
Mihkail Moore
Bro send me the list of tracks you got playing.... Sick
Very nice dude congrats.
Steven Horacius
You say "highly recommend" a lot sigh....
Matt Edwards
Throwing literally every asthetic component at your vehicle does in no way make your car better.
Justin Burgess
Car looks dope dude. I just traded in for a 2016 STI which is on the way. Can't wait. Def need to find me the lights!
LaFlame 5280
Yo good video bro but quick question where did you buy those headlights?
Dont know why im watching this Lol im 15 and going to buy a cheap impreza to do up with my uncle. So these mods are definatley not in my price range
Bro! Where u get that headlight? Dope!
Non of your business Non of your business
Certainly nice car but if I buy it would have got make it look and feel special with wide body kit
Hey man, whats that red flag thing in the front bumper? where do you get it? Love the car
Christian Seymour
I'm taking order of My WRX soon. this gave me a good idea of what I can waste my money on before the warranty goes out and the tuning starts.
I'm from Japan and and happy to see the sticker 日本製, meaning " Made in Japan." Your wrx looks much better than mine!
Mike Nike
Nice car man, the wing is to big in my opinion, I would get a more low profile one. Widebody/headlights 👍👍👍
Mister -_- McGill
Very nice. I'm missing my 09' rex now...😢 Keep up the good work ✌
Scott Goodine
Man where did you get them seats love you car got lots of ideas for mine
Bigblack Cockus
those fender flares, did they come paint matched? If so where did you get them?
Matthew Swank
3:57 eeeeyyyy see that initial D sticker ❤️
Cole Marderosian
how did you get a $300 tomei lol
Michael Weatherford
Nice vid. I 'highly recommend' a group n transmission mount. Shifting feels more direct with the stiffer mount. If you look into it, there are 2 sizes, so make sure you the the one that fits your year's chassis.
Initial D sticker is DOPE.
Sameer Ahmed
Bro it can beat Nissan gtr
marlon mendoza
How much is the total cost of all your mods and lastly what would you recommend as a modification for my exhaust.
marlon mendoza
Subbed bro. I am 51 years old and i got my WRX 2018 50th Anniversary edition 2 weeks ago. Thanks for the tip.
Saw that initial D sticker and instantly liked the vid, JDM for life bro nice car too.
Kelvin Truong
Great video, can you make what is on your car video like canard and what you have done withthe engine :) thanks and PEACE
Subarus have never had a “wide stance”...
Brendan Fogel
In total how much money did you spend on mods?
Nice car overall, but I personally would have picked a different body kit, maybe something with more coverage, as to me it kind of looked odd or out of place, especially on the rear fender area, just my opinion :).
Joshua Quidayan
How much do you think your Subie with all mods cost all together?
Pharaoh J
Dope car... I think all you’re missing is some mud flaps but I guess with the wide wheels or spacers... no need for the mud flaps.
HoLee Fok
very nice car but i think you should work more on your camera angle etc
what short throw shifter do you have?
twentythirteen wrx
Can you add the items u added in the description
Dwayne McQueen
Never mind got a closer look at it
joe cro
That hood is fire bro. But that intro hahahaha
I’m stuck on choosing the colour for a 2018 wrx between wrb or dark grey metallic
Can you tell me where is the place in the beginning of the video the one with the corvette
Martin Umaguing your fenders cut with those flares installed?or you just drilled hole on the fenders and slapped them?
My dude, ur subie is Looking insane ✌🏼
Mahdiyar Saberi
One of the best looking WRX
Gee Staboy
Half these mods are already on a STI
You should add links to the mods so we can check them out
bro i love your car, very much, very much!!from Japan
Nice man i gotta do some on my STI 👍
Marco A. Lopez
What front lip is that? Ur subi is fire🔥
Nice mod list over all bro, but I want to ask why go with those size wheels? Didnt want to ho to meaty? Just wanted to ask
Ian Michael
Where did you get the halo kit at? Is it a kit that has to be retro fitted into the stock housing or is it a whole new preassembled assembly? This thing is freakin BAD!!! Nice job. #Subscribed
Fatal Defiant
Great video mane, cant wait for more. Awesome subie btw, keep it up
Great video. Did the mesh for the intercooler come with your carbon fibre hood upgrade? do you have recommendation for this part?
Tyler W
Im so glad i have an extra 700 a month on mods. I need thise headlights!
Wajaja Fromylo
Subi_ Warrior
How about brakes
Mark Shark
Sick bro👌🏼
phag bomb
what is the song at the beginning of this video? car looks awesome
Bryan 502GtNY
Total costs?
damn this thing is a beauty
Andrew Nguyen
Everyone builds around their budget, I dig it. Personally I like the flares made for the car more than the universal ones, and I would get real wheels over the vordovens. But I definitely recommend when you do have more saved up to swap out the cipher seats, they look nice and all but they're cheap and not FIA approved, in a car accident I wouldn't trust those seats to not snap on you. I've had friends run fake/cheap seats, your life isn't worth $400. Just my two cent, keep it up tho 👌🏻
I cant stop looking at those halo high beams! How did you do it? What brand did you use?! Install video please!!!
Daniel Locke
I have a 2008 Z06 and two STI's.
Harry NI
Awesome video but you are pronouncing “canards” wrong. Sorry it just bugged me
Love your car looks great, whats the name of that front kit and lights you got on there as well as links for those stabalizers
Bill DeSha
Good video. I liked this guy. Good presentation. Your car, you do as you please. Sweet ride!
How much are the halo kit ?? And where did you get it from ??
John Mahoney
That WRX is sick, bro! Love the content
Brian Farkas
Changing out the stock headlights is not a good idea. I bought a WRX with them already installed and had nothing but trouble with them.
Hey can you send me some info on the exterior mods? Like a mod list
Abel Nutu
That is a very aggressive looking subie! One of the best I have seen!
Kayro Valdez
This car goes hard bro 🔥!
Jose Escandon, Jr.
ayy bro where you get those headlights from?
Exiled xSaiyan
I love the mods. Great choices. I just got an Sti. I'll look into some of these, I'd have loved to see pricing or an idea on each part ballpark price. Would help out a lot. Thanks for the ideas! 👍
James Lee
I got 2 12s in my wrx how will it do if I get a wing?
Where did you get the wing?