Top 10 Craziest Deaths At The Olympics

Top 10 Craziest Deaths At The Olympics, while the Olympics are meant to be the ultimate demonstration of physical strength that does not mean they are completely free from danger. Some people have lost their lives during these games under some truly bizarre circumstances. Join us as we count them down here on Most Amazing Top 10. TOP 10 NERD - NEW CHANNEL - /> FAN MAIL: P.O BOX # 14015 2408 Lakeshore Blvd W. Etobicoke, On M8V4A2 MORE VIDEOS YOU MIGHT LIKE AS WELL: Top 10 Most Shocking Olympic Disasters /> Top 10 Rio Olympic Athletes You Should Follow /> Top 10 Greatest Olympic Athletes of All Time /> Top 10 Greatest Olympic Opening Ceremonies /> SUBSCRIBE TO MOSTAMAZINGTOP10- /> FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA Facebook Fan Page- /> Instagram- /> Twitter- /> VIDEO EDITED BY: Lucy McPhee @LucyMcPhee PRODUCED BY: Liam Collens POST PRODUCTION: Sasha Wood

Mr. Blobfish derp
Thank goodness I am the most out of shape person on earth
Naomi Time
Those pants are made of gold dust
Mel L
"Luckily in her memory she was awarded a medal...?" I would not call that luck.
mango cactus
In german we have that one Idiom that I think fits perfectly here. "Sport ist Mord." Which is literally translated to "Sport is murder."
"Blistering 40 degree heat" Me: what the actual... "Celsius" Me: Oh ok.
Mum: u need to play more sports! Me: WHAT! Are you trying to MURDER me!
"blistering 40 degrees heat" Filipinos: *Pathetic*
Billie Eilish’s avacado
Thumbnails final destination 5
Owner of a Busted Ricecooker
Those pants were borrowed from Goldust.
who's watching while breathing
abbie Stokes
00:09 her face was perfectly lined up with the zero
Freckledfaced weirdo
Poor doves 🕊😞😞😞😞😞
Rebecca: I know, sport and death, a depressing combination Me *YES SPORT IS SAD. DEATH IS SADDER BUT SPORT IS JUST SAD...IM SO UNHEALTHY.*
Mr. Potatoes Head
"Especially when Mexico was financially suffering at the time." *When are they ever not?*
RM4_Timber Sings
My mom was at the olympics in Atlanta the day before the bombing happened and the morning of it
gabaskar 122
I really like your golden pants/trousers/leggings whatever they are called.
Gabriele Cripezzi
Sounds like she is talking about Oscar nights
JUde Fabien
Good thing I am more interested in video games than sports.
Movie Gallery Reject
why are the deaths of olympians being ranked...?
Those leggings are brighter than my future
4:08 that picture in the backdrop that's the Okaholma Murrah building when it exploded it was by Timithy Mcvigh so i think you guys put the wrong picture
Emily Sinnott
"and the footage was releasd by the media" SHOW US THEN
David Sloan
she cute X
ugnius ugnius
Nice shiney golden pants!
Damn shes cute as hell
Forever Nicole
I live in Georgia
september quest
Wow! you look fabulous,Rebecca!!!!🍒🍒🍒
Why do u guys use happy music for this???
Do urban legends/myths from Norway plzzz
Izzy J
the thumbnail was from final destination
Ma’ayan Praiss
I’m an Israeli gymnast that might go to the olympics
Even though I love football it is so stupid to fight over football R.I.P everyone in this 😭
William Thomas
Senpai Kun
I guess you can say that those doves were *_lit_*
i love the music in the background lol xD
Maddi K
In australia, it's normal if it's 40 degrees. We even have to still do sport at school
Wherearetheavocados ?
Me: **day dreamed about meeting Billie Eilish** Also me: **comes back to reality** Me: Oh shoot the videos over
those pants brighter than my future
99% of a gold medal is silver.1% of it is gold.sorry "gold"medalists
f u x k
Rebecca: Sports Me: (tragic and scared gasp) Rebecca: and death Me: (loud gasp) Me: SPoRts iS tHE rOot oF aLL eViL‼️
skorpia g
This is too damn chipper for the subject..
Paris London
Me: *cry’s* Dog: *farts* Me: THIS IS NOT THE TIME LUCKY!!
Gabriel Johnson
That’s right everybody!..... #NeverForgetBurntPigeons!!!!!
Jin Pennly
i know its tragic but the dove one made me laugh.... im psychotic ik
Pookie Davis
Annoying voiced gal you kill me
I think I’ll start planning my funeral: Guests: Baby/Mommy/Daddy/Granpa/Grandma Shark, Shrek. Location: Illuminati HQ (My home) Music: Hit or miss.
Wenchangel Jac
she seems pretty f**king excited about all these deaths!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
one question. where was Palestine's olympic team? exactly.
Ethan Vo
I’m not good enough to get in he Olympics anyway.
Phoebe Hale
you should do a video about Top 10 crazy deaths at the winter olympics
Attached Texas12
The one that died in the first one is in my Family
Mr. ShinyHunter
Im not good enough to get in the Olympics anyway
Me before watching this: I want to participate in The Olympics! Me after: I want to be an animator that only leaves home on occasion.
The luge guy actually hit the pole at 89mph. Still fast but this video can't get the facts right.
xxXAllana unicorn_clubXxx
Those pants are brighter than my night light Don’t ask…
The goldpants almost blinded me, but I like Rebecca's vids either way.
Too much smiling for such tragic deaths...
Arata Arter
*Roasted doves in live TV* Kratos: My kind of olympics Atreus: NOOOOOOOOOO!!! KRATOS: SILENCE BOI!!!
Wayne Stobbe
Worst top 10 ever. No footage of anything. Even telling us there was footage taken!
Muerto Vlogs
“Peaceful march” 😂😂😂 in Mexico?! Impossible!!!
multigaming YT
What does the Oklahoma City bombing (4:22) and the Bradford City stadium fire (7:22) have to do with the Olypics??? You should choose you background photo's more carefully...
I MISS THE OLD YOUTUBE (when not everything got demonitized)
tucker woosley
Sylvia Ross
When you're narrating a top 10 list about deaths, try not to be so bubbly & upbeat. It makes you seem like you're insincere.
Golden Summer
The Country Of Georgia? Let Me Think About My Life Choices...
✨Those pant s are brighter than my future self ✨
Preslynn Gamer RAW
Rip... Welp they followed their dreams... But failed to goal
Ava JB
My mom was going to the Olympics in centennial Olympic park but it was bombed
Nico Angelo Bado
Feeling sad yet the tone is still high pitched and smiling.
Shariet Landeros
In the picture the fire behind her looks like there was a frown in the fire
Javier Ortiz
Can you guys do creepy Oklahoma urban legends
Javier Ortiz
Can you guys do creepy Oklahoma urban legends
The Federal Building explosion in Oklahoma City had nothing to do with the Olympics.
Thehungerfan Woftfiostmrhpsugffvefan
Rest in peace They died doing what they love
GoodSports Evening
SPORTS ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I live in Vancouver…
Richard Jewell wasn't an "undercover detective." He was working for the private security firm hired to work the Olympics.
professor mutant
love how she said post-humorous (after something funny) instead of posthumous (awarded after death)
Faye Nicole
i wouldnt exactly call it a 'top 10'
Daniel Tucker
"Top 10 CRAZIEST Deaths" = Heat stroke at 104 F...... Well you don't say?!
Deleted Account
1:19 what year? I have a 2004 olympics Vancouver plushie 😳
Captain Marvel
So If the flame burned doves, you showed the people the olympics burn peace :( WOW
Lily Hussey
Omg your shirt is the same color of your skin.😂😂😂
Clorox Bleach
What did the librarian say to the kid? Read more
“Well 😊 I don’t know about you 😂 but I feel really sad now 🤗” So much smiling and cheerfulness for such a dark topic. Yikes.
Smirky Whitemale
"Mexico was financially suffering, at the time". "At the time"? Or "ALL" the time.
Steelsolid gaming
Bruh I live through that every day(40 degrees Celsius)
Katherine Moreno
omg🙊😢 the 2nd one ok i cant
Rebecca I love your outfit, Even tho it has a pink shirt.
Aj Albin
They wouldn’t be able to handle Arizona then 😂
Javier Ortiz
Can you guys do creepy Oklahoma urban legends
Hunter Gradner
We should ban the Olympics if it will save one life
Lucien Primeaux
I can imagine an event organizer watching the doves land on that torch and saying, "ahh shiiiiit..."
how do i get money
blistering 40 degree heat? nah thats normal for me
Kills me when you don't show the footage. I'll be going to liveleak.
A Pair Of Sweat Pants
For number 1... Sound like an Oakland Raiders game...
LonelyRainbow WolfUnicorn glad I'm lazy.....and don't go outside 😄😂😢 even tho it's pretty outside.......
Ricky Jung
rebecca,you look beautiful
The Retro Future
In number 1 it was the town I live in (crewe) vs lima Damn I never knew Olympic deaths would involve my hometown